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  1. Motostorm.it. Bought my current BAGSTER seat with red stitching/ piping from them. Outstanding service - had it within three weeks.
  2. That illustration IS NOT in my Manual - see my first post!
  3. All very well and good, chris, but the friggin' manual surely should have a small pic or other illustration of the location of this button, well-hidden as it is!
  4. One learns more every day! Thanks...
  5. Thank you - found it!!! Never noticed it before. None so blind as those who cannot see!
  6. Just noticed this on p 4-19 of the Owner Manual. Cannot seem to locate the switch. Would appreciate some guidance - maybe it is not a feature of my Oz bike... Departing for points north early tomorrow (Thurs 30th) so I'd like to have it working...TIA...
  7. Always - then a quick spin around the block and final check that the oil-drain plug is secure and no leaks.
  8. We sail at dawn on Thursday May 30th! Stay tuned...
  9. Wow - I must have had the last one!
  10. Quick and easy access to my wet-weather gear is essential if I'm caught by the roadside in a sudden storm, as might be the case on my upcoming ~4400km trip into the tropical far north of my state - no time to rummage around in panniers! Making use of the inner lid of any top-box is nothing new, but stuff can - and does - readily fall out when the lid is raised. To hold my wet gear securely in-place I have simply run some cord around the inner part of the lid, through some small screw-in eyelets. The cord secures the gear yet allows it to be instantly put into or taken out of the top-box. Nothing new here, I know - others have done similarly using elastic net and the like.
  11. I don’t much care for carrying hard objects such as a camera, phone, etc. in my jacket pocket when riding lest I fall off and the object(s) take a liking to my rib-cage! At the same time, I do like to be able to stop almost anywhere to take a quick pic or two when the opportunity presents. Getting off the bike to locate the camera in the top-box is a hassle, and sometimes tricky or even impossible on very narrow verge-less country roads of the kind I’ll shortly be travelling, so I have fitted this small hard case – actually intended for a cycle – to the handlebar of my bike. With it there I have instant access to both phone and camera, as needed, plus a small notebook and pen and a tiny glass bottle of eye-spray, without needing to dismount. It’s my take on a tank-bag, which I don’t like much, and with similar set-ups in the past on various other bikes I know it will be very handy. Its compact size is only some 15cm/ 6” in length, with two compartments inside. Cost me $12 in a sporting-goods store.
  12. That was a good find, Ukblade - well done! Painting to match would really finish it off nicely, but what colour is the bike? Even for allowing for changes when photographing due to light, camera, etc., I have to say I haven't seen that colour before, but I do rather like it!
  13. Actually three (3) including for my current bike! @jdavis has already contacted me and I passed on some info about sourcing, etc., both from local and European suppliers. Thanks for your interest...