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  1. BBB

    Yamaha power tuner app

    Not for our bikes but interesting ability to tune a bike yourself, on the fly. Yamaha Free Power Tuner Smart Phone App WWW.YAMAHAMOTORSPORTS.COM
  2. I think they’re a UK company, or there is a UK arm of the company. Perhaps they’re not as busy as your local version?
  3. BBB

    900GT Top Case mounting

    I have the Givi V47 topbox and it easily takes 2 helmets.
  4. Next one arrived (with smilier face this time)
  5. BBB

    Noise Cancelling Ear Buds?

    Unless I’m instructing, I always ride with music. I have a carefully curated playlist of songs that have similar volume levels, not too shouty (irritating in traffic) or too much bass (gets lost in the background noise at high speed). It’s one of my joys of riding, on my own, concentrating on riding well, with a soundtrack of music I really like. I use a Sena 10u bluetooth via my phone and Play Music as the app. Set to downloaded music only and it doesn’t eat battery much and doesn't need a data connection. I still wear earplugs, but they let music through nicely, cutting out the high frequency hiss of road and wind noise. I can confirm that it is easy to hear emergency vehicles with this setup, but your observation skills should pick them up too.
  6. BBB

    Ultimateaddons Phone Case

    I have one of those cases for my Samsung S6 and put it on a RAM ball on one of the riser bolts. They’re brilliant cases and I even use the case when backpacking as it is waterproof and shockproof.
  7. Yeh, not my best angle 🤪🤪 It was my “concentrating on taking a selfie” face.
  8. BBB

    new member

    Welcome to the forum @MyFj.👋
  9. BBB

    Scorpion Serket Taper Stainless slip-on

    Exactly the same here. I have even caught myself looking down at people who change to louder exhausts. And yet here I am, drooling over yet another Scorpion-porn photo, thinking of ways to rationalise the £400 purchase. Did those who have succumbed buy the dB killer as well, because it looks like it doesn’t come with it automatically? And how hard was it to remove the exhaust header nuts, as mine look corroded?
  10. Any pictures? And welcome to the forum.👋
  11. BBB

    visor cleaner

    Nikwax is a hydrophobic treatment, but is different to rainex. Rainex goes on clear and you just polish it, as far as I can tell it must be silicone based. Nikwax is a wax emulsion so goes on milky and is best left to dry a bit before you buff clear. I prefer Nikwax, but try to leave it on a while otherwise you’re just wiping it straight back off again. I would imagine it works just as well for the inside of the visor. Another trick to try is to apply a tiny bit of hair conditioner and then buff that clear. Conditioners contain cationic surfactants and they stop big droplet formation, works really well on stopping bathroom mirrors from steaming up too. Can you not get a pinlock visor for your helmet?
  12. there was a recall on the risers on some FJs. Might be worth checking whether yours was either done or not affected.
  13. BBB

    Scorpion Serket Taper Stainless slip-on

    ...damn you all....the temptation grows...carbon fibre looks good with the red and black...