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  1. just ordered a used set of hard saddle bag supports for my fj-09. realized that i was going to need them to securely mount my new panniers.
  2. i have a similar set of risers that go up 25mm and back 20mm, but i flipped the lower oem risers so i only got 10mm rearward. my issue was the throttle cable needed more slack, so i had to re-route it at the handlebar area. my brake line was taught, but fine. with the clutch, i simply added a little more slack to it and it was good.
  3. all i can chime in about is a set of pilot road 4's i had ordered for my versys. both of them were completely out of round to the point that my bike was bouncing at 45mph. the grip they had was amazing, but i doubt i will touch a Michelin tire again thanks to that experience. i had to return them because they were so bad. and when the email you get from Michelin is them simply stating that their tires are round, you know there is an issue with them NOT being round! i put a set of dunlops back on the versys and all was good again. granted, they didnt have the best grip, but they were smooth.
  4. anyone thought about raising the suspension on the fj-09 for offroad travel? i found a couple things that could improve ground clearance fairly easily i think! rear lift dogbones fork extensions
  5. honestly, the v-stream is almost perfect for me, and i think once i get the spoiler on, it will be perfect. the slight turbulence it has now is 10x better than the stock windscreen that was like a hurricane in my ears. besides, i got a hell of a deal on it. i found it for $168 on ebay brand new!
  6. had to do this when the power windows in my jeep stopped working. shutting it off and starting it back up made them work fine again. like a glitch in the matrix.
  7. 2017 is when they added the slip/assist clutch on the fj-09. the xsr always had it. this sounds like the clutch is not disengaging completely. i would definitely take a look at the clutch to see whats happening.
  8. when i leaned the bike over to check clearance, they were about one inch closer to the ground than the normal pegs, so more than enough lean angle. there is plenty of clearance from the tire as well. i would be more worried about them wrecking the radiator since the mounting points are so close to it, but i dont have any plans on dropping her (knocks on wood).
  9. looks like the last time he was here was may 4th. doubt we will hear from him.
  10. today i got my t-rex racing highway pegs and got them installed, after a bit of custom work to make them not rotate though! i had to use my dremel to put some grooves on the inside. they came with thin rubber glued to them, but it would just squeeze out and need to be re-tightened in 5 minutes, not even of use, just sitting there! i also used my belt sander to take material off the cap so that it would actually grab the bar. without the rubber, they would not clamp tightly to the bar. with the modifications, they are tight as can be now!
  11. they are as3 performance crashbars. basically a clone of the src crash bars, except these are 1/3rd the cost of the src and 7/8" instead of the src 1". as3 crash bars
  12. these are the crash bars i have. as3 crash bars im 6'1" and just installed the v-stream touring windscreen, but even it has a bit of turbulent air on the top of my helmet, so i have a windscreen spoiler on the way for it. would recommend getting a skidplate too with the oil pan being so low. also a front fender extender helps to keep debris off the radiator. here is my bike for some ideas.
  13. its not bad, but she's no dirt bike. it doesnt feel like it will wash out at 5 degrees of lean angle like my versys did with street tires, but i have not pushed the fj to hard either. i wouldnt be scared to take this setup down some atv trails as far as grip goes, its just the ground clearance that has me worried.
  14. installed my new v-stream touring windscreen today! i also re-installed my beak. i had to dremel out a slot for the crashbars into the beak in order for everything to fit. still plenty of room at full lock with the larger handguards with bar risers. i still get just a bit of turbulent air on the top of my helmet @ 6'1", so i ordered one of these for it as well. windscreen spoiler
  15. i ordered 4 auxiliary lights for the front to mount on the crash bars so people might actually notice me and not pull out in front of me! also, i put a deposit down for a seat from terry adcox! ☺️ he is booked out till december, so this year will be run on a stock seat, but it will be worth the wait im sure! Edit: also ordered a vstream touring windscreen today too.