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  1. It was great, I highly recommend it. They only have GS, but they welcome riders to bring in non GS bikes. In my group we had a guy with a KTM 1290, one with a Harley Panamerica, and another one on a Multistrada. But the training is definitely made for GS in mind. There were some exercises the KTM couldn't do (for example, walk beside the bike in first gear, walk it uphill using the clutch only (other hand on the seat rail). The KTM would lug and die, it needed gas to make it happen)
  2. Hey all, a few weeks ago I bid goodbye, as I had swapped out my FJ-09 for a R1250GS. Some had asked me to return with my impressions of how the two bikes compare. Here I am. The riding position is very similar. I immediately felt at home on the GS. The power characteristics and delivery are really different. To me the FJ felt like it wanted to let it rip and I was the one holding it back, whereas the GS is perfectly content at whatever speed/style of riding. The FJ encouraged hooligan behavior, and the GS encourages civil, responsible behavior. When I crack open the throttle on the GS it builds power in a controlled, linear fashion, where the FJ wanted to jump out of my hands when it’s WFO. Both bikes are very agile, but in different ways. The FJ is super light and it feels flickable. The GS, which is 90 lbs heavier feels more planted. Yet it’s shockingly nimble. The weight is so low that it tricks you into thinking you’re on a lighter bike. The GS has decent off road capability. I spent the weekend at RawHyde taking off road lessons, and the big bike can handle more than seems possible. It really is an engineering marvel. Neither bike is inherently better, tho the GS has a lot of creature comforts and more versatility (which you pay dearly for). But they are aimed at different kinds of riders, overgeneralized you could say the FJ has a much younger, wilder spirit, where the GS is more mature, controlled, and patient. It was a good switch for me, as I tend to be more on the mature side. Hope it's helpful!
  3. Well guys, my time on the FJ has come to an end. Her new owner just took her away, leaving an empty slot in the garage. She and I were friends, but we never became besties. We had a lot of good times, but she needed to be with someone who would not stop thinking about her. She did teach me one thing, that I really like the riding position. So much so that the empty slot in the garage will soon be taken up by a new R1250GS I just bought. This has been a fun and useful forum, thank you all for being a good group to chat with. You all take care, enjoy your rides, and be safe. I'll see myself out...
  4. Come take my FJ09 and sell your 900GT! It has all the farkles, including cruise control and the hooligan wheel base. 🙂
  5. Organized? I use the time-honored tradition of closing the lid faster than the stuff can fall out. If I'm really taking a bunch of stuff, I use my bag liners. I fill them off the bag, then slide them in and shut the lid.
  6. That's an interesting idea, to put the tape on the pull down shaded visor instead on the main visor. I will give that a try.
  7. Same here. I have both and find them equally noisy/quiet.
  8. As others have said, buy FIT first, features second. A lovely helmet with bells and whistles is useless if it gives you a headache after an hour. That said, I have the Scorption AT950, my first with a peaked visor, and I don't like it. I find that I have to pay too much attention to the position of my head in the wind stream so as to avoid the wind catching it and tugging my head up. What I have found to be equally effective in blocking the sun is a single strip of electrical tape on the top half of my visor. It does the same thing as putting your hand out in front of your face to block the sun, or wearing a peaked visor. And it's much less intrusive.
  9. Hey Brian, I did this trip last year, you can read about it somewhere in a post here. Altho I'm not a sea level 3, I'm at sea level 200, should be comparable. In summary, I had zero problems with throttle, power, feel.
  10. Whatever pants option you land on, remember the plastic bag hack. Keep two plastic grocery bags (the throwaway kind you get when you shop) with your rain pants. When it's time to put on the pants, step into the plastic bags so they cover your boots. Your rain pants will slide on very easily, you won't be fighting the friction of your boots.
  11. Also, check out Seth Laam's saddles. He custom makes each one, so you could ask him to build it to incorporate the height you want, and the level of support that fits your particular backside. He's done all of mine and I swear by them.
  12. I clean it when I come near passing out when I don my lid. I mean, it's not like I'm sharing my helmet, so my nastiness is ok with me, as long as it doesn't interfere with consciousness. I've tried various things on my face shield over time, and I always come back to just cleaning it and leaving it alone. Invariably whatever miracle thing I put on will smudge, smear, or attract bees (looking at you, lemon pledge).
  13. I don't have one of these beasts, but the pleasure of riding it y'all are describing makes me think of how I feel about my 24 year old SV650. I have to admit that I was one of those that really wanted the XR1200 when it came out, but I had just committed to another bike, and with the economy downturn in place I couldn't justify it. Maybe when I retire and have more time for my rotation I'll add it to the stable.
  14. Welcome that's some serious mileage on the RT! I'll combine your history with Brit bikes and XS bikes, and say that my first "big" bike was the gorgeous Brit Bike impersonator XS650SH. Looking forward to your stories on the Tracer and coast rides!