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  1. I gave A mode and extended try on a 250 mile ride today about half of it in the twisties and you know it wasn't half bad I guess I was more relaxed and kept the revs up and found I could control the smoothness without the abruptness I had thought I had experienced on other occasions. I basically left it in A mode for the whole ride and it's much better then standard overall because it's more like my VTR in terms of response and acceleration. Now this is with my ECU flashed by Vcyclenut, and I use a Cramp Buster on my grip, which helps with stability but definitely keeping the revs up and in a lower gear in A mode for some reason aids in smoothness without the herky-jerky on-off throttle transition.
  2. Thanks The McCruise is pricey, more so with their Super T harness + buying the Super T left pod (what year?), but I'm leaning that way over the Tuneboy; which while tiny, and easy to install has limited features and I'm not sure if it will effect my already flashed ECU...
  3. +1 on all above comments kid! Whose cruise do ya use? Windscreen? I have the same fastest red...
  4. ECU flashed by Vcyclenut but opted to keep STD as default (had Dave do all his other usual tweaks, fuel cut off slain, PAIR defeat, speed limiter bye bye, temp at 205, etc) as I'm elderly and thus usually only run A on the relatively open highway, on the somewhat rare occasion when I'm feeling strangely frisky, or know a twisty really well and answered yes when I asked myself if I'm feeling lucky... I do like A much more than STD as it nearly matches the output of my VTR1000F, though sadly, the FJ lacks the grunt and, even with the flash, the smoothness and controlibility of my beloved Superchicken. What's sadder is I remember when the 305 Superhawk came out! Oh, and B is for when I get REALLY old, or absolutely atrocious weather/tarmac.
  5. Buy the RS3s, I've had at least two sets of them and get good mileage, say a minimum of eight thousand front and rear each; and they're good in the rain and don't react to Tar snakes like the pilots do in my opinion Dunlop may have some type of rebate going as well they usually do at some point during the year I have the pr4 on one of my bikes but I don't ride it that much A friend of mine races and is a Control Rider for track days and he runs the RS3 as his rain tire believe it or not!
  6. An Australian dollar equates 95 cents USD, so one u.s. gallon is equal to 3.785 liters x .95 = "only" $3.69 for Premium I pay almost that much for the E10 ethanol swill here rated at 91 or 93 RON..
  7. Does that work out to about $5.24 USD for US gallon of Premium? Where are you located?
  8. And Michelin has a debit card rebate starting later this month of $50 per pair and $25 for one, so hold off until the rebate period starts. 😎
  9. Just turned over 32k on my 15 which I bought new in July of 16 but I swap between two other bikes no problems really fourth set of tires second chain and sprockets tweaked to my tastes have invested too much for really what it is but that's just my modus operandi
  10. I had added plastic washers under the OEM shield knobs and that minimized them loosening but it was still a PITA to adjust. So much so I rarely did so and the entire mechanism still rocked slightly fore-aft so I wedged in the rubber covered foam I mentioned and posted pics of previously. But now with the bike QD skewer adjustment is relatively a breeze and the foam wedges are no longer are needed. Do yourself a favor and do this mod, it's really easy. When I run my Givi tour screen (the tallest of my 3 screens) with the bolt-on MRW adjustable spoiler and the adjuster topped out, I still look over the top and am only 6 foot. But I've been told I have the anatomy of an Orangutan, and have my custom Sargent saddle in the upper position.
  11. Ditto on my 15 fastest red FJ except I bagged it and stored it with all the other parts I've removed along with the sorry OEM screen and pathetic CCT...
  12. In my previous post I included photos of how I keep the shield justment assembly from rocking forward and back with rubber covered foam to act as a wedge and damper. I run three Shields, a short black opaque bikini, a mid-height double bubble with adjustable top spoiler, and my barn door Givi tour with the mrw adjustable spoiler at the top. I can change them out within 15 minutes depending on weather and the length of a ride. I obtained an aluminum tube as indicated in a previous post, cut it to length and super glued stainless washers at each end,and it was a snug fit between the adjuster plates. I then installed my new QD bicycle skewer and it seems great,77u thanks for the tip!i
  13. The GV case guards makes it easy to mount driving lights at the optimum height Down on the forks in my opinion they are too low but up higher you can also not only tilt them down but left right easier
  14. then there's something wrong Horse is truly dead now