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  1. To be honest though I'm not sure I'd bother again. The pipes are now back to brown/yellow again after a seasons riding and I'm not prepared to go through polishing them again, unless I decide to sell at some point. Just ride the bike instead as from the seated position you can't see the pipes! 😁 CS
  2. Paging @wordsmith, so what's the verdict? CS
  3. Ok. I'm guessing you painted it in situ? I am also considering the same. Perhaps you could give us an update on how it holds up against the heat from the exhaust. CS
  4. I left all the AIS gubbins in place and simply placed a rubber bung in the tube coming from the airbox. Job done! A classic trick is to push a marble of the appropriate size into the tube.
  5. So what have you gone for? I'm presuming from you previous posts that it's a Razor R shock at the rear with remote preload adjuster? What's he doing for you at the front; cartridge kit or re-valving and re-springing your existing forks? CS
  6. You realise that this is a global forum.... Having looked at the members map I have realised that I have the dubious honour of being the most northerly member at just over 63 degrees north. 🥶 Time to move.... CS
  7. As I understand it, it's because of the different jobs and hydraulic requirements of each fork leg. The right leg is managing rebound and the left compression. I took advice largely from this thread on another forum: K-tech fork oil??? So I picked up a K-tech 20IDS cartridge kit for my FZ, but I'm not... CS
  8. Absolutely. Shipping was actually pretty reasonable, €15 I think. K-tech have a large European depot that all their European suppliers draw from. I ordered from Omniaracing. K-tech Razor R Lite 330 mm rear shock (287SD-014-270-020) €388 K-tech HPFS pair of front fork springs (3624-300-90) €81 K-tech 20IDS fork cartridges (120-014-270-020) €625 Then there was fork oil on top of that. I used Redline fork oil, putting extra light in the compression leg and light in the rebound leg after advice gleaned from the forums. So in total around €1100 which is just short of 1800 Aussie dollars at the current rate of exchange. HTH CS
  9. *Ding ding ding ding ding* You've got it in a nutshell. I have also just test ridden a range of other bikes in my almost annual summer test ride bonanza where I try to scratch that itch for something new. But frankly every time I got back on the Tracer I just thought to myself "this thing is bloody brilliant, why on earth would I chuck tens of thousands of Kronor at buying something that is essentially no better for me, just newer?". CS
  10. ....twenty four little hours. Or the few short hours it took to rip out my Tracer's original fork innards and replace them with K-tech 20IDS fork cartridges. I am, as a rule, not one for superlatives and have in the past had a good deal of scepticism when people claim that various upgrades/changes have transformed their bikes. But in this case I find that there are no other words; my bike has been transformed! Over the previous winter I had ditched the original shock for a K-tech Razor Lite and at the same time performed a budget upgrade on the forks by dropping in K-tech springs for my weight and by choosing some more appropriate fork oil. These changes made an appreciable difference but I felt there was more to be had. Having trawled through reams of forum posts it's clear that the real problem with the Tracer's forks is valving and transport of oil. I decided therefore to bite the bullet and purchased K-tech's 20IDS cartridge kit. I could then make use of the K-tech springs I had purchased and fitted during the winter. The bike is now brilliant! The ride is much more comfortable and at the same time far more precise and stable. It's like the suspension is actually working and doing what it is supposed to! My new suspension in combination with my Scorpion slip-on and S-TEC Performance ECU flash have made my Tracer absolutely the best bike for me. It is light, fast, smooth and comfortable and it puts a grin on my face every time I ride it. I recently test rode a number of other bikes including KTM's big adventure bikes, but frankly they left me cold. Sure the 1290 has loads of power but most of it is unusable and frankly big adventure bikes are just that, big, unnecessarily so in my opinion. Sure the big adventure bikes will take you into the unknown but I don't ride off road. Frankly there is no other bike IMHO that offers the combination of benefits that the Tracer does. I was going to qualify that statement with the addition of "for the money" but frankly I don't think that bit of the statement is needed. With sorted suspension, a slip-on and ECU flash it is quite simply a brilliant bike. CS
  11. Fixed for now. The markings on the other leg came off with a very light sand. The scratches I had a go at with sandpaper and a bit of light filling. My local paint shop is closed for the summer and doesn't open for another two weeks. I was not prepared to wait for a colour match so I put some of my Yamaha blurple touch-up paint in an airbrush and applied that. As you can see the colours do not match but given that that part of the fork leg is hidden in the lower cockpit I don't think it's a problem. Next time I pull the forks I might think about getting the colour matched. Reasonably pleased with the above. The fun stuff begins on Monday when my K-tech cartridges arrive. CS
  12. I am in the process of upgrading my forks, again. Having just changed the springs I have decided it wasn't enough and have taken the plunge and purchased K-tech 20IDS cartridges. These will work perfectly with the K-tech springs I fitted during the winter. However in the process of removing the forks I have put some nasty scratches on the blue uppers. I understand it's in a place that can't be seen because its between the triple trees but nevertheless I know they're there. 😞 But I don't understand how I could have removed the forks without it happening. The bolts on the triple trees were all well backed out and I tried to be extremely careful but to no avail. Any tips on how to sort it, or should I just ignore it given it's invisible once the forks are on the bike? CS
  13. Rider sag first before you do anything else! CS