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  1. I thought I was the only one being cheap when I use inner tube shims on the damper rubbers Skip - How do account for the slop in back from the trany and chain when trying to rotate the wheel?
  2. If they start to disintegrate and get powdery or resist your thumbnail... Clean and treat them when out with a viynl rubber protectant They do go through hundreds of heat and thousands of pressure cycles...
  3. I still have the original Packtalk Duo and they work fine for my needs. Replaced a battery on one, $12 and 20 minutes. I wear the Uclear speakers at $35 a pair, and have mounts on all my helmets, including two lids for the old Q3 that also are decent
  4. I agree, but I think we've exhausted the topic for now and let people cogitate on it, and experiment, and then get back to us
  5. So I got out late but it was a gorgeous day.Met up with a buddy and rode a lot farther than I really wanted to but it wasn't terrible on the way back I found if I sit back where i'm almost On the pillion saddle it relieves my Hip pain just that much more that it made it almost bearable My buddy who is a Control rider with moto viz And only stopped racing a year or so ago at age 73 Wanted me to see his new acquisition, which is a KTM 390 all set up for the track real nice.It's a hoot following him on a twisty road. It's like a bicycle. I was laughing in my helmet. All for only $3k!!! When I sell my spare 98 VTR1000F and my 01 H.D XL1200S I'm looking to get a Honda NC750X for the DCT..
  6. Today, when the huge hand gripping my spine loosens up a bit when the pills kick in, I'm taking my fastest red for a "walk". Albeit likely a short one.😎
  7. When I read leaking valve stem, I thought "how does he know let alone if it's an intake or exhaust"? Then I realized you were referring to a tire not a cylinder head LOL
  8. No way the 2 auxiliary circuits in question are 16 ga stranded. More like 20 or 22 in eq metric size. There's a reason they're rated at only 2 amps.
  9. IFIYGD French castle scene in search of the holy Grail monty python
  10. With DC gauge of the wire is everything the lower the gauge number and we're talking stranded wire, not solid core, the more amperage the wire can handle same goes with the ground
  11. I may have cheated and put like a 3 or 3 and a 1/2 amp. I've been because I think the gauge of the wires is about 22 gauge. Maybe yeah, so 3 and a 1/2 is the limit.
  12. So you didn't ask the above question, and I didn't answer it?