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  1. Of course, it's not my dosh, but if you can find the extra money the GT is the only way to go. You would almost certainly recoup much if not all of the extra cost when time comes to sell or trade. It already has cruise-control, which is excellent (as indeed I hear the McCruise is, but no work involved). Other features include slipper clutch, clutch-less upward shifts, longer swing-arm for added directional stability, far better and more useful TFT colour display screen, all-round adjustable suspensions, even the seat is more comfortable and more stylish and better-looking, as is the windscreen with its one-hand tool-less adjustability. Do think hard about your choice - you're likely to be living with it for some time!
  2. Blind-spot mirrors can be bought on-line or from any decent auto accessories stores, usually coming in a pack of two at about (here in Oz) $8.
  3. The 'tools' you mention comprise nothing more than a small black plastic screwdriver handle and - clipped-in separately - a double-ended screwdriver 'stem' that slides into the handle for use. Hardly worth bothering about - and as said, you could surely find room for it - or its equivalent - elsewhere on the bike.
  4. Get on and order one, quax! There WAS an issue with early Tracer BAGSTER seats collecting wetness (rain, hosing, etc) but they quickly picked up on that and the foams now are encased in thin but adequate plastic. I never had any moisture matters....
  5. Could be worse! Must take an on-line look at that Slingshot - not sure if sold down here...
  6. Looks like one of those iconic maps of the London Underground...
  7. #1 would do. #2 would not. #3 - looks even weirder than a Spyder!! And after cocoa I might fall asleep on that reclining seat. Which reminds me - I have a two-and-a- half hour session booked with my dentist shortly, after which I doubt I'd be able to afford ANYTHING!!! AA☹️Aaaarrrggggggh!
  8. Thinkin' 'bout it, dazz! Deff a lot cheaper than a Spyder, but maybe it comes with plenty spiders in that wreck of a (non-Bagster) seat!
  9. I have always been averse to an excess of technology on mobikes - no such issues here I'd bet! F'rinstance - no front brakes!! On the other hand, good storage for a helmet...
  10. ... used only by a little old lady to drive to church on Sundays.
  11. Someone pls tell me asap if you can whereabouts the bike's Comp Plate is located. TIA
  12. All that's needed is a chain-saw or angle-grinder!