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  1. Don't know how it popped out but it did Pulled that plastic, tank and air box many times and it's automatic for me to get it in the slot so I can only assume it popped out somehow or I just EFT up FYI the 2 tank collar pics & 1 with wire harness show placement of the illuminated switch just in front of where my tank bag ends for the twin LED driving lights with a spare hole for something else Which means I'm always careful putting the plastic back on in the process of connecting the three wires to the switch But even I am not infallible 🙂
  2. I hear you regarding the super slab unfortunately where I live it's an hour on the slab to get to anything you could call a twisty in southeast Wisconsin from the bedroom community I live just outside Chicago When I have the discretionary funds and tore up coming later this fall I'll give it a shot thanks for your input
  3. I'll triple check that I did remove the black plastic collar and it appeared it was in the tab and screwed down correctly TBD
  4. I recall a while ago somebody else saying this happened to their fuel tank cowl, that it bowed up and doesn't follow the Contour of the tank I'm going to try to check with my dealer to see if they'll replace it under warranty Anybody else had this happen Compare right side to left
  5. Does it help sport riding or just drowning down the slab? LOL I guess I could get used to it or sell it if I don't like it I want to get a ring for one of my other bikes but they're like 44 bucks!
  6. Thanks, I have the smaller Engage which I also have full-forward (carefully use a Bic lighter to seal the fabric around the drilled holes and Acetone to remove the red off the rubber and maybe your jacket; and a pin to lock it on), and am concerned how much the back pouch and floppy top on the City will interfere with my stomach (which is 35#s smaller!). Especially when leaning-in during sport riding. I like the Engage for every day rides but for touring it's too small. I have a large enough mag-mount Held and Chase Harper clip-on that won't work on the FJ and like the SW system. Wish their tank rings weren't sooo pricy! Did you get it from Twisted T or RevZ? Do you have the SW skid plate too? Whose side cases are those? Top case rack looks like Shad.
  7. You wouldn't to raise the forks 10 mm when you put the bike up front and rear just have a 10 mm lower on the front scale and then raise with 10 mm board Front and rear balance in relatively lightweight was also the reason I got the FJ but it is more top-heavy than say my V-Twin albeit a vtr1000f which to me is much easier to roll around the shop than the FJ I certainly believe the mto9 Tracer GT weight includes the bags and the other fresh accoutrements mentioned and I certainly believe with my givi side cases top case K-Tech shock and other doodads that it weighs in close to 500 with fluids
  8. That sounds about right two to three MPG I still don't know how people are getting 50 unless it's Moon gas
  9. I'm even older School But started playing in the early 70s with the highest Tech I'm just amazed and how far things have come since then
  10. Good idea about Trip 2 but as I usually do 300-400 mile days, I keep receipts and a odo photo log. LAAWs are ancient tech. There are F&F* rockets the size of road flares that'll stop an APV if not a "tank". Eazi-peezi to rig up a dozen... I have a fastest red 15 that at 30k miles is finally getting more than 42 mpg if I restrain my right wrist and not run the barn door Givi w-spoiler. Weird amount of time to wear-in. I use the gauges as gauges on which to base my concern about running out. I have a 98 VTR1000F with 110k miles and only 4 gallons to spend 33 miles at best on each. I ride because I don't like walking, let alone pushing a bike in 90F. Oddly, the VTR died spectacularly on 94 south of 142 recently, first time since I bought it new, within only 6 miles of the Orange Light of Death going on. That's well less than half what it should have, even on the Ethanol laced crap they call gas here. It's funny "Mike" mentioned ethanol-free hi-test, which IMO may be why my FJ has improved recently, because I've only had time to ride up to East Troy and Palmyra, WI; in Walworth and Jefferson counties where "pure" 91-93 premium can be had. Nearest to me in Skokie according to Pure-Gas.org other than Cottage Grove... I carry 1 if not 2 camp size gas bottles when on "tour". Didn't know the GTs had gallons remaining read-out; niffty. But I'll still keep my well modded 15 cuz it's the biz to me. FI, TC, ABS, more than 2 jugs, gas gauge, air and engine temp, heated grips OEM controlled, mpg, USD forks and about the same weight as my VTR. Though I'll never sell my VTR, it just blows the FJ away with sneaky fast grunt and top speed, and sounds better doing it... It's just my bod can't take it on tour anymore. *Fire & Forget
  11. 2015 Yamaha FJ09 (FJ09FR) OEM Parts, Part Shark Shop our large selection of 2015 Yamaha FJ09 (FJ09FR) OEM Parts... is also very competitive but I agree about RMATV for tires...
  12. Oh, to be young again. I don't know if I could do your ride now but which I could! My fastest 15 red is set up very similar to yours. Whose pilot saddle is that, almost looks DIY? Also, I presume that's a SW-Mototech skid plate SW-MOTECH Aluminum Engine Guard Skid Plate For Yamaha XSR900 '16-'19, FZ-09 '17, MT-09 '18-'19 & FJ-09 '15-'17 | TwistedThrottle.com Grab this skid plate for your XRS900 and tackle demanding terrain. Get it at... , and if so how'd it perform (and how easy is it to change the oil? I have a flush head drain plug... Love my ole classic 2-pc 'Stitch' but never got along with their CTB. Have their Transit 2 suit too. bravo!
  13. good to know, I'll have to check because I run the Givi barn door screen with a spoiler on top in cold-cool temps...
  14. Despite the record rain this spring (second year in a row) and 60 hour work weeks, I've managed to get in about 4,500 miles this season despite the late spring. Mostly cloudy and cool but no rain for a change... Unfortunately, the longest ride has been only about 450 miles in a day. Did get up to Road America for the MotoAmerica races the weekend before last. Time for another set of RS3s though and and oil change. Today, I took my annual Father's Day solo ride up to East Troy, WI (former home of Buell ) for my fav broasted chicken at Gus' Drive In (good frozen custard too but not as good as Adrian's in Burlington, WI). Discovered they erected a freshly restored "Muffler Man". Gus' has a classic car and bike drive in on Saturdays, and live acts occasionally (see Elvis impersonator and my 98 110k mile VTR1000F). Leduc's Frozen Custard in Wales, WI is a great spot but in Milwaukee there's Gilles, Leon's (not as good but they have good-bad Sloppy Joe's), Fred's, Kopp's & Kitt's; not too far is Ferch's and Bubba's... Chance's in Rochester, WI is a good lunch stop but their weekend hours are goofy. Fred's burgers in Burlington is old school but there's lots more. Born to ride, work to ride, ride to eat frozen custard...but I've actually lost almost 35 pounds this year somehow.