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  1. SW Motech makes 2 skid plates, a flat plate with a curl on the front and a 2 piece plate that sort of looks like a belly pan. I liked the looks of the belly pan so I ordered that. Or Rattle can? Plastic dip? Wouldn't recommend vinyl wrap on a skid plate.
  2. Yes from experience. Carried a work laptop in pouring rain with no problem.
  3. AD1s don't come with hip armor. I originally reused foam pads out of my RC but upgraded this year to the Transit armor holders from Aerostich and the same armor bought through Revzilla. Aerostich TF5 Hip Armor Sleeves Sleeves with integrated hook & loop to allow TF5 Hip Impact... Look at ebay and the BMW Owners' List and ADV Rider for used Aerostich gear. You can get some good discounts for gear that will still last 10 years or more. One example (not recommending, just an example): For sale - Aerostich AD1. Pants | Adventure Rider Ad1 pants, in really good shape. Size 42 r. Inseam is 34. Comes...
  4. Looks like the engine case is torn open and the bike will be totaled. It's a big enough hit that a skid plate might not have mattered but it can't be worse than a hole in the engine.
  5. To the OP - if you're looking for 1 pair, look for mesh or well vented pants from name brands with CE armor and an insulated and a water proof zip in liners. Those offer the most versatility. Don't worry about saving $100 since a good pair of pants can last 10+ years. If you're willing to trade weather versatility for convenience, look at single layer waterproof pants. You'll trade venting for better waterproofing and no need to pull over to zip in liners. Gore tex is the industry standard and IIRC Fort9 said that Dainese and Goretex were the most waterproof layers. These will run maybe $500 and up. If you need convenience getting in and out of pants - like commuting - nobody does that better than Aerostich. I'm critical of 'stich because they should innovate more but they do commuter pants better than anyone else I've tried. I did discover that the hip armor for the Transit suit is MUCH more comfortable than the old foam pads they still sell for the AD1s. So my main pants are AD1s with Transit hip pads.
  6. Glad you're ok. Have a feeling something that big would have taken out a skid plate AND cracked the oil pan. Hopefully you get a good salvage price for it.
  7. Put a skid plate on it first. I learned my lesson. 😁
  8. 1moreroad

    R7.... meh

    R9 based on the FZ09 could be fun. Lower front end will put more weight over it. I would think you'd want it to rev a little quicker than the Tracer. It could be a competitor to the Ducati Supersport line. Maybe a 9/10 Ninja 1000.
  9. I understood Ienatsch to say that trail braking is to load the front suspension, not to slow the bike. Better to trail brake into the corner than coast into a corner with no control over the suspension. What I haven't seen him write about is rolling through a corner on "neutral throttle" with just enough throttle to counteract the acceleration of the curve to hold a steady speed vs go in fast then trail brake to the apex. Neutral throttle should set the suspension like trail braking. There will be more weight on the rear, but the rider will be in control. I'm guessing "neutral throttle" is what @fjray is describing. @duckie - I think pashnit.com had a motorcycle LA TO SF route that went over some of those roads. A few of the roads were hoary, but a group of friends started a December LA to Monterey ride weekend tradition that use some of those roads. Thanks for reminding me of them.
  10. Chamois butter or some other water based lubricant (think KY but thicker) Chamois Butt'r™ Non-greasy Skin Lubricant for Cyclists - Chamois, GoStik, Embrocation Chamois Butt'r non-greasy skin... Bicycle shorts. Just bought these. MUCH cheaper and did well on shorter bicycle rides so far. The Black Bibs No Labels. No B.S. Undeniably... Do NOT wear underwear under bike shorts. Or try to ride a bicycle with an original, old school Flite saddle and any seat will feel plush.
  11. I was. I was less than 1.5 hours from home so my son picked me up in our pickup truck. I'm very frustrated that it took AAA an extra 1.5 hours to let me know that the tow truck they promised was on its way was never on its way. I switched to AAA after 2 years ago the AMA roadside assistance contractor told me - no joke - they only tow cars. 65 to 70 mph. 2 lane state highway in the middle of farm land. Gentle curves. No gravel around when we drove back past. No people or other cars around that I saw. I was surprised about the size of the hole, too. Probably why I could ride more than a mile while leaking oil. The hole is high enough that I'm not sure a skid plate would have mattered. I'm very thankful that I was able to pull into a rest stop. The shoulder where it happened was only a couple inches wide with a ditch on either side of the road. I'm also thankful that Arkansas House in Jasper and Lemley's in Calico Rock offered me a credit for a future stay. They are both small, local motels with no refund policies on the day of arrival. Looking forward to this trip before the end of the year.