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  1. They have a set of pipes and a solenoid on top of the engine that bleed extra air into the mix to reduce emissions (called the AIS). I’m not sure if it would be related to your problem though. How old is the bike?
  2. Does it only do this if the bike is half-warm? For example, a short ride from cold start, to pick up fuel? If so, then your issue is just about that half-warm phase and won’t happen with a cold or fully hot start. Mine does it often and just needs a bit of throttle and is then fine.
  3. New shock with a higher rate spring, set to your combined weight it’s probably the only way forward.
  4. I used a bleach based gel called Harpic Power Plus. I’m sure you’ll have something similar Harpic Power Plus Original Household Cleaners 750ml Case of 6: Amazon.co.uk: Kitchen & Home Harpic Power Plus Original Household Cleaners 750ml Case of 6:...
  5. My boots catch too. Evotech and R&G make footpeg delete plates. Watch out when removing the allen bolts as they are threadlocked and it could be easy to round the heads if you used a ball-end allen key. You’ll need to keep hold of the pegs as they are an MOT requirement.
  6. I have an SAE fused connector to the battery, like above, this sits under the passenger seat for easy access for charging or for connecting a small tyre compressor. Quadmaxx 12V Waterproof Fused Battery Connector SAE: Amazon.co.uk: Car & Motorbike Quadmaxx 12V Waterproof Fused Battery Connector SAE: Amazon.co.uk:... You can then connect any brand of battery tender, this is the one I have. CTEK XS 0.8 Automatic Battery Maintainer (For long-term maintainence of motorcycle and other smaller vehicle batteries) 12V, 0.8 Amp - UK Plug: Amazon.co.uk: Car & Motorbike Buy CTEK XS 0.8 Automatic Battery Maintainer (For long-term...
  7. I have this one for mine. Motorcycle Handlebar Clamp Bolt Tough Case Mount Kit - Samsung Galaxy Phones Overview What's Included The ultimate adventure motorcycle mounting kit...
  8. Hi @Crossplane Pilot and welcome to the forum. There’s been a few UK members join lately 👍🏻
  9. I’m up for meeting half way with the bike if you’re up for that? Where in Staffs are you?
  10. I’m in Merseyside so it’s not too far really. What do you need help with?
  11. Welcome to the forum @v1nn1e. Lots of great information on here. Ride safe 👍🏻
  12. That exhaust looks amazing. Is there any reason to put the O2 sensor back in, or is it just to fill the hole? And what is the other blanked off port for ?
  13. Welcome to the forum @ARC2812. Hope you find a good one soon.
  14. BBB

    Calne bike show

    They are a company that makes film props. I wasn’t there last year but apparently they did a Batbike/batcycle.
  15. I have this one, which is 4 litres. It’s the perfect size for day trips. I have the rain cover, buff, emergency cash, visor cleaner, pen, paracetamol in the top zipped half. I threw away the sunglass tray as I have a tinted drop down visor. The lower half is plenty big enough for a light rain jacket, bottle of water and my phone. I have a USB-C cable that goes in through a cable entry point in the front right of the bag so I can charge my phone whilst riding. As you say, easy on and very secure once fitted, and does not obscure the dash at all. Givi ST602 Sport-T Tanklock Tank Bag - 4L - FREE UK DELIVERY Givi ST602 Sport-T Tanklock Tank Bag - 4L from the UK's leading online...