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  1. For those that are getting high mileage on your OEM chain, what specification are you using for chain slack? Thanks.
  2. Understand your situation as I am about 5'7". I went with Sargent low seat and cut the rubber bumpers on the bottom of the seat pan in half. With this combination I am nearly flat footed.
  3. The reason to wait is all about fuel pressure. You want the fuel pump to be up to operating pressure, if not injectors are not up to par.
  4. Speaking of chains................In the long run, I'm wondering how chain wear is going with those using OEM specs vs those using something looser than that? I only have about 7000 miles and been using about .5 for chain spec and chain wear appears to be normal. Also, has anyone been using Teflon chain lube? I've been using it since new and once again everything appears normal. The only thing with the Teflon stuff (Wallyworld has it at a decent price) its kinda clear hard to see it. I lube about every 400 miles.
  5. I have several mc's and bikes with center stand manual says use center stand, and bikes with only side stand manual says use side stand (bikes with both side and center stand manual says use center stand). Sounds simple to me. Follow manual, end of story. When possible I install center stand on all bikes, makes it much easier for maintenance, washing and loading. As far as chain tension I would still follow OEM engineering and follow their specifications with maybe alittle cushion.......
  6. On the 4 day trip I lubed the chain every evening and the chain was very tight every lube and had even tightness (no section stretched). On a side note, I am trying DuPont Teflon mc chain lube but I'm sure it has nothing to do with the tightness. The only thing possible is the axle nut would have loosened and wheel moved back.
  7. Been riding 45 years, know about checking chain in full run of chain travel while on center stand. Lube chain every 400 miles. Just never had a chain tightening on long trip, in the past if anything chain would loosen. And yes I find chain spec in manual too tight. Anyway, the FJ is a fun bike to cruise distance especially with cruise control, touring shield, risers, highway pegs and Sargent seat.
  8. Just did a 4 day 1300 mile ride. Great ride, on one leg got 57 mpg at 65-68 mph (slight tail wind). Anyway, before departure checked chain and set to about .5 in deflection. About halfway through the ride chain got real tight maybe .2-.3 deflection (no chain tools to check or adjust). Axle nut and all else torqued to book spec. Why would it tighten, you would think if anything it would loosen?
  9. I am vertically challenged and thought Air Hawk would be a problem. After several years and several bikes Air Hawk is still with me. It really doesn't take much air to make the difference. By trimming (take off half the rubber) the rubber bumpers on the seat pan compensates for the little height the Air Hawk takes. I'm in south Texas and it gets really hot around here, the Hawk does not add much to the misery.
  10. When you were notified by Sargent did you get any sort of coupon/discount?
  11. Sargent suxs! Months ago when they mentioned they were developing a seat for the FJ-09 on their site was a place to be notified (email) when the seat would be available...................well, I never heard back from them. I guess this is the site to follow to want to know what is happening in the world........
  12. Riding till the tank is almost empty is nice, but at what point do you know when you have enough to make it home?????
  13. Thanks, that's cheap and easy.
  14. Which is the easiest way to drain gas from the tank?
  15. Yep, every forum has, "What did you do....." its more a thing like showing the guys what you have done to your bike.