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  1. If Nels could offer a tune with integrated cruise for $299, I'd purchase it today!
  2. This might be a stupid question, but since this "overwrites" any existing flashes...does this also provide a new ECU flash for performance/smoothness?
  3. It's some sort of document holder. Makes sense if you leave it on the bike all the time, but I do not. Big enough to tape some basic tools inside of.
  4. Trey, I need a little more seat time to really verify they helped. I've taken them around town, and on some back roads and the vibes seem much less, but I need to get some highway time to really verify their effectiveness. I'm likely going to get some cheapo weights to add for a little more damping. It can never be too smooth!
  5. I posted this on another forum, but since this is THE FJ-09 forum, I figured I'd repost: "Stole 2 people's ideas. I made my FJ a little more like my Grom and used my old handlebars to make some additional foot rests for long trips. They may also provide some tip over protection. I also made my own ghetto vibranators." Some photos: I also justified my purchase of my giant rear box:
  6. I noticed this on mine just yesterday as it was warming up (chilly out). I was getting a ton of condensation from the exhaust and wrote it off as some sort of unobtanium burning off the catalytic converter or something.
  7. This thread is the first result when you google "FJ-09 throttle body sync," so I thought I'd throw my results in here. Months ago I synced at my throttle bodies but I focused more on my trouble area of 4,500-5,000 RPM because that made logical sense and I figured it couldn’t hurt much to try. The bike was smoother than before, but not a huge improvement. I was still getting excessive vibrations at 4.5-5k that were so uncomfortable, I avoided that range whenever possible. It seems that most manuals for most multi-cylinder bikes (some big twins excluded) specifically state that the sync should be performed at idle. I asked about this on another forum and received some great information: “Being out of sync has the most effect on idle, small throttle openings and throttle response at small openings. At wider openings, small mis-adjustments have less effect the more the throttle is opened.“ This makes perfect sense, and someone else had another great point; since there is no load on the motor, syncing at higher RPM is likely very inaccurate. Recently I dropped a socked under my tank and had to take the tank off to reach it, so I figured I would visit the sync again while I was there. I re-synced at idle and the result was a much smoother running bike. YMMV.
  8. The TC allows the wheel to come up just a hair, but you can feel it pull you down. Like the others said, you were hitting and electronic rev limit which is there to prevent the bike from over revving and causing damage.
  9. I think I found it actually m16 x 1.5: https://fj-09.org/post/50426/thread
  10. Hello all, Do you happen to know the diameter and pitch of the stock threaded bars? Attempting to make my own vibration reduction inserts. Thanks, -Alex
  11. Clutch still feels new and hasn't needed adjustment. I'm more of a get it in gear/hooked up and let 'er rip kind of guy for normal riding, but I think people really underestimate the amount of abuse a wet clutch can take. I probably have 100s of hours of slipping clutch abuse on my dirt bike, and it still feels great. Plus they are cheap and easy to replace, which is a small trade off for the amount of fun you can have while abusing them!
  12. It's an app called "GPS Acceleration" that uses GPS which I have found to be pretty accurate. It automatically resets each time you stop, and keeps a history of your attempts. I just ran the app on my way home from work the other day and checked the history when I got home. Had a couple 20-30 sec 0-60s (just from normal traffic), but was surprised to see that I hit 4.6sec in second gear without trying. I doubt I hit 9k RPMs. I'm thinking that 3.5 will be easy, and 3 may be attainable with a bit of practice. Just something to play around with.
  13. Having a 4th capped tube should be no different than having more space between the lines. I would suspect that the level in that tube would drop a little until the vacuum in the tube was greater than the vacuum of the motor. I made mine with sprinkler line fittings, and I know they have miniature shut off valves that you could put between each line if you were really worried about it.
  14. Thanks all, The chart that Alejandro posted is exactly what I was looking for, and thank you duhs10 for posting the rev limit. To answer all your questions, no it doesn't really matter, but I like to know. I do know that the bike is plenty fast in each gear, and the speed limiter of 115 is also plenty fast despite coming up very quick. Also, I'm having a competition with my buddies to see who can post the fasted 0-60 time. I think I might win