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  1. Hi, Frank Nope, never felt the need to put it back on. Like it fine just as it is.
  2. Got a note that roadrash83 liked this post which brought it back to my attention. Oddly enough I made a portion of that ride again today, 3 years and a few days from the original post. Unfortunately, in that time the roads have deteriorated to the point that it's actually painful to ride them. Route 9 is still good, but 179, 180 and 181 are falling apart. Just the facts of life for secondary roads in Maine. Winter frost raises hell with them. They'll repave them again in a year or two and all will be well for a couple years, but right now they've been crossed off my list.
  3. Yup, me too. Kid giving me the "new owner orientation" looked at me like I was from Mars or something.
  4. I know exactly what you mean! I went from a 1979 Yamaha XS650 to the FJ. Amazing! More power, better brakes, better suspension (especially with a little tweaking) no ignition or carburetion issues to deal with ever, instant starts, better instrumentation. About the only down-side is the "Transformers" styling. If they could package this level of performance and convenience in a traditionally styled machine, that would be motorcycling perfection IMHO. On the other hand, it's pretty much ruined me for anything less...
  5. Thanks, I paid a little extra for the blurple from Higdonian just for that reason! I get a lot of complements on them.
  6. The Cortech bag came in today. Mounting it over the Corbin seat took a little head-scratching and there's about 2 feet of extra strap to deal with, but it fits well and looks good. It's roomy enough that I think I'm gonna lose the tank bag which was getting pretty worn anyway.
  7. In older engines with rubber (or other non-metal) components not designed for ethanol, yes, it's a problem. Mine sat from September of last year until April of this year and started right up, no issues. Do I wish I could go back to straight gasoline at normal prices? Absolutely. Do I worry about E10 in modern machinery? Nope, not a bit. BTW, the 91 octane non-ethanol fuel I burned a couple of tanks of made absolutely no discernable difference in performance or mileage. The only difference I saw was the dent it put in my wallet. YMMV of course (arrrrrr.....humor!)
  8. There is only one place in the county (that I'm aware of) that you can even GET non-ethanol fuel. Plus the owner's manual specifically says E10 is acceptable fuel for the bike.
  9. I've been running 87 in mine since the day I bought it, with ZERO issues. I tried some 91 non-ethanol once and could not detect any difference at all.
  10. And perhaps the odd six pack of dinner rolls!
  11. Perfect. Thanks very much for the detailed pictures and explanation. I'll be ordering one of those.
  12. With traction control on (which it always is unless you intentionally turn it off) the very worst you will get is "bunny hops" and you'd have to work at it to manage even that in "B" mode. Wide Open Throttle in 1st gear will do it in Standard Mode, never tried it in "B" mode. I think you'd be happier with the Tracer, but I might be just a bit biased... The CP3 engine is just as happy pulling from 2000 RPM as it is screaming down the road at redline. One of the reasons I love this bike so much. Perfectly adequate commuter, pretty decent tourer with a few farkles, and all you have to do to get your crotch-rocket jollies is bump it into "A" mode and grab a big handful of that throttle. Never ridden or even looked seriously at a CB500X, so can't compare riding position, but I will say that the ergonomics of the Tracer are perfect for this crippled up old fart that absolutely can NOT ride a full-on sport bike OR a cruiser.
  13. That looks interesting, and in my target price range too. Thanks! If it's convenient, I'd appreciate a picture of it on your FJ but don't go out of your way to get one.
  14. I've cruised the topic and found the Saddlemen Tunnel bag which I REALLY like, but the "tunnel" portion is only 12 inches wide, tapering to 9 inches. The passenger portion of my Corbin, which is where the bag would sit, is 14 inches wide with little or no taper. So, 2 questions: 1. Would the standard Saddlemen bag sit on the seat okay? I'd MUCH prefer not to remove the grab handles. 2. If not, any recommendations for a fairly large tail bag that will work with the Corbin? My soft saddlebags died of old age, I don't have the need (or frankly the money) to go to hard bags. Just need a place to stash a rain suit and the occasional loaf of milk and quart of bread.
  15. I had the bike out for a quickie blast around the block last week, but the weather has been cold (40's) and VERY wet, so today was the first chance I had to take an actual ride. Had to fill up with gas and noticed that my last fill up (I use ACAR on my phone to keep track of all my vehicles) was September 29th of LAST YEAR! Entirely too long. Felt good, and got to execute my first "banzai pass" of the year. Opportunities to pass are limited by twisty and hilly roads (like that's a bad thing...) so when one comes up, one does NOT dawdle. I could almost hear Gramps shaking his fist at me...😄