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  1. I had 5.2k miles on mine before they were toast, rear worse then front. Highly user dependent.
  2. I get that, that's decent, but with the chain off the bike, how flexible should be links be?
  3. So what I thought was a rumbling from my tires I think is actually my chain. I swapped new tires last night and when I'm cruising in 6th gear I'm getting a growing rumble in my pegs, not engine related (clutch disengaged, no rumble) this was present before the new tires. The chain itself looks fine but boy is it tight off the wheel. Almost the entire chain can easily hold it's shape when bent out of straight. Frankly I don't remember the last time I changed a bike chain so I don't remember how a new chain feels. Anyone comment?
  4. Whoa, I got a blazing deal with the bigger tire. Whether or not that's better, sounds like an oil thread to me.
  5. Normal? I was just as confused but don't know enough to question. Looked like he knew what he was doing by the size of his race trailer.
  6. Bumping this thread. I had a line on a local chap slinging michelin road 5's for $400 installed out of his garage. Sounded good so I took the wheels off and headed over. He had a 180/55 rear tire in hand, looked at me, looked at my old tire, went back and swapped it for a 190/55. He said it would suit me better. Not sure what that means but no rubbing issues and no concerns. Yeah the tire turns in better, but all new tires do. I don't know, seems fine to me, happy new tire day!
  7. Yeah I think you're going to have to take a picture. That's not making sense, the maintenance is simply a counter from last reset, nothing more. I'm not aware or have ran into any flashing maintenance notification.
  8. Grip Puppies and mirror extensions: New tires and valve stems tonight:
  9. Cheapest of the cheap mods proof of concept. Clutch is faster and there is minimal additional pull resistance. With the added benefit of being able to have the clutch release right off the bars, and yet still have full disengagement. I'm almost tempted to go a tad shorter but that would require a different spring solution that I'm not interested in dealing with.
  10. Time to fix the long friction zone on this bike. By my napkin math, I'm looking at ~ 12 degree increase in total throw going from 4cm to 3cm shift arm radius. We'll see how much harder this makes the clutch to pull but I don't feel it will be an issue.
  11. Made it to 5k. OEM tires are shot, rear is bald down the middle, front is scalloped bad, chain is getting clunky.
  12. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xECUrlnXCqk
  13. Wait, do you measure your chain hot or cold?
  14. I've always just stated with a cold bike, opened the radiator cap and filled as needed after starting. Is there a different way?