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  1. I agree @Wintersdark, speed regulation has to be safety based, not cash generation. UK speed measuring systems are meant to be only installed where there is a history of accidents. But, the Welsh government has installed average speed cameras on a major road artery, to reduce CO2 emissions. That seems bogus to me as it seems to hold up traffic, which then sit there with idling engines.
  2. That’s fine. Your not compressing your forks much and have lots of reserve. (You could almost say you’re not trying hard enough 😉) You could even try winding off some preload.
  3. You really should be riding so that you can brake safely in the distance you can see. That means getting your speed under control before the corner so your lean angles are within your capabilities. There should never be a corner that “unexpectedly tightens” and forces you to react. One way to do this is to come to the left edge of your lane for right hand corners, so you can see further, and the right edge of your lane for left hand corners. If the distance you can see is short you should be at low speed and as that viewing distance increases, you can increase your speed. The other factor is to be in a low gear so you can adjust your speed easily with throttle. It’s a common problem for riders to keep too high a gear (and speed) into corners and have to brake instead of the better technique of being under mild acceleration. I’m all for leaning the bike over when I can see through the bend, but if you hit a bump mid-corner that you haven’t seen, or have to lean further because you misread the radius, or simply encounter an obstacle you haven’t seen then you have very little safety reserve when banked over hard.
  4. The same approach has worked for me on several occasions too @texscottyd . Clean, well maintained bike, wearing good protective gear, helmet off and quiet demeanour. We don’t have to carry paperwork so it’s normally just a radio check, a short lecture/ bollocking, quick chat about bikes in general and thats it. Unfortunately I rarely see police cars anymore, it’s gone over to average speed cameras on popular roads in North Wales. And there’s no arguing with time/distance equations.
  5. ...at your next back yard BBQ you could fill those with water and have a swim!! 🧜🏻‍♂️
  6. Damn, out of stock. 😢 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Adidas-Airliner-Dark-Green-Bag/dp/B00B00DGJQ
  7. I have something very similar and they work well. I had to threadlock the screws though as they back out easily and I lost one.
  8. Interesting video from Dave Moss on how to ensure all is aligned properly if you’ve had the front wheel off (or presumably the brake calipers too). It may explain why some people get a clunk when braking, if the calipers are not fully aligned? I’ll try this next time.
  9. I have one too, great bags and so easy to put on and off.
  10. Yes. ..Scorpion Serket Taper. Loud enough to sound deeper and stop you worrying about any other running noises, yet, with the dB killer in, is civil enough to avoid grannies fainting. And, smoother riding after ECU flash. And weighs less. And looks nicer than OEM.
  11. Hah! I thought I was the only one who had done that. Mine’s gathering dust too.
  12. I have the standard Bagster seat, without bulltex foam and it is not significantly better than stock in terms of comfort. Slightly better in that there is less forward tilt in the higher position, so my jewels get crushed less, but my arse gets just as uncomfortable, just as quickly. The only consolation is that it makes me move around on the seat more and alter my feet position so I am always alert when riding, but this is a desperate attempt to see a benefit from an expensive purchase.
  13. It won’t dissolve either 🤪
  14. I know that has a rubber cover, but it seems like a poor place to have a live connector. It’s pretty close to the area that is always wet or dirty on mine. I installed an SAE connector on mine, but it sits under the passenger seat, near the frame rail, so it’s easy to get to for charging.
  15. +1 for the ultimateaddons phone cases. I’m just across the border, on the Wirral. Was at Llyn Brenig on Thursday but pretty much all the Evo triangle is average speed cameras now. 😢