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  1. As per iamthedruman's comment the pads are shorter. I am sure Heat Demon would be happy to share exact measurements if you haven't contacted them directly already. I don't want to guess how much extra length/space there is. On the throttle side you have options. I routed mine to exit grip at about the 4 o'clock position when looking at bike from right side with lots of play to allow for throttle movement and routing along throttle cables.
  2. Had a chance to ride with some lighter, thinner gloves and the uneven heat is definitely noticeable, but not enough for me to consider it an issue. Besides, my throttle hand tends to get colder than my clutch hand anyway so it all works out!
  3. Sounds correct, except I had no blue/yellow wire, it is red/yellow. Duke also kindly posted written instructions in the 1st post on page 3 of this thread in case you did not see it.
  4. Yes it is the yellow and red. Scratched my head for about 30 seconds as well and apologize for not mentioning in my earlier post. Different wire colors for different years maybe? Mine is a '17.
  5. Update and caveat. I rode to work in 32F temp today. Only a 20 min ride doing 75-80mph mostly on hwy, and my hands stayed nice and toasty using medium heat setting (with crappy gloves). Very happy, because my hands were cold by the time I got to work last week in in 45-47F temperatures. Caveat is that this my first experience with heated grips so I do not have anything to compare too. What I can say with a fair amount of certainty certainty albeit minimal exposure, is that I will not own a bike without heated grips again in the foreseeable future!
  6. The model is Heat Demon 210019RR. I purchase mine on Amazon.ca, but if you just Google the model you should have plenty of options.
  7. Sucess! Installed Heat Demon pads yesterday without too much difficulty, thanks to Duke's easy to follow instructions. Both grips came off easily with a flat head screwdriver and some isopropyl alcohol. Only hickup was not heating the shrink tubing enough. It seemed tight (could not twist it with fair bit of effort and I am a bigger guy), but came loose when I went to install grip later. Luckily the Heat Demon element is designed to take heat so with heat gun on low and some patience, I was able to further shrink the tubing without damaging element, and reinstall grip without triuble. As a matter of fact I used heat gun on throttle side to get heating pad to stick properly as my garage is getting cool already. Took it for a ride today for about 30-40min in 45F / 5c, mostly hwy at around 60-65mph. Works great! Medium was plenty hot for those temperatures and did not leave it for long high so I can't speak to the difference from medium to high. Worth noting that the gloves I wore are not ideal for heated grips, as they are leather with plenty of insulation and gel pads on in palms, so quite thick, but got nice and toasty in medium on hwy. My hands would be cold after about 15-20 minutes in wearing those gloves in the same temps (too small and new gloves on the way, but that is another story).Cost me $95 CDN total, and if a heating pad dies and needs to be replaced, no biggie needless to say! I did not notice a difference I heat levels between grips while using medium heat. The left side took a bit longer to warm up. Big thanks Duke for sharing your knowledge and providing instructions, and to chitown and others for their insight as well!
  8. Piotrek, I will gladly provide an update once I am up and running. Thanks again chitown. That is great to know. I don't ride much in sub zero temperatures anyway except the odd 20 min morning commute, so I will reuse oem grips if they survive the removal process.
  9. Thank you chitown, much appreciated. Hmmm... I will have to make a decision on the grips. I use Grip Puppies at the moment, but realize they will reduce the effect of the heating pads, but wont know if it will be an issue until after the install grip warmers needless to say. Maybe I will upgrade grips and try to live without Grip Puppies. Do love the Grip Puppies though, especially on long days since I do not have cruise control. Did 600 miles in a day this summer and no right hand aches, pains or cramping. With just the oem grips I'd be in trouble after 3-4 hours, if that.
  10. First of all thanks for sharing your technical expertise and the "how to" as far as wiring etc. I have been pulling my hair out for a while trying to decide whether to spend $400CDN on the Yamaha heated grips, or $125CDN on the Oxford and and run a new wiring circuit all together with a separate switch etc, so this is perfect and I have already ordered the Heat Demon pads and some TST Industries wire connectors. Have a couple of couple of questions though, dumb as they may be. Have you been reusing the original grips after installing pads, and it is not clear to me how you resolved the different heat levels from left to right? I assume you used too much heatshrink on the left side based on your comments?
  11. Very happy with mine. I am just hitting wear bars on my first Shinko 705 rear tire with almost 8,000 miles on it. Front still in great shape and will easily go through another rear before I will have to replace it.
  12. Late to the party here. He will ship to Canada and US. Just send him a message through eBay and he will look after you. I just placed my order. Shipping is £19.50. Steep for some but I have paid a lot more than that to have accessories and parts shipped to Canada from US.
  13. I am happy with them. The padding is light and does not cover an area much bigger than bicycle shorts would, but must hit the pressure points because I don't find myself squirming in my seat like I normally would after an extended period of riding. That said, I am not suggesting they are God's gift towards rider comfort, but they work for me. Worth adding, is that the day after my 600 mile ride there was absolutely zero symptoms of having spent 8 hours plus in the saddle the day before.
  14. Had the same issue with wobbles. The change that made the biggest difference for me (still have stock suspension) was raising forks in triple tree. I did 2.5mm at a time between test rides and ended up raising forks 15mm but went back to 10mm as 15mm made turn in tendency a little more aggressive than I liked and the seat angle steeper than I liked for longer rides. That said even 5mm made a big difference. This bike is susceptible to a lot of things i have concluded, ranging from rough ashfalt (aggrevated by my dual sport tires), crosswinds and especially turbulence from other vehicles. I replaced handguards with bar end weights during the summer and it helped a bit as well in turbulence from other traffic. If I am going straight on fresh ashfalt with no wind or traffic I do not get wobbles anymore after raising forks, but still do in turbulence and/or gusty winds, although only at speeds above 125mph, so I can live with it, as I rarely see that kind of speeds and don't go to the track. Speed rating on my tires are only 130mph in any case.
  15. I decided to order a pair of these before my four day trip this last week. I will be buying another pair for sure. The shorts by themselves are not the ultimate solution to staying comfortable indefinitly on the stock seat, but they made a noticeable difference, especially in combination with my sheepskin pad on day one, which was almost 600 miles in the saddle, with minimal breaks just for gas basically. They do a really good job keeping you dry as well in hot weather which is a bonus. As they are European I was warned their sizes are smaller. I am 6'4' and 235lbs and 2xl fit perfectly. Here is a link to their page. I ordered mine from Fortnine (Canadian outfit). BOX 2 boxer shorts with butt-patch - technical sports underwear for men The SIXS boxer shorts with butt-patch are ideal for training and... On a sidenote, I am disappointed with the customer service at Moto-Skiveez. I was going to order a pair from them as well so I could compare as they have good reviews as well. They only offer one shipping method, but does not say what it is, only the cost (on the page where you would pay and confirm your order). By the time I discovered their products I was only a few days from leaving, so I emailed asking about shipping method and offered to pay more for express shipping if possible. I sent another email at a later date, and I have yet to receive an answer to either. I also left a polite voicemail with my question and they never called back. I guess they don't need anymore customers.