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  1. i have yet to get more than about 3500 miles out of every rear tire i have ever had on a motorcycle. my bike had 700 miles on it when i bought it and the rear tire looked almost new (pirelli mt60rs tires). now at 3100 miles, its worn to the point that it needs replacing. i found a new non se roadtec 01 rear tire for $160 and ordered it. its still a dual compound tire, so if it lasts me even 4000 miles i'll be happy!
  2. i did exactly that when i was filling up once! was topping off with the nozzle almost out of the hole and i pulled it out a little too far and gas sprayed back from hitting the the edge of the cutout.
  3. i bought my 2017 fj-09 with 700 miles on it, now has about 3100 on it. original plugs as far as i know, i have not looked. no check engine light, and i have not been able to reproduce the issue.
  4. i have whacked the throttle in my gravel driveway and it didnt sound or feel like this. it was twice that it did it in a row before i let off for a second and then went easy on the throttle and then it was fine. when i got tcs to kick in, it was a sharp cutoff. this almost felt like a fouled out spark plug on a polaris xlt snowmobile feels like.
  5. im looking at getting the metzler roadtec tires for my fj, but i see that there is the roadtec 01, the roadtec 01 hwm and the roadtec 01 se. on the metzler website, they recommend the se for the fj, which is the heaviest tire. i want the one that will give me the most mileage since it seems to be a trend that i wear out the middle of the rear tire before ANYTHING else (this is across three different bikes now). anyone have any insight on the three different roadtec 01 rear tires?
  6. tonight i went to pass a car and it seemed like my fj only wanted to run on 2 cylinders while i was passing them. was real rough sounding and sounded worse as i rolled on the throttle without picking up speed. i let completely off and then a few seconds later it was fine again. i did just top it off with fuel (91 octane ethanol free) before i headed home, and this happened about 20 minutes into the ride home. i didnt see the tcs light, but might have missed it. my rear tire is worn past the tread in the center, but im not sure if the tcs is sensitive enough to have issues with the difference in tire size due to wear. just kind of stumped as to what it could have been.
  7. if its on the bead, chances are it just needs to be cleaned up. my money is on valve stem, bead, or pinhole leak in the tread due to a puncture.
  8. it is definitely quieter than the stock screen, but im 6'1" and still have a little buffeting around my helmet. not enough to make it loud, but enough that it makes my helmet sort of oscillate a bit.
  9. anyone here try this tuner? looks pretty good, but i dont think i have seen any reviews of it yet.
  10. took her out for a nice ride this morning.
  11. thank you for the help guys! got the halos fired up whenever the key goes on now thanks to this info! oh, and i also modified a set of locks so i can finally lock the luggage on the bike! all 4 locks take the same key too.
  12. added some new lights to my bike tonight. still have to wire up the halos to the running lights so they come on with the key (anyone happen to know where i could tap into for that??
  13. i believe its acting as a parabolic mirror and reflecting the light and heat to that single point on the speedometer. i wouldnt mind keeping the screen on there, but i want a metal guard over the speedometer first.
  14. today on the way home from work, i noticed my dash looked a little funny. upon closer inspection, the upper part of my speedometer was melted! i had the national cycle vstream touring windscreen on my bike. as soon as i got home, i swapped it back to the stock screen because i dont want to be replacing $150 screens every couple months! i could have sworn that i saw someone make a metal surround for the fj-09/super tenere screen somewhere?