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  1. Take a look at the KTM 790 Adventure (not the R) or the soon to be released KTM 890 Duke, ooh lala!
  2. Why if not on the mating surfaces?
  3. I've also had an issue with the twin contacts within the switch which may need some dielectric grease but it is tricky to dis and reassemble correctly
  4. Tell him Bret from the Superhawk forum referred you...
  5. I got the same set-up from Matt plus a K-Tec Razor R shock with his spring Torrington bearing. Great performance and value! However, I've had the adjustable compression valve needle "jet" O-ring leak twice, the first time it allowed fork fluid to puke all over my left caliper, new Vesrah RJL pads and R1 320 mm rotors; luckily I made it home in one piece. When I first installed Matt's cartridges and .95 Sonic springs, I polished the sliders and also replaced the bushings and seals, the latter with the green SKF items. Either the SKF seals were old and inflexible or exerted too much pressure on the sliders, as they were causing striation wear to the chrome. So when I had to pull the left fork to replace the O-ring on the compression valve jet screw and fluid, I pulled both forks apart AGAIN, polished the sliders AGAIN, replaced the bushings AGAIN, as well as the seals with OEM Yamaha items. Once I had the left fork back together and before I installed it, I pumped it a few times and sure enough, the dam O-ring leaked again. So I inverted the fork with the cap screwed on, yanked the adjustable comp valve and threw in the non-adjustable comp valve, and added a bit more 16 cSt fluid. No more problems and frankly I can't tell the difference between the adjustable comp valve with the screw out 1-1/2 turns and the fixed valve, plus no more worries. Again, great performance but if you have the adjustable comp valve (Matt should have sent you the fixed valve too), keep an eye out for seepage. Matt acknowledged the adjustable comp valve with its needle and O-ring was a compromised design, which is why he gave me extra O-rings. Matt also told me there is not too much real benefit from the adjustable comp valve. Matt is a GREAT guy, very knowledgeable and talented but apparently not a good businessman when he's pressed for time plus he has a serious health issue for such a young man. The first leak ruined my RJL pads and caused me a lot of extra work and a fair bit of added coin. Nuf said and Norwest is probably one of the best alternatives to Matt. Another is Jamie Daugherty, who started out doing fork and shock mods for the Honda VTR1000F Superhawk and now has expanded and covers primarily late 90's Honda's but as he also does the R3 and R1, I'd think he may take on the MT-09 Tracer and such. Call him as he's also a great guy and a smart, responsive businessman. Furthermore, he's currently working on his own BD40 shock for the FZ-7 & 9... Spread the word! http://daughertymotorsports.com/
  6. I have the exact same pump but its branded as Dynaplug https://www.amazon.com/Dynaplug-Ultra-Compact-Volt-Inflator/dp/B01F6I4222/ref=pd_rhf_ee_s_bmx_1_5/136-2280354-7629562?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01F6I4222&pd_rd_r=b0cec0f3-e7d3-42bc-a199-705b1bd98243&pd_rd_w=lyIvy&pd_rd_wg=jFU2f&pf_rd_p=267fe2c3-d92f-4dfc-ac6e-0821d9326e4f&pf_rd_r=ZKPSSAR6XBFQ258YNJN6&psc=1&refRID=ZKPSSAR6XBFQ258YNJN6
  7. I only run B in the rain, and even then rarely. +1 on a winter gas potentially causing a mileage drop. I've never got the +45 mpg many others have. E10 kills mileage too, as we only have E10 available unless I'm up in certain Cheeseheadland counties. With a light -to- moderate right wrist I was recently managing 43 or so mpg with my OEM size DB screen (but with adjustable spoiler on top) but it dropped to <39 (albeit with a heavy-handed throttle input) with my cold weather Givi Tour barn door screen and spoiler. I'll have to check TB sync, which I can do easily because I plumbed vacuum lines extending from the TB ports to the left side that have capped 3/16" hose connectors. But over the last 35k miles, I'd say I've averaged maybe about 40 mpg or so. But with that low of mileage, Baobei, there is something wrong!
  8. Comparable size and appearance at 1/5 cost and decent quality Ebay 1/4 Double Bubble Windshield WindScreen For Yamaha FJ-09 MT 09 Tracer 2015-2016 B TT $26.99 Free Shipping
  9. Oh, on my fastest Red 15 I also installed revalved and shim stacked OEM fork cartridges with adjustable preload, compression and rebound in the left leg along with the right leg less compression both with Sonic .95 springs and different weight and level fork fluid and customized K-Tech Razor R shock which altogether transform handling and enhance braking with less front end dive and near perfect F/R balance including when accelerating. So stopping is far better and more so with the suspension upgraded. A flashed ECU, Sargent saddle, a variety of wind screens for different weather, and a XSR900 slip/assist clutch also contribute to the synergy of control, comfort and smoothness braking and turning especially when cracking the "ton" consistently...
  10. BikeMaster sells a brake MC mirror perch bracket clamp cheap I installed a 2014 R1 Brembo MC with integral bleed port and adapted an ebay brake fluid reservoir with my own L-bracket between the mirror extender and clamp / perch. 2014 R1 320 mm rotors and Forks by Matt caliper spacers and longer bolts with Speigler lines and EBC HH+ pads means stoppies are easily controllable
  11. They're OK, similar to the RS3 but lower mileage; I went back to the RS3 for the money, though I' tempted by the Conti RA3s
  12. Good luck with that supposed to be half decent here this weekend and I feel the need for speed. Life begins at a hundred and forty miles an hour and two wheels
  13. My set of Speigler lines came with very detailed instructions with color photos no less. Not such a big or difficult job , only the removal of the front lines being an issue. Took me an afternoon including bleeding and a test ride.