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  1. Same seller, Proton 500 Stupid bright. Illuminate ground, sides, and forward. Running lights and blinkers. Programmable blink pattern. Plug and play. I bought them here: Tripageled Proton 500
  2. Aerostich told me this in a call I had after my main zipper failed after 5 years. I use it as a commuter suit so lots of on/off zipping. Just about broke it 120 miles from home trying to close the suit. Not sure if it would have held in a crash. The newer waterproof zippers don't last as long as the older, leakier ones. Since I only had 2 or 3 years of service life left in my suit and I was frustrated in the ventilation (RC is not a good commuter suit in the MS Delta) I tried Klim. Their Gore Tex is failing making me think I'll go back to less expensive jackets in the future. I've got 2 jackets that are going on 20 years that I still use seasonally, so some of my gear lasts a long time. For the OP: Tourmaster jacket - 1 year until waterproofing started peeling off Teknic (don't think it's sold in the US anymore) - mesh jacket still in use in summers after almost 20 years. Multilayer jacket discarded after too frayed and torn after 15 years. Replaced by the Klim. Aerostich - Bought used 2010. 5 years until refresh needed after lowside crash at 20 mph (no injury). Zipper failure after another 5 years. Very waterproof. Poor ventilation but still somehow cold in 50 degree temperatures without layers. Replaced lowers with AD1 pants. Spidi leathers 2 piece - Bought 2003. Used for all travel until the Aerostich. Still use jacket. 1 track lowside at 30+ mph, 1 highside at maybe 20 mph screwing around on a supermoto. No jacket damage no injury. Velcro is well worn. Klim - 1 year and a tear in the Gore tex that I'll get repaired.
  3. Promise you - Aerostich zippers fail. They'll tell you that with the newer, more waterproof ones. They are very up front with what works well on their suits and what doesn't.
  4. I did the Little Tally STT back in 2017. Nice group to ride with.
  5. I'm disappointed in my Klim Apex. Have a rip at the bottom zipper snap on the inside of the storm flap at 14 months old. I think it's a function of the stress from the snap pulling on the Gore. They won't warranty. I can pay them $70 + shipping for a repair that won't color match and they make no guarantees about. They're really just sending it back to Gore. They're charging Aerostich money without Aerostich reliability. I bought AD1 pants and I looked long and hard at the Darien but decided it wouldn't vent well enough for the Deep South in the shoulder seasons. I just thought a $650 Klim would last longer than my first $200 Tourmaster. Gore tex works. There was even a Fort 9 video showing how good Gore tex was. They charge a premium for the name brand, but other breathable waterproof membranes don't work as well. When I bought the Klim I thought I was buying a 5 to 10 year jacket so it didn't bother me (or, more importantly, my wife 😁 ) to pay $650 for a jacket compared to $350 for a jacket.
  6. Please let us know what you think about the RS IVs when you do install them. I stuck with the IIIs on my last install, but I was curious about the IVs.
  7. Old thread, new post. About once a year I look into alternative ear plugs, but I've almost always gone back to cheap foamies. For most of my 20 year riding career I've used the Howard Leight Laser Lite 32 dB plugs. The all orange 33s worked about the same but caused pain after 1 - 2 hours of riding. No good for day rides. Now in my late 40s, the Laser Lites are fine except for all day rides when they start to hurt after about 8 hours. About 2 years ago, my wife got me a set of Bose noise cancelling ear buds which are better than the Laser Lites except in heavy highway traffic - the noise cancelling can't keep up with buffeting wind noise. I ordered a set of these Pinlocks from a UK store on Ebay. I tried them out today. In town and slower, technical twisties I think these will be awesome - they cut out enough road noise to be comfortable while - like @martyl said - letting more ambient noise through. I don't think they would be good for highway drones. They're still too loud for that. I also bought a bag of Oxford bright yellow disposable foamies that claim 39 dB noise reduction. https://www.amazon.com/Oxford-Plugs-SNR39-25-Pairs-Protection/dp/B00YBOIY4K These are the quietest ear plugs I've ever ridden in at highway speeds. The Oxfords in open air are about the same volume as the Laser Lites while I'm ducked down behind the windscreen. For the 10 minutes I had them in (trying out different ear plugs), they actually feel softer than the Laser Lites so I'm hopeful that they will be comfortable at the end of an all day ride. $21 for 25 pairs. Not cheap, but not ridiculous. I can usually get about 3 rides out of a pair of foamies. If they're comfortable at the end of an all day ride, these will be my go to ear plugs.
  8. Don't think a good comparison exists. Best bet is find a website thst at least tries to illuminate the same object with different lights. I don't think the Baja Designs are street legal (but I could be wrong). Rigid designs used to be advertised as street legal but they didn't say yes or no when I bought my PIAAs. Non street legal lights don't have to have a cut off and can blind other drivers or at least make them flash their high beams at you.
  9. It's reachable but awkward. I can make about 1/8 turn at a time. View from the rear tire. If I sit behind the bike, I can alternately work the wrench from the left and right.
  10. Burned a tank of gas this morning doing a lap of one of our local lakes. One of the bridges collapsed about a year ago and I accidentally routed myself over about 3.5 miles of gravel, maybe half of it was recently laid.
  11. You'd need to know the angle of visibility on the LEDs. Cheap LEDs might be bright viewed straight on but barely visible at an angle. Even their last picture on the website makes me question how noticeable the brake lights are to the car behind. For $300 you can buy a taller, CE rated boot.
  12. Welcome! I PM'd you. I like to ride around Pickwick and a few other places.
  13. By mileage, not much. Throttle body sync, maybe? By age, brake fluid and coolant. 2nd gen clutch cable. Make sure all of the recalls were done - CCT and handlebars off the top of my head.
  14. We're getting corrosion because there is a hole on the bottom of the lower threaded bracket that the caliper mounts to. Probably so water can drain. On the lower mounts only.