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  1. Hello. There are a few of us in the South and @duhs10 is in the Atlanta area.
  2. Tripage LED should be able to build the harness for you.
  3. Rode up to Shiloh Battlefield and took a lap around Pickwick Lake. This is my 2nd ride on the Alabama side of Pickwick, and I found 75 miles of very good linked turns. We rode some wet roads, but we managed to avoid the rain under the the clouds in the pictures. Section north of Pickwick Lake: Moto - Pickwick Lake TN and AL Section - A bike ride in Hardin County, TN 85.0 mi, +4665 ft. Bike ride in Hardin County, TN
  4. Lots of little electrical gremlins in the past week. Got a SPOT device for my wife's peace of mind. Spent an hour on the phone with customer support because my online account locked when I registered the device. Had to create a whole new account. Tech support said that's never happened before. Sat down at the kitchen table to explore my new Garmin Zumo 396. It showed a full charge. After using it about 30 minutes, it suddenly shut down never to turn back on. Shipped it back to Garmin yesterday for a warranty exchange. Had to get special permission from them to ship it without completely extracting the wire harness off the bike to return the harness. It hasn't been plugged into the bike in a week so I don't think it's related to the dead battery on the bike. Went to jump on the bike for a quick ride before work yesterday and the battery was DEAD - 9.2V. Probably my fault - it was 100 deg in the garage when I did the APS adjustment Sat and I'll bet I pinched a wire in my rush to drop the tank and put the plastics back on (well on the way to heat exhaustion after being outside all day). Charged the battery yesterday on the bike, but it drained again in a few hours. Charged it off the bike and it looks like it's holding a charge. Now I'll start pulling my various wire harnesses to see which one is draining the battery. It's not a difficult job, but chasing wiring issues can take a while, and it's f***ing hot in the garage. Thanks for letting me gripe. EDITED TO ADD: At lunch, I added accessories 1 by 1 back to battery. Definitely the GPS cable. Then I found where I pinched it at the back of the gas tank under the bracket that the seat tongue hooks on. Need to figure out if I pinched it anywhere else. EDITED EDITED: with the GPS sent back to Garmin and the heat, the only aftermarket accessory hooked up is the fog lights. Battery voltage is stable. Still need to investigate the Garmin harness when the weather cools off.
  5. @texscottyd Keep hydrating. Heat index is crazy here in the South right now. I've been bicycling in the morning, and it's just too hot to go back out and ride the moto in the afternoon for anything besides quick errands.
  6. Did it this afternoon. Thanks @piotrek. Based on everyone's experience, I dialed it back 3. DIAG 14 OLD - 17 101 NEW 14 98 DIAG 15 OLD - 17 99 NEW 14 97 I'd say it's 50% better. I rode a couple of miles in 1st gear whacking the throttle open and closed. I feel like I can be more aggressive with the throttle but still smooth. It should be easier to ride twisties. A mode feels a little smoother than STD used to. B mode makes noise but feels VERY sluggish to accelerate. I have the Australian wire harness installed (sets off idle fueling higher), but not a flash. This tweak is as big a revelation as that harness. It's 95 degrees and I already spent all morning outside, so I was getting very hot standing in the unairconditioned garage so I couldn't iterate the process. Maybe I'll try again when the weather is cooler. Question - what are we adjusting? Is it tied to the spring to the left side under the tank? Is it an inertial unit?
  7. I did something similar over the winter. The extra spacers and bolts in my PIAA light might kit fit perfectly under my Givi screen so I replaced one with the other to push the screen forward. Definitely moved the airflow above my helmet so I was a tiny bit warmer. Not any quieter, surprisingly. The top of the windscreen was in my field of view. Not a big deal commuting, but distracting on fun rides. I do commute into the high 20s so I'll probably do it again around Thanksgiving. I'll put the big Givi handguards on at the same time. On topic - ordered a Spot device so my wife worries less and replaced my old Garmin GPS with a 396LMTS. Garmin still sucks, just in different ways.
  8. I upgraded that 600 I wrote about with an Ohlins shock and a resprung fork with RaceTech gold valves. It was wonderful. In between I had a dual sport for 8 years so I got used to front end brake dive and a little pogoing. I haven't ridden anything so sporty as this Ninja 1000 to remind me what a sportbike should feel like.
  9. A riding buddy just got a 2014 Ninja 1000 and let me ride it on a twisty road for about 15 miles. Engine - made me realize I haven't ridden a 4 cylinder in 10+ years and I miss them dearly. What an engine. Suspension - stock suspension is better than the FJ. I was faster into corners on a bike I've never ridden not set up for me than my own FJ. I'm definitely redoing my suspension this winter. Can't believe what I accepted all these years! Upper body - awesome ergos and good wind pressure. Lower body - I couldn't own this bike. My ankle and both knees hurt in just 15 miles. Less leg room than what I remember on my Ninja 600 20 years ago (probably not but really tight).
  10. Put it up on the center stand with weight on the back end. Make sure the handlebars turn cleanly and smoothly from side to side. Spin the front wheel by hand and look for hops and brake drag. If it's happening at 12 mph, you should be able to spin the wheel up to that speed for at least a few seconds. Spin the back wheel, too, in case there's something back there that's causing a hop.
  11. At what time do the inmates go from "escaping" to "escaped"? It seems like getting out of the facility is just a start: they're still escaping until... they make it to Mexico, maybe?
  12. Nice. What all roads did you hit? How much are people worried about COVID? I'm planning on heading out there in August for a weekend.
  13. Yes. I think @duhs10 is describing my issue pretty well. The bike wants a deliberate shift and punishes any sloppiness.
  14. 2015 FJ and it does this usually on a downshift between 4th and 3rd occasionally an upshift. Shifter moves, but I never feel it click into gear. Gear indicator number disappears. Usually in a couple of tries I can get it into 3rd. Three times I've had to roll out of traffic and then duck walk it until I can find 3rd then I can drop it back to N. It's happened maybe 1 or 2 dozen times at most in 24k miles.
  15. Looks like you still have the peg feelers on. Were you dragging those everywhere on the track?