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  1. That’s like looking into the mirror @krucymucy! I have the same radiator guard too. My forks are currently sat on the spare bed (wife was alarmed, but they are nice and clean). While the forks are off I’m going to fit a fender extender and denali horn and clean the general area. I managed to round the head of one of the fender/mudguard bolts, they are very soft, but a new one arrived in the post today.
  2. BBB

    Hi from New Zealand

    Welcome @Retzev.
  3. Thanks for the review @Husqy. I’ve been undecided about it for a while, but on the strength of your video I’ve just ordered one 👍🏻
  4. Stalking people. Yes, that means you.

  5. Exciting times! Maxton rang today and I’m booked in for next Wednesday. I’m planning on reinstalling the forks raised by 5mm. Any thoughts? Is it good practice to lubricate the forks when they go back in? Or clean the insides of the triple tree?
  6. Would there be enough slack in the rear brake pipe and ABS sensor cable?
  7. The wooden stand took the full abuse of me jumping up and down on it so I’m confident it will take the small static load of the front end. The jack is rated to 1.25 tonnes, but as it’s hydraulic, there’s a small chance it could lose pressure, hence the wooden back up. And the strap is rated for towing cars. Plus, the cat is banned from the garage! I’m having the forks rebuilt with progressive compression and rebound damping in both legs, plus springs rated for my weight and riding needs. I’m keeping the standard fork tops though, so only rebound adjustment in one leg and of course preload on both. This keeps the costs down a bit. I don’t have the @piotrek skill set, so I’m letting more talented people do the work. https://www.maxtonsuspension.co.uk/
  8. Glad you survived with such minor damage. I must admit that as soon as there’s a chance of ice the bike stays in the garage, but I’m lucky as I don’t use it for commuting.
  9. Made a little stand for under the headers, from scrap wood. In my paranoia the bike is also held up by the jack and a webbing strap through the bars that loops through a roof joist. I was surprised by how relatively easy it was to remove the forks and also by how much they gurgle when you turn them upside down ? Taking them in for new internals soon.
  10. BBB

    what is spot/glaze putty

    Knifing putty https://www.halfords.com/motoring/paints-body-repair/fillers-preparation/holts-cataloy-knifing-putty-100g
  11. So you know... I am going to flag this to the admin as inappropriate. Admin finger hovering over the “delete post: for causing unnecessary distress to other forum members” button..
  12. BBB

    Hello from snowy Red Deer

    Hi @spacemanspiff, welcome to the forum. There’s a good search facility on the forum, or someone with risers will be along soon I’m sure. Just a heads up, the forum is changing software very soon, so make sure you know the email address you signed up with.
  13. Hat off to you @piotrek, you’re one brave guy. I’m in awe of your confidence and abilities. ??
  14. I’m not a fan of the big diameter running lights, so those look great @betoney, really neat install ??
  15. I sometimes wonder if there’s enough blood in my caffeine stream...