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  1. Cardo now do a 45mm speaker upgrade. 45mm AUDIO SET WWW.CARDOSYSTEMS.COM 45mm speakers set and matching software for the ultimate sound experience You could always splice these into an existing system you have, if it’s not got a jack plug. I use a Sena 10u which fits inside my Schuberth helmet. It was initially poor sound, but positioning the speakers correctly, as stated by others, made all the difference. I wear pinlock ear plugs and this setup is quiet in terms of road and wind noise, but I can still hear the music, albeit at reduced volume.
  2. Hi @squonk, great name! Welcome the forum, nearest neighbour.
  3. That photo is very deceptive due to the angle it has been taken at. Just compare the apparent sizes of the front and rear wheels and you’ll see that the distortion makes the topbox appear massive. But, you’re correct @nhchris, putting a large load in a topbox exacerbates the lightness of the front end. Light stuff only in a topbox, heavier items as low and forwards as possible in side bags/panniers is best.
  4. I’m going to use a normal allen bolt and nut, so I can get a socket on the back if it happens again, plus the anti-seize copper grease.
  5. It turns out to be a rubber well-nut, with a brass insert. If, as in my case, the thread gets stuck, the rubber nut just rotates. I had to use a dremmel cutting wheel on a flexi-drive and cut the barsteward off from behind.
  6. As per title of thread, the small (3mm?) allen bolt just rotates (and squeeks) when I try to remove it. I’ve tried holding the rubber “nut” on the other side, with long-nosed pliers, but the access is poor and they just keep slipping off. Any tricks or hints for removal?
  7. I’m always in awe of people’s fabrication skills. 🏆
  8. Click on your user name in top right corner. Click account settings, then notification settings and untick any options you don’t want.
  9. Welcome to the forum @M@dsen. Looking forward to the pictures.
  10. Welcome to the forum @Jpevers.
  11. That’s annoying, but quite a few people have seen that happen. Its a good opportunity to fit after-market adjusters. You’ll enjoy your new shock when it’s fitted 👍🏻
  12. Spotted a small rust patch on OEM exhaust when cleaning yesterday. Decided this is a sign that it will fail imminently. Applied man logic. …ordered Ti version 😎
  13. Good that you’re using the search function @Nuckingfuts, but feel free to ask questions too.
  14. Facing down @bugie. Good idea on threadlock, although it does seem to be tight. (Rookie error on number of zeroes @betoney 😂)
  15. A plea to anyone who has fitted this after-market horn. I fitted mine using the mounting strip from the OEM horn, rather than the one supplied with the Denali, simply because the Yamaha one seemed thicker. But, now the MOFO buzzes loudly when the engine gets above 70000rpm. Loud enough (obviously) to hear over the engine. The horn doesn’t seem to be touching anything, although is close to the left fork there are no marks there so I’m confident it’s not touching. Anyone else had any problems, or suggest a solution? I think I binned the Denali mounting strip so that’s not an option.