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  1. Distillation coil and outdoor charge cooler 👍🏻....ahh, <cough> kitchen sink officer, honestly 😇
  2. It sits as firmly as the original seat, as in some play but no noticeable difference. I think there’s a danger of being overly critical if not too careful. I started tutting and muttering under my breath at the gap between the bodywork and the rear of the Bagster seat, thinking of all the rain that could get in there. Only to find that the original seat had the same gap, I’d just never noticed before and of course the original seat was free with the bike 🤪
  3. Welcome to the forum @CaptainVallo. I presume your an observer with IAM?
  4. In a fit of sheep-like behaviour I ordered the same Bagster seat from chomeburners in the Netherlands. The cheapest version was black and silver (non-bultex foam, or Bagster Ready as they term it). I've been reading this thread with some interest as a) it doesn't seem any more comfortable than standard and b) it is a poor fit. After reading @coachluciano suggestion I swapped the rubbers and it seems to fit a bit better. Here are some photos, firstly the front set rubbers are in the left hand photo, Yamaha OEM on top, Bagster below. There is virtually no height difference, but the Yamaha versions are wider and may help with stability. They're awkward to fit into the Bagster seat so I've left these alone. The rear sets are in the right photo, again Yamaha on top, Bagster below. You can see there is a considerable height difference so I've swapped to the Yamaha rubbers and the rear seat sits a lot lower now. On reflection, unsure at this stage whether I've simply wasted £200. [Edit: on mobile, front rubbers are top photo, rear rubbers are bottom photo]
  5. @norcal616 is correct in that you don't need to add any resistors, but that's because the resistors are built into the kit. I've just been out and measured mine, from Smart Moto as per the OP photo. Between the top two pins is a bridging resistor with a value of 330 ohms. The bottom two have a thicker resistor between the pins and I measured it at 46 on my 200k range on the multimeter, which I'm guessing is therefore 46k ohms.
  6. @duhs10, @wessieordered from them IIRC. He’s not on much these days but may respond to a message.
  7. Going to happen, for the same two reasons: exhaust and block-off plates. I’m just getting a few more rides in before winter gets a grip, then off it will go.
  8. - ECU flash - strip, clean, lube and reassemble brakes - check head bearings - TB synch - attempt to put netting in the pannier lids to hold loose stuff
  9. Wow, that’s bad news. I presume the bike was never recovered? I’m sure someone will but the panniers off you as they can be rekeyed easily.
  10. BBB


  11. Air compressor and blow gun attachment for me. Also good for blowing water out of the nooks in the frame, fasteners, around the fuel filler cap etc after you wash the bike.
  12. An incriminating one, if the middle value is what I think it is 😎 Curious too as it looks useful.
  13. I love those gold centred rotors. Makes me happy every time I see them on mine. 🤩
  14. Hi @tonytango. What sort of connections are you looking for? I’m not aware of anything alarm specific in the loom already.