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  1. We used to live in Long Beach. When friends planned a long ride, I would tell my wife I was going to get groceries and come back with a jar of apple butter from Julian!
  2. I think Dunlop really confused the market with the recent RoadSmart series. Best as I can decipher, it seems the RS II and RS III are completely different categories of tires, with the RS III being a premium dual-compound sport touring tire (touting long life and great grip). Meanwhile the RS II is a bargain price point single compound tire, lacking the grip (and longevity?) of the RS III. You are right. Old RS IIs were Dunlops best sport touring tires at the time replaced by the better RS IIIs. New RS IIs use the same tread pattern as the old ones - that's why they can reuse the name. That's where the similarity ends. Different rubber. Different factory. I read somewhere (maybe here?) that the new RS IIs were designed to be Shinko competitors. I don't ride as hard as some folks here and do a lot of straight commuting miles, so I was willing to try lesser tires. My concern is the slipping. I've managed to slide the front and rear on our local traffic circles which kills my trust in the tires. I end up wobbling into corners instead of committing to them because I'm feeling for sliding and ready to straighten the bike back up. It doesn't help that I'm on the stock suspension and getting bouncy rebound out back coming out of the traffic circles and crashing compression in front on pavement seams.
  3. New RS2s are cheap in every sense of the word. After this pair is worn out, I won't by discount sport touring tires ever again. And I generally like Dunlops.
  4. Bad choice of words. Just got off a 24. Thanks. You answered my question.
  5. Are they good for towing, too? I run the hooks from the rear over the lower triple clamp and hook onto the front/bottom with my tie downs. These would be a LOT easier, but there's more force bouncing in the back of a pick up.
  6. Had a coolant leak in a car many years ago. There are colored additives that make it relatively easy to find a leak with even with a bright flashlight. Easier with a blacklight.
  7. Agreed. Nice to know.
  8. Is it good for the OE saddlebags? I have a large scratch on one where it rubbed up against a wood railing.
  9. I got 9500 out of the front and 7000 out of the rear including 1 track day. I do a lot of commuting so my tires were flat spotted when I replaced them.
  10. Great roads but usually way too crowded. Hope you had a clean run up and down the mountain.
  11. Local ride. Yesterday we went out for about an hour by the local flood control lake. Lots of motorcycle riders. Mostly single riders, but one group with maybe 9 bikes all packed together with no social distancing at a single gas pump. The new normal is weird. Without thinking I went to give a gloved fist bump but got rejected.
  12. There were a couple of articles about 2 or 3 weeks ago saying all the major insurance carriers were going to give 10% or more discounts since no one is driving. Does anyone know about that? I just renewed my Allstate motorcycle policy. My agent didn't have any details but said the next time you renew after May you should see a 10% - 20% reduction for 1 month. If he's right that means that I'll get a $5 to $10 reduction in my moto insurance next April. 🤑
  13. It has to reduce the amount of air going through the radiator. A screen in a window can block up to 50% of air going through it. We're not reading about the bikes of everyone with a screen guard overheating, though. I'd guess find someone on this forum who lives in a similar climate with similar riding that you do and see if he complains that his temp gauge keeps running high. If not, buy the same guard he has.