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  1. on my 2019 GT, I am 230 without luggage. Like everyone has said, I have maxed out the preload nearly on the front and back, I saved a couple of clicks just for the sake of it. Bike rides pretty good like this, but if I don't sell her this year, I will upgrade springs and oil in front, and go aftermarket on the rear shock. The bike is completely rideable as it is - but it could definitely be better for us heavier guys.
  2. I recently purchase the heated seat from Revzilla.com, and they failed to include the instructions for installation. I had Yamaha send me a pdf. took less than 15 minutes (only 5 minutes on the phone, and 10 minutes awaiting the email). I have the pdf to share. (warning, its not super helpful in finding the wires.. but does show you how to assemble the switch couple of bezels and a nut..) I do not know how to share pdf here... it will only allow gif, jpeg, jpe, jpg, png, is that right? Tracer Heated Seat Install pdf
  3. Glad to read this. I have the same issue, just picked up a "used" (2300 mile) 2019 GT , had it shipped from Tennessee to my home here in Montana. Did a 12 minute ride in between snow storms last week, and the smell was horrible. I attributed it to dust accumulation while the bike was tied down on a pallet for 9 days during it's transfer. There was a decent layer of dust visible on the bike when it arrived. But two days ago i did an hour of stop and go around town riding in wet conditons (lots of snow melt, lots of stop signs) and the smell is intense. Washed her off when i was done, gently, looking closely for leakage of any type and the bike is as spotless as can be. I swore it smells like clutch burning, or oil burning. Will do an oil change (upgrade)i guess, and see what's next. Previous owner swears he never smelled anything, and i trust him. Waiting for the YES transfer to be completed by Yamaha.
  4. 11 years on the FJR.. let the Tracer GT farkling begin. (sorry honey)

  5. Greetings all, I am an avid long distance touring rider (IBA member) who has been on a 2009 FJR1300a for the past 11 years. I've rewarded myself for my birthday by buying a 2019 Tracer GT. Not selling the FJR yet, but I should. Looking forward to getting to know the farkles needed for this FANTASTIC machine. I tend to be a lurker, and only speak when I have something meaningful to offer. (FJRForum has soured me on public debate....) Thanks in advance for any advice and tips I glean from this membership.