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  1. Isle of Mann style? There are some BIG dropoffs around there (or am I thinking of 123?)
  2. Love the triple t-shirt BUT just know that after the 1st wash the shirts shrink. I've worn mostly an adult large for about 30 years and occasionally a medium, but this large is a little tight.
  3. Givi offered something like these maybe 2 years ago but they're not listed anymore
  4. @piotrek I have the Givi screen which I think is the same as the Kappa. Airflow on this bike is just weird. The bottom if my helmet is soaking wet. Fortunately I had some.decent ceiling fans and all night to dry the gear.
  5. The aerodynamics on the FJ are strange, and they're getting me wetter in rain riding. I've noticed that in steady rain, large water droplets move upward between me and the tank. If I crack my visor, rain comes in through the crack. Today I was trying out my new Klim jacket. The main part of the jacket stayed dry, but enough water wicked around the waist that my wallet in a hand pocket got damp. I think it's after from around the legs pulled upward. Any ideas how to block this air/water flow? Also the mirrors sit above my hands. While my larger Givi handguards provide protection from forward rain, water steadily drips off my mirrors on to my hands!
  6. Watch for the rolled up length. As long as it's not longer than the bike width including the panniers, you're good.
  7. I was seriously looking at one of these shortly after I bought my motorcycle. After I bought a pick up truck, my wife permanently nixed the idea and told me to just take both in the truck. Haven't done it yet, but I keep threatening.... My biggest concern was storing all the riding gear - special shoes, helmet, water bottles, etc. in addition to the regular moto gear. I don't think you could just pull in a rest stop and leave the moto and gear and go ride. You'd need a hotel room to lock everything up. At least with the truck I can completely lock the 2nd set of gear. I think it would be awesome to ride the bicycle for 2 or 3 hours, stop for a snack, then ride the motorcycle for 4 or 5 hours. Or ride the streets then grab the mountain bike to go explore trails.
  8. FJR riding position would be closer to the FZR. The FJ is more like a super moto or dual sport riding position. The wide bars make the bike feel lighter. The FJ only weighs about 10% more than the FZR. It's a very different feeling bike than the FJR. FJR feels like a heavy, high effort sportbike. The FJ feels like a heavy, moderate effort super moto.
  9. What confusion? I've been in firefighting and emergency medical response for 10+ years. If they don't notice a bright red 30,000# truck with lights, sirens, and air horns then why would they notice a headlight modulator? Seriously I'd guess that 50% of people notice and yield. 25% of people notice but have no idea what to do (sirens and lights, move to the right). 25% of people just don't notice.
  10. Now that's a new problem. Is it true under all conditions and all sun angles? Can you block the glare with a well placed hand? Maybe a tinted screen?
  11. Completely understand your hesitation, but the owner posts on this site, and there are many satisfied cage owners on this site. (This from a guy who uses the same guideline but just sold a 'stitch suit to someone 3000 miles away through Craigslist)
  12. Shop said the chain and sprockets look good. If it "suddenly" loosens again, replace both.
  13. I just looked quickly at your link and those are real dirt bike tires. While anything is possible with enough time and money, I don't think these would be a good solution for our bikes. Look in the build project sub forum. A couple of people have made the FJs more adventure worthy. Start here: Get the Higdonion cage off this site or another one. Maybe the newer oil pan.