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  1. Meeting an Old friend in Mackinaw City this year and touring around the Upper peninsula and Wisconsin for 8 days. It’ll be my first such adventure on a motorcycle. Really.cant wait for the experience!
  2. I have had my 2015 FJ for a little over a year and have done nothing to the suspension. Maybe I'm just naive and don't know the difference, but the suspension never really bothered me. Granted, I'm a newer rider with only a few years of experience. I am getting a little more free with the leans and the throttle though....... I was talking to my service provider and we'll be setting up the stock suspension in the new year. However, I am around the 210 mark Maybe I'll be out of luck. Well, worst case scenario I suppose it will be "better" than the factory settings.....
  3. Heya folks. In the midst of planning my first real tour with an old friend for the early summer of 2019. Our plan is rough right now with a lot of room for fine tuning. The jist of our plan is to meet in Mackinaw City and launch from there. Our nightly stops will be near, but not limited to, the following areas: - Bark River/Escanaba MI - Sister Bay WI - Plymouth/Fon Du Lac WI area - Iron River, MI - Copper Harbour, MI - Marquette, MI (final destination before heading our separate ways) Just curious if anyone from these areas or anyone who has toured this general area has any good campground locations? Been looking. and there are tonnes, but just seeing if anyone has a cool spot or good experiences at a place. Cheers and TIA
  4. I’ve thought about the hole, but haven’t gotten there yet. I have also thought about painting the beak, but also liked it black. Maybe someday. Any pics??
  5. Read on here somewhere that someone tried Dynamat???? Sounded like it was successful.
  6. Had oil, filter, coolant, brake fluid all changed. Had my SW Motech skid plate powder coated (wrinkle black) and installed. Didn’t really like the look of the aluminum. Looked out of place IMO! Oh, and I ordered a Sargeant seat......
  7. Is this still available?? Long shot, but ya never know!
  8. Installed new tank bag. SW Motech Daypack. Just about the perfect size, for me anyway!
  9. twistedthrottle.ca has the sale. twistedthrottle.com has their regular price. Not sure why the difference....
  10. twistedthrottle.ca has SW Motech skid plates on sale......
  11. twistedthrottle.ca has SW Motech skid plates on sale......
  12. Hmmmm, might have to give these a whirl!
  13. As I mentioned early on, I’m unavailable this weekend. Have a lot of fun, ride safe and I’ll try to catch the next one! Thanks again for keeping me in mind