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  1. I really like the ones from ODR ADV Gear. Looks like they would keep the wind off yet be easy to hands in and out of. The little coldish riding I've done the heated grips worked well and the hand guards do keep some wind off but fingers are warm on one side and cold on the other! Going over Beartooth Pass it got down to the upper 30s F and wasn't too bad but didn't spend a lot of time in those temps. I always take my Warm and Safer jacket liner with me - is almost perfect at keeping me from encountering cold weather haha.
  2. @petshark I think it was normal based on how your bike was filled. My experience with my BMW convinced me it is possible to have a full reservoir tank but an air pocket in the radiator and it to not function as designed. Your method for filling the radiator is exactly what I would have done. I would not expect you to have any additional issues.
  3. Seems like it is a feature that generally frustrates but not so many warranty claims against it. Read something recently where mfg focus on warranty claims as items that need attention. Looking at some of the changes to the new Tracer 9 GT think they also listen to what folks are saying - sometimes. I'm going to have to try what @petshark says. On my long trip I refueled at least once a day and sometimes 3 or 4 times, always resetting trip odometer, fuel consumed and mileage. Pressing without a glove on was usually harder. Turning the heated grips on or off while riding can be a hassle particularly if on a winding or busy road. I use the wheel a lot to scroll thru miles since filled, mileage and fuel consumed. I use all 3 for my mental estimates of how far I can go before needing to stop for gas as well as the Gamin info on cities ahead which shows gas stops. Even here in the south were gas stations are frequent it can be handy to know I can skip a gas station and go to the next one. On my trip the most I put in was 4 gallons and was in a somewhat remote location but from past experience had confidence that I could get there.
  4. I was running Motul 7100 full synthetic oil but couldn't always find alcohol free fuel. Mystery solved 🙂
  5. So on my way back from Montana I went thru a state park next to I80 coming into Cheyenne. I had been on the road before the other direction. My untrusty Garmin Zumo XT was on and helping me navigate. Got off the interstate and headed down the road. Got on the gas in first and hit second and was maybe 50MPH. Cattle crossing at the crest of the slight rise. I focused on making sure I did not ride across the small gap in the ends of the pipes - think I hit one the other day and got a small cut on my tire. Looked up and Oh No!!!!!!! It's a gravel road and I'm doing 50!!!! It is going downhill slightly but getting steeper! Panic time! I rolled off the throttle and careful used the rear brake to drop my speed to about 8 MPH. Whew big sigh of relief but now I need to turn around! Wound up riding down to the bottom of the hill around a descending right hand turn. At the bottom was an area big enough for me to turn around. Careful rode up the hill and made it out without dropping the bike. I'm a street rider and have very little dirt/gravel experience with a lot of that gathered in road construction areas out west. Bike did very well and was very stable. Biggest problem was the washboarding which was bounding me around but bike was very stable. It was fully loaded with full sidecases, 58 liter duffle on the rear seat and a small top case with some lighter stuff in it. Earlier in the trip visited my sister in Michigan and took the gravel roads to her lake house. LOL untrustworthy Garmin Zumo XT directed me down a narrow dirt road marked private and no trespassing! So I went down it! LOL the signs weren't lying and it went all the way thru to the road she is on except for 75 feet!!!! I made it on the 3rd attempt. Again bike did great and seemed to be very capable for dirt/gravel roads. She did tell me that the 991 response calls go the same way and get stuck tying to get thru the imaginary road.
  6. Over the last 15 years have looked at Triumphs and wound up passing due to parts availability issues. I really wanted a Daytona 675 but was afraid of not being able to get parts particularly if in a more remote area like Nebraska. My BMW F800GT broke down in Grand Island Nebraska. Wound up buying a used swingarm out of Las Vegas instead of trying to find a new hub from BMW. All just to replace a wheel bearing! If I had been at home would have disassembled and bought a bearing from a bearing house. When you travel thru the western states like Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota it is easy to see why cruisers like Harley Davidsons are popular. Roads are flat and straight and lots of HD dealers and more folks that know how to work on them. Japanese bike shops are around but trying to get a Triumph, Ducati or BMW repaired can be quite difficult. A part of my decision to get the 2020 Tracer GT a year ago was the Yamaha reliability particularly the engine and transmission. Not that Triumphs are not reliable but Yamaha is good and parts here are pretty well available (partzilla.com for those in the US). Know you are looking at a 2021 and my 2020 is not the same. Bought mine 54 weeks ago and currently have 17,500 miles on it! Have done a lot of traveling on the bike. Bought it in Sioux Falls SD, 2,400 miles on it when I got home. Since then have taken 3 trips as my wife likes to tell me. I claim 2 as the 2 day ride to Topeka was just to get a new seat 🙂 Is it perfect? No but a really fine motorcycle. It handles well and is able to cruse at whatever speed I want for hours. Gas mileage is good and if I get in a pinch can slow down and stretch the gas. Rode Beartooth Pass and Chief Josephs Highway twice! Once in each direction. One time the bike was loaded with all my gear and the other the bike was mostly empty. I didn't bother to change the preload or suspension settings. Bike handled well and I had lots of fun in the curves! Still have descent chicken strips as that is not a place to go down, remote and higher elevation. The ride home was days long and did more interstate than I wanted to but had a lot of ground to cover. Again the Tracer was great! Turn on the cruse control and let it eat the miles. Tracer 900 GT is not a perfect bike but at the price point it gets so much right. The changes made to the Tracer 9 GT only improve it. I don't expect perfection but a great bike at the price. A great middleweight (??) sport touring bike. Small enough to still be very nimble but big enough with enough power to cruse long distances and pass on a 2 lane road going uphill at 6,000 feet elevation.
  7. Here are my plugs after 11,000 miles. Not bad at all IMO. I've done a lot of longer distance riding and not so much playing on the twisty roads so relative to someone who plays in the curves and shifts near the redline they don't have so many sparks. I think 16,000 would be a good time to check valves. Apparently the CP3 engines do need adjustments more than others. My FZ6 was right on the specs at 26,000 miles. My 2012 CBR600RR was close and only had to change a couple of shims at 16,000 miles.
  8. I don't disagree that it seems safe but if the rag get caught and ripped out of your hand where does your hand go? Where does the rag go? Pretty much every time I've hurt myself it seemed safe so for me I just do it on the center stand in neutral. After I wrecked a scooter in Italy my daughter made me a T-shirt that said Bad Decisions Make Great Stories. I don't need another shirt like that one 🙂 Update on my chain and Scottoiler. Installed new chain and sprockets just before I left on a 6,200 mile trip. Scottoiler is the vacuum version and installation was straightforward and I mounted the Scorpion dual injector just ahead of the rear sprocket. Took a bit of fiddling to get it to prime but seemed OK. Left and for the first day it seemed to work OK then stopped doing anything. At 1,700 miles I finally had a break in Sioux Falls SD and checked the Scorpion and replaced one of the nozzles. It started working and I wound up dialing the rate back over several days. LOL I also bought a can of chain lube so maybe that caused the Scottoiler to start working! The side of the chain towards the wheel seemed to get more oil than the outside. Note - both sides are on the inside of the plates and between the plates on on the outside of the chain. Biggest problem was the fling. It got the rear wheel quite dirty and oily. Before I realized it some had been flung onto the side of the tire and in a couple of places started a few streaks onto the tread. I wiped the wheel down and afterwards would wipe it down every morning and no more trouble with oil fling getting on the tire sidewall. As to be expected the bike is quite nasty and needs a good through cleaning. Chain stretched so that chain slack increased by maybe 3mm. I'm just over 40 now so must have been at 38 before. I keep slack in the middle to loose side of the range but started with it a very small amount on the tight side (what I consider tight). Chain is clean and looks new so in that respect the Scottoiler did it's job. I used a clip type master link. I checked it several times during the first part of the trip and it was fine. Now it is gone but link is fine. For now just replacing clip.
  9. Valve check is on my list now at 17,500 miles. Think the difference between the 4,000 and 6,000 miles on services may be due to so many bikes in the US not being ridden that much. I just did a 6,200 mile trip and that plus the 100 before the trip means my oil is at 6,300 miles. More than I would like but many miles of the 6,000 in 6th gear running between 45 and 80 MPH. Not hard use at all. Did have some spirited riding in there but the vast majority of miles in 6th. If I wasn't lazy I could calculate an estimated revolutions versus 4,000 miles of local riding with starts and stops and more cold starts.
  10. I replaced mine at 11,000 miles. Old plugs didn't look too bad would have probably gone to 16,000 miles. I did all the 12,000 mile stuff including syncing the throttle bodies. Now less than 4 weeks later I'm at 17,500 and needing to do more stuff. Will probably have or do the valve check before next long trip. While I was doing TB sync and plugs I changed the air filter. Some of the stuff I didnt worry as much about as have 17,500 miles in a year (plus 2 weeks). My bike has lots of miles in 6th gear at steady cruse. IMO the manual is for everyone including those who are ridding a lot harder and not putting on as many miles in a short period.
  11. Haven’t ridden the Tracer 9 GT but adding a couple of small spots has really helped min 2020 GT at night. I avoid riding at night but have a couple of times recently. Spots really augmented the main beam nicely. Have been on the road for over 2 weeks touring around the western US. Bike is wonderful! Able to cruse effortlessly on the interstates, get off on secondary roads and it is brilliant. Handles well, lots of power to fling you past slower traffic even at higher elevations. Went over Beartooth Pass and Chief Joseph’s Highway twice - once in each direction. Fun! Have it loaded with full side cases and a 58 liter duffle on the back seat plus a small top case lightly loaded. Oh and me with all my gear and a tank bag. Suspension is on the soft side of sport but still good enough for spirited riding.
  12. 2020 Tracer GT, replaced OEM chain at 11,000 miles a month ago. Now have almost 5,000 miles on new sprockets and chain. Added a Scottoiler, took a whiles for it to start working and it’s a bit fiddley. However it is now keeping chain lubed nicely. Probably set a bit too high as rear wheel needs to be wiped off every day. Wiping the rear wheel off every morning is easier to do on a long trips than lubing the chain in the evening and letting it “dry” overnight. At the end of a long day of ridding I’m tired. I’ll have to do a close check when I get back but looking good so far, bike not looking so good as it needaps a good cleaning!
  13. Had that thought today, have been having trouble with GoPro sometimes stopping before the battery is dead. Have to remove and reinstall to get it going again! Did that to me today as I was riding over Beartooth Pass! on my Zumo XT it is the tiny spring loaded pins that get turned to the side. Take Zumo off and make sure the pins are straight and stick it back on. teathers: good to have one! A few days ago pulled out of a KOA starting out on a 400 mile ride. Looked down and Zumo was gone, well wait there it is held by the teather!!! A very good save for sure.
  14. Yesterday ran down to 6.5 miles on yellow light. Then I put 4gallons in. Running down I90 with a tailwind and doing 5 over with a tailwind.
  15. Pics of ur bike in a national park - I’m only suggesting this as I’m headed to Yellowstone in a couple days. Haha!