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  1. I have a similar problem with my left mirror but at the knuckle, not the stem. At anything over 40 mph the left mirror gets blown around. Any decent size bumps in the road do the same thing. Almost no tension at this joint. Since there is no way I know of to tighten this I am going back to the dealer to have a replacement ordered under warranty. In the meantime I put some Gorilla tape around that knuckle hoping it will be a decent temporary fix. If that does not work I may add some super glue.
  2. After reading up on the Tracer since it's U.S. introduction, watching every YouTube video and hanging out here for some months I finally picked up my new GT yesterday and promptly took a 95 mile spin on her. It does not disappoint. I think I may even be able to live with the stock seat which will be a first for me as all my other ST bikes needed a new one. Will likely get a shorter windscreen for summer riding and I can already tell the stock one is not so good. Otherwise the bike is just what I hoped for in a middleweight ST ride!! And if that is not enough, I wake up this morning to read that Ivan now has a reflash for the GT!!!! I have his reflash on my Ninja 1000, ( which will now become my hooligan bike for some local rides ) and his tuning is superb. Life is good.
  3. This is good news to read the day after I picked up my new Tracer GT!! My Ninja 1000 has Ivans reflash and his work is stellar!
  4. Was passing through Cincinnati today and stopped at a Yamaha dealer who also has a Tracer 900 GT in stock. Tried the same thing with this bike and no knocking issue. The other bike has some demo miles. I am chomping at the bit for one of these and if no one makes a reasonable offer on the bike I have for sale within a few weeks, I may bite the bullet and see what the dealer I visited today will offer on trade.
  5. It was something I could feel more than hear. My concern is that I don't want to feel this when I am riding......it would feel as if there was something wrong with the forks. No other bike I have ever owned exhibited this when pumping the forks. Almost as if there is a gap between the internal components that opens and closes as the forks compress and extend. Does anyone feel this through the bars on their GT when riding?
  6. Do you notice it when touring and during normal riding?
  7. Looking at buying a new Tracer 900 GT and I am about to pull the trigger. Went to the dealer to get the VIN for an insurance quote and while sitting on the bike I pushed down on the bars to compress the fork and there was a very noticeable "clunk" on rebound. I did this a few times and each time it was there and quite obvious. Is this unusual or pretty much normal for this bike. Have owned many bikes and never have I felt anything like this in the front end. I would hate feeling like something is not tight in the front end every time I hit a bump.
  8. Is there sufficient clearance when turning the handlebars lock to lock??
  9. If you go from riding fully faired bikes to a rather naked machine I would imagine that you might hear more mechanical music than you are used to.
  10. Has anyone found compatible Vesrah brake pads for this bike?? I have used them on my other bikes and they are a bit expensive but provide excellent performance. My usual vendor for them does not list a part for this bike. Also, are these front brakes the same as what is found on the FJ-09?
  11. Had one on my 2003 VFR which is a bit heavier bike than the Tracer. Once you learn the proper technique it is very easy to put the bike up on the center stand.
  12. Let us know how the changing of the brake lines works out for you. I currently have a bike with ABS and changing out the brake lines is something I considered but did not do because of the ABS. On my other non ABS bikes it was super simple.
  13. Did changing just the pads to the EBC HH make a noticeable difference and if so can you describe? Better initial bite? Better feel at the lever??
  14. I have been lurking here as I am seriously considering the GT as my next motorcycle. I have read a few comments about the front brakes having a bit of room for improvement. Wondering who has upgraded their front pads, what brand of pad did you use, and were you happy with the results?? Thanks in advance...…...John.