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  1. I remember reading about your issue on the Ninja forum. That was strange and I don't think I ever heard of anyone else having this problem. Sorry you were not able to work it out. I kept my Ninja 1000......it is the bike I can never part with. But this Tracer GT is quickly becoming my favorite all around bike as I have become more interested in the touring aspect of sport touring.
  2. Mine blew the ETV fuse when I was reinstalling the battery which the dealer had screwed up when they prepped the bike. The owners manual should show you where it is located. Should be a 7.5 amp fuse. If you have to, just start pulling fuses and inspecting them to see if you have one blown. It is surprising the headache one blown fuse can create but it is an easy fix.
  3. Congratulations on the purchase of your Tracer GT. I am also an old geezer and wanted something comfortable and light for touring. The Tracer GT was the perfect fit for me. How far from where you are in Denmark to Norway? I would love to tour the fjords on two wheels! Also I had a friend in college from Denmark whose name was Hans Bager. Super nice guy and a good soccer player.
  4. I love the area so much I tried to convince the wife that we should move there. Lost that battle, but at least it is not that far away. The new section of the Foothills Parkway which opened recently is very nice.
  5. I recently did a three day, 1200 mile ride and the stock seat was pretty uncomfortable. Like you I am looking for a replacement. Why the heck Yamaha sells the bike in your market with unpainted pannier lids is beyond me!!
  6. I have had such good luck with Yuasa I never bothered to try another battery. I would imagine there are likely better choices but since I reliably get about four or five years out of them I have not bothered to switch. During the winter I leave them in the bike connected to a Battery Tender and don't start them until I am ready for the first ride in the spring.
  7. Was in the area earlier this week. Took my first road trip on the GT. Only issue was with the stock seat. It was not horrible but on the ride there my backside did get a bit sore.
  8. I agree.....especially the part about the "software".
  9. I am 58 years old and just came back from a 3 day, 1200 mile ride and the bike performed beautifully. My only gripe is with the stock seat which I plan on replacing. No weight on the wrists at all and otherwise very comfortable. As said before you definitely want to get a test ride on one. Keep in mind that the stock screen is crap and creates a lot of noise and buffeting at speed. There are several, affordable aftermarket screens for this bike that work well. One thing I did notice when the bike was new is that there was a good bit of engine vibration.....not the high frequency type but more of a thrumming like a v-twin. After about 1000 miles it went away. The engine in this bike is a real gem. Plenty of power and still gets decent fuel mileage.
  10. Dragon is only one very short road that gets too much attention. The mountains beyond there hold hundreds of miles of great riding as I am sure you know. I would love to live in a place with weather like California where I could ride all year long. Had an uncle who I used to visit in Del Mar and it is very nice! But all things considered I would still choose NC over California in a heartbeat.
  11. Western North Carolina would be my first choice. Anyone who has spent much time riding in that area knows the abundance of great mountain roads. The Appalachian mountains are loaded with great twisting roads in all directions where NC, TN and GA share borders. These roads are easily accessible from any number of towns and cities in the area and real estate in most places is reasonable as well.
  12. I am still on the stock seat and will be waiting for the Sargent. 👍
  13. Modern motorcycle tires (the sport and sport touring variety) are incredibly good. Any tire from one of the major brands will perform very well with some differences between them in handling characteristics and mileage. The good news is you really can not go wrong whatever you choose. Having said this, my favorite so far is the Roadsmart 3. For me these seem to be a little more on the sport side of the sport touring equation with some of the DNA from the superb Q3 sport tire. In terms of dry grip they are very impressive for an ST tire.