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  1. I have the Givi V47, which takes two helmets. I don’t use it much as I notice the mass with it being a large volume and both high and rearwards in terms of mounting. But, if you need a topbox then it is made of strong materials, seals well and is very simple to click on and off the mounting plate. GIVI V47 NN Tech Monokey Case · Motocard Givi V47 NN Tech Monokey Case. The leader of a new generation of cases...
  2. I can only comment on my experience with ‘15 Tracer, but I think the airbox and principles are the same. I changed to a K&N filter and cut the snorkel so that it was much shorter, but not flush with the top of the airbox. I didn’t notice any difference in performance or induction noise, but I have a Scorpion exhaust and this dominates the sound the bike makes. So, in retrospect, changing the filter makes sense if you’re in the airbox and the OEM one is dirty: you may save some cash by going to a K&N type as it can be washed. I cut the snorkel after looking at the design and thinking it may smooth the airflow out. I suspect that any potential gains are too small to be detected by butt dyno.
  3. You should be able to clear the code yourself with a ‘15 model
  4. Welcome to the forum @Saber60. 👋
  5. I cut the snorkel off mine and fitted a K&N filter, also removed the section of foam from under the petrol tank, just in front of the airbox. I can’t honestly say that either of these made any noticeable difference. I wouldn’t worry about rain getting in there as the airbox entrance is at the top and under the tank. I didn’t even notice a drain hole for water ingress.
  6. I agree @betoney, the engine compression is high enough to control speed in the vast majority of cases, through good judgement and your right hand, but it’s also fun to really push on sometimes and do some hard braking. With the EBC HH pads and the bigger rotors I only use two fingers on the lever now.
  7. Scorpion are made in the UK and are a good choice. The Serket taper fits our bikes. Yamaha Tracer 900 Exhausts | Tracer 900 Performance Exhausts | Scorpion Exhausts Yamaha Tracer 900 Exhausts from Scorpion Red Power. Increase the...
  8. Hi there @floyd, ask away if you have any questions
  9. Can you post some more details on how you did this please. I presume you took the cover and foam off a pillion seat and then ..?
  10. Take your lightest riding gear as some parts of southern France hit 46C today.
  11. Welcome to the forum. I'm NW UK too
  12. Sorry about that, I don’t know why you can’t see it. @Cruizin, any idea?
  13. @rodb47, when you press the Gallery tab at the top of the page ( I have to do this twice on an ipad for some reason) you should see a pink “add images” button which will prompt you to make a gallery if you don’t have one already.
  14. Yep, typed in haste @betoney. Good catch.
  15. Put a cable tie around the front fork leg, just tight enough so it can slide when pushed. Set it at the top of the stanchion, just below the seal. Go for a ride where you brake a lot and then check where the cable tie has slid to. If it has gone to the bottom of the stanchion you need to add preload until this cable tie routine gives you about 10-15mm of travel left (for the day you hit a massive pot hole or pull a huge stoppie). That sets the front preload. If after doing this the forks are too bouncy, add compression damping until it calms down. For the rear, you’ll need to measure static sag (lots of references on youtube) and again, once that’s done, add damping until you lose the rapid bouncing feeling.