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  1. I stumbled across this video last night on motorcycle engine engineering which asked the question, why does Yamaha use a cross plane engine when the rest of the industry predominantly uses inline 4 configurations. It was a detailed background and walkthrough and I found it very educational as to why the cross plane design, although heavier to counter balance inherent engine design vibrations, was preferred by Yamaha. The video takes a look specifically at the crossplane four-cylinder configuration but I'm assuming that the performance benefits inherently remain the same when transferred to the Niken's triple cylinder cross plane (CP3) design.
  2. Found this Hondo anti vibration mount on sind adventure touring boards. https://hondogarage.com/products/buzz-kill-vibration-isolator
  3. I've got the XR on a induction charger RAM mount and noticed the problem with my camera intermittently after only a few times on the bike. So far it appears to have self corrected but I've avoided placing the iPhone in the RAM wireless mount until they engineer a vibration dampener of some kind.
  4. Looks like Quad Lock's vibration dampeners will see a huge uptick in sales in that they're one of the few makers that have a specifically engineered solution. https://www.quadlockcase.com/collections/shop-moto/products/vibration-dampener?variant=32819777372235
  5. This warning just got posted on September 10, 2021 from Apple. Apparently they've identified a root cause issue where if you mount a late generation Iphone on your motorcycle the vibrations can cause issues with image stabilization hardware and software thereby causing problems with your camera. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT212803 Switchglide12 was right to keep his phone on his person vs mounted on the bike.
  6. Saw this posted on Youtube which appears to be a 2021 Niken produced as recently as May 2021 in the Japan market. Can anyone read the label in Japanese at the 0:43 second mark to confirm what I think it says?
  7. Hat tip to GregNiken! Link for the Niken GT risers here https://voigt-mt.de/index.php?k=4583&lang=eng. 69.95 Euros for the GT risers and the non GT version. Link to risers for regular (not GT) version here : https://voigt-mt.de/VMT-Voigt-MT-Freiburg-Handlebar-risers-20mm-for-Yamaha-Niken-RN58-18-kit-bar-mounts-1-inch Notes: 1. There are two different links depending upon whether you get risers for the GT vs nonGT version. Be sure you select the correct link. 2. When I called Rox risers of the US back in Jan 2021 they did not make risers for the Nikens. So far these are the first official manufacturer of risers I've heard of.
  8. Two theories on why riders take off gear first before righting the motorcycle: 1. They do it to check and make sure they're not bleeding or have broken anything from the fall. The adrenaline from a fall sometimes hides the true extent of the damage suffered until after the adrenaline wears off and you realized you bruised or bent something you shouldn't have. 2. Falling triggers a fight or flight response, kinda like hockey players throwing off their gloves and helmets before getting in a fight on the ice. If I drop my bike I sure wanna fight.
  9. This specific case is actually a never been titled new Niken registration in Switzerland.
  10. Anyone have an idea of what it means if the VIN lists a 0 for the 10th VIN position? I've got a VIN from a confirmed member that literally has a zero... Do demo / press bikes have a unique 10th VIN=0?
  11. Very interesting to see how that is handled in the European Union. Thanks for sharing.
  12. While the rear tire is easy to find off road tires e.g. Pirelli Skorpions, it's the front two tires that are more challenging since they're actually scooter tires and only one set (OEM Bridgestone Battleaxe) match the appropriate speed rating because of the unique needs of the Niken. It should be possible to find appropriate off road tires for the front but I doubt that any of them will match the speed rating (required in some countries) to pass inspection.
  13. One that is specifically made for the Niken is the Akrapovic,which is what I have. I believe the one you're referencing is a custom built exhaust. The difficult part is actually getting your ECU mapped to match the new exhaust.
  14. Welcome to the forum. You are the first confirmed 2021 Niken owner in this forum worldwide. Thank you for sharing.
  15. Looked up warranty info for New Zealand, it doesn't even list the Niken on their site for recall: Safety recalls database | Vehicle Safety Recalls (nzta.govt.nz)