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  1. Boy that's just sad news, 50k would sure make me think twice about going back to the well.
  2. I had to break down and order some tools from mcmaster. I can get to them but not without fear of stripping. Hopefully a few ball end allen's and extensions will do it.
  3. Like everyone else said, really touchy on being fully dropped on the shift lever. Any chance you got new boots recently? That's when I noticed it was happening for me.
  4. How in the name of Zues's butthole do you get to the clamps that hold the throttle bodies? There has got to be something I'm missing here. I've tried allen sockets, extensions, universals... I feel like an idiot. What in the world am I missing? #2 clamp in diagram. They seem to be clocked in place by rubber tabs just like #20, but not in a convenient way. This is as far as my son got before he called in the heavy's. Before you ask, I'm doing this to lighten the throttle pull spring because my wrist is crap. Like this:
  5. Seat, you can always drive within the limitations of the suspension, the inverse is a lot more painful.
  6. #001107 here, no recall, March 2020.
  7. That's quite the upgrade from a bolt!
  8. So far so good on the twelve o'clock labs.
  9. Just to confirm for anyone looking at adding a throttle tamer to a 19+ with OEM heated grips. Yes it's possible to remove them, yes it's easy. What you need: WD-40 or lubricant of choice. Flux brush or other similarly stiff/thin metal. Remove that bar end nonsense. Roll that metal about the same arc as your tube, lightly give the metal a whiff of something slippery, and just ram it home. You'll have to pull it out and drive it home at least 4 times depending upon your circumference of metal. Now remove the throttle housing stuff, grab the end where the cables are with one hand, grab the grip with your other, and just twist your way to freedom. Clean up the residual glue if you feel any shame. This took all of 10 mins. Not a single gouge or scrape on the oem tube or inside the heated grip. ****EDIT, if you are looking for the G2 Throttle tamer for your 19+ Tracer GT, you will want to order the 152mm throttle tube, please consult G2's tech support before ordering or measure yours first (entire length of tube). The previous model and base Tracer 900 have different throttle tubes. Confusing but they are working on getting the models correct.
  10. Always brake cleaner I suppose. I already bought a new tube/grip if it goes south.
  11. More parts coming in. Little worried about getting the heated grip off the throttle tube and back on the throttle tamer, but we'll see I guess.
  12. Perhaps, kind of, it only has two MAP sensors. Two far right throttle bodies share the same, and the far left has one. So in theory, if the far right TB is "set" you can adjust the middle and far left based upon some math. Unfortunately the dealer software is guarded better then most automotive auto makers.
  13. You have all winter to buy parts!!! Let us know if you need any help spending your money.
  14. I've had them on a YZ250, and will be getting one for the rear when I wear out my current 47T rear. They look cool and work, but really it's just for the looks. Nothing performance wise cutting out a breakfast here and there couldn't cure.