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    Rain x

    I used to use this way back in the day, until it started turning my plexis into a milky yellowish hue. I haven't used it for years, so I can't comment on the current variants. I've just come to accept beading on my visor as a normal part of rain riding.
  2. So with the lower rise, despite the 3" overlap, do you get a gap right at your coin slot that lets cold air in?
  3. I moved to California and only ride during the 9 month no-rain season. 🙂
  4. I dunno, pricepoint, maintenance, reliability…. All good things to look at on a spec sheet, but for me it all disappears once I’m on the bike. Some of my favorite bikes have been ones that are thoroughly panned for one reason or another – take the Virago 535: I bought it for my wife to learn on and I ended up riding the wheels off of it all the while my shiny and powerful FJ1200 sat in the garage. Going the other way I’ve bought bikes based on spec sheets and turns out I didn’t mesh nearly as well with it as I would have thought. My FJ-09 is in that category. After two years and 10k miles I’m still trying to make friends with it. Some things I love about it, some things I think are unforgivable. Despite the spec sheet giving it an A+, I don’t consider it my go-to bike. OTOH my BMW K bike – it’s big, heavy, and somewhat unwieldy, and it has lived up to its reputation and has left me stranded on the side of the road twice in 30k miles. But the riding experience is so well suited for what I value that I actually don’t care if it strands me again. It’s the price of admission. And take my 20 year old SV650. It’s my Camilla Parker Bowles. It might have been something back in the day, and now even though it’s long past its shelf life she continues to be faithfully by my side, giving me a thrill every time I take her out, despite the performance being barely above that which Fred Flintstone would ride. I dunno, I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t have many fckus to give. I just ride whatever puts a grin on my face and I allow others the same. If whatever they’re riding makes them smile, more power to them, even if it wouldn’t make me smile.
  5. I'm not sure if I were a Scotsman that I'd be defending sheep this enthusiastically... just sayin'... as I eat my gluten-free toast with organic avocados and fair trade quinoa spread, sprinkled with cruelty-free salt, coaxed gently from the walls of a natural cave in Slovenia, carried to California by hand.
  6. This reflects my experience as well, just on the BMW side. I love my K bike, but she's a jealous mistress. It takes a lot to keep her happy, and has been the only bike to ever leave me stranded. Every once in a while I think to myself that I should just sell her and get a Goldwing, then I go out to the garage and I'm again seduced by her curves, and take her for a quick ride and remind myself why I keep her, despite the headaches.
  7. Ugh, good luck, these things can be so pesky! I had something similar on my BMW; I couldn’t find anything, mechanic couldn’t find anything, yet we could all experience it. I had given up until someone suggested some sort of voodoo trick, which fixed it right away. The trick FWIW was this: with the ignition on, but not running, open the throttle all the way, then close it, and repeat it five times. Then turn off the ignition, wait 30 seconds, and start the bike as normal. Fired right up and the surging was gone for good.
  8. wow, swapping The Anvil for an FJ-09 will require you to strengthen your shoulders, since this bike will want to rip your arms off as it takes off! -)
  9. Yeah, you definitely worked the shoulders! I really like the profile of the front S21. I got mine on saturday and took them out to scrub them in, so I was super gentle with them, but by 50 miles out I was feeling really good about them. I found them confidence inspiring in their response and predictability.
  10. Sometimes these guys have stuff on closeout at pretty tempting prices MotorcycleGear.com (the new name of New Enough) :: Motorcycle Jackets, Helmets, Gloves, Boots, Luggage, Parts and More! MotorcycleGear.com: Your source for the latest motorcycle gear and the...
  11. Talk to me about this short love affair. I just spooned on a set of S21's to my '15 - I got a killer deal that I couldn't pass up - and I'm wondering about your experience.
  12. Well, the ethanol accounts for some of that. According to the DOE, e10 has 96% of the energy of straight up gas. So there's 2 or 3 miles right there. The other 3 or 4 can probably be attributed to a combo of tire pressure, wind and drag, size/angle of your fairing, ambient temperature, and just how springy that right wrist of yours is. For example, to commute I punch up my tires to 42/40, my fairing is fairly tall and angled so that the wind goes mostly around me, I weigh 150lbs, I use B mode and cruise control at 68 mph. I've pretty much done all I can to maximize commuting mileage. I pay absolutely no attention to all that when I'm riding for fun. Tires go down to 35/32, A mode comes out to play, and WFO is not unusual. Those times I'm getting upper 30's or lower 40's.
  13. When it's riding for fun, IDGAF about mileage - only to the extent I make sure I don't run out of gas. In fact, yesterday I was up in the mountains playing (note: it's spectacularly gorgeous up on 162 right now) and I barely made 160 miles on that tankful. Commuting is a different story. If I can go 225 miles a tank it gives me more options on where and when I fuel up.
  14. Mine is like yours, sometimes up to 5 mpg wrong on the upside (ie dash says I averaged 55, but hand calc shows it's 50). The difference is fairly inconsistent too, which is somewhat of a mystery to me, since my commute is so predictable and similar, day after day. I might have some variability in the lane split sections (having to slow down to wait for a space to open up), but that's maybe one mile out of the total 50 mile commute.
  15. My dash readout isn't very accurate, so I measure mine actual miles divided by gals. On B mode I get close to 55, whereas in STD or A mode I'm in the upper 40's. My home and office are both 3 blocks from the on/off ramp, so on my situation it's a good read on the difference - ie there isn't much by way of start/stop on either side of the commute to create a variable that needs controlling (the lane splitting is pretty much the same every day). I roll onto the fwy, set the cruise control at 68, and sit back and listen to music/books. I do almost two tanks per week, so I've had a lot of opportunities to test this out.