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  1. Sure is a sweet powerplant. Not the same HP as the Tracer, but I'm satisfied. This is the first year Honda brought the Transalp to North America. I'm sure they will bring different iterations in time.
  2. Up and down on is standard on the Transalp. Down is perfect, up works best with lots of RPM and throttle.
  3. My 900 GT was the first bike I've owned with cruise, and I loved it. The lack of cruise was, almost, a deal breaker for me with theTransalp. I use cruise all the time in any vehicle and I'm looking forward to getting my Veridian kit.
  4. Theory is that Honda is trying not to step on Africa Twin sales by equipping the Transalp too well. Basic suspension, no CC, no IMU, etc.
  5. So much speculation (and whining 😉) about the lack of CC. Like I mentioned though, the Veridian system is affordable. There's other, more upscale, CC options too. Like most bikes, there's lots of areas of the bike to upgrade/modify to make it suit you. I bet there's a lot of people that buy bikes and just ride them as they are from the dealership ... until they start hanging out on forums and "learn" about all the bike's shortcomings. 😁
  6. Actually, I thought the worst part of that video was the amount of time Ryan spent talking about the WhateverCam 360.
  7. The more I ride mine the more I like it. Every bike has its shortfalls. You either learn to live with it or learn to fix it. My Veridian cruise control should arrive soon so that'll be one thing crossed off the list. Don't know of I'd even bother with getting an ECU flash, if one comes available. I don't think it runs that bad.
  8. Planning on Bancroft ... weather dependent. Roads up here are still covered with sand and salt. We got a few inches of snow last night, which didn't help.
  9. Well, figure I might as well finish where I started. The Tracer is gone. I posted it up for sale and a guy offered me a very fair amount to take it off my hands. Looking forward to focusing on putting miles on my Transalp. Good luck and rubber side down to all.
  10. Heavy

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    The Big Dog!
  11. Heavy

    Dirt Bikes

    Nice sled. Love the XC's. Can't make it out on my phone ... 850 or 650?
  12. He's certainly pushing it. I'll never approach that type of thrashing with mine.
  13. Dress right and it's not that bad. There are lots of people that regularly deal with colder. Worse I've dealt with, here, was a couple of -44°C days. Hydro went out and nothing would start so no generators for power. Lucky for us we were in a place with a wood stove so we were warm. Pain in the ass with no running water though.