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  1. Thanks. The only response I am embarrassed to say is that I did have it in first. All good! #brainfart
  2. Out for a ride today and noticed the trigger style menu toggle isn’t working. The “paddle” one is fine. No other issues with the display. Thoughts???
  3. I got the humour, for sure! Was just explaining what the bat is, that’s all!
  4. A clay bar is used in auto detailing. It’s a resin bar that can remove contaminants, pollutants and debris from paint, fibreglass, etc. It works extremely well. The paint will never be more smooth. Then you buff and wax after. It’s a great product.
  5. Hmmm, good catch! Did you notice any wear occurring?
  6. It seemed that the clutch cable was actually deflecting the larger hose (which I found out is for the air induction hose) out of the position that it seemed to want to sit. I rerouted it behind and seems much better. The old cable hadn’t snapped. I just had the new one and some time so I decided to do the job. There had been no signs of wear on the old cable, but there’s only about 6000km on the bike. (I picked it up on Oct of 2018 with under 2000km on it)
  7. I just sized it up and fished it through, incorrectly at first however. Lol. Live, ask for help and learn!
  8. Dammit! @texscottyd, thank you for your response. Another beer and 25 minutes, good to go. Glad I caught it!
  9. So I decided to update the clutch cable on my 2015 FJ-09 today. Everything went fairly well and had everything back together and adjusted and as I was looking over the job, On the left side of the engine I started wondering if I had routed the clutch cable incorrectly. Can anybody confirm if the clutch cable in the foreground is supposed to be behind the coolant hose? I know I know, should’ve took a picture first! LOL Thanks in advance.
  10. Soooo, who’s hopeful for a 2020 meetup?
  11. So I have both the Puig touring (recent addition and not much time with it) as well as the sport screen. Touring for , well, touring, and the sport for bombing around and day trips the rest of the time. Really spend more time with the sport screen on. While riding around, I would always fiddle with it. Found that if I kind of forced the bend down on the sport screen just a bit, the air seemed so much cleaner. So, today I taped off the screen, followed the OEM contour and chopped two inches off the top. Turned out great! Took it for a ride and it seems like it is just perfect!
  12. Installed a few goodies accumulated over the winter. Puig touring screen, Ram mount X-grip and new to me Seargent seat. ( thanks @coachluciano). Also froze the berries off trying them out for 100km today, but all with it!
  13. Haste to check out Fortu Times Around too. Thanks @whitecrow. Sounds like this guy might have the right idea LOL
  14. Ryan F9 is good. I do follow him. I’ll have to check out Stories of Bike.