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  1. As @betoney said, lots of options out there and searchable in the forum. The previous owner of my bike included the Yamaha touring screen and it was still turbulent and much bigger/ugly. I’ve never used it again. Puig Touring is popular. If you post your height/inseam, others may chip in with local versions that have worked for them.
  2. Don’t opt for the Yamaha comfort seat: there is very little good feedback about it. There are several much better options. Bagster, Terry Adcox, etc.
  3. It’s only the very early FJ 09/Tracer models from 2015 and maybe the year after that allows you to go into the menu and clear CELs. For later models you’ll need to connect to the diagnostics port or go to your dealer.
  4. I used plastic rivets on mine and do not even notice that they’re there.
  5. Hi @Alistair, welcome to the forum 👋
  6. Yep, definitely. But not outside our acceptable behaviour boundaries. Most people play nice on this forum and take a moment to post helpful replies 😎
  7. It might just be the angle that you took the photo @bowlin01, but the satnav looks to take up a lot of the forward view through your screen. How’s the view in reality?
  8. That looks really good. Is it a Givi quicklock mount on a Peli case?
  9. Just been doing some reading on this: From a thread on Pistonheads; ”Crankcase venting is for the removal of the gases that build up in the crankcase through combustion gases passing the piston rings and vapour created by heat. Recirculating crankcase gas into the intake not only removes the very harmful acids that in these gases and burns them safely in the combustion chamber but also assists in creating a vaccum in the cranckcase and hence reducing pumping losses. Always plumb your crankcase breather back into the intake system with an adequate seperator system inline to prevent oil carry over, this should also incorporate a relevant pressure control valve as well.” Anyone got any thoughts on that? If true then I’ll be checking my “kinky hose” is clear.
  10. This is what I was referring to in my earlier post. I thought there was some kind of restriction when the bike is just idling.
  11. Yep, happened to me. One, just one, of the bolt heads rounded. I took all the others out without using heat, just using constant pressure until they moved, but one rounded very quickly using the same approach. I had to hammer a bigger torx head bit in to get it to move. Frightening times 😳 Using heat would have kept my blood pressure down.
  12. Crawled in there, blinded by lust for the big, red, shiny, “female dragonfly” it had spotted and died of exhaustion after hours of love making?
  13. I can’t find any reference now, so I’ve probably got it wrong. Ignore me 🤪
  14. IIRC the engine had to running and in gear. Presumably to reduce the electrical load at idle.