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  1. Welcome. Where did you pick up the bike? I live down in north Mississippi. Let me know the next time you're heading to AR, and I'll do the same. There are also 1 or 2 folks who live in Nashville.
  2. That's very possible, although I don't know why Euro FJs wouldn't have the same problem. The front end can get light. It's well documented in this forum. Same reason why you're not supposed to put hard tail and saddle bags on at the same time. Some of us have the problem and some don't. I've had a twitchy front end but it always settles down. Only time it didn't was when a shop (grrr) did not set the forks to the same height in the triple clamps. I got a wobble (not a slapper) at about 100 mph. Easy to fix. I was surprised just how sensitive the bike was.
  3. Fairings were off only to get to the unused connectors behind the dashboard. That said, it only takes a few minutes to get back there. It was also easier to pull the side fairing off to route wiring under the gas tank. Take a look at the pattern for the LP270 driving lights if you want more forward light. If you go that route, you probably want to mount them higher, though. Amazon had the best price when I looked, and Revzilla price matched. Haven't had much time to drive at night between weather and needing to give rides to coworkers. The lights do what I want and what they advertise - add about 20' feet more good visibility to either side without blinding oncoming drivers. Looking forward, they fill in light below the headlight but don't shine any farther than the headlights. Negatives - the connectors between the light wiring and the harness hang a little low. I would have preferred to hide them behind the nose. They hang lower than that. There are two different mounts. I picked the screw mount instead of the L bracket. The bracket would have been more resistant to rotation. I used blue Loctite on the screws. So far that's been enough.
  4. May not be important, but they'll void the mfr warranty: https://www.dunlopmotorcycletires.com/about/warranty-info/
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  6. Snow is rare here, and it always melts in a day except. I am sincerely impressed with your commitment to riding. The one time I tried snow riding on our bikes was exhausting. I finally had to park it at the bottom of the driveway after almost crashing trying to ride up and literally sliding back down.
  7. Home. I have a good wife and a good truck.
  8. Thanks. Have the compressor and tire ropes. Clip the compressor to the battery with the engine running. Stuck five in the hole waiting for the wife. Ropes won't fill it. Hole is almost perfectly round. Fibers underneath it are all torn. @roadrash83 very glad. Also thankful that I had a blow out where it was safe to pull over. Everything around here is two lane soft shoulder with lots of truck traffic and 5 - 10 miles between every little no stoplight town
  9. No gap. Just a draft. @donk similar price to Darien. Klim had more venting. RC3 has no liner. Sort of like Darien. EDITED TO ADD: Just rode another 1.5 hours. No tight spots or pinch points. Then walked around for 2 hours. Bulkier than my leathers, but what would you expect? I think I'm sold.
  10. Halfway home. Wife is on her way with the pickup truck. The hole is big enough to stick my pinky in. 2nd flat in 18 years of riding.
  11. I've put about 150 miles on a set of Aerostich AD1 pants. If anyone is interested, I can continue to update this thread in the future. These pants and a Klim Apex jacket replaced a 12 year old Aerostich 1 piece classic suit. I ordered these pants in khaki in September. After the material still wasn't ready in Dec, Aerostich said I could switch to black or wait at least 2 more months. I switched. These are MN made pants. I think they brought all AD1 production back to the US. They are unlined. Let me say that if there was a 2 piece RC3, that is what I would own. That said, I think the Klim vents really well, and this combination is slightly less expensive than an RC3. The pants are relatively easy on/off. They have full length leg zippers on both legs which should help with venting, too. They flow more air than the lines RC. I think they will get easier on/off once they are broken in. Brand new, they are STIFF. They have the usual stich armor - big and thick. I moved hip pads from my RC over. I might drop some CE pads into the fabric pockets to loosen the waist. Which brings me to fit. These are cut unlike any riding pants I've ever worn. At their recommendation, I'm wearing a 36" regular as overpants. For comparison I wear 34x32 Levi's and Aerostich Protekt jeans. These pants seem to fit very precisely. They should get better as I lose weight. Armor sits in exactly the right place and does not move. The AD1s are less restrictive swinging a leg over the bike than the RC. Most textile pants sit 1" to 2" above my belly button. Believe Aerostich when they say they are cut like jeans. They follow the waist line of my Levi's exactly. But jeans have some give. Tugging the waist of these pants gives you a wedgie. Even the front of the waist of my 2 piece leathers sits higher. There is still about 3" of overlap between jacket and pants all the way around when seated on the FJ. I'm not sure how they'd fit on a sportier bike. I haven't ridden in rain yet, so I don't know if water will get in. Air definitely flows up my back. There is no material bunching around the waist and crotch. That's nice. I really want to like the pants. I think I will once they break in. They were comfortable for 2 hours continuously on the bike.
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  13. So I've continued to read about this. Lost length might be rear seat or more compact electric motor than ICE. The outside sheet metal is so angular for simplicity to keep mfg costs down. That suggests that it will be very heavy, which will impact range.
  14. Took the FJ out to test ride a new pair of Aerostich AD1s. 50 degrees and really windy. Just a quick 40 mile ride. Caught the boat dock right at sunset.
  15. I change bicycle tires in less than 5 minutes. *In theory* moto tires should be identical. Somehow I struggled repeatedly. When I found shops that can install tires for about $25 each, I was done and let them do it. Takes them 30 to 45 minutes and no scratches or scuffing.