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  1. Same here........had this occur with new boots. Went from Sidi to Alpinestars and the latter has a taller toe box. After a while the toe box developed a slight indentation from using the shifter and the problem solved itself. Just a matter of a few millimeters.
  2. I am not far from you, just off I-75, about 65 miles south of Cincinnati. There are some excellent roads in northern Kentucky where I run into a lot of riders from your area. Keep an eye on your chain. It seems Yamaha got a bad batch of them which started shedding o-rings very prematurely. If this happens it is quite visible upon inspection and will occur fairly early. There a a few on this forum have experienced this, including myself. Mine became noticeable at about 6000 miles. Yamaha is aware of this and has replaced them free of charge depending on mileage.
  3. I think this bike is probably one of the most overlooked on the market. Whenever I have stopped somewhere that other riders gather for food / fuel / socializing, almost no one has seen or heard of the Tracer 900GT. They see it as just a small touring bike but then are shocked when they can't run off and leave me in the twisties on their sport bikes. For me the beauty of this machine is that even for my 59 year old body and tall frame this thing is super comfortable for the long haul but can still be ridden in anger like a sport bike. It is actually quite good in stock form other than the windscreen.
  4. Hello Betoney, The spool for the right side was too large to fit within the opening at the end of the axle. It was the smaller of the two. As far as the external end of the axle being any different, or smaller than the standard forks on the non-GT model, I can't say. I would have thought they would use the same axle for both.
  5. Spoke with an R&G vendor about front axle sliders for my 2019 GT. My concern was that the XSR900, FJ09, and Tracer were shown but not the Tracer GT. He assured me that they would fit the GT as well. However we all know The GT has different forks which I mentioned to the vendor. He insisted they were the correct part for my GT. Once the sliders came they would not fit in the right end of the axle, ( not my first set of sliders, as I put them on all my bikes). I had a hard time getting them to accept the return at first as the guy on the phone insisted that it was the right part and that I must be doing something wrong. So who here has installed front axle sliders on the GT and what brand did you use. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  6. The Yamaha customer service website has a place for entering your VIN to see if there are any recalls involving your bike. Here is a link. Scroll down and click on recalls. Contact Us | Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. (yamaha-motor.com)
  7. We have the same issue with salt where I live. At the slightest hint of inclement winter weather they heavily coat the roads and it makes a real mess of your car. The local car washes probably love it.
  8. Welcome David. I feel your frustration from not being able to ride!! I have the same problem as I am mostly a fair weather rider and it is too cold here until March. You are going to love the Tracer. It truly is an excellent "do it all" bike.
  9. Only thing I will be riding today is the couch. Participated in a New Years Eve celebration last night and had a little too much Blanton's. I rarely drink and have no tolerance......😵
  10. Jealous. I have often considered buying a rental in Townsend. Would move down that way but too much family here and a sister than needs me close by.
  11. I am in Georgetown, KY. I occasionally ride up toward Cincinnati, in the area of Falmouth, KY. Some good roads in that area and lots of riders on Sunday afternoons.
  12. So far the Sand 3 and the pants that go with it are at the top of my list. Like you, I am not too fond of fiddly liners as I have had a couple in some of my older leather jackets. But considering features and price it seem quite the bang for the buck. How do you feel about the level of protection the jacket provides? I am having a hard time switching away from leathers. As someone who used to do track days and has been on the asphalt a couple times I am curious about a textile jackets ability to protect in a get off/slide.
  13. Thanks for the replies and keep them coming. In the summer months I ride in a RS Taichi perforated leather jacket and it flows air pretty well. As long as I am moving it works well in temperatures into the upper 80's farenheight. At 90 and above it is too hot. Wondering if jackets like the Klim Lattitude would flow air as well with all the vents open.