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  1. Good tip, got this for checking the alignment on my YZ 250 after swingarm and linkage bearings replacement. Used it on the FJ also. FJ seemed to check ok, but I'm going to get the long bit like you suggested.
  2. I thought about that, but was worried about bending something or causing a leak, headers are pretty thin tubing, thanks for the tip,
  3. I'm using frame sliders, it is a big help, I'm 6 feet, 210 lbs.
  4. After 12,200 miles, decided to replace the original front tire, included some photos in case you haven’t ever removed the front wheel. I have front frame sliders in stalled for foot rest. Nice to stretch the legs on a long ride. I’m sure there has to be a better way to do this, but easiest way I could come up with was to build a little stand to support the bike while the wheel was off. When it is all done, will mark and remove screws, put it away until next time. If you have a better way to support the bike the bike while removing the front wheel, please post your information, thanks,. The speed sensor cover requires a 5MM Hex to remove. I used a little blue Loctite when reinstalling The Speed Sensor requires a 4MM hex to remove. I used a little blue Loctite when reinstalling. Warning, DO NOT HIT, BUMP, DROP, ALLOW A MAGNET TO GET CLOSE TO THE SENSOR, IT IS VERY EASY TO DAMAGE. Tie it out of the way to protect it. Removal of the lower brake caliper bolt will give you a little more slack to safely tie it out of the way. Remove both brake calipers and tie back out of the way, also supporting the weight. 12MM socket needed, and install torque is 25 FT. Lbs. Good time to inspect brake pads. Remove the axel pinch bolt, 6MM hex needed, install torque is 17 FT. Lbs Remove axel, 14MM hex needed, install torque is 47 FT. Lbs. Use a ½ drive for this, not ¾ as shown in pictures. I used a very small coating of grease on the axel before reinstalling. Don't tighten pinch bolt yet. After everything is installed except pinch bolt, take bike off stand and bounce it up and down compressing the front forks some, then put it back on center stand, now install pinch bolt and torque. Consult your manual for torque values and disassembly/assembly information, this is just the way I did it. Fox
  5. Thanks for your reply, guess the radiator has the cooling capacity to keep the engine cool with some restricted air flow. That being said, I guess if it doesn't overheat stuck in traffic in 95F temperatures, that says a lot for the cooling system.
  6. Awesome looking screen, but I have a question, if you were to hold it by the edge with one hand, stick your hand out of your car window at 45 MPH, flat against the wind, I'm betting it would be very difficult or impossible to hold, so considering the wind loading of it, does to compromise the amount of air going through the radiator? I have often wondered about that.
  7. Here is the setup I use on my FJ 09, ram mount, Garmin 660, very please with it, Can draw a route on Google Maps and import it into the GPS,
  8. I'm 6.0 feet and 214 lbs., have a Terry Adcox Seat, front frame sliders are nicer stretch of the legs on a long ride, I also use the rear pegs for a different position also. I'm 64 years old, good for a 300- 350 mile day ride
  9. Sounds good, if you happen to have any pictures closeup of the trim area, Would be nice to see. Thanks for the information, Did you move from a JF 09 to the 900 GT? Is so, was it worth it? I have added heaters grips to my FJ. It has about 12K Miles
  10. Morning all, thanks for the information, it is an 2015-2016 Yamaha FJ-09 SW Motech Rear Rack
  11. Does anyone happen to know if an aftermarket luggage rack for a 2015 FJ 09 will fit a 2019 Tracer 900 GT. Saw what might be a good buy on a GT and would like to reuse the luggage rack and top case. Thanks
  12. Chain, Did you know the distance between center of 16 pins on your chain is a maximum of 239.3 mm (9.42 in). if it is greater than that, time to replace.