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  1. Installed new tank bag. SW Motech Daypack. Just about the perfect size, for me anyway!
  2. twistedthrottle.ca has the sale. twistedthrottle.com has their regular price. Not sure why the difference....
  3. twistedthrottle.ca has SW Motech skid plates on sale......
  4. twistedthrottle.ca has SW Motech skid plates on sale......
  5. Hmmmm, might have to give these a whirl!
  6. As I mentioned early on, I’m unavailable this weekend. Have a lot of fun, ride safe and I’ll try to catch the next one! Thanks again for keeping me in mind
  7. Sounds like a great plan! Unfortunately the only weekend that doesn’t work for me right now is the July 27 weekend. Go figure!!! Lol. I’ll keep following however in case the final decision is a different one. @Husqy, thanks for taking the lead!
  8. Had this happen today. First time ever. 2015 model ........
  9. getpetey

    Rpha 70?

    Depending on your stats and what you're looking for, I find the Puig sport works well for me. Nice clean wind and no buffeting for this guy anymore. Still think I will pick up a Puig touring for any looooong tours, but I'm happy with the fresh air. The 70ST seems to be an awesome lid. So glad I picked one up.
  10. I had the same thing with mine. It seemed to me that the "Skipfog" insert included seemed to hit the shields release mechanism. There would be some distortion where the insert contacts the shield. However, after sitting for a couple of weeks, due to our lovely spring weather, it seems to be fine now. I was even out on a cold night and experienced no issues..... Still, I wish it was a better fit, or an actual Pinlock insert right out of the box....
  11. Great looking ride! You’re fortunate to have that to ride!
  12. Love the hugger extension idea!