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  1. Just spent three days on the road, including riding some of the best twisties in and around North Carolina. Did not care for A mode on some of the really tight stuff where you have to go on/off throttle quickly and repeatedly. Otherwise it was not too bad but I am disappointed that Yamaha could not do better with the part throttle fueling. Need to pull the ECU and send it off to Ivan.
  2. There is a maintenance section in the user menu where you can track your oil change mileage as well as any other item you might wish to add. Refer to the owners manual for details.
  3. Curious to know what mode some of you prefer and why. I have spent some time riding in each. I will only use B mode for inclement weather. I like A mode for how early the power comes on when opening the throttle. It is my favorite mode for getting good drive off the corner, but the response is a bit too abrupt for my liking. For this reason I usually leave it in Standard mode. I think getting the ECU reflashed to eliminate the fuel cut off at closed throttle will probably smooth things out to the point that A mode will be much better.
  4. A 1/2 inch drive is not at all too small for this torque value. This particular wrench is rated up to 150 foot pounds. Torque values are often based on the size, metallurgy and application of the fastener. Like others I am a bit skeptical of such a high torque value for the rear axle nut. Normally fasteners of a particular type and application will have a range that is acceptable which includes a target value. For example, a fastener with a target value of 75 foot pounds might be written as 75.0, +/- 7.0 foot pounds, which provides a range of 68 to 82 foot pounds as acceptable. In this example the tolerance is about 10% either side of the target value. I torqued my rear axle nut at about 100 foot pounds and called it good.
  5. My favorite route from the Robbinsville area to the Tail of the Dragon is highway 28. One of the best roads in the area.
  6. When discussing the roads in NC, GA and TN, everyone talks about the Tail Of The Dragon, as if it is the marquis road in the region. Nothing could be further from the truth in my humble opinion. The Dragon is a lot of fun and a unique challenge, but there are hundreds of miles of better roads to be enjoyed in the area where the three states share borders. The good riding also extends well into the Virginias.
  7. Hello and welcome! The Tracer is a great choice for a fun, sporty bike on which you can still tour in comfort. Like you I have a wonderful wife who is accommodating to my addiction. Lots of great members here who are always willing to share knowledge.
  8. Valid point Skip. But I did post this in the GT section. Maybe I should have put "GT display" as the title. Cheers......John
  9. Congrats on getting the GT. You are obviously in one of the best places in the country for enjoying a competent sport touring bike. I try to get down that way a few times each year. Welcome to the forum.
  10. Thanks Graham. It may have seemed a silly question but since the manual was not clear I appreciate getting your response.
  11. Well, forty six views but no replies. Since the owners manual is not clear on what indicators are supposed to illuminate when the key is turned on, I was trying to confirm that all of mine are working properly since some do not illuminate. If anyone would care to check theirs to see if it is the same it would be good information. Thanks in advance.
  12. Another vote for the Roadsmart 3. Impressive dry grip for a sport touring tire and they feel very planted at deep lean angles.
  13. Ivan's Performance Products does a great job with flashing ECU's.
  14. Kind of a dumb question but here goes...…. Reading through the owners manual about the warning / indicator lights around the sides of the display, it says that these lights should come on when the ignition key is turned on. But, it says this after describing only a few of the lights, then goes on to describe the rest. So it is not really clear which ones should illuminate. Here is what I see when the key is turned on, with the exception that the engine warning light had already come on and turned off as it should. Same with your GT???
  15. It is ridiculous what we have to pay for a set of motorcycle tires. On the other hand, modern sport and sport touring rubber has made tremendous strides in performance in the last ten to twelve years. I remember when first the Michelin Pilot Power tires hit the market and they were a bit of a game changer at that time. Count me in as another who is amazed at the mileage some riders manage to get from a set of sport touring tires. So far the best I have been able to do is around 5000 miles from a rear tire on ST rubber and about 1800 from sport rubber.