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  1. Is there sufficient clearance when turning the handlebars lock to lock??
  2. If you go from riding fully faired bikes to a rather naked machine I would imagine that you might hear more mechanical music than you are used to.
  3. Has anyone found compatible Vesrah brake pads for this bike?? I have used them on my other bikes and they are a bit expensive but provide excellent performance. My usual vendor for them does not list a part for this bike. Also, are these front brakes the same as what is found on the FJ-09?
  4. Had one on my 2003 VFR which is a bit heavier bike than the Tracer. Once you learn the proper technique it is very easy to put the bike up on the center stand.
  5. Let us know how the changing of the brake lines works out for you. I currently have a bike with ABS and changing out the brake lines is something I considered but did not do because of the ABS. On my other non ABS bikes it was super simple.
  6. Did changing just the pads to the EBC HH make a noticeable difference and if so can you describe? Better initial bite? Better feel at the lever??
  7. I have been lurking here as I am seriously considering the GT as my next motorcycle. I have read a few comments about the front brakes having a bit of room for improvement. Wondering who has upgraded their front pads, what brand of pad did you use, and were you happy with the results?? Thanks in advance...…...John.
  8. Have been riding the Ninja 1000 since 2011. Want to get a new sport touring bike this year as a retirement gift to myself and the Tracer GT is the only bike I am considering other than getting another Ninja 1000. Have been lurking here to learn more. The ergos on the Tracer are slightly more upright and there is a bit more leg room.....definitely something to consider for those of us who are beginning to get senior citizen discounts. The Ninja is still all day comfortable for me, but after a test ride last October the Tracer is definitely a strong contender as it fit me very well, ( 6"1' with 34 inseam ), and seemed a bit more flickable than the Ninja. Both my Ninjas have given me stellar service with bullet proof reliability, but I would expect the same of the Yamaha.
  9. The 900 GT has been on my radar since June of last year. The clearance to the passenger pegs has also been a concern of mine since my brief test ride of the GT back in October. Glad to see someone find a work around to get a little more room for the riding boots!! Kudos to Wanderer for sharing this modification.
  10. I have a very well made Held one piece leather race suit that I use for all types of riding and touring. Very comfortable. However when I find myself back in the market for another riding suit I am probably getting an Aerostitch. Love that it is waterproof and has lots of pockets.
  11. Have worn Held gloves for many years and found them to be some of the best gloves on the market...…..until I tried on a pair of these Racer gloves and was blown away by the quality, fit and comfort. http://www.racerglovesusa.com/high-racer-glove/
  12. Have ridden the Multistrada and while it is a really good bike I certainly did not think it worth the price of admission. Reliability is nowhere near the Japanese bikes.
  13. I have his ECU reflash for my Ninja 1000 and it is brilliant!! Super smooth throttle response and more power right where it is needed. I am planning on purchasing a Tracer 900 GT in the spring of 2019 after I sell my ZX6R and hope he will soon have a reflash for the GT. Guess I will need to put a bug in his ear, and suggest all on this forum do the same. I know several riders of different bikes who have been Ivans customers and all were beyond pleased with his work.
  14. I have owned two Ninja 1000's, a 2011 and a 2013. Still riding the 2013. I recently got a short test ride on the Tracer GT and right away could tell the ergos were more roomy and better suited to long days in the saddle. However I have done a lot of long rides and multi day road trips with my Ninja 1000 and have no issues with comfort other than having to replace the stock seat. The biggest difference between the two for me was leg room. I have a 34 inch inseam and the extra legroom on the Tracer was nice. The Tracer also felt a bit lighter at the bars which I liked. I am going to buy a new sport tourer in 2019 and right now the Tracer GT is a strong contender. Joined this forum to learn more about the bike. I agree with an earlier poster who dislikes the "Ninja 1000" name. In Europe the bike is named "Z1000 SX", which is much more to my liking. Ninja sounds kind of juvenile for a proper sport tourer.