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  1. still better to be safe than sorry, especially with some of the roads around here! they could qualify for offroad even staying ON the road!
  2. i wish the garage was heated! i do have a salamander in there if i want to heat it up to work on something though.
  3. There is plenty of expensive stuff i already plan on getting like crash bars, hard panniers, skidplate, mccruise, touring screen. Im looking for the little things that you might not think of on the bike. I just ordered brake reservoir covers, aluminum front sprocket cover in titanium grey, easy preload adjuster knobs. I plan to get a larger kickstand pad as well. You know, the little things.
  4. i have not even been able to ride my fj-09 since i got it about a week ago. im desperately awaiting spring time!
  5. those silver screens, how did you do that? that is something i would really like to do to my fj, just to make it pop a bit more!
  6. i have been looking for some inexpensive ways to customize my bike a little here and there. i have found a couple things like brake reservoir covers, front sprocket cover, a beak, preload adjusters. im trying to stick with the theme of titanium grey on the accessories im adding to my bike. what inexpensive little things have you added to your fj-09?
  7. i would love to see what a set of blurple wheels would look like on my galaxy blue fj. but there is only one on ebay right now and it has a pretty good gouge in it. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=fj-09+wheels&_sacat=0&LH_TitleDesc=0&_osacat=0&_odkw=fj-09wheels
  8. 197hp and 123tq for the 1700cc vmax that will do a rolling burnout at 30mph. rode a demo vmax once, and we were in a 30mph zone when everyone in front started to pull away, so i dropped down to first, let out the clutch and twisted the throttle a bit. i saw the rpms go up to about 9k but i wasnt going any faster. turns out i was doing a rolling burnout at 30mph without even trying to!!! that bike is scary fast in a straight line! the 0-100 is crazy! but, she is also crazy thirsty as well! i think they said on the average 17 mile demo run, they have to put in about 1.5-1.7 gallons of fuel each time! and with a 4 gallon tank, thats not quite going to get me from home to work and back without needing fuel! at least the rocket has a larger fuel tank on it.
  9. i think the beak looks pretty good! i'll admit, that when i first put it on i was on the fence, but its definitely growing on me!
  10. there is a one number difference on the part number between the 14 fz and the 17 fj. it doesnt look like there is any difference in the out part of the cover except for the addition of the external sound dampener.
  11. i was looking at these case guards but im not sure they will work on the 2017 fj-09. Engine Case Cover Protective Left & Right Yamaha MT-09 FZ-09 (14-15) Titanium - MotorGenic ... it says for 2014-15 fz-09. but isnt the engine the exact same between the fz and fj? if im not mistaken, couldnt i simply remove the outer cover and dampener on the clutch side and use this guard?
  12. she may see the occasional dirt road, but nothing much more than that. i do plan on getting a skid plate for the exposed oil pan though.
  13. i believe they are pirelli mt60 front and rear, id have to go out and look to be sure since they came on the bike.