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  1. I once was in Julian at the Rongbranch and went to take a wiz, came back to the table and my girlfriend (wife since 81) and best friend were white as a sheet. I noticed the hanging lamp over the table was slightly swaying. As both we from Chicago I surmised there had been a mild quake. I told them I hadn't even noticed, as I was probably shaking myself. I tell my wife I'm just running out for paper. 5 hours later I'm back with the Oconomowoc Enterprise and some cheese.
  2. Curious what and where you found a beak for18 kissers? Pray tell, thx
  3. I put on the KTM Adventure's hand grips almost immediately and never noticed any high speed wobble, aero induced or otherwise over 35k miles but never had it over 120 mph Can't see doing a beak, no real functionality as I'm totally function over form. Grip Puppies and R&G nylon bar ends (have to check out how heavy the FZ bar ends really are (anyone weigh them?) but with minimal vibes ever, wanted the larger diameter for my size 11+ mits Which I could do something about heel clearance even on my 15 but if anything would want my rubber shod pegs a bit lower and forward not more rear set. Thinking about the MRW Vario pegs or a Chincom clone like I put on my VTR (real Varios on it but they're dear). Concerned about adequate shifter and brake pedal adjustment though. Anyone do them?
  4. A crushed knee and elbow! That doesn't sound like fun or as having quick recoveries. I've lost count of how many things I've broken, torn, crushed, gouged, cut, ground away, smashed, folded and twisted the wrong way, etc.. I'm not a klutz and always try to plan and look ahead. I'm just unlucky. A Rodney Dangerfield type. Been substantially incident free, knock on plastic, on a motorcycle for almost 50 years. But a 2 wheeled crash did cause most of my current most serious issues, which make sure I know it's going to rain. I was taken out by another bicyclist doing 18 mph while spinning along minding my on business. I was riding for health and cross training and not really enjoying it. Stay off bicycles, they're dangerous, and besides motorcycles I used to fly ultralights and rock climb, and I've hung off buildings and antenna towers as a living for 40 years. Of course I don't remember anything because of how many times I've had my bell rung. But I have a wonderful wife of 40 years, she says she'll take care of me. That's because she, like many women, forgets nothing, and can remember every detail, date and time. I can be sure she'll always remind me of important things. All the things I did wrong at the most inappropriate times. For many years for fun she can wait patiently for weeks, months, another year, and when I realized I forgot her birthday, or better, our wedding anniversary, she does indeed take care of me...
  5. That's why I got the fjo9 to be more upright I've done everything I could to my VTR to make it more comfortable and I still try to get out on and occasionally I even raised the bars on the FJ and did other things to help and once I'm on I'm okay as long as I keep taking my Tylenol it's just the on-and-off business and then there's my neck which with the barn door screen is okay but it's the side winds and buffeting that kill it Keep plugging along as long as you can maybe someday I'll have a Spyder but then I got to find a spot for it
  6. Wow, sorry to hear! That's why I don't want any hardware the risks and side effects really are a concern getting fused discs can have a zipper effect above and below the hardware That's why a SCS and minimally invasive surgery anime only alternatives the implant masks the pain but doesn't do anything to prevent further degeneration which is why the minimally invasive surgery without Hardware is being considered look up hf10 it's a possible solution for you. Thankfully Medicare should cover it but recovery is always a concern and it's the riding season dot-dot-dot good luck and try my methods for getting on and off for now it's the only solution other lowering rear ride height which has a compromise in terms of slowing steering
  7. I'm not complaining believe me but I like the Heat I used to live in San Diego and regularly went out to the desert and mountains where it can get pretty darn hot Anzo Borrego, idlewild, All American Canal near Yuma, Glamith, Salton Sea, etc Now humidity I'm not big on but the heat doesn't bother me
  8. To get on, I put in on the center stand, left foot on left peg and step up while swinging right over to right peg and gently sit down. Then lean off and place left foot on ground and push and rock forward off the centerstand. It can take 2 or more attempts because the centerstand is reluctant to cooperate, and it can be frustrating, humorous and embarrassing but it works. Getting off is reverse oorder but using the side stand. I try not to, as I'm afraid the side stand will give way under my substantial girth due to metal fatigue and I'll end up in a heap with the FJ on top of me. I also at gas fill ups stop next to and closer to the pump, put it on the side stand and lean left and put my left hand on the pump and lean on it for a reaction and balance point, as I find it really helps to then slide off. Parking by a wall, fence, pole, etc works the same way. The longer I ride a day, the harder it gets. I take Celebrex twice a day and Tylonol EVERY 4 hours. I've tried Meloxicam, Gabapentin and most recently Pregabalin to no avail and to add insult to injury could not tolerate their side effects. Tramadol makes me loopy and creates massive lòg jambs despite Metamucil AND Laxaclear, etc. I've had a dozen steroidal epidurals under floriscope, both cervical and lumbar, nerve ablation, dry needling (western medicine's version of acupuncture), and of course a lot of PT. Just had a lumbar and thoracic MRI (2nd set in 16 months) so my pain MD and spine surgeon can assess a SCS implant and/or minimally invasive surgery. L4&5 stenosis, ruptured/herniated disks, and much more and other lumbar discs PLUS C5&6 make my life SO much fun. I sometimes can't walk 10 feet before one or both legs goes numb and tingle and burn, otherwise it's constant shocking, jolting pain hips through to toes both legs but the shocks up the inner thigh into the groin are the worst. My neck isn't happy with riding either. Then of course my left rotator cuff surgery was not totally successful and still thus also fun, so I've put off having my right done since 2010. The arthritis in my clutch hand and right knee also add to the fun. My torn tendons in both elbows and a dislocated thumb are but a comparative scratch (Think the Black Knight in "In Search of the Holy Grail) But my prostititus and inability to fully void, and the numbness in the boiler room from the Alfuzosin are the whip cream and cherry on top of everything! And when you HAVE to GO, trying to find a place to stop (not easy in these Covid19 times, even a secluded bush) and then struggling to get off the bike quickly and safely, then expose the necessary component with ATGATT on is SO much fun. I see Depend Men's Fit-Flex Pull-Up in my near future, as they no longer make the Eazy-Leaker... 😥 Yeh, I know, a LOT more information than you ever wanted or needed. But at least I can reinforce the attage that the "Grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence", "It always could be worse", and as my favorite funny guy Mel Brooks said "Life Stinks!" You got to laugh about it otherwise it'll drive you crazy! And hey, It always could be worse and my life is better than the alternative...
  9. I'm not complaining believe me but I like the Heat I used to live in San Diego and regularly went out to the desert and mountains where it can get pretty darn hot Anzo Borrego, idlewild, All American Canal near Yuma, Glamith, Salton Sea, etc Now humidity I'm not big on but the heat doesn't bother me
  10. Got up to cheesehead land made it up into the mid-to-high 60s but was overcast and sprinkled a bit soon as I got back over the Illinois state line sky turned blue and the sun came out One of my favorite spots up in La Grange Wisconsin called back yard bikes General Store right on H at the bottom of Kettle Moraine is still closed the owner's son said they may be opening next week for food had to eat in Palmyra at the kettle hill grill but the new owners don't know how to make food well at least my sciatica wasn't terrible it's just getting on and off particularly off that's a real problem The rear RS3 still has on it but it has less miles than the front so I'm planning on lowering the rear ride height by shortening the length on the razor r when I change the rubber and at the same time Lube the swingarm and shock linkage At least there's 91 octane premium in Palmyra for for $2:39 a gallon
  11. The T6 5w 40 is Jaso rated that's what I run and everything two and four wheels never had a problem Used to run the mobile one until they change the formulation you can't get it without the additives that screw up the clutch
  12. The K-Tech shocks and I believe the Nitron can accept a 4 mm round pin to rotate the spring preload collar. Other than using a parallel pin punch I have not found a ready-made tool for this purpose. So I've purchased a total of 72 inches of 4 mm round high carbon steel rod that I'm going to cut to about a 5-1/2" long and bend a little kink similar to the pin adjuster tool for Penske shocks. Based on a 6 inch length each, that means I can fab 12 of these spring preload adjuster tools. I'm going to keep two of these for myself which leaves 10 available for other Forum members. I'm not 100% positive that the Nitron shocks accept a 4 in pin but I believe they do. Until I fab them up, I won't know how much time it will take but it shouldn't be a lot, and then I have to figure out how much they're worth including my labor and material costs. But again it shouldn't be a lot. I'm not planning on going into wholesale production of these or making a profit I'm just doing this because of a need for them. Post up and let me know if you're interested in one. Cheers
  13. I've run the PR3 & PR 4; Dunlop RS1, the FJ OEM version, the new RS2 and the RS3; the prior Avon Storms; and the Roadtec 01. In years past the Contis. The RS3 knock it out of the park and average over 7,800 miles, sometimes over 8,500. Just mount the Bridgy S22 on the VTR and have a set of S22 for the FJ ($170 per pair after $60 rebate cc). Opinions TBD
  14. Thanks but did you say if you also bought the TS splitter kit so the TS worked like the video YAMAHA OEM TURN SIGNAL Y-SPLITTER CONNECTORS, 3-WIRE (PAIR) $12.49
  15. Thanks. I'm happy enough with my OEM TS with the very bright LED bulbs. The Vololight does not seem ready for prime time per the 2015 WBW review; did yowh have the same issues? As I said I have an auxiliary led brake light strip around The edge of the rear rack that brings it up higher, closer to cater eye level but more is better. I actually had many years ago a Volo plate surround light that did not flash and was connected to brake light power but it failed after not too long. The Blaster T/BL-TS unit seems to have been improved since I last looked at it. Did you get the TS splitter cables. I'm not convinced integrated TS aren't too much/confusing for half brain dead mouth breathing cagers. Your thoughts? Did you get the programming switch? I got confused by their description of its really necessary. The video for the FJ09 sucks, I'd be embarrassed to have it on my website. As I stated, I already have a low-load TS relay.