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  1. Happy with these to put my feet on and hopefully protect in a tip over. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/shogun-frame-sliders-yamaha-fz-09-fj-09-xsr900 It looks like the newer Tracers have the same bolt accessible.
  2. R&G case covers except Shogun sliders instead of the water pump case cover.
  3. My 2nd bike was dead accurate to about 50 mph then about 1 mph high for every 10 mph speed. At extra legal speeds it was very optimistic.
  4. My Scorpion T1200 started out good, but wore out relatively quickly. Sun visor scratched easily. Plastics cracked. Cushion flattened. Protective shell even showed wear. Replaced after 3 years, and I kept my Shoeis 5 years.
  5. Bose are quieter than Howard Leight 32 or 33 dB foamies. The only problem is you.can get popping when passing large trucks at extra highway speeds. With or without music, I love my Bose.
  6. Surprised to see the mileage on my motorcycle catching up to my truck. Might actually have more mileage on the moto by the end of 2020. It's a slow race. Seeing more and more motos on the road now that the weather is consistently good. I saw 5 bikes yesterday! I remember how excited we both were when a Hayabusa rider saw me and rolled up to me to talk while I was refueling back in February. BTW, that's 5 bikes in about 130 miles in the Mississippi Delta. Back when I lived in Los Angeles, I usually lost count around 2 dozen when counting bikes on a 25 mile commute. I'm not thrilled by all the rain in the past 6 months, but at least the forecasts have generally been accurate so I can plan on riding the moto or driving the car or truck. Mesh gear is an absolute must. Temperatures got up to 91 on my ride home and it was comfortable enough.
  7. Please keep us posted if the deflector on the Givi screen helps. The Givi screen meets my needs but something bigger for winter commuting would be good, too. Have you tried the different windshield heights with the Givi screen? They seem to change the nature of the noise but not the volume for me. Is there more windshield movement with the clip on?
  8. Thanks for the route maps. I've ridden through Big South Fork on the way up to Daniel Boone forest. Didn't know about some of the roads west of Big South Fork.
  9. Finally stopped at this building after passing it heading to work. 19th century cotton plantation. This building was built in 1911. It served as the commissary, post office, and railroad depot. Indianola, MS
  10. Ordered the Klim as a replacement for my worn out Scorpion EXO-T1200. This is the 1st time I ordered a helmet online without ever trying it on 1st. It seems to have worked. Wore the helmet around the house for about 30 minutes and wore it in town today. I ordered directly from Klim. Motorcycle Gear and Revzilla have similar prices. Fit: slightly smaller than a Shoei. Head shape feels the same as my old X11s or the GT Air I tried on before buying the Scorpion. Internet criticism about the tight neck roll and cheek pads is accurate. On 1st impression, this has excellent forehead/top of the head fit and tight (but still fits) cheek pads. The modular face piece must be up for me to get in the helmet with either chin curtain in place. It's that tight. Once on, the helmet feels good. When taking it off, it tries to rip your ears off. Again, internet criticism is accurate. How the helmet comes off is lower priority for me. Weight: this is the helmet's big selling point. It's a modular but it's noticeably lighter than the full face Scorpion and lighter than the X11. Size: noticeably wider at the visor than my old Shoei or Scorpion helmets. Probably 1" - 1 1/2" wider. Noise: slightly quieter than the Scorpion even before I added the extra padding inside at the ears and the bigger chin curtain. I will still wear ear plugs on anything but short, in town errands. The internet says it's loud and whistles. I do not agree on this one. I could only get a whistle when I leaned way to the side of the windshield holding my head at a weird angle. Interestingly, standing on the pegs to get my face full in the wind isn't louder but has a lot more bass than my Scorpion. Moto aero has a lot to do with noise (duh). Ventilation and fogging: so-so. Just feel cool air on the top of my head and chin. Haven't installed the pin lock yet. The first detent visor cracked open clears up fogging instantly. Visor: instead of a 2nd, internal visor, it uses a transition visor. I didn't like the sun visor on my Scorpion. It scratched too easily. The optics were a little weird. The Klim's optics are very good (haven't installed the pinlock). The transition happens subtly but quickly. I would like it darker. Anything else you'd like to know?
  11. Installed Protons referenced above. Very happy with them. True DRLs and very bright at night.
  12. I have wondered the same thing. I have never had a problem with this bike. I scraped the lower fairing on my old Ninja a few times (enough to remove paint never enough to damage it). Maybe it's a weight distribution/suspension setting thing? I'm not criticizing riders with cracked pans. I'm kind of wondering why I - who is not graceful or a masterful bike handler - haven't done it yet.
  13. That looks like the "fixed" oil pan with the bolt on the side rather than the bottom. Even with the Mazda fix, our older models would have been worse.
  14. Trying to retire my Scorpion EXO T1200. Excellent 1st impression. 3 years in, I'm replacing it. It feels worn out. The padding is worn out. The air pump system to size the cheek pads leaks air. I get a headache after about an hour on my forehead. The protective styrofoam is wearing noticeably from the inside. The sun visor scratches ridiculously easily. The liner is frayed in places. The plastic in the little sleeve around the helmet strap is cracked. My previous two Shoei's never had these problems. My first helmet, an HJC, didn't have Shoei longevity either. It vents pretty well around the top of the head. Mediocre at the chin. Noise was similar to the Shoei X-11 which was never considered a quiet helmet. I'm replacing it with a Klim TK1200 based on online reviews. I only find it online (or 300+ miles away). Ordered directly through Klim. Rated a similar head shape. Hopefully it fits. Otherwise I'll be looking at Schuberth C3 Pros.