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  1. Welcome to the forum. Yes, the Tracer really is one of the best, lightweight all around road bikes on the market. Lots of good people and valuable information to be found here.
  2. I have always run my chains on the loose side of specification. I found 40mm seems to work best for me on the Tracer.
  3. Yes, I had to put the seat in the lower position to comfortably reach the ground with both feet due to the added height. I have a 34 inch inseam for what it is worth. I too have used Sargent seats in the past on my other bikes and they were quite good, but Terry's seat is much better. For what it is worth I was one of the first to get the Sargent seat for the GT. The fit to the bike was horrible and sitting on the seat I was not impressed.
  4. I have one of his seats but did not ask for any special provisions. He asked me to take some pictures of myself sitting on the bike from the side, shoulder to knee and then one a bit closer. Like you I had to have my name put in a que and wait for him to contact me. It was about three months. Well worth the wait. At first I was a bit surprised at how firm the seat is. However one long ride was all it took. It's a great seat, and very well made. Did not take long to get comfortable and there was very little break in. Easily the most comfortable seat I have ever had on a motorcycle by a wide margin. Feels like I could drain a tank and never squirm.
  5. I have a Terry Adcox seat and could not be more pleased. I can drain the tank in one sitting in comfort. I recently had to use the interstate to make time on a long ride home. Set the cruise control and went 160 miles and my backside never bothered me.......but my bladder barely held on as it reached critical mass.
  6. They were replaced long ago. I ran them down to the wear bars on the rear before getting rid of them. Since then I have run two other types of tires, both of which were obviously better. (Roadsmart 3, M7RR) However......after finishing off the OEM D222's I can say that they are better than most OEM tires I have had on the five other bikes I have bought new. As I became more acquainted with the bike and sorted the stock suspension a bit I was able to push them pretty hard on a few of my favorite local twisty roads and they provided pretty good grip. I went from edge to edge on the rear tire repeatedly with no issues. True, they are not premium tires by any stretch of the imagination, as it is with most OEM tires. But by my estimation they are not as horrible as some have said. I was glad to move on to better tires though.
  7. I would be very hesitant to put a thirty dollar battery in my bike. They had to cut corners somewhere in order to make it so cheaply and if it fails while you are far from home you will regret not getting something better.
  8. Surprised to see this thread come back. I ended up purchasing a new 2019 a year ago despite concerns with the forks. It was not noticeable under normal riding, only at slow speeds over multiple bumps, like rail road tracks or something similar. A couple months ago, after putting 10,000 miles on my bike I had Traxxion install their AK-20 fork cartridges and I also bought a Penske 8983 rear shock. Now everything feels solid at all times.
  9. I have a flashed ECU (Ivan's Performance)) and when the key is on/engine off I can hear the servo whine. When I turn the throttle it stops. I think the whine is normal with stock or flashed ECU as the servo is waiting for a signal from the TPS. I hear no grinding noise or any sort of mechanical movement however.
  10. I had my 2019 GT ECU flashed by Ivan. Throttle response is much more smooth. A proper reflash from a competent tuner such as 2 Wheel Dyno works, Ivan's Performance Products or VCyclenut will do no harm and will be a noticeable improvement.
  11. The yellow indicator light tells you that you have turned the cruise on. You then have to push the "set" button and it will lock in your current speed.
  12. Checked the Yamaha website but did not see any bag liners listed. Anyone know where to get a set of these or something similar that fits well in our panniers?? Really don't care what brand as long as they are decent quality and a good fit.
  13. Welcome to the forum! There is a wealth of information here as well as some great folks willing to offer help with questions about our bike. There are some excellent roads in West Virginia. Been a while since I was through there on a bike. It was back when I had my VFR.
  14. This. Changing to a much stiffer spring without changing the valving to match can create other issues. A new shock or a rebuild of the stock unit with new springs and valves is the way to go.
  15. I highly recommend the folks at Traxxion Dynamics. You could send them your shock and they can rebuild it with the proper spring and valving to match. I had them do this on my Ninja 1000 with excellent results.