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  1. Had a chance to remove the hand guards and take it for a quick spin before some storms came in. Without the hand guards installed I experienced little to no wobble while passing cars at highway speeds. Thanks for the suggestion!
  2. Honestly that’s how I had been dealing with it too 😅 I’ll do some research to see about how to check the front forks for issues, I haven’t ever done much in the way of mechanical work, but I should be able to learn about what to look for.
  3. I’ll give it a shot today and test it out. I wonder if some aftermarket guards would have the same issue.
  4. Morning all! I bought a 2019 Tracer GT back in May of last year and due to some life complications, didn't get to ride it all that much. For the first time yesterday I did my first trip that wasn't just commuting and did about ~250 miles. I've noticed that when i'm at highway speeds, if i'm near a large truck/SUV or an 18 wheeler, that the front end wobbles a decent bit. Not enough to be a tank slapper, but it does make me a decent bit nervous. I understand that the bike is being battered by wind during situations like this, but I don't recall having this issue on my previous bike (07' Suzuki Bandit 1250) Has anybody else experienced this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.