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  1. Depends on the rest of the engine. I'm thinking if you can locate a low mileage engine then replace the engine. Can't say as to which ones will work though. If the head is still on do a compression and leak down test on the other cylinders. Can give you an idea of the overall condition of the cylinders and rings. I'm thinking it is lowish miles for valve problems but you do have a lot of miles on the bottom end and the tranny. Don't know the history of a used engine but it has fewer miles. If the compression and cams are the same in the new engine and it bolts up don't know why it wouldn't work. WOW $3,000 seems like a lot for a new head and valves. Plenty of folks around that can rebuild a head. I might suggest stepping back and taking a total look over the bike and what you want to do with it. Inventory what needs to be done to keep it serviceable for say another 50,000 miles. Head bearings, seals, water pum, oil pump wheel bearings brake calipers etc. You might be able to get a used low mileage FJ09 that would be a better economical choice.
  2. I have a 2020 Tracer 900 GT that I bought in September of last year. Currently have over 18,000 miles on it but haven't had the chance to ride it much in the last couple of months. I had a 2012 CBR600RR followed by a Kawasaki 2014 ZX6R 636 BS. Both were fabulous bikes and a ton of fun, lightweight and nimble. Retired and traded for a 2016 BMW F800GT which handled nicely and was a good midnight sport tourer but never like the engine. Didn't make good sounds or enough power. Put 26,000 miles on it in a couple of years and traded for the 2020 Tracer 900 GT. Engine has plenty of power, not peaky like the 600s and makes good noises when pushed but not so shrill that it sends an alert to every LEO nearby. Suspension could be better, stock seat not great but better than any other stock seat I've had. Windscreen was not good - shoulder buffeting was terrible for me. So I adjusted the suspension and bought a windscreen and a seat. Took two long trips this year and it is a wonderful traveling companion. Able to do the miles to get there and once there is able to be a fun partner in the mountains and curvy roads. The 2021 is a nicer bike but I'm not in a hurry to trade. IMO there are no big issues, it's stable will cruse all day at way over the speed limit and handles fairly well. If you want better handling then upgrade the suspension to Ohlins or similar. I'm 5' 10" and weight between 175 and 185 pounds. I have replaced the plugs and filters and changed the chain (11,000 miles). After changing the chain and sprockets I added a ScottOiler and then took a 6,200 mile trip. That trip was 18 days and 6,200 miles so had a lot of longer riding days. Amazing how the bike will eat up the miles and yet is still light enough to do well in the curves. It's not a 600 sport bike but close enough and falls into corners well and does good on side to side transitions. Always enjoyed the 600s in the very quick left to right transitions and the Tracer does not disappoint. It won't have the torque the FJR does but has a bit of a hooligan nature compared to the more mature nature of the FJR. FJR I've always thought of as the most sporty of the bigger sport touring bikes. There are a couple for sale, one in western Nebraska which IMO is a good buy and another somewhere else.
  3. The puncture I've had have been end of life for the tire so haven't had to plug a tire. My fav was when I took my BMW in for routine service. The tech found a screw in the rear tire so he removed it. They called me and said I had a flat, I said no problem I have a tire for it but since it wasn't a new tire they would not mount it! I went by and picked up the wheel and took it to Cycle Gear and had the tire mounted. I usually have a spare rear tire as when I go on a long trip I'll put new tires on and keep the rear with 5,000 to 6,000 miles. Going to have to get some of the sticky strings mentioned in this thread. I carry a small compressor and CO2 cartridges as backup but probably a good idea to have a hand pump as a backup to the backup. I've been some pretty remote places where it would be a long wait for someone to come so need a good plan.
  4. Looked like the from t let go after they sharpened up their line. Think if the rear had let go first there would have been a lot more rotation of the bike. Although may have been the rear loosing some traction and rotating which had the same effect as turning the front in.
  5. Any differences in the quality of the valve shims? Know that some are 0.025" increments, I've got an old HatCams kit that is 0.05" increments. Wondering if some are soft and may "squish" over time. I've used my kit on a CBR600RR and a Honda scooter - can't remember if it was the Metropolitan or the Elite 110. Currently at 18,000 miles and will check in January when weather is not so good (it might even get into the low 20s F. Block-off plates seem like a good idea, bike is only a year old so looks like I might be doing this on an annual basis.
  6. Welcome, have been thru the western part of TN a couple of times. Usually go out thru Memphis and just hit the corner. I've looked at going thru Jackson on my way to Springfield MO. Recently have been making a couple of trip a year out west, this year was three counting the trip to Topeka KS.
  7. That's a good deal! I've had mine for over a year and it's great. Haven't come to terms with a good way to program it but love the way you can shape a route. It works even when out of cell reception which I've had happen in canyons and out west like in Yellowstone. Never eave mine on the bike when I stop, also have a tether in case I don't get it properly put on the mount - saved it once! I've used a phone on my old bike but messed the camera up due to vibration and have to have power to it anyway. Really like the XT's listing of what's ahead. When in more remote areas I can use it to see how far to next gas and how far the one after that is. When in remote areas that is a valuable tool. Have filled up a couple of times in Embarkment WY on my way to Craig CO. After Embarkment the next gas is 73 miles!!!! Gas in Embarkment is a small Sinclair station. Last time there had a nice conversation with the chief of police. He was super nice and we talked while I was waiting to get gas. He did not pull me over just happened to be there. Garmin has also come out with a control box that interfaces with the XT and has 6 outputs. Can control heated gear lights and other stuff. Nice as you can vary output using the XT. I have a similar box but have to use my phone. When going over Beartooth pass it was 55F when I left Red Lodge, 38F at the top. Had to stop to dial the heat in my jacket up. LOL going down when I started to get too warm just unplugged the jacket.
  8. First trip out in my AGV K6 left the pillock visor at home. LOL of course it rained, not too bad but as you say had to keep it cracked. Next trip had it in! Big difference but not perfect. I've found that if I get caught in rain and get moisture on the inside of the visor then it going to be a struggle. Have to get it dry and keep it pretty dry. If I hit rain and keep it closed and don't let rain get on it is's perfect. I've ridden in rain down to the low 40s F with it in and no issues. Have been down to 30 F in the dry and no fogging. I clean visor with Plexus which will cause a little orange peel look but once it dries it's good. In the past when I had them they would last for a couple of years and then loose effectiveness mostly due to loosing the seal around the edge of the PinLock. I had a clean and a tented that I would sway and eventually it messed them up. Better to get one and leave it alone. Don't have to clean it very often unlike the outside of the visor. Since its so cheap don't use Plexus on the helmet just the visor.
  9. Yea, looks like not so bad next few days 🙂
  10. Had to post this up: https://advrider.com/motorcycling-safer-than-riding-horses/ So @johnmark101 see you are in Kentucky the land of horses. Good you are trying to break away from dangerous pursuits like riding horses and are riding a motorcycle instead. 🙂
  11. Your will probably be looking for a quality mesh jacket. You may be able to find a good closeout on one - I'm looking for a new winter textile jacket - should have done that last spring but oh well. I need to post up my "old" new summer jacket. Wore it a couple of times and bought an airbag vest - then had to buy a new jacket to get the room for the airbag vest under it. For summer gear I'm wearing a Dianese D-Air vest under a Rev'It Wind 2 jacket. In June road an afternoon in Kansas with the temperature at 106F Combo did better than I would have expected in those temperature with descent airflow. I rode all morning that day and watched the temperature creep up, stop for lunch and it was 105 for 15 minutes then went to 106 and stayed! Rode 500 miles that day! There are good textiles around, I like lots of mesh but have to have solid fabric in the sliding zones - like shoulders and outside of the arms.
  12. WOW! Sorry to hear you went down, bikes can be fixed and sounds like you are on your way back. Take care of yourself and get ready for when the weather warms up. The other day my son, who finished Family Practice residency in June, was telling his brother-in-law about one way to check for broken ribs. Take care of that knee and make sure it is not injured, don't want lingering issues. I bought an airbag vest last summer and wear it more than any other gear except my helmet. Even riding my scooter. Hearing stories like your was one of the big motivators - I'm old and fragile. Several years ago was checking the valves on my CBR600RR and as I rotated the engine a connector got caught and broke. Actually bought an entire wiring harness off of eBay to get that one connector.
  13. Humm that is tempting but would necessitate a ride to TX! Last time i did that to get a seat I got grief from my wife. Will have to ponder over Thanksgiving.
  14. There is a connector company that sells a lot of motorcycle connectors. http://www.cycleterminal.com They probably sell the tools as well. I generally use a tiny screwdriver or a large safety pin. Big safety pins are very handy to have around, they are also vey good at ventilating fingers!
  15. I'm keeping my 2020 GT for now. I figure another couple of years before I'm ready to trade. Up till now we not really seen price increases other than creep due to feature additions and bigger nicer components. I'm hoping inflation does not keep going the way it is but think it hopeless hoping. For those old enough to remember the Carter era it was a tough time. I remember starting my first job at $12,000 a year. Good money back then, by the end of the year I was making almost $16,000! But I didn't make any more as everything was just more expensive. 10% or more car loans. I've looked at houses that had 13% mortgages with prepayment penalties! Houses didn't sell well either.