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  1. Can anyone tell me what recalls happened on the '15 FJ09's over here , and how can I check if the bike I've just bought will of had them carried out ? Bearing in mind the fella I bought her off is in the USAF and had the bike shipped over to England when he was stationed there , and might of missed any recall notices. I had the gearbox recall carried out on my Gen 1 MT09 Tracer back home in England back in 2015 , and I think there was one for the handlebar clamps ? Cheers in advance 👍
  2. As it happens , I did just that ☺
  3. I'm from just outside London , though my last 20 years there were spent in Beautiful Somerset , more west / near Bristol. Very green , often wet , vastly different to the desert here in North Nevada 😎🤠
  4. If you look hard enough , you can see the DRL's are out on one side 😐
  5. I had the Yamaha LED+ fitted front and back on my '15 Tracer just after I got her , I had no problems for the first 18 months or so but then 1 of the top strips of LED's failed on the front - the indicator still worked , just not the DRL's. I did a tour of the Normandy D Day sites in 2016 and every single other rider in the group complemented on how good the lights looked / worked. The safety aspect of the rear indicators acting as extra brake lights was a good feeling. Then I put the bike in for its first MOT and was told that that very same feature was a FAIL in the MOT !!!! So I had to have the DRL's/extra brake lights disconnected 😐 I've heard of other sets of LED + failing so it is a comman fault ( I think they were/are made by SW MOTECH? ) So , having just bought another Tracer here in the States , I'm leaving the bloody ugly pumpkins on !!
  6. Absolutely, An Englishman now living in Nevada went to California to buy a Japanese bike bought in Montana by a bloke from Washington ( state ) which was hauled back in a u haul trailer with a Texas plate 😁
  7. If you mean me , the bike was bought in Montana, registered in Washington but the guy I bought it from was based in Cali 👍
  8. pilgo

    Got her !!!!

    Cheers for the advice 👍
  9. pilgo

    Got her !!!!

    180 miles each way from my gaff in North Nevada to Linda , California was a 4 hour trip both ways at 55/60 MPH. Most of it was on I80 going over the infamous Donner pass , but when we hit Highway 20 in Cali it was a gorgeous tight and twisty road through a forest - great on a bike , not so in a truck pulling a trailer. But it's a road I'll be heading to once I'm legal. Hiring the trailer from u haul was a simple process , though I had to get the electrics plug on the truck fixed as it was rotten from non use. All in all , a great day out 👍
  10. pilgo

    Got her !!!!

    $15 per day for the trailer is a bloody bargain mate 👍 The test/ course I want to do here in Nevada is recognised as an official test by the DMV . It's a 2 day thing , both in the classroom and hands on bike training. But it comes highly recommended locally.
  11. pilgo

    Got her !!!!

    The guy I got it from is in the USAF and ironically had the bike shipped over to England when he was stationed over to my homeland , so it's kind of ' come home ' . The remap on the bike was done over there also. The clutch needs to be adjusted , literally no biting point. But I'll be fitting the new version cable as soon as I can find one anyway. Plus , as I keep saying , I need to pass my test 😞
  12. Had this view for the 4 hour drive back to NV from Cali after buying my new to me FJ09 😎
  13. pilgo

    Got her !!!!

    So , after having to sell my beloved '15 Tracer 18 months ago because I was waiting for my green card to move to the U.S , i got my hands on this beauty today - another '15 FJ09 . Only 3,500 miles on the clock , bog standard except a ECU reflash but well maintained by the bloke I bought her from. Excited to get out on 2 wheels again - once I've passed my U.S M/C test .
  14. Cheers for the Link , out of stock currently but it gives me a back up option as don't want to order from France and pay import fees.
  15. As titled , I had the Ermax on my Tracer back in England , now I'm after another one for the FJ I'm about to buy here in the States. Long shot I appreciate, but nothing ventured n'all that ☺