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  1. wordsmith

    900 GT Side Stand

    Will definitely do later today, after taking my first ride out for five l-o-n-g weeks!
  2. wordsmith

    Travel tool kit

    Yes - I did this some long time ago, finding that the rubber stems on the tyre valves in my then-BMW were extremely stiff and couldn't be angled enough to readily take the servo air-hose end. I guess the extreme stiffness had to do with the TPM (Tyre Pressure Monitoring) function, which presumably had some sort of monitoring element inside the tyre adjacent to the tyre stem inlet.. I have looked in vain for a pic of my hose: simply it was a short (about 8" or so) length of air-hose with a turned brass inlet on one end (into which the hose at the servo was inserted) and a snap-on 'cup' that went onto the valve stem on the wheel. I went to the local commercial/ auto high-pressure hose supplier and he knocked one up for me in no time and at little cost. Invaluable, as at that time I was going through BMWs at a rate, but it went with my last Beemer. I'll keep looking for the pic. Later Edit: found a pic of the hose (top left) in among all the other stuff I used to carry, but not the pic I was seeking of the hose alone. Still, this will give you an idea. Great thing is that it can be stowed easily almost anywhere on the bike under the seat(s). PS: this original pic was taken in January 2015 - where did all those years go???
  3. On Jan 3rd I posted details of my DIY flashing/ pulsing LED rear brake lights that I had just installed. Today I relocated the LEDs and the mounting bracket in preparation for fitting a fender eliminator, as the LEDs would have interfered with the fender eliminator, which will be moved right up and under the rear light/ brake lamp housing. It was one of those simple five minute jobs that took most of the morning, as re-wiring was also necessary. I moved the LEDs about 7"/ 17cm further back and attached them on their bracket to the back of the luggage rack - they are now the rearmost part of the bike. Viewed from behind the bike, the cluster of lights - brake lamp plus the flashing LEDs - still give me a good mass of lights all in one place, thereby maximising their impact and effect (I hope!). Pix below: 124 - no lights. 125 - rear running lamp only. 126 - rear brake lamp only. 127 - added LEDs which flash/ pulse several times when either brake is applied, then stay on in steady state. Brighter than a thousand suns! Note the increased mass of lumens.
  4. wordsmith

    vs FJR???

    1939 model here, and a shade under your own stats at 5'10" on a warm day, 85kg (187lbs) with all riding gear on, 32" inseam, moderately fit but getting less so with every passing day. My own riding usage also mirrors yours pretty closely - my typical weekend ride there-and-back would be about 200km (say 120 miles), up to about 400km (250 miles), and maybe two trips away each year of around 4500km each, say about 2800 miles. These longer trips would entail carrying fully (though lightly) loaded OE hard panniers, which do definitely make a difference to handling and suspension performance. I never ever carry a pillion. The harsh out-of-the-box suspension is a major point of criticism of the alleged 'touring' designation of the FJ/ MT-09, but I have mine on wholly OE suspension quite nicely tuned now, while others choose to have professional tuning and/ or aftermarket suspension parts installed, which can be pretty costly. Additionally, the OE seat also sucks, but there are many ways of dealing with this, mine being to purchase a superb BAGSTER seat from France at a cost of ~AUD$450. Bliss! IMHO, the FJ/ MT-09 will not match your FJR for day-long riding in terms of your comfort and the bike's ease of performance - the CP3 motor is a little buzzy at higher revs (needs to be lower-geared in 6th I suggest for stress-free distance touring) . Counter this with the FJ/ MT-09's flickability and lightness of being, and you may have a drawn match. The lightness also gives ease of shoving the bike around in the garage and given my advancing years and declining physical strength was a major reason for the choice of the MT-09 Tracer - I'm now on my fourth (4th)! Coming from a very long line of BMWs (Roadsters and GSs) I find my MT-09 Tracer pretty satisfactory overall, and certainly giving excellent value-for-money, but if I planned much more distance-touring the BMW (= FJR) would be the choice. For lesser distances in day-riding, however, the FJ/ MT-09 is decidedly a much more 'fun' machine to be on. And it can be heavily 'farkled' at minimal cost given the vast array of mostly inexpensive aftermarket parts now available. Enjoy the mental gymnastics!
  5. wordsmith

    Fender eliminator help

    Thanks, bugie. Would you be able to identify the 'indicator plugs' under the seat? - there seems to be a mess of wires there, added-to by my own wiring to power the pulsing/ flashing rear LEDs that I recently added! I appreciate your info.
  6. wordsmith

    Fender eliminator help

    Still on this topic, I know that if I relocate the rear plate/ light assembly with some form of fender-eliminator device my OE hard panniers will not fit, as the OE pumpkins will then stick out too far. A simple remedy will be to relocate the pumpkins (which I'd prefer to keep rather than replace with a smaller LED) - I have in mind onto/ under the rear carry-rack on my bike by means of some still-to-be-figured-out brackets. So - could some kindly soul here please post a schematic or 'exploded' view of the rear plate carrying assembly so that I might see what's involved before ripping things apart. I guess that the rubber stems of the pumpkins are secured by some kind of nut, but cannot yet see how this is done. Pic below shows the parts and assembly concerned Guidance will be appreciated!
  7. wordsmith

    Fender eliminator help

    Don't need to spend that amount, if indeed anything at all. Very early in the life of this Forum someone posted a simple effective DIY approach, which entailed using all the current bits apart from that ghastly crane arm. You'll find it here somewhere as there are frequent references to it. If I find it I'll post a link. I plan to do it myself very soon. (Later edit: here 'tis): Thanks to Ulewz... Until the fender eliminators come out, poor man's trick By ULEWZ, January 17, 2015 in FJ-09 Tech Tips/How to's Reply to this topic Start new topic
  8. Very, very tasty, and IMHO not at all overdone. Thanks to dingophil for finding and posting!
  9. By far the most appealing custom paint job I've seen (pix of) was a black and gold John Player race-car-like approach. I thought it extremely tasty, and is on my bucket list when Mrs W wins the lottery. Can anyone here recall that pic, and even maybe re-post it?
  10. wordsmith

    My beautiful GT

    That struck me immediately too, tho' apparently Oz bikes are also spoiled by having unpainted pannier lids. Cheapskates!
  11. wordsmith

    EBay - Rear Mudguard Hugger

    Even the best-designed huggers cannot keep the rear of any bike 100% clean. It's unrealistic to expect otherwise, IMHO! My BMW R1200 R after running through some extensive roadworks on Tasmanian roads...
  12. On a long and boring car-trip across town this morning I couldn't help mulling over this video and the poster's comments and expectations. Nobody in their right mind would set out on a proper touring trip of multiple back-to-back days in the saddle, or a cross-continent jaunt, on a Vespa scooter or Ducati Panigale, but it could be done. The penalty would be extreme discomfort, I'd suggest - tho' the Vespa might fare better than the Ducati in that regard! The Gen 1 MT-09/ FJ-09 Tracer, allegedly a sports-tourer, derived from the mad-ass hooligan MT-09/ FZ-09 non-Tracer sports-bike, mildly done over with a screen, larger tank, sit-up-and-beg seating position, and (at least in some markets) hard panniers added. The Gen 2 GT version has some added refinements, notably to suspension and seat, a substantially longer rear swing-arm, plus an upmarket TFT colour display screen and cruise-control. Engine and transmission is largely untouched, it seems. If the Gen 1 bike was 95% sports, 5% tourer, then it seems fair to suggest that the Gen 2 bikes are 85% sports, 15% tourer. Far better pure sports bikes can be bought, and far better pure tourers are plentiful. If - after very many years of BMW Roadsters and GSs - I had wanted a pure touring machine, I doubt if the Tracer would have made the short-list. But I walked eyes-open into the Tracer, accepting it for what it was, warts and all, and for the money - even after my AUD$850 or so of farkling - find that it both suits and satisfies me. But - we are all different!
  13. wordsmith

    EBay - Rear Mudguard Hugger

    Strikes me that the mesh side and top cut-outs are an unnecessary bit of flim-flam that would still allow a substantial amount of water through at any speed. But a step in the right direction...
  14. wordsmith

    New GT owner, south europe

    Simplas - there are plenty of inexpensive and totally satisfactory alternatives to the Puig pegs, just look at the very many posts and Threads about footpegs here. FJR pegs suit and are a very easy installation, cheap too, mine costing me about AUD$16.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Yamaha-FJR1300A-ABS-2004-2013-OE-Style-Front-Foot-Pegs-Footpeg-Set/152657275437?fits=Model%3AFJR1300|Make%3AYamaha&epid=20003741835&hash=item238b152a2d:g:TwAAAOSw9EZZi6JO