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  1. Same question as before - is your bike fitted with DRLs? I ask only because of the 'she just flat didn't see me' comment. Whatever - glad you got away with it.
  2. You confuse my love of a good clean argument with a desire to see you hurt - or worse. Not so: your skin, your choice! Dirty words at ten paces...???
  3. A home-made DIY rad guard on each of my two previous Tracers, and now on the current one, has been securely held in-place with zip-ties over several thousand kilometres. Hard to see, though, as both ties and guard are black.
  4. A timely 'beep' if a rider sees another vehicle drifting into his/ her lane will surely alert the driver, unless of course (as is often the case) said driver is texting, or whatever, and is oblivious to the world outside. The horn is there for a purpose - it may not have the desired effect in some, even maybe many, circumstances, but surely it cannot hurt. And taking evasive action at the same time as blipping the horn is entirely feasible - it's not a matter of one or the other. Awl jew respeck, but you seem to be making a virtue or a point of honour in claiming never to have used your horn - but that's your prerogative. Maybe you wouldn't wear a helmet, or would disengage your bike's ABS, if you follow this through to the bitter end! However, as always, YMMV and it's all IMHO anyway! I'm with betoney, and my finger is always hovering over the horn button when riding at close quarters. I only rarely have to use it, and then never as an aggressive 'weapon', but my Stebel Magnum twin-tone horn has earned its cost on occasions.
  5. Less so when squashed by an errant truck!
  6. Michelin Road 5 = AUD$495 fitted. Pirelli Angel GT = $AUD395 fitted.
  7. I'm very impressed with the technical nature of that test - should prepare almost anybody for the next steps in a safe riding career. Best of luck with the purchase, and with riding it, whatever 'it' may be!
  8. Unless your 'small town' is full of raving homicidal maniacs I doubt they - or most of them anyway - are trying to hit you deliberately. Alerting someone to your presence MAY get you out of danger if they react appropriately. The thought of hitting the horn SHOULD enter your mind - in fact it should be automatic: again - it's what it's there for. But - it's worth knowing that it's a killing-ground out there on the roads, and the only way to be 100% safe and secure is to stay off them!
  9. They have moved - now at North Tivoli... Thanks.
  10. Would you care to share your cost, John (fitted, balanced, etc) - and where bought? Ta.
  11. I'm looking at these now - appreciably cheaper than other options, but I wouldn't believe inferior in any way.
  12. Think of the horn as an 'audible warning device' (I think that's how BMW terms it) and use it as and when! That's what it's there for!!
  13. Would be very worthwhile, IMHO, while not guaranteeing that others may respond, or even see them! There are scores, if not hundreds, of different sorts on E Bay, and wiring them in is as easy as can be - even I can do it! About $30 will do the job comfortably, although you can pay very much more - but be sure to mount them as high up and as far apart as possible - within reason - to optimise visibility. I've never been a fan of them when mounted on the front fork at or near axle level.
  14. I too want to do a 'fender-eliminator' surgery on my 2015, eliminating the 'crane' but keeping the OE pumpkins. Having an aftermarket luggage rack fitted, I figured it would be quite an easy job to fabricate a bracket to go across the underside of the rack then mount the pumpkins from the two ends of this bracket. This would carry them a little higher than as-is, and make it OK to install the hard panniers. The only thing that has stopped me from taking this route already is that I rarely carry the panniers, so it might be a lot of work for very little return. Or it might be laziness! But I certainly wouldn't ride the bike with the pumpkins hidden from the sides by the panniers - besides which the pleece may be upset!