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  1. You got to be kidding rust on a couple of bolts?! I can't believe they check cars that carefully They put them on a lift and look for rust on the underside, give me a break! As another has said if it gets down the road without dropping parts or hitting something very often they get away with it unless of course you're black or Hispanic in the wrong neighborhood. A Brother could be driving a new Cracker Lexus SUV with MAGA sticker on the bumper AS WELL our President Trump next to him on a bright sunny day, and still end up in handcuffs if not worse. I'm not totally aware but I understand in countries like Germany and maybe others they have requirements that you have to run the stock tires brake pads hoses the whole nine yards you can't make mods now that's frugged up! We could use some of the laws in Scandinavian countries about drunk driving it's unbelievable how many people get away with it multiple times until they kill someone. Now I've known people who smoke grass and ride and say they fly low better. I've never tried it but who knows😚
  2. As long as I had to replace my rear Dunlop RS3, I decided to lube the swing arm and shock linkage bearings, and reroute the feed line of my Lubeman* chain oiler from outside the swing arm to inside. I'm not really happy with the Lubeman and don't want another ScottOiler, so I plan to buy Tutoro Trek kit. It appears I will be able to just swap out the Lubeman recevoir for that of the Tutoro, and may even retain the Lubeman dual feeder. *People have complained the Lubeman oils up the rear on its own when at higher elevations. I thought my install was pretty sano and trick. Thoughts?
  3. Wait, what, CR250 Enduro?!! You guys could buy a street (road) legal CR250 off the showroom floor?! Or do they let you add lights, etc to convert one? We never had a stock street legal CR250 or 500 TMK. Now people did (do) get away with it in some states (and sometimes got away transferring from one state after they got papers to another) but not often. I've been questioned why my RD400 was street legal. How often are these "MOT" (Mother Of Turd?) inspections? In Illinois, cars get emission testing only; 4 years after new and 2 years thereafter. I used to restore AJS and Matchless basket cases for side cash when I lived in San Diego and it was a PITA getting them titled let alone street tags. The DMV robot would ask for turn signals until I'd convince them back in the day we didn't need, nor did they offer, any stikin' badges turn signals. My personal Matchless G80CS I converted to street had a dummy head light and a 9V battery for the brake light. Needless to say I tried to be home before dark but carried a flashlight (torch to you) JIC.
  4. US gallon is about 20% less, so 55 mpg x .8 = 44 US mpg, yeah! Which I got even that
  5. Thanks Never had a vacuum leak from my remote TB port lines, even checked with soapy water. Haven't used Chevron Techron for a while (I buy it x d'gallon), will next couple fill ups. Not a believer in Seafoam yet may try it if I can't get Yamaha Ring Free + cheap which is very good though $$$I https://www.amazon.com/Yamaha-Yamalube-ACC-RNGFR-PL-12-Ring-Additive/dp/B002GU4SN2
  6. Somehow I manage to remember the formula for converting inches to millimeters and millimeters to inches and I understand centimeters but well the metric system makes perfect sense without fractions and decimals I can't say well it's a hundred meters without thinking of a football field which is a hundred yards to get a feel for it because our football it's not your football which we call soccer and I played since I was in high school before it was popular and games like cricket are similar to baseball but not! It's all so much fun I also know how to convert Centigrade 2 Fahrenheit but going back is more problematic for me Though your -32 centigrade is the same as ours at a certain point I find centigrade to inexact and Fahrenheit much better at expressing felt temperature taking into account dewpoint and relative humidity especially Now I find cubic inches to be more difficult than cubic centimeters because we work on bikes which are usually so much smaller than cars or trucks I get when somebody says two and a half liters but cubic inches no Grams vs pounds are another one I find ounces to be easier to understand now fluid ounces we're getting back into volume but as far as weight goes again I find grams stretch to convert to ounces and kilos forget about it
  7. Okay 5 that's why they discontinued the Hayabusa cuz it couldn't meet it, too bad I read on maybe visordown the rumors of a Honda V4 sport bike have resurfaced again right after they updated the Fireblade and how they're going to Market that I try to stay up with you what you guys are living through over the pond particularly when it comes to motorcycles
  8. Okay thanks it's been a long time since I had it and I have those instructions somewhere on my PC so one more Road was incorrect okay but the bottom line is that neither of us need anything other than the David's flash ( he told me the same thing he told you) and I'll have to check again why my low speed constant throttle is running funny kind of surging or hunting As I said throttle body synchronization was good within the last five thousand miles and the valves were okay I'll have to check my remote vacuum lines maybe for the throttle body ports that I put in so I can check it without pulling the tank but I'm sure they're okay as I double checked a couple of times the plugs were new stock plugs I had the Iridium is but since they don't have the right reach I went back to the stock plugs and I can change them easily by just popping forward the radiator will not easy but I don't drain it I've also checked the throttle position unit and calibrated it as most people have to a lower setting if I'm remembering correctly what else could it be bad gas? Any input would be appreciated
  9. But if Scotland and England use miles per hour including on your road signs, and 4 pints of Brew, why did you otherwise go metric?
  10. You probably have to take the tank off to put in the booster plug and it's another 5 minutes to take off the air box the ECU has to be popped out of the top of the airbox to do so a lot of people just unplug them and then take the top off It's easy enough to let the bike warm up and then cool down before you work on it to see when the fan goes on because I doubt they lowered your fan and not ours just a suggestion feel better
  11. If you've not been flashed that's going to prove that you guys get top speed because nobody trusts Americans though I think you're emission standards may be tougher than ours somebody set me straight they keep talking about the New Euro 4 standards Like on the Suzuki Hayabusa they shut you down where we still had it for another year I think it was what do they say 230 kilometers an hour that's like a hundred and ninety-five or something in the proper numbers
  12. But if you read my question to you where you said the opposite of what 1 Moore Road said it did acti on the open-loop? Stew I just saw you said you can definitely go over 115 now the question is as you got to look more or ask the old owner inquiring minds should know Does your fan go on at 205 Fahrenheit do you know how to pull the radiator forward or you can wait until you install the boosterplug but it shouldn't affect top speed or the fan or back torque
  13. That's the shitz minding your own business sitting on the light and boom my wife had the same thing happen but the two kids were in the car behind her thank God they were okay but it broke her seat back so she laid flat so her whiplash was tremendous and she's had sciatic is result but never any surgery on top of two hip replacements plus her left knee she's in great shape 30 years later not! Yeah that's a good excuse to go fast I thought it was 114 miles an hour but God knows what they did down in the land under I'm sure you could find out on your local form if there was a speed limiter if you can go over that and your fan kicks on it let's say 205 rather than 215 and it maybe has a little bit less back to work but you would know if you had no comparison he is one of the flash things was to reduce back pork a little on some flashes there were other things too but you wouldn't know if they didn't plug the line on the air injection reaction or what do they call it on the Yamaha whether they deactivated the emission part of the fuel injection a lot of people put block off plate so if you have block off plates yeah it's probably been done some people just plugged the hoses some people did nothing cuz it's not supposed to work even though Dave said it may be a good idea to plug the hoses is a belt and suspenders let us know before you connect it go for a speed trial which actually won't change with the thing you got cuz it has nothing to do with the feeding that I'm just rambling it's like I smoked some pot or something LOL it's legal here is it legal Down Under?
  14. I thought I was the only one cheap enough to clean my air filter when I went to the trouble to get in there rather than replace it lol I find my filter at least in the riding I do to be pretty clean with no oil on the filter like in the photo in this thread and a little bit of oil in the Box nothing unusual you should see what it's like with a big superhawk with a hundred thousand miles on it, knock on plastic it's really not that bad with it either though the filter does get a bit oily