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  1. Well, the dealership in Mt Isa - Far North-west Queensland - has accepted my offer and things are proceeding! The bike should probably be here by Christmas, but if not there's no great loss as riding in the heat and humidity of a Queensland summer, just begun, is not much fun! A bit like Florida's 90/90 I imagine. I'm pretty sure that this will be the last of the Mohicans as far as brand-new Tracers are concerned here in Oz, so it will be a bit special - Lava Red too! Let the (mental) farkling begin, but having been there, done that before I know where to start. First, tweak the suspension: luckily I have kept a note of my original settings, which while not perfect by any means did give a satisfactory, if not brilliant ride. Then my usual first-off add-ons: Grip Puppies (the real ones from the UK): then a Stebel Magnum horn - not super-loud but twin-tone and more attention-grabbing than the OE squeaky toy: a home-made extension to the side-stand lowering leg, for easier location when on the bike, in the absence of a universally-jointed ankle: then a pair of front conspicuity LEDS: then my home-made SKENE lookalike red flashing/ pulsing rear brake-light LEDs. Later, probably, a Bagster seat as before, sourced from Italy at a much better price than locally. I'll probably paint the pannier lids too, as I have done before, achieving an excellent result using ordinary household paint rattle-cans (assuming I can get a very good match). Then - after summer's heat and humidity and tropical rain - hit the road in earnest! Happy days!
  2. It is indeed hard to believe, but as I have said here many times, the Tracer model has been a very poor seller in Oz, for reasons I find hard to understand, for the early starting price came down to about $AUD$15,000 including the hard panniers - exceptional value for money IMHO both then and now. Dealer is asking AUD$12,490 for this zero km red one - but it's a very long way from home, 1800km! He has rejected my first offer - wheeling and dealing may well continue, but if not... Thanks betoney and Piotrek for the shift-rod info.
  3. In the very earliest days of the FJ/ MT-09 in early 2015 there was a problem with - I don't recall the exact wording - the gear-change selector rod, or some such thing. Under the recall procedure it was remedied, and a paint dot applied somewhere on the lhs (IIRC) to signify that the fix had been, err, fixed. Could someone please point me to those early posts, reason being that I am looking at a brand-new never-used 2015 model and want to ensure that issue has been dealt with on this particular bike. Also , are there any associated VIN numbers or range to look out for? Thank you...
  4. On the OE Forum main page there were links shown at the very top to Revzilla and EBay, for stuff to buy for our bikes. Where are those links now, please?
  5. There's a 2015 Tracer that has been advertised for quite some time - brand new, zero km and 'never off the showroom floor' according to the dealer's ad. Asking $12,490 - and of course, totally unfarkled... and in fact it may not even be registered. It's the early Lava Red option, which I much preferred to the Matte Grey versions that I bought, the Lava Reds then being all sold. Bad news is that it's 1848km away from me in the remote outback town of Mt Isa. I imagine that trail and dirt bikes are all the go up there, plus quads, much less so road-bikes of any description. I have put in an offer.... but it would have to be trucked down to me. (Later afterthought) - this MT-01 1670cc beast was my third Yamaha motorcycle, way back... with a different colour tank. Contrasting with the Tracer, the seat on this was superbly comfortable - so Yamaha can do it!
  6. Having looked at that link, I think I DO know what I'm missing! Ghastly!
  7. Where's the closest Walmart to Australia, David? (But I appreciate the reply!).
  8. Thank you , guys - most helpful!
  9. I've seen many references to the desirability of replacing the somewhat vulnerable sump drain-plug bolt on 2105 Tracers (I believe the sump re-design on 2016s and later resolved this). Can someone please advise a source/ specification/ of a suitable replacement bolt (just in case!)? Thank you...
  10. wordsmith

    seasoned greetings to all here...

    Salt 'n' pepper - tastes like chicken!
  11. Update: my offer to pay the full asking price if the seller pays the $580 freight cost to me has been firmly rejected, so I shall not be proceeding with this. 'For want of a nail' and all that... On mature consideration, I am not at all overcome with grief. True - the bike was very well-farkled, but I think now that I was probably seduced by that extensive list of farkles, some very expensive. There were only three or four of these add-ons that I routinely fit to any new bike I acquire as soon as possible after taking ownership - these are Grip Puppies: a better horn: and some type of front LEDs for added conspicuity. I later included rear flashing/ pulsing lights a la Skene products. I'm not saying that some of the add-ons wouldn't have been useful - the cruise-control maybe - but most other items I'd never consider adding. Not that I couldn't have afforded them, I just didn't want to afford them! However, some buyer is going to be pretty happy!
  12. Hey Wordsmith, I just turned on your "status updates". This is where you can share things with others, pics, urls to good posts on the forum, even articles from other websites. 

    Take a minute and upload your cover photo here on your profile!  Click on other's cover photos to make them full size. 

  13. In honour of the successful launching of our new Forum (and congrats to all who built her and who will sail in her) I pass on season's greetings to you all, wishing everyone the best for the festivities, good farkling through 2019, and - who knows - maybe a new bike for some! Below left to right: Honey Wordsmith: Mrs Wordsmith, the good-looking one in the middle: Wordsmith himself.
  14. I should also mention that the first (that I have seen) 900 GT is being advertised for sale in a dealership interstate, apparently a demo model with only 415km on it, and priced at AUD$17,490. Of course I'd prefer the GT but by the time I have it shipped to me it would set me back around AUD$19,000 or so - a little too rich for my blood! And duhs10 - if I do proceed this would be only my FIRST red one!
  15. i have just put in an offer for this amazing package - stay tuned!