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  1. I love those roads up above the old towns looking down in western PA, WV, and eastern OH.
  2. Don't let it. For me, track days are complimentary to street riding. Track days give you the opportunity to improve skills in a controlled environment and work on the technical aspects of riding with the added enjoyment of doing it at speed. In some ways, spending a day in the parking lot with cones is closer to a track day than street riding. That's why The Total Control clinics are done in parking lots. Have you seen what they can do in a parking lot? My track days are focused on technique. There is an optimal way to hit a turn, and I spend the day trying to hit a turn that optimal way over and over. That is hugely rewarding. I also wouldn't do track days exclusively without street riding. Street riding is about travel and experiencing some part of the world. Part of that is hitting each corner the best way but you need to be much more open to the world on the street compared to the track. Skills you gain at track days and other schools should feed into your safety and enjoyment when street riding.
  3. Welcome. I'm a couple of hours east of you, but I enjoy heading out your way to ride.
  4. There's a height adjuster at the top of the K tech shock that doesn't exist on the OE. Rebound adjustment is switched to the bottom on the K tech. Preload is at the bottom same as the OE shock.
  5. Check the free play down at the motor and adjust if necessary. Fine tune it at the lever. Good video: Go to ~ 4:35 to adjust at the motor.
  6. A buddy and I had our first all weekend ride planned siince COVID hit. Unfortunately the Weather Channel showed a new band of thunderstorms coming through twice a day all weekend. We'll reschedule. When I told my wife, f*** it I'll just get stuck working all day on a vacation day, she said, you knew you were going to ride in the rain some of the time so go ride. So I burned a tank of gas this afternoon. The storms are coming out of the Gulf so the temperature is perfect. Some roads are still dirty and torn up from the winter storm. Actually got to use B mode on those. Waterproof gear from neck to toe seems to have done it's job. Rain X on the helmet visor seemed to work, on the windscreen not so much - probably because of the weird aerodynamics of the FJ. I did find one fun new road that will go in my rotation of local roads. Wet field Coffee Stop Weather in N Mississippi
  7. Bought the 50S. Revzilla priced matched Amazon to $486.10 + tax for a pair. It was less than 10% more expensive than the 30K on closeout. I bought the 50K because 1 friend already has it and because the speakers are supposed to be a major upgrade according to reviews. 2 rides with friends have been cancelled due to weather, so I haven't been able to try the intercom feature. Overall impression - it's an impressive system. Phone calls are clear to cruising highway speeds with speakers behind ear plugs. My wife said my voice was slightly muffled, but she otherwise would not have known I was on a motorcycle. Music is good to 65 mph. Podcasts were only good to 45 mph. Should be better with my Bose earbuds. The Garmin <-> Sena Bluetooth connection is easy. Physical installation was easy, and I took the chance to remove my helmet pads and wash them. I noticed the weight of the intercom the very first time I picked up the helmet in my hands, but I don't notice it on my head. I There are negatives - every time I issue a voice command to my phone or to the Sena system, it says "Intercom failed" even when I successfully command my phone! Voice commands to the Sena haven't worked at all yet. The phone app is glitchy and keeps dropping the connection to the intercom then reconnecting. There are a LOT of features all controlled with two buttons and a dial so you need to memorize a bunch of Nintendo cheat codes to access features like the radio. Right now I need to use my Garmin Zumo as a Bluetooth hub. Connecting everything to the Garmin is easy, and the Garmin gives me a display of my phone and Sena functions. I thought the 50S had 2 Bluetooth channels. My buddy who has had one since they first came out swears there is only one. That means that I can only connect to the Garmin OR my phone OR another rider's Bluetooth intercom. The 50S really relies on Mesh for the intercom function. It would be nice to connect Garmin <-> phone, Garmin <-> Sena, AND phone <-> Sena via Bluetooth.
  8. Yep. Depending on how I'm riding: 1st bar lasts about 100 miles 2nd bar lasts about 10 miles (regardless of how I'm riding, strangely) After that each bar lasts 20 - 25 miles What's weird is that I managed to get 4.1 gallons into the tank on my last fill up and my last bar wasn't blinking. I usually can only get about 3.9 gallons after it has been blinking for 10 miles.
  9. 🤣@2and3cylinders is asking how long a guy's... windshield is. It works a lot better naked than with the stock windshield. If the Madstad is the right height, it would probably work very well for touring.
  10. Thanks for bringing this back to the top. BB (King) and FJ
  11. I noticed that, too. Also noticed the 19" front wheel but I have a friend with a variety of experience (advanced on track, coast to coast Iron Butt, etc.) who says the slightly larger wheel is fine on road. At the end of the day I think an FJ like ours is a budget version of the Multi. If you have the deeper pockets, enjoy it. The Multi doesn't meet my value criteria. I would still love to ride one. One of the best bikes I have ever enjoyed was a Ducati ST4S back in the mid 00s. Ducati knows how to sport tour.
  12. My ride a couple of nights this week. We just upgraded our fire department to non-transfer ALS (paramedic level) and this is the designated vehicle for medical use: crew cab F250 6.5' bed with highway tires. Makes driving home in my F150 crew cab short bed with AT tires almost sporty. So not all blues and moans. I'm really excited to get back to basics running 911 calls out of jump bags.
  13. I followed this video: To set the tear wheel height, I put it on the centerstand and used a short length of 4x4 and books under the back wheel.
  14. Set the ride height at the top of the shock to match your FJ shock length before you install it. I didn't at first. It slows the steering way down and makes it really stable. Not bad but not as fun as I wanted it.
  15. I have it. I like it, but it blew a seal and it leaked after 2000 miles. Lenny is fixing it under warranty no question and changing to spring while he's at it. Rides better than stock for sure. Haven't done any really hard rides on it yet.