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  1. BMW has had keyless ride on some of their models for some years past. Opinions and experiences are mixed - many don't like it. Keyless ride (if it goes wrong) often equals rideless key. There may be many new current 2020 (and earlier) GTs on the market while the old stock is run down, and some decent bargains may be had, I believe. Personally, I found my last GT to be an almost perfect bike in term of outstanding value for money, performance, what it included (cc, panniers, decent seat), and looks and styling: I doubt I'll find the 2021 version as appealing, but that's only IMHO, YMMV.
  2. Primer grey (gray) - aka Shipping Container Grey, or Municipal Garbage Collection Truck Primer/ Undercoat Grey - was the earliest colour (or lack-of) on the first Tracers out of the factory way back...
  3. The 'white' on my SP is actually very light almost-white silver - it really sets-off the adjoining black. You can just see the contrast with the white SP-09 logo on the blue stripe on the tank.
  4. Thanks, betoney. I would heartily recommend at least a test-ride on the 2021 SP. I have found my 2020 to be an excellent little fun machine, emphasis on 'little', for after a Tracer GT or BMW R9T it does look quite petite. The lower seat height at 820mm or so suits me very well, as does the light weight at 192kg. It turns on a dime, as they say, and is incredibly light and 'flickable' to steer. Nobody has yet explained what the 'SP' stands for, but a suggested 'Special Paint' may not be far off the mark, for the seam-free paint job on the tank - all paint, no stickers or transfers or decals - is quite superb, Rolls Royce quality I'd say. The 2021 SP models with cruise-control add another level of sophistication that some/ many may appreciate, despite the SP not being designed as a touring machine when c.c. might be almost compulsory, while the modest 14L tank capacity may be a turn-off for some. Don't get me wrong - I'd have another GT in a heartbeat if I could mount and dismount more easily than I'm nowadays able to. Meantime, the SP will suit me very well, especially as my long-distance touring with day-in day-out riding is a thing of the past... (sob!).
  5. Having just returned home from having the stock KYB front and Ohlins rear suspension on my new MT-09 SP 'tweaked' to my satisfaction I can report back. Joe Slater at Ride Dynamics took 15 minutes and $30 to work his magic, and I am very satisfied with the result after an admittedly short 35km ride home - albeit over some varying road surfaces. It has been quite some time - well over a year - since Joe last upgraded my Tracer 900 GT with $2100 worth of K-Tech suspension components and work, so it would be foolish to try to recall my first impressions then with first impressions now: suffice to say I'm happy! Joe's Ride Dynamics workshop is immaculately clean and of the 'a place for everything and everything in its place' standard, with an impressive amount of professional tools to help things along. I hopped on and off twice while he measured sag, and set-to with spanners and screwdrivers. One learns something every day - I was quite unaware that there's an adjustment point for fast and slow compression at the very bottom of each fork leg - never noticed it before! I advised Joe that I was after a smoother more compliant ride rather than pin-sharp handling - the SP has very sharp handling and very light and 'flickable' steering anyway out of the box. To my inexperienced bum, the stock Ohlins rear shock seemed a bit harsh, and at times the front 'pitter-pattered' as if riding over closely-spaced small corrugations. The front and rear of the bike also didn't feel well-matched (is as good as I can put it), but everything seems very sweet now. The transition over irregularities in the road surface seems much smoother, with no pitching front or rear. The stock SP seat is a shocker (IMHO) so the early arrival from Italy of my new BAGSTER seat should put the cherry on top of the icing on the cake. This was certainly the case before on my late Tracer 900 GT with its then-new K-Tech aftermarket suspension installed and tuned at Ride Dynamics, and I'll then be a very happy bunny!
  6. Nice matching pair of BMW F800 GTs - quite rare here (I had one a few years ago). Very nice pix!
  7. At the moment, not as compliant as on my K-TECH-upgraded GT, but appreciably better than stock Tracers from memory and the ex-factory GT . But it cost me AUD$2100 to get there! As a matter of interest I'm taking the SP to my suspension guru tomorrow (Friday the 13th!!) for him to fine-tune it for me. At a cost of only AUD$30 he did the same on my last OHLINS-equipped BMW R9T, of unhappy memory, and made that OK ride into an appreciably better place to be. He'll be able to do the same with the SP I'm sure - I shall report back.
  8. It doesn't (if the same as mine). But the location of the seat release keyhole is under the seat, in harm's way from road dirt and grit, even if it has a cover! OK if you can stand on your head...
  9. AUD$1750 here - good value.
  10. How can one tell if an LED bead/ globe/ bulb has 'blown'? A test-light between the -ve and +ve terminals lights up, so there is obviously power there. And if blown, where are spares available please? TIA... LATER EDIT: thinking about it, the bead is inset into a circuit board, so I guess this means a new pair of LEDs. Bugger! But it's not too bad - I've had over the years at least six or eight such pairs, all looking the same and probably all originating from the same factory in China, cheap enough too, and not a single fault or failure, so I'm not doing too bad.
  11. You will find that these particular lights have a three-mode pattern: full on: half on: flickering. No big deal - rider just needs to switch to the desired mode when re-starting the bike by toggling the switch..
  12. Looks great, and that matching piping really 'lifts' it, doesn't it? If it performs as well as it looks, you're in Nirvana! How long between ordering and delivery?
  13. Brilliantly done - outstanding perseverance! 😄 Thanks for sharing...