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  1. I bought an aftermarket warranty with my bike. I dont expect to use it but just in case. It will be good at a lot of shops so not limited to dealers. One factor was the dealer did me right on the trade and picked it up as a way to I've them a bit more business. Don't do quite as many trips as @micah2074 but still do a lot of long distance miles and a good warranty might be nice to have. My BMW broke down in Grand Island Nebraska last summer and it would have been nice to have had a warranty with some coverage of transportation.
  2. It's been a while and I'm getting older but seems like I remember something about wrong torque in the manual for sprocket bolts when I changed the sprockets on my 2004 FZ6 ten or eleven years ago. I went with a SuperSprox rear sprocket on that bike which was nice.
  3. Ummm, I think you have totally messed up and the bike is junk - I'll come and take it off your hands 🙂 Seriously I don't think so - isn't it a silicon gasket? loosening and re-torquing probably will be fine. I would monitor just to make sure. Even if you have messed it up a bit it's not a hard fix - to drop the pan and replace the gasket. I worry about the small fasteners and torque settings. Have studied the click type torque wrenches enough to know they may not be accurate and even if so should be stored with the setting to zero. Seems to be an area where generally you get what you pay for. I went to a digital torque wrench. They are generally much more accurate and hold accuracy better and empty your wallet quicker. Most instruments are more accurate in the middle of their working range.
  4. Agree with @Ride365 Yamahas are pretty good bikes, not perfect but pretty good. I think of the 2019-2020 GTs as well sorted bikes. I see the 2021 as different but again not a clean sheet design but rather a 2020 with lots of improvements. Some of the improvements are pretty big like changing swingarm attachment from outside the frame to inside the frame but again frame and swingarm are evolved not totally new. Lots of new parts but I think it will be good from the start. I have a 2020 GT and really like the new bike but if I were to trade would wait till the initial demand has slowed and bikes are more available.
  5. Yes, they don't need much air. I bleed so much out of mine I thought it was flat but it works great. Seems like it is just enough where the higher pressure points go thru the AirHawk and are supported by the seat while the areas around get a little extra support from the AirHawk - not a good explanation.
  6. I was riding thru Missouri behind a pickup pulling a boat. He was going almost fast enough for me and the road was good but not lots of great passing so I just chilled out. He slowed down so I decided to pass him, there was another pickup behind me. I pulled out and accelerated and noticed an SUV bulled out from behind the pickup behind me. I'm thinking that looks a bit like a Missouri Highway Patrol , well by now I'm beside the pickup and boat so kept on going and figured he had me so best thing was go ahead and clear. So kept on going and pulled over and he went flying by with his lights on - a couple of miles up the road he had someone pulled over. I hadn't downshifted to 3rd so wasn't accelerating as hard as I could have but he was gaining on me a bit but never had to back off due to me. 30 miles down the road my heart rate was normal. Had my GoPro running at the time so got a pic.
  7. I had CBR600RR followed by a 2014 Kawasaki ZX6R 636 - probably my favorite bike. Traded for a BMW F800GT to do some touring. Did some incredible long trips on that bike but traded for my 2020 Tracer GT. While the BMW was vey competent the engine lacked the character and power I was used to. My ZX6R ripped but took some work as power was a t higher RPM but sounded so good! The explosive nature of high RPM performance in 1st and 2nd was a blast. My Tracer GT is something of a blend between the two bikes, relatively light and nimble and will drop into a turn like the 600s, has a great engine sound and yet is capable of a 6,000+ mile trip. With my BMW got to where I just wasn't riding it that much other than long trips, without the sidecases the Tracer is a fun local ride and even when just loafing along love the engine note but nothing is like running the ZX6R to it's 16,000 RPM. Downside is every LEO within hearing knows.
  8. Have the same windscreen and do notice a fair number of bug hits. Some come under the windscreen so occasionally get a splat from one of them. Haven had the Tracer GT on a real long trip but my previous bike would get covered with bugs, then I'd hit a day a rain and they would be gone.
  9. My 2020 GT never did this. Short version of a long story is I set out on a long trip last August and got to Nebraska and bike broke down. Took 6 days getting bike fixed and then rode it to Sioux Falls SD and traded for a 2020 Tracer GT. Literally rode into the dealership did the paperwork, moved sidecase contents and 58 liter duffle bag over to Tracer GT. I hopped on and rode 110 mile to where I was staying. 3 days later was back with 629 miles for fits service then rode 1,400 miles home and hit 80+ mph. Some interstates have 80MPH speed limits. I was running with stock settings. I set the preload before setting out but forgot to check tire pressures and they turned out to be set to the lower factory setting - rider only weight. Set the tire pressure's to 36/42 and rode home. Never had a problem with stability at speed. I have to wonder about the OEM tires, maybe I got a good one. Once I got home and had a chance to play with the bike a bit I really didn't like the feel of the front in cornering. So (somewhat in order) I dropped triples 7mm, adjusted preload, tweaked settings and changed tires to Michelin Pilot Power 5 front and Road 5 rear. Somewhere in there I added a MRA windscreen with an Amazon spoiler. My bike is very steady at speed but is is sensitive to bar input. First thing I noticed about the bike is the turbulence off of the OEM windscreen. Seemed like it was a pulsating beat to my shoulders that alternated from one side to the other. Really like how my bike is set up - handles well (for OEM suspension) and I can do long rides comfortably. On a recent 5 day trip I rode the last leg of 560 miles with only 3 stops! I have never done that before. I have to wonder what difference between your bike and mine would lead to you having stability issues. My bike was very well assembled and I have had no problems with loose of bad stuff. It is frustrating to know a great dealer but be too far to take it there for service. Hummm well maybe I should schedule a valve adjustment service and make a trip out of it.
  10. Had mine done fairly early. Took the dealer a couple of weeks to get parts. Wonder if weather getting better and folks trying to get on the road has made for a rush for parts which coupled with COVID related issues has made a mess of things. I ordered a camera lens Thursday - it came out late 2020 but Canon still having problems meeting demand. Looks like it will be a couple of weeks wait on it. Traffic here in Alabama is pretty much back to normal! Business are operating normally but sure some are struggling with lower demand. LOL had a huge amount of rain last week plus some wind. Had a tree go down in my side yard. Missed both houses just barely. Base on my side of line top on neighbors side mostly! House across street has a tree on the roof with only one hole. Took over a day to get tree service to come look and they said it would be a few weeks before they can get to it! Neighbors house is under contract - WOW did they ever pick a good time to sell - it sold the 2nd day on the market. I've been over there cutting up the tree!
  11. Think this question has come up before and there is something in the suspension that will make a dull knock as @johnmark101 talked about. I'm feeling lazy or would try to find it. As I recall it's not a problem just the way it works.
  12. Pit Bull stands are made in America and Pit Bull in located in North Alabama. IMO the best stand out there - but not the most expensive. I had a front stand by another well known stand manufacture, nice but the pins never fit that well. If you are going to work on the forks it's the best way to go. When I bought my BMW I sold super cheap all my stands - didn't really need them as had dealer to service it (hahahahaha) my mistake all around. Now I'm back to where I'd like to have them again.
  13. Now how much did you say it cost? 🙂 That is a great setup and you have me drooling all over my keyboard. I might just be out same as you plus one keyboard! However after all the water that ran thru my yard today I'll probably spend that plus more on repairs and drainage projects! No flooding just water running! Oh and the tree that fell down! You will enjoy that setup and IMO when touring 2 up on a Tracer GT it really makes perfect sense. I'm OK (not the same as satisfied) with current suspension but I don't have a pillion with me. 2 up and loaded you really do need a great suspension not only for the comfort but also for the insurance of being able to take evasive action and handle other problems without loosing control of the bike. How do you plan on handling going from a fully loaded setup to riding by yourself without any baggage on a spirited sport ride. Currently I change preloads and bump up compression a bit when loading up and heading out on a long trip. I'm contemplating a long trip in June but our son just finished his residency and may take him on a road trip - in my van instead! Haha my older son could deal with riding but the younger one had enough trouble with a bicycle in college that I have told him to never get a motorcycle! My older daughter slid down the driveway at a friends house on her face after crashing bicycle. For a week or two she looked very pitiful! She will not hear of me giving rides to her twins on my scooter or motorcycle. Hopefully in August I'll make it to California to see the older son.
  14. Nice a big thanks for the writeup. I'm still keeping my 2020 GT ...... well ...... maybe ....... hummmm. NO I'd have to explain to Mrs. so will keep 2020 GT! Thanks for the side by side photos, really helps see the differences. I'm not a super fan of rounded but the bike looks good next to the 2020 GT. It looks lower than the 2020 but actually can see more of the forks - it's the lights on the 2020 that are higher and wider at that point. The visual mass has been cleaned up and dropped lower. Like the 2020 is wider up at it's lights while the 2021 is wider at it's lights which are lower. I'm a little tired of the insectoid look with all the angles so this is refreshing. However when I was picking up some BBQ Sunday the fella at the resturant said "that's a bada$$ bike" about my 2020 GT. For someone way into their 60's nice to hear. 🙂
  15. I'm no expert but think you are the 1st I've heard going 15mm drop in the front. Seems like most drop 10mm or less. I did 7mm and it certainly improved it. Longer swingarm in the Tracer GT also would make it a little less sensitive to changes from dropping the head. In case you are wondering how I arrived at 7mm, LOL that was where the first landed when I was adjusting them so made the other side match and it felt good so I left it. My very scientific methodology!