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  1. I have those QC versions and they’re great 👍🏻
  2. I’m the same: technical/high concentration bits are without music, but I like pootling around with tunes as well. I have a remote control on the left grip that makes muting and track bumping very easy.
  3. It would be very useful if you could feedback on your findings.
  4. Welcome to the forum @MSandikci. When you get time, post your location on our member map. EDIT. Thanks, you’ve done it already 👍🏻
  5. I have sometimes found an inaccessible fastener, where a torque wrench is just too bulky to get in there. I've just bought this to help in that circumstance and thought I'd share the idea. You may know this already. You may hate torque wrenches. You may already have calibrated knuckles...........but I like collecting tools 😁 Adjustable Torque Wrench Adapter, 08-0380 - Motion Pro Motion Pro - High quality cables, tools and controls for motorcycles, ATVs...
  6. Great idea. They use the same approach for hanging doors. 120 kg HEAVY DUTY NYLON INFLATABLE AIR WEDGE BAG LIFTING FITTING DOORS WINDOWS | eBay Find great deals for 120 kg HEAVY DUTY NYLON INFLATABLE AIR WEDGE...
  7. Reusing OEM bolts is fine, it’s not a high torque application. I don’t even use thread locker on the engine bolts, but do on the insertion into the plate itself as that is where you get more vibration (pendulum effect). Mine is a different design (SW Motech) but the principle is the same.
  8. @WKE002, let’s split your example into two pieces. After you hit a bump and your front wheel is in the air, you will feel steering wobble regardless of front suspension settings, because the forks are fully extended when all the weight is off the wheel. There’s no setting that will change this, but relaxing your arms so you don’t have a death grip on the bars will help and some people fit a steering damper which may also help. I’m presuming that you don’t do this often, so relaxed arms is my best advice. The reason your front wheel lifts when travelling over a series of bumps, when travelling fast, is that your forks have not been able to cope with the frequency of the impacts. They’ve happened too quickly for the forks to react in time. The most important factor is the compression damping. If this is set too high, the fork cannot shorten quickly enough in response to the bump, acts as if it is quite rigid and the front wheel gets lifted off the road surface. To help, you need less compression damping. Try reducing the damping by a few clicks and ride the same road again, at the same speed. You can always adjust it back again if you don’t like the change. The downfall of less compression damping, and damping in general, is that the forks can feel more bouncy, so it’s a trade off.
  9. Not Garmin, I use the TomTom Rider 400. There are updated models now, but it's waterproof, easy clip on, rotatable and I have another mount for in the car so I can use the same unit there too. Free speed camera updates is essential 😉 I use the winding road facility a lot, to discover new routes and also really appreciate the average speed camera function (which is the curse of UK roads). TomTom Rider 400 Plan your best bike adventures with TomTom Rider 400. Enjoy winding...
  10. BBB

    Shoei Neotec 2

    Modular helmets are great aren't they! And integrated comms are so much neater. I have the Schuberth C3 and a built-in Sena unit and use them like you: music, satnav and occasional calls. It's so good to be able to flip the visor up when needed. I did like your anecdote about the persuasion powers of attractive sales assistants 🤣
  11. 2SCL is just the code for 2017 Tracer. Yours is “deep purplish blue metallic” by the look of it.
  12. Great trip report @Salish900. I find that riding is a great way for getting away from the stress of life.
  13. That SRC bash plate looks really nice. On the welding/brazing, I have no experience but I can't see a reason why it wouldn't work. If I were doing it I would put a patch on the inside, with a bolt through it, so the welding from the outside has something to form around, just in case you don't get good penetration with the welds. The sump pan looks like it is made of a very brittle alloy.
  14. @Pietje, have a search for replacement grips. You may find some that slip over the original one, like grip puppies do. EDIT: link added https://grip-puppy.com/fitting-instructions
  15. If you're ever curious in the future: click on your forum name, then click on "see their activity" and you can see what drivel/gems you've ever posted.