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  1. Kudos to you for even attempting such an intricate task: I can only hope that the results justify the effort.😎
  2. Complex indeed, wintersdark, and I hope you find what you want, and that it helps you and your wife to 'shed the day' when you do get out there riding together. There is no better tonic... Kudos to you for not giving in.
  3. At the risk of unduly prolonging this subject, I don't think anyone is bad-mouthing Sargent per se, just the crap job they appear to have done with the seat. If Sargent not had a fine reputation before this happened, nobody would have turned a hair, but it's their fall from previous high standards that seems to have excited folks here. Their R&D and QC people have certainly done a lot of reputational damage to the brand.
  4. This reply rings a very loud bell, for this is exactly what happened in my own household when I decided, upon an early retirement, to take up motorcycles again. My licence having long elapsed I had to do some training and take a test - failed first time! My wife 'sneaked' along to a training day to watch me, and said to me that evening "I'd like to have a go at that". You could have knocked me down with a Mack truck, for she had never expressed the least interest, and (awl jew rispeck, my love!) could not have told the difference between the handlebars and the foot-pegs! I encouraged her (never wanting to take her as a pillion) and lo! - she passed the test the first time. And so began the happiest of joint biking careers, my wife progressing to a series of larger bikes once the statutory 12 months on a 250 had passed, and I - later - on a BMW R1100 R boxer twin. We had many wonderful outings together, and several very long trips away up and down the east coast of Australia, with very few scary moments, and although my wife is now 77 y.o. it would take only a slight nudge from me for her to be back in the saddle! Tusk nails it in his last words above - cherished memories indeed.
  5. Which is a little strange as their 'configerateur' appears to ask if the buyer wants one or two seats... see my highlighted screen shot below. "Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose", as we say.
  6. I guess it was either good fortune or good luck. Whatever - I'll take it!
  7. Sargent can't even get the name right - it's TRACER not TRECER! (As an aside, I must say that I'm getting a bit anxious about my new BAGSTER seat after all this screwing-up! But the three I've had before were all perfect in every respect, plus BAGSTER make their own seat-pans, so an excellent fit should be assured).
  8. Awl jew rispeck an' all that, chitown - a very small sample that you quote. I owned very many - too many - Boxer twins and others over about 20 years and rode them fairly hard and long, and had only two very minor issues, both fixed under warranty and neither of which kept me off the road at all.
  9. Piss weak, IMHO. Clearly, Sargent had not done its homework properly.
  10. With your size and height, wintersdark, and your desire to carry a pillion from time-to-time, plus some luggage, may I suggest that you consider a later-model BMW R1200 GS. You may, especially as your winter sets in, be lucky enough to find one in good condition and at the right price... worth considering maybe? They have an awesome reputation and may well fit you like a glove. I speak as a dyed-in-the wool rusted-on BMWer of many years standing, including some GSs - always my favourite machines until they became too heavy and bulky for my skinny seven-stone (I wish!) frame!
  11. You are indeed a B-I-G guy, wintersdark. The Tracer has a weight-limit of 395lb/ 179kg according to my 2019 GT's Manual in front of me. Unless your wife is elfin-like in size and weight, you may be pushing things a bit - literally - if she is on the back with you, and even further if you take advantage of those hard panniers and load 'em up.. The stock Tracer/ GT is still pretty ordinary as far as suspension performance is concerned - better than on the Gen1 Tracer model, but still pretty low-rent. If I were you I'd be looking at alternatives: having said that let me add as an always-solo 85kg/ 187lb rider fully-kitted I love my GT! Best of luck with your search...
  12. Probably not, unless the Gen2/ 2019 Tracer (as opposed to GT) retains the earlier guards. But specific GT DZell LEDs can be had for Gen2 bikes..
  13. Thanks, dazz. It was indeed a beaut day - 24 deg C as I rode towards home. My only regret is that I haven't a stock Tracer or GT to ride back-to-back with my own bike: If I could, I think I'd be even more impressed and happy with the outcome!
  14. THE FINAL WORDS... As a last step in evaluating my GT’s K-Tech suspension upgrade from early September, and the more recent re-working of the front-end and tweaking of the shock to get it just right, I took the roads more travelled on today’s outing, deliberately seeking out a number of highways and byways I knew to be pretty ordinary. For my fellow Queensland Traceristas, I rode the Cunningham Hwy from Cunningham’s Gap to Warwick, thence to Gatton via a very rural albeit interesting and mildly challenging C class road. To and from, mainly smooth Motorway…every conceivable road-surface was there… In a nutshell, the suspension performed admirably, and I now intend very firmly to leave well enough alone. I could not be more satisfied, and now only await my new seat to complete the transformation.
  15. I await the seat itself with great anticipation.😎