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  1. Niken GT vs Tracer GT comparison video:
  2. This is the only video I've seen so far that tests the maximum lean angle of the Niken.
  3. In theory he technically has more clearance since he hasn't scraped pegs - but watching him throw the bike into turns compared to other regular motorcycles with two wheels I can only imagine the tossing effort being more pronounced at parking lot (slow) speeds.
  4. Is brown normally positive wire on motorcycles or is this specific to Yamaha?
  5. This would be traffic stop nightmare fuel for my dreams. Video in French of an enthusiast who dressed his Niken in police livery graphics. https://youtu.be/51FcCzHpNz4
  6. I became a sighting the other night when I rode out to Lake Lure, NC. As I was rolling through some of the smaller towns I had a passenger bust out his cell phone and video me while I was just riding down the highway. So far I haven't had too much attention from other motorists.
  7. Ok so you only have two cables to pick from for your taillight. For sure reason I've got three cables (brown, yellow and black) before they hit a connector where they change colors on me (black, yellow and blue) before going to the tail light. I already tried to tap yellow and that didn't work, so it must be brown. Will try that next for my live wire once my shipment of positaps arrive . Thank you!
  8. Nej, jag gillar att hälsa människor på sitt modersmål. Trevligt att träffas!
  9. Think I have to excuse myself to go sit at the children's table now. Wow that is close to the edge!
  10. Is definitely not magnetic steel. I didn't know they make motorcycle gas tanks out of aluminum. I knew they did frames, swingarms and wheels, just not gas tanks. Learned something new!
  11. Placed an order for SW Motech Kobra handguards after calling up Barkbusters and being told they currently do not have a handguard kit for Nikens. My KOBRA handguards, MV Augusta Brutal 800 - SW-MOTECH KOBRA handguards offer protection from weather conditions and falls and... hands were cold during an evening ride earlier this week and these should help fight that.
  12. Was checking my tires on my Niken and noticed how close to the edges I was scuffing the tires. According to the Niken manual, one hits peg scrapers at 43 degrees with maximum steering locked out at 45 degrees. I can say confidently that I never went that far over on my R1150R. Before I start imagining crazy stuff like being the next Valentino Rossi, how far does everyone lean into the corners as evidenced by scuffing on your tire photos?