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  1. Again, +1 !!! As I've related before, bought my 15 new in July 16 but I'm not quite sure all the time (mainly) and shekels I've spent upgrading and "making it mine" were totally worth it. I have a bunch of winter maintenance to do I'm really not looking forward to. I'm just still tired all the time since my back surgery, and have two more rounds to go between now and next February. It's super hard to get back in shape after 10 years of decline, especially when you're "+65". I've been moding & wrenching on bikes since 71 and it's lost any semblance of its appeal in the last couple of years, as I'd rather be riding (or sleeping to escape the pain). It's very difficult for me now to get motivated and maintain impetus to do anything. But I'm poor and can't afford a new steed that has everything I'd want "turn-key", so I've gotta run what I brung for a few more years. I also can't afford to have a shop do the maintenance, nor would I trust anyone to do it right anyway. So eventually I'll see what shape I'm in physically and financially. I wistfully considered a 21 Piaggio MP3 500 HPE Sport Advanced during my recent convalescence. Very sad. LOL, not. I'm hoping next summer to be well enough to go on an a couple of 10-day +/- tours (which is what I bought my FJ for in the first place) but I'm not overly optimistic because I've got 19+ #s to burn off. I had to buy an inexpensive (FirstGear) new mesh jacket & pants, and winter pants because I can't fit into my ole good stuff. This is serious!!! Other than a couple of overnighters, ALL the miles on my FJ are one-day out & backers. That's a LOT of rides! But it helps to at least blow out the cobwebs and forestall me loosing it and murdering some witless, half brain dead mouth breather cager for almost killing me either while riding or in my own cage. I went out yesterday for what is likely my last ride for the season. It got up over 50 and was sunny so I had to despite low motivation levels. I was sore and very tired last night. The wind really beat me up on top of the effect on my deplorable condition. On the 14th my prostate gets the attention it's demanded for years since my last 3 rodeos. Can you say "You don't know what pain is until...!"? I'd guess for women childbirth is comparable. Then my right shoulders gets its rotator cuff and other issues addressed. Then... But hey, it always could be worse. I keep telling myself that. My wife says nothing I have will kill me and I'll live forever, miserably. Something to look forward to. Happy holidays guys!
  2. +1 Like at long freight train crossing stops... Always a real concern in hot weather. When I see the gates down from afar, I stop before in the shade when possible. Better for me and bike.
  3. Try this for your glasses it works for me but you have to put it on very thin otherwise you can get rainbows.
  4. I'm going to be checking my valves this Winter, 3rd check. 2nd check They were all good but the 1st check at 22000 mile they were all very tight. I hope I find no change again. It seems it's idling and running a little rough so maybe the throttle bodies need to be tweaked a little bit. Will check and replace the plugs if necessary is well Along with the air filter et cetera. It's going to be a long Winter again hopefully is hopefully milder than last year thanks to global warming...
  5. To clean my Pinlocks (exposed side) I use Sparkle glass cleaner in a fine atomizer and a high quality lint free (Japanese) 0 nap microfiber "towel". My PinLocks last for years. Have them on several helmets makes
  6. It averaged 50 all day but from now on It looks like Spring is over... 😔
  7. I've had a handy lift for for over 25 years and that in conjunction with good old fashioned pitbull front convertible and 2 way rear stands have served me well And paid for themselves a 1000 times over Back in 95 I think the handy lift was about 650 bucks shipped with the wheel vice and the Dolly I used to be a dealer for pit bulls so I got them for dirt cheap but they tightened up their requirements so no more of that An air conditioned and heated shop carpeted et cetera shop makes summer and Winter projects very pleasant, along with Wi-Fi, a fridge, 20' of workbench and tools up the wazzu... Eat your heart out😁
  8. I've been riding For a month and a 1/2 now believe it or not as a deferred my other surgery it's great haven't been down towards starved rock though up in Wisconsin today Give me a shout next Spring and we'll get together
  9. I do the same but increased the length of the alignment rod x 2.5, and have Lightech clone chain adjusters that have 1/6th turn click detents and 1.25 mm index scales; much easier and more accurate than OEM. I also use a Chain Monkey chain pretensioner and MP Sprocket Jammer when tightening the axle nut. And to topic, I have on occasion reused sprockets when replacing a chain but not often and never the reverse. And on sub 115 HP bikes when replacing the chain, I switch to 520 sprockets and chain (EQ a DID ZVM-X), and bump up the rear cog two teeth for better felt umph.
  10. You're kind of in the middle of nowhere, though not too far at least from Lake Tahoe. What the heck do you do for gas money and suds? I recall cutting through some pea soup pogonip on 80 one winter. And Gote Flats glows at night...
  11. Where do you hail from in Merry Ole England? I was a diehard Matchless and AJS guy in my yute... Hence my little photo upper left...
  12. Oh, great, but you can understand me misunderstanding...
  13. Congrats but you couldn't find a non-Cali model without all its emission stuff that adds cost, complications and weight, and cuts power? 😱
  14. Thx I ran Outlaw racing TH08 bars which are about 1.5" lower with more sweep in the stock clamps which worked well but my back cried foul. I now have the Renthal Street Naked bars which are approximately 1" higher than stock but with more sweep that work for me now. https://www.powersportsid.com/outlaw-racing/handlebar-mpn-th08.html?view=901131&gclid=CjwKCAiA1uKMBhAGEiwAxzvX9-qcjS4uAagVWSAqszD2TNyBIWz9uf8MW1NfIwGO8pmHlKxXBIVHuBoCtTIQAvD_BwE