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  1. 2and3cylinders

    Let's talk GLOVES!

    They are nice but I got 2 pair of these in my size (usually 2XL ~3XL depending on fit) in black (see the Ade 3's) for $100 Total shipped. And they fit me like a glove... http://www.motorcyclegear.com/street/closeouts/last_chance_bargains/cortech/adrenaline_ii_gloves.html
  2. 2and3cylinders

    Let's talk GLOVES!

    All my gloves are from name brands and have full armor and all recent ones have hard palm sliders; short and full gauntlet, waterproof and summer, winter heated and not), spring, they all have to do the business. I've never spent more the $100 USD on a pair in 10 years and I have probably a dozen and a half. Here is my last pair had at only $39. http://www.motorcyclegear.com/street/closeouts/last_chance_bargains/agv_sport/rivet_gloves.html
  3. 2and3cylinders


    Your photo of the underside of the head shows .020 presumably inches Is that how much you shaved or how much is left? Did you say what the compression ratio was earlier in your thread I thought standard was 11.5 to 1, what is it now? Fantastic job but I don't have the funds to invest in the engine other than a flash and careful valve and TB tuning I'm still taking care of the suspension after completing the brakes; waiting on a razor r shock after revalving the forks The brakes are finally up to Snuff for me anyway similar route as you only my low-budget Brembo MC is off an R1, as are the 320 rotors What lines and pads do you run? Spiegler all around and Vesrah RJL-CT up front on mine. I did put in an XSR clutch and APE CCT, and flipped the PAIR reed valves sealed the ports AN exhaust would also be sweet but have noise constraints and Tenitus to think about but if I had the time and dosh a head and full system is the ticket What octane is your Premium, 93 RON is the best here with 91 non ethanol sketchy and only in WI (Cheesehead Land). I've tried without apparent effect Mid and even Regular grades. I'm sure you can't do that! 😎 I also have three different Shields I run and like the KTM handguards with the OEM heated grips Otherwise I farkled the hell out of the thing By the way I've tried the Roadtech 01s but Dunlop's RS3 are okay and cheap here have thed RS 2, 3 n 4 on my VTR but don't have a lot of miles on thethe 4s as I do ride in the rain a lot though and at night I'm crazy but not in the city I've run all of the tire brands and even though I'm a sport tourer heavy on the sport side I don't like changing rubber any more often than 8,000 and preferably 10 to 12,000 miles ( I hate converting to clicks) It's ready for 600-mile days loaded or weekend jaunts to cheesehead land with with routine 250 mile days scattered about where I only run a top box and and small tank bag A two way speed shifter would be sweet as well but I really would like cruise control Above All Else The NEP friction throttle locks which I love don't fit on the FJ with the OEM heated grips so I have to use a brake lever bolstered friction device; though there is a custom manufacturer in Indiana that makes a bar end friction lock that's really trick - I just haven't gotten around to having him make one for me as it has to be tweaked to work with the handguards But you certainly have made a silk purse out of a not so quite sow's ear good at ya mate!
  4. 2and3cylinders

    Hi from Israel

    Shalom! I've been to Israel twice and driven a cage but never rode a motorcycle there; would love to ride the mountain roads in the north but would be a bit concerned with opposite cagers sharing my lane. The position of tank filler ring bags can be fine tuned and if you had another bike, you'd just get another ring for it need be. I like my SW-Mototech Engage bag a lot. I do have a very small Nelson-Rig magnetic tank bank that works on my also red 2015 FJ-09 (bought new in July 2016, now with only 27,000 or so miles because this last season I seem to have worked 7/24 and only ride for sport) but due to the plastic tank shroud, larger bags are few and far between. Living in Skokie, IL we have maybe a 9 month riding season but as when I lived in San Diego, Israel is a 365 proposition. Just become an ATGAT rider; Brosh makes decent stuff for you locally. BTW, have any decent road racing tracks been built in Israel? עד שנפגש
  5. 2and3cylinders

    Ebay LED Spotties

    Thx I'll chk it out in usa
  6. 2and3cylinders

    R1/320mm rotor conversion

    I only took one Shakedown ride and afterwards cleaned the sliders and slid the cable tie back up the leg for the next ride which may not be till spring at this point LOL
  7. 2and3cylinders


    Or find a fully farkled 2016 in red with all the fixin's and maybe even some suspension a can for probably less than 6500 I don't know about any changes to the head that would affect premature valve tightening
  8. 2and3cylinders

    Ebay LED Spotties

    I meant the LED light bar between your forks I already have 12° spots mounted to my givi case guards and thought the ones between your forks Maybe a good accent
  9. 2and3cylinders

    Replacement Front Brake Master Cylinder & Pads

    Well, it's been a while... Status: Installed lower bars with more sweep. Vesrah RJL HH+ pads with Spiegler hoses (nice) along with a new Brembo radial MC off a 2014 R1. Finished revalving the forks (rebound & compression both legs with left adjustable for comp) along with new seals and bushings. Also swapped to 2015 R1 320 mm rotors using Matt's spacers and bolts (should maybe removed a bit of the powder coating off the mating surfaces), along with fresh RJL-CT pads. So now the MC is matched to the rotors. Managed a 110 mile shake down run last Saturday when it creeped up to 48 with sun (normal high is like 31). The shake down run was very positive. The fork damping IS different and the .95 springs are really a lot stiffer. Set sag at about 40 mm. The brakes are finally up to where I want them and won't get much better without a significant additional outlay beyond the $470 including pads, MC, rotors , spacers and bolts. Next up is a K-Tech Razor R shock (drool).
  10. 2and3cylinders

    R1/320mm rotor conversion

    Matt's spacers and bolts 2015 R1 rotors and 2014 master cylinder reused OEM rotor bolts and installed fresh set of vesrah rjl pads Plus have Spiegler brake lines
  11. 2and3cylinders

    Ebay LED Spotties

    Linky for led & mounting?🤩
  12. 2and3cylinders

    Working the Isle of Man

    Was this last June? Had a VTR1000F reserved and a suite for the family for June 2015 and had to cancel due to business crashing. https://www.jasongriffiths.im/motorcycle-hire/ On my bucket list since 1973... Photos?
  13. 2and3cylinders

    The beginning, V1-I1

    What's a blog I'm not socially connected, so this is it for my purposeful online presence... In the beginning there was a blurring of what it meant to be a motorcyclist, versus a "biker", forget about the nicest people who were not cognoscente of what they were or didn't know enough to care as long as they got there in one piece. I early was "experienced" by lack of upbringing. Life and death, good and bad, happy and sad, those things then were simple. At least to me. Being experienced I knew what I wanted, and if not specifically generally how to get it. It only took timing and money, neither I processed in adequate capacity. But things either worked or didn't and I was busy enough not to be in a rush. Other people got in the way or helped me along, whether I told them or not. Not exactly part of the solution or problem though close enough for the girls I went with. Other men were a given. We had a duty originally but due to a place in Southeast Asia respect for that duty waned. The Man cared not about the things it should have so we parted company amicably as long as I flew low. Thus came Flylow Custom, my skunk works supplied over the north fence in the west no mans land of the Convair Kearny Mesa plant. There in the mid-70s I worked with 40+ years older vets who came back from WW2 to women riveting together B-24 and PBY, and got on board the Cold War Atlas missile program while the 880 jetliner lost out to the 707, just like when I left GD after my comparatively brief tenure. In the early 80s Boeing was winning the ALCM fly off because Convair insisted on amortizing Tomahawk tooling rather than develop a new air frame even though there was no nuclear hardened ALCM requirement. Pilots don't do as well as sailors in ships and subs, or grunts in holes in the ground when things go bang big time. As I did not want to crash and burn on the ALCM program, I did the unheard of thing and asked to join the struggling 757-767 subcontract. Learned all about how to determine baseline design changes and what they cost through total production. And they're still flying them and have to make spares. Can you say 8,000 change orders? Got tired commuting up to Seattle on PSA, sweeping our Boeing rooms for bugs, and dealing with mimeographed flip cards on Roll-A-Dex of standard hours out to .0001 for every single task required to build an aircraft based on time and motion studies at the Lindbergh Field plant 35 years before. At least they did not ask me to cut my hair, trim my beard and not wear clogs with my 3-piece suit. I discovered a Silent 700 modem and had it worked out to send back changes to the encoders to enter, so I could print out each change order up there to have the Boeing bods sign off right then and there, rather than have to fly back and do it on 13 column pads while Convair paid for the cost of money due to the delay. Sounds crazy now but this was a time of mainframes, and when the TI 59 with a 1.25" thermal paper printer was cutting edge. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TI-59_/_TI-58 However, there was one thing I took to be the end all of what I learned at Convair, succinct as the company moto "Only Right Is Right". I applied that philosophy to everything I did afterward, initially Ultralights and of course motorcycles, but also with my interaction with humans and animals. In my now later years I'm not so quick to insist on that motto being correct for all applications.
  14. 2and3cylinders

    cockpit GPS mount

    Check the pics in my recent post on "GT handle bars, lower and narrower" I developed a heads up display track that can accept RAM balls for as many as 3 devices together; i.e., GPS radar detector and camera.
  15. 2and3cylinders

    Handle Bars , narrower but lower

    Interesting that you mentioned the space shuttle, as I was an engineer at Convair back in the day and worked on that program... All my bikes and cars are always red, and yes, the 15 FJ09 red is nice but the rear tank shroud coating scratches easily, so be careful. Any input regarding the GT handle bars from you new GT guts?!!