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  1. Interesting article. Thanks for sharing. Yes, I live right in the middle of thoroughbred country. It's beautiful here but winter sucks in Kentucky. One of my best riding buddies owns horses. I would imagine where you are winter is not so bad.
  2. Hey Betoney..........checking with the local dealer service department is a great idea!! I would do this but I already ordered from Cycle Terminal. I also ordered a terminal pick tool as those are very handy to have in the tool box. I had a nasty crash October 8th due to the local road crew leaving a load of crap in the road. It happened so fast I was on the ground in an instant. Did a good bit of damage to the left side of the bike including ripping out the turn signal and breaking the male connector coming off the wire harness, thus the need for a connector. Six broken ribs from hitting the pavement pretty hard and a severe hematoma on my left leg where the bike landed on me. Also had some minor damage to the left lung but that was the first thing to fully recover. Still cannot bend my knee much and I am walking with a limp. A couple ribs still sore and sneezing hurts like heck!!! Insurance estimated damage at 3500 bucks and I have a 1000 deductible. They gave me a check for 2500 and I was able to source all the parts for 1100 and will do the work myself. If a part got so much as a scratch ordered a replacement so the bike should be fine when I am done.
  3. Thanks for the replies. It appears both of those companies have what I need. 👍
  4. I have a broken turn signal connector on the main wire harness. Does anyone know of a source for this part? Also, where can I get the tiny pin tool used to remove the wires from the broken connector? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  5. I think Barber is the only U.S. track that was designed primarily for motorcycles. It's a fantastic facility and the museum alone is worth the trip. The track layout is fantastic with lots of elevation changes. Yes, track days there are a bit expensive but well worth the price. I did my last one there in 2013.
  6. Some owners had premature chain failure due to o-rings failing. Yamaha is aware and many have been covered under warranty. Just keep an eye on the chain and as soon as you see any o-ring shedding contact your dealer. It appears they got a bad batch of chains from their supplier.
  7. Having owned Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki I find them all to be so close in fit and finish, quality and reliability that I would not let any one of the Japanese brands reputation influence my decision much. Which ever of them builds the bike that best suits my riding needs gets my money. But I will say my Kawasaki NInja 1000 is impressive. At 36,000 miles it still feels as solid as it did on day one and I have yet to have a part on that bike fail. I even skipped the first valve adjust interval since most owners reported no valves out of specification at the first scheduled inspection. At 32,000 miles only four were out by the slightest of margins.
  8. Ivan's works is peerless. I sent him my Tracer ECU shortly after purchasing the bike. I have a 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 which has to be among his best work. Not only is the throttle response perfectly smooth but there was a noticeable increase in torque and horsepower. An iron fist in a velvet glove. With the full Akropovic 4/2/1 and a modded airbox the improvement was drastic.
  9. The general area where GA,TN and NC share borders is full of amazing roads in every direction. My one and only speeding ticket was earned on the Tail Of The Dragon.
  10. These bikes are so well made they can be stored for extended periods with no issues as long as you do a few basic things. A little fuel stabilizer in the tank and then fill it with good quality gasoline. Change the oil and let it run just enough to get the treated fuel past the injectors. Connect to a battery tender. You can leave the battery in place but many prefer to remove it. If you can put it up on stands so the tires are off the ground.
  11. True story. While riding my ZX6R (which I no longer own), a rather heavy set woman who appeared to be in her late 50's stopped her Chevy Suburban in front of me, got out of the vehicle and walked back to my bike to tell me I had a headlight out. Rather than bother explaining to her that it runs one on low beam and two on high I just lifted my visor and said, "Okay, thank you". She stood there for a moment then tapped her finger on the front of my bike and told me I must have an electrical short or some sort of problem with the bike. I replied, "Thanks, I will get it checked out". At this point I am just wanting to be on my way and this portly hag was standing in front of me, just looking at me like she had something more she wanted to say. Finally she says, "Well.......I am a Harley Rider", and gives me a smug grin. At this point I realized that all she wanted to do was point out that she is special and rides a superior machine. So I asked her what that was supposed to mean, and she repeated her smug smile and shrugged her shoulders. At this point I am a bit annoyed by her smugness, especially coming from a sloppily dressed bovine woman who has probably no clue about motorcycles other than her pathetic, sheep like devotion to a brand and image. Just before closing my visor and swerving around her to be on my way I said, "It means that you ride an antiquated piece of shit." She was still standing there in her ignorant disbelief when I shifted into second gear and checked my mirror. 😁
  12. This looks like a home run for Suzuki in my humble opinion. Appears aimed directly at the Kawasaki Z1000SX which has been selling well.
  13. I will ride the rear down to the wear bar, and a little beyond. Once I reach the wear bars I ease up just a little but not much, and they grip just fine.
  14. Looks like a great trip!! Might try to make it down there again myself before this month is over. Glad you made it home safe.
  15. At 238 kilograms it is about 525 pounds. A bit too heavy for it to be on my radar.