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Just to let you know I'm still around...

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5 hours ago, nomikem said:

Oh! like that Garage! Nicely outfitted.

The FJ and the Ninja are mine, the V-star belongs to my grandson and the Beemer belongs to a friend.  The Beemer is for sale, I just spiffed it up a bit and I'll put it out there April 1st and see if we get any bites.

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We had a super cold blast just before Christmas but February had some wonderfully warm days.  It's been cool until this week but yesterday I rode up to Scottsboro AL to the the Unclaimed Baggage Store (no didn't buy a tux).  On the way back bike was showing 85F.  Pretty much perfect riding weather.  On the way up it was low 60s and my winter jacket with a long sleeve shirt was fine and on the way back it was just about the limit for the jacket with the vents open.  Have surgery coming up that will knock me off the bike for at least a month.  By the time I get back to riding it may be summer weather.  

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