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  1. To answer my own question, the 2020 Tracer GT specs appears identical to the 2019 ones. The only differences are new color schemes. If you read the 2020 PDF brochure on the Yamaha Motor Sports website they even accidentally refer to 2019 in a couple of places - which is understandable as most of the text is a mere cut and paste of the 2019 brochure. 2020 Yamaha Tracer 900 GT Sport Touring Motorcycle - Model Home 2020 Yamaha Tracer 900 GT Sport Touring Motorcycle So, does anyone know if the 2021 Tracer GT will be new and improved? (Just kidding).
  2. I wonder whether this is a regulatory thing and Yammy adjust the unit for each market? I know that in our market there are design rules that require the speedo to read within a certain percentage *above* the actual speed. It can never legally under-read. Presumably so that no one will ever be able to use the reading of their speedo as an argument against a speeding ticket.
  3. Except that most of the upgrades people are talking about really don't increase the weight. Apart from bigger tank capacity. Electronics, seat comfort, gearing and wind management could all be solved without any extra kgs. And the FJ, while a fine bike, is nearly 30% heavier and retails for 50% more in my neck of the woods, which is a hefty increase to solve a few "niggles". I guess I see the TracerGT as a mid-weight sports/tourer and the FJ as a heavy-weight sports/tourer. Not really in the same class as each other. And, for the secondary/tertiary "touring" roads my government, ahem, builds, the lighter, more nimble Tracer is better suited methinks. The interesting thing is that the TracerGT has very few direct competitors with most other manufacturers sticking with litre++ mega-tourers or adventure-tourers. So Yammy haven't got a lot of competitors snapping at their heels to keep them innovating and improving. Does that mean they should be lurking in this forum to keep in touch? I hope so
  4. I haven't seen anything from the usual news outlets and the Yammy web sites are silent as you'd expect. Do we (as in the royal we) have any info on whether the 2020 GT will be much the same as the 2019 or are there significant changes expected? I know the GT hasn't changed much since inception so realistically I don't expect much difference, but I ask because I'm wondering whether to hold off on a purchase or not. Alternatively, if there is no news on the 2020 model, what would we like? I for one would be interested in a) reduction in the 6+K RPM buzz b) TFT/Computer improvements c) Bigger tank d) Better wind protection. In general, a bit better "touring" features. What do others think?
  5. Gotcha. No big. I was mainly thinking you might have had a unicorn BMW that I'd never heard off, but you clarified that. I'm still in the Tracer camp with no chance of a BMW in my future, though I've had them in the past.
  6. Which would be consistent with the OP's comment about being "HUGE", but inconsistent with it lacking power in the 4-8k rev range. Well, maybe. Come back "Stinky" and put us out of our misery!
  7. Nice write up, thanks. I'm curious; which BMW 850 has a shaft drive? Is this a Malaysia-only model? (Sorry, don't mean to veer too far off of Tracer-land, but can't resist.)
  8. Wow. What a resource! Thanks for that list. Love those Stebel horns. It's the first think I put on every road bike.
  9. It's like an addiction isn't it I haven't even got my Tracer yet and I'm already thinking about upgrades. The big challenge for us is of course sourcing the parts in AU.