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  1. Welcome to the forum @Lisa. The main problem people have is with tall screens as there is much more scope for turbulence and noise. If you’re going for a shortie then pretty much any of the cheap ebay ones will do fine as you’ll have to accept that you get lots of wind pressure, but at least the flow is clean. I swap to an opaque shorty for summer that just covers the instruments and cost about £15.
  2. Volunteer role. Urgent blood deliveries, but not emergency. We’re not allowed to use the blue lights, but still cool though.
  3. Ouch! £570 for a new wheel on this side of the pond. Any chance you could cancel the order and pick up one from a breaker?
  4. When I’m doing a blood delivery, I ride my Tracer from home, then pick up an FJR (fully liveried, looks just like a police bike, with a huge rack for the insulated box on the back, panniers etc) to do the run, the back to the Tracer for the ride home again. It’s about three hours all in, back-to-back on the two different bikes, a mix of traffic, motorway and slow riding around the hospital, plus manhandling both bikes into small storage sheds. So I get a good comparison of the two. FJR : feels heavy/solid to ride, short geared, lower seat, and the screen is still too short for me on the motorway, even when electrically driven all the way up. I don’t like tight, slow manoeuvres as it feels like it tips in. A brute to move around into the storage shed. Tracer: feels light, narrow, hooligan. Wide bars make it easy to manoeuvre at any speed. Revs easily, taller gearing. Upright sitting position but the seat feels unpadded after the FJR. Easy to push around into sheds. I’m biased, but the Tracer is better for me for most things and can tour. The FJR seems like it is good for touring and a poorer bike for everything else. Chain maintenance is easy by the way.
  5. WD40 makes a surprisingly good plastic cleaner/polish. It leaves a slight film that stops plastics from UV damage and drying out. Spray onto the surface and then wipe around until dry to the touch. Worth a try and cheap.
  6. Hmm. Slightly off thread now people. Please keep on topic to avoid having it locked.
  7. Welcome to the forum @Stew. You’ll enjoy that first ride.
  8. The internal bladder in the fluid reservoir extends as the fluid level drops, that’s perfectly normal. Just push it up to collapse it and top up the reservoir. I wonder if you’ve damaged the rotor when fitting the tyre. If the rotor is at all out of true, it will bind and you’ll have low brake performance.
  9. Ah, okay. There is a drain at the bottom of the airbox. A small amount of oil is okay as it comes up from the AIS system which can scavenge gases from the top of the engine.
  10. As @betoney suggested, this is probably your problem. It’s very easy to miss the front slots.
  11. I have two rubber tubes in front of the peg. These come from the bottom of the fuel tank so should only contain fuel. I think one is to prevent overfilling and one comes from the filler ring itself, for spillage in that area.
  12. This one made me laugh so hard. I may even have this as my laptop wallpaper for a while. 😂😂
  13. This was as close as I could get to the Jodrell Bank radio-telescope today. Seems that even science instruments need to be socially distanced.
  14. Sorry, didn’t make myself clear. I was only referring to the bit where you said you had problems getting the vent hoses off. Of course you need to pull tank and airbox to do the synch.