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  1. Now I'm debating HH or GG organic (Kevlar?) for the rear. Fronts immediately became HH over the OEM GG.
  2. Hitting a deer is one thing but if the Niken forum member has needed it multiple times I'm glad he's still riding but he may want to consider something else Coincidentally I've been evaluating all the offerings including from Dania Z and alpinestars and then there's another outfit that leases them on a plan I've only seen a couple of the pants But the vest makes a lot of sense as you can wear with anything I've only got one bod and I haven't treated it very well so for what I've got left I think it's going to be my next investment rather than one of my bikes
  3. I probably got them when they first came out could be 15 years ago and they weren't stainless I'm glad they are now or what you got were and if you're happy I'm happy I just like to be able to vacuum bleeding I found that the spring has too much tension to allow a vacuum bleeder to work have you found otherwise?
  4. You must have missed me saying I use the yellow hydraulic fluid / natural gass resistant teflon tape stretched thin, and grease around the screw when bleeding, then dip that away with isopropyl alcohol when done so as not to attract dirt, etc
  5. I hope you bought the stainless steel units because the standard units corrode because moisture collects at the lowest point in the system, the calipers. I don't like them because you cannot use a vacuum or pressure bleeder with then installed and thus can only pump the MC lever which brings the O-rings on the piston down into the cruddy bottom of the cylinder bore...
  6. It should only be an issue when bleeding, I've considered replacing it either with OEM or aftermarket
  7. I found the left front caliper bleed screw has been problematic with sucking air and but yellow Teflon tape on it and a dab of Grease around it when bleeding Betoney, The Piston size stroke and leverage ratio of the 2014 R1 master cylinder mated with the 320 millimeter rotors seems a good match that's all I can say I'm not sure what the Piston size stroke and ratio is on the 2 R1 Master cylinders you've used is I'm sure there's a way to find out
  8. Choke, pricey! I've used Mitt ads forever, and they work great for $30 now days. Harbor Freight sells a brass bodied unit that's good too. I like units with the vacuum gauge. I tried a unit like yours which failed to work but waited too long to return it but it wasn't very expensive.
  9. Thanks, it's been a ton of work and cost way too much but it is what She Who Must Be Obeyed "wanted". SWMBO search Rumpole of the Bailey, a Brit sitcom...
  10. My stock master cylinder was hard as a rock within a 5 mm which I didn't like because I wanted more travel and feel. The 2014 R1 master cylinder did the trick though the aftermarket lever screwd the pooch, so I went to the stock R1 lever and all is well. Really I'm happy enough with the oversized R1 rotors, EBC HH pads, Speigler lines and 14 R1 Brembo master so I'm done. There's just the rear that's got me questioning. Maybe the 2014 R1 master cylinder would do the trick for you.
  11. Am I seeing double? LOL No riding here. The salt is inches deep in intersections. Hi of 29 today and my backyard raised patio and ramped walk construction is on hold again. We're hoping to finish it this Weds & Thurs, as it'll be in the 30s. Woo Woo! The clean-up and new landscaping will have to wait until spring but at least I'll have my smooth transition from back door down to the driveway, no stairs for us old fogies. It's permeable with hundreds of gallons of capacity but I had to do that or it'd be literally half the size.
  12. I thought the Gilles were pricey and had limited adjustment per "stroke" but the Lightspeed are even more dear, and I heard there first batch had machining issues. Hence the totally different design of my Chinese adjusters that work well enough, and are lightyears better than the OEM.
  13. I of course concur about the lack of feel, so now maybe I'll rethink HH pads due to concerns about locking it up and tripping the ABS. Leverage ratio vs piton area off? I do use the rear to settle it down for trail braking and even steering it around coming it hot, so I'm going to mull this over. How do you like the front now, as we've done the same mods give or take?
  14. I have the fastest best red and couldn't resist posting this of my Mazda 2006 3s My 76 rd400 is red and my 98 VTR as well the beautiful Italian red