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  1. Adding to my list of places to go see. So far have made it to the Peterson automotive museum in Los Angeles, the Wheels Through Time motorcycle museum (awesome for motorcyclists) in Maggie Valley, NC, BMW Zentrum museum in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, Tennessee. And of course the Nascar Hall of Fame here in Charlotte. Still want to visit the Corvette museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and the Mustang museum in Concord, NC. Incidentally if you do a Chik Fil A headquarters tour in Atlanta they actually have the Batmobile from the Batman Returns movie in the lobby of their corporate headquarters. Turns out the founder of Chik Fil A (Cathy Truitt) was a gear head and a dedicated Harley Davidson rider.
  2. Just got this in the mail today. 2021 SW MOTECH catalog. More farkle ideas for the Niken!
  3. Am hearing owner reports that expected factory front tire life on the Bridgestones are about 21,000 km / 13048 miles. No idea on what owners are experiencing on the rears. Any owners can testify what kind of life you're getting on fronts and rear tires and what you ultimately replaced the tires with? I understand everyone's tire wear rates will be subjective based upon riding style and riding conditions but wanted to get a broad ballpark estimate. I can't tell if 13048 miles on 15 inch front scooter tires is considered good tire wear life or not. Never had a scooter.
  4. Adventuretech out of South Carolina is bringing me a prototype front auxiliary light mounting bracket to test fit this week. Will post updates soon.
  5. If anyone does a Niken demo ride, would you mind taking down the year, model and last 6 digits of serial numbers? I would have guessed a huge chunk of initial serial numbers would have been earmarked for press fleet / demo use but that does not appear to be the case.
  6. From the Facebook Niken Forum, number 65 currently touring in New Zealand, although owner seems to live in Austria. Appears to be a GT.
  7. Looks like the GT rear pillion provides a little more cushioning for pillion riders as well as a higher mini backrest/buttrest for the Niken pilot. I agree that visually the non GT pillion seat looks more aero.
  8. Those are some really beautiful levers and footpegs.
  9. This just in from a Niken owner in the Czech Republic. Apparently Yamaha factory accessories were just made available in the form of a Yamaha radiator guard and chain guard. No mention of this anywhere I could find on the US yamaha site though.
  10. Greetings Pablo, I had problems with mounting my auxiliary lights on my crash bars. I started an entire thread on just the auxiliary light mounting and am trying to get a front bracket made to mount the lights closer to the front.
  11. Yamaha filed patents for a leaning four wheeler which appear to be based upon the MW Vision concept from a few years back. Four-wheeled leaning vehicle patents from Yamaha revealed Patents unearthed by a Japanese motorcycle commentator show Yamaha... YAMAHA MW-VISION | Tokyo Motor Show 2019 - Event | YAMAHA MOTOR CO., LTD. Various information of YAMAHA's The 46th Tokyo Motor Show is available... After watching the video what is really interesting is the fact that yamaha has at least prototyped a working self leveling system for three wheeled motorcycles in addition to a reverse function for what is presumably a battery powered engine. So in theory if Niken sales were promising, then a self leveling three wheeled electric motorcycle like the MW Vision concept might make sense. Would be interesting to know if it qualifies in the US as a motorcycle or a four wheel ATV. I doubt that it would qualify as a car because of the open air configuration.
  12. According to my impromptu check of Niken VINs worldwide, highest confirmed owner VIN is 1501 for a 2019 Niken GT registered in Europe. For comparison purposes there were only 1315 Ferrari F40s made worldwide. If the highest confirmed number is only 1501, then the Niken is in very rare air indeed.
  13. Thank you sir. Very helpful to see how you routed the Pro-Oiler. A few questions: I've got concerns that I may not be able to mount as much of the Pro Oiler hardware under my seat because I've got an Arboreal systems electronic switching controller under there and it takes up a good amount of space. So my first few questions are regarding hardware placement: Why did you mount the adjustment controller under the seat? I would have thought you would want to mount it somewhere if you get caught in the rain that you would adjust the flow higher? Or is it a case of set it and forget it because your bike doesn't see rain that often? Is the controller flat enough that it doesn't rub against the bottom of the seat? I tried to install an Arboreal systems electronic switch controller in that same area but it was so tall that it caused the seat not to lock into place. I saw that you managed to mount the oil reservoir under the seat as well - similar question here, I would have thought you would want to mount this somewhere more externally facing for ease of fill? Or is it a case of you don't have to fill it that often so under the seat is ok? Is the Pro Oiler hard to refill (i.e. Intake nozzle looks big enough to pour oil direct from the container into it without having to resort to a funnel of some kind)? And is this why you mounted it under your seat so that you don't have to get a special angle funnel to fill it if it were mounted vertically elsewhere on the bike? How long did the install and nozzle adjustments take? What oil setting did you ultimate decide upon for regular flow and why? What kind of oil do you end up using? I'm debating between 10W30 synthetic vs. gear oil... On an unrelated note- what is that Warrant of Fitness under the seat? Is that an inspection sticker of some kind? The U.S. use to have inspection decals that you had to display on the suspension forks of your bike - but now it's all tied electronically to owner registration documents, and you cannot re-register annually unless you can evidence passing vehicle inspection documentation.
  14. From the Facebook Niken owners forum, 2019 Niken GT in Vancouver Canada reported serial number 003.