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  1. Most would agree it's the handguards only seconded to improper suspension settings.
  2. If I was 6 inches shorter, I would also be finding myself on an sv650, mt07, or even a monster.
  3. My only gripe is when you hit a sticky one with your lever and you constantly have that stickiness when your reach for the bake or clutch.
  4. Right? It's one of life's mysteries. I have about 5k miles on mine, still at least 3-4/32" left before I hit the center wear bars but the tire itself is still pretty round.
  5. It still looks too round and squishy like a busa.
  6. I go loose, always have. This is about the max 1.75" I tolerate before pulling it in to 1.5". I do also agree with Mike above, lube that thing up if it's not, lots of links not falling in line easily.
  7. 90% of the time it's better to let water in just as easy to let water out.
  8. Any chance your heel hits it? I ride in the balls of the feet exclusively. Hard to tell from the picture.
  9. Could someone take a picture top down and from the rear? I'm about to pull the trigger but want to see how far it sticks out.
  10. They work great, fit well and make a big difference. My main reason for purchase was two fold, reduce vibration fatigue and increase leverage to turn the throttle. However, I have small child's hands and had to remove them after a season as I didn't feel I had as firm as grip when doing dank nooners. (Apparently this is what the kids call wheelies now) I have since filled my handlebars with lead shot, reduced my throttle return spring, and added a throttle tamer. Long trip but for me, was better than grip puppies.
  11. You're telling me, I was concerned, that's why I kept changing the oil. I'll find some pictures tonight, it was a glittery mess.
  12. I changed at 60miles when I first got home from the dealer. Then again at 500, then 2k. The oil finally cleared up at my next change at 5k. Probably about the worst I've seen for metal in a new engine. In contrast, my wife's kawasaki z400 twin has been the absolute cleanest engine oil I've ever seen. Haven't hardly seen a glimmer in the first or second oil change.
  13. As you may know, we are in a precarious position here in the USA with emissions. Spring of 2020 the EPA went gang busters on major car tuning companies. APR/Dinnan, Cobb, REVO,..ect all had to pull catless downpipes from their lineup and downgrade a bunch of software offerings. However, the smaller companies kinda fly under the radar. Which I think is where motorcycles will stay in the USA since no one is touching the helmet laws on a federal level as an example. Just not enough people doing with to raise a fuss.