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  1. Currently using del Rosario Resistor glove for warmer rides. They breathe a little too well for winter conditions in NC <60 degrees Fahrenheit / 16 degrees Celsius. Ran across them by accident years ago on Facebook. Very impressive construction since they started with military specifications and are actually one of the only motorcycle gloves specced to meet the very difficult CE level 2 for protection. I've got the first generation Resistor glove in leather. Has held up very well and luckily haven't had to test its abilities in a slide. MOTO Gloves – Del Rosario
  2. Just wanted to start a thread on what potential competitors there are to the Niken. Looks like Aprilia filed a patent recently for a Niken competitor: Aprilia works on competitor for the Yamaha Niken › Motorcycles.News - Motorcycle-Magazine
  3. Baja Designs does make a SAE street legal version of its Squadron series lights (Squadron SAE), but I'm planning on linking them to my high beams so the off road versions are fine. https://www.bajadesigns.com/products/Squadron-SAE.asp
  4. Welcome to the group! Your bike is literally the first Niken I've seen with auxiliary lights mounted and I've been scouring the internet for months trying to find anyone with them. Ok - please provide pictures of how you mounted the lights to the mirror mounts without lights on please. Close ups of the mounting mechanism would be super helpful in addition to how you routed your power cables since I'm trying to keep a clean look. Also is your Niken gray colored? Would love to see full pix of the bike since I've not seen that color before.
  5. Turbocharged Niken on a race track compared with an MT-09. Niken owned by SW Motech. In French with English subtitles.
  6. Thanks for sharing. I've seen these thinking that Yamaha must have made handguards for the Niken but after calling Yamaha of America at their toll free number, they advised that neither these nor auxiliary lights were available for the Niken. Incidentally the guards shown in the photo are not thicker than the handlebar grips, and as such look like all they do is protect against big branches thwacking your hands or protect your levers from getting wrecked when you drop the bike going through some country terrain. Popular on offroad bikes but they don't do much in terms of shielding your hands from the elements. As cool of a YouTube video that might be, I'm not sure how many Niken owners actually intend to seriously offroad their machines, I just know that I'm not one of them.
  7. Does your bike have two 12v sockets? The Niken GT does. Am trying to figure out what to do with them since I don't trust them enough to keep a strong connection with 12v connectors while in motion.
  8. Alright, looking at a list of white LED driving/combo lights from Baja Designs (squadron R or Squadron SAE). diode dynamics (SS3), Hella Micro 70 LED, Denali D1,D2, DR2, Clearwater Krista, PIAA LP270 and Rigid D Series Pro. Problem is there's not a single standard that they use for measuring lighting objectively. Best I could find was charts like what Hella provides : problem is, not everyone provides these kinds of charts. Anyone know where to go to get a comprehensive list of these charts for Auxiliary lights?
  9. Ok-just spent 3 hours taking apart and putting back on my fairings just to hide my power cable going to my new RAM Quick Grip Qi wireless charging mount. It's been awhile since I've had a bike with this much fairing on it. Last bike I had with lots of fairings was my first sports bike, a 1993 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6E. The Niken GT has about a third more bolts and quick fasteners on upper fairings than my old Ninja ZX-6E (and this was just disassembling the right side and top fairing on the Niken GT). Niken GT technical manual was super helpful in identifying locations of fasteners and bolts, but one part took a very long time to separate because there was one more bolt hidden behind the fuse protector shield that wasn't identified in the technical manual. Once I found it, then it was relatively smooth sailing. What was interesting was that after finally taking off the side cowling, I realized that I didn't have to take off the top section since there was enough clearance underneath to route my power cables. Oh well, now I have an idea of how much effort it will take to change out the air filter once I get closer to 24k miles. Only problem now is I have one machine bolt and one quick fastener that for the life of me I couldn't find where these were supposed to go - grrrr... OCD part of me won't let up until I find where the these go. Good thing I took video to document but I'll have to re-trace my steps to see what I might have missed. RAM wireless mount is powered by the USB port on my Arboreal Systems Neutrino+. I have to say, if you want to minimize the clutter of wires and eliminate a bunch of relays, fuses and switches, then this (or an equivalent electronic power distribution switch) is the way to go. Very pleased with how it's handling all my electrical needs on the Niken GT. So far I've got it powering the tail LEDs in my Givi trunk, single port for my heated vest, my RAM wireless phone mount, and once I get my SW Motech crash bars in and installed, it's also going to power my auxiliary lights that I'm planning on mounting to them, as well as an additional heated port to power heated pants.
  10. Alright, Did a bunch of research, only option is to get a set of engine guards from SW Motech (27mm diameter) and mount the auxiliary lights to it. If I mount at the bottom front shocks, or the top shock tubes I'm too concerned with potential cornering clearance issues. by mounting to engine guards that will ensure a solid vibrating free connection with enough height to be useful. Crash guards at the time of writing are backordered by 3-4 weeks and have to be sourced from Germany. Gives me enough time to find a good auxiliary light bracket to attach to the crash guards.
  11. Just took delivery of RAM wireless phone mount. Will be getting a separate USB splitter from Arboreal Systems to plug into my Neutrino Aurora's USB port to power the RAM wireless holder. Only downside is that this isn't really designed to hold the phone in a landscape position due to the clamping mechanism. The mount came with a rubber tether that should help keep it secure if mounting in landscape format (which is how the Arboreal Systems Neutrino displays it's menu for toggling electronic switches. Now just have to see how to route the USB cable under the seats and gas tank, to the handlebars while allowing enough play to turn the handlebars. Hopefully the included USB cable is long enough.
  12. Written description helps - I can picture that. What did you mount the aluminum bracket to? Frame?
  13. Dielectric grease on order from Amazon. Good tip!
  14. And how long has it been doing this on your bike?