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  1. Yeah me too. Also, as with other products, I've read one or two horror stories about how it harmed various materials on some bikes. I did buy some a couple of years ago, but somewhat ridiculously I've been afraid to use it on the Tracer. To those of you that have used S100 on our bikes, is it kind to the multitude of surfaces we have to clean? CS
  2. Provisionally sold to @baz. Providing I get to him in one piece on the Great Brexit Road Trip. CS
  3. Barry, it's yours if you want it. By an extraordinary coincidence I am doing a tour of England and Scotland from mid May. Whereabouts are you? I could hand it to you personally if you can wait a couple of weeks. Otherwise I'll check postage from here and we can come to some arrangement about total price. Send me a PM. CS
  4. Today I have mostly been removing the tank and airbox in preparation for the imminent arrival of my Translogic quickshifter. To those of you who have removed the tank, how on earth did you get the breather hoses off?! Mine simply wouldn't budge. In the end I lifted the tank off with them still attached. CS
  5. I am selling the well known Kev's O2 controller, which smooths out the fuelling and throttle response at low revs and partially open throttle. I have had it installed on my Tracer since August 2018 and it is in perfect working order, in fact it looks like new. I have been extremely satisfied with the way it has performed and it makes a big difference to the rideability of a non-flashed MT-09. The only reason I am selling is because I'm getting my ECU flashed which means I no longer need the O2 controller. I paid ā‚¬80 just over 10 months ago and would like to get around ā‚¬50. I am in Sweden.
  6. Today I have mostly been ordering one of these: Meta title-translogic-intellishift- quickshift JYSKRACING.DK Meta description-translogic-intellishift- quickshift And for no other reason than I bloody well want one! CS
  7. I would recommend this video by Dave Moss: Just ignore the stuff about changing seals and the compression circuit. I have just done exactly the job that you are about to do and you can read about it here: CS
  8. The indicators sit in the same vertical plane as the rear tail light. The distance from indicator tip to indicator tip is 38 cm. CS
  9. Or you could just buy this: **Yamaha MT-09 Tail Tidy / Fender Eliminator 2013 2014 2015 2016. MT09 Tracer** | eBay WWW.EBAY.IE **Yamaha MT-09 Tail Tidy / Fender Eliminator 2013 2014 2015 2016. MT09 Tracer** | Vehicle Parts & Accessories, Motorcycle Parts, Bodywork & Frame | eBay! CS
  10. Easy Tiger, no one is providing those things. I'm sure you're big enough and ugly enough to do those things all by yourself. šŸ˜‹ CS
  11. There's no need for guess work, visit the Scorpion site and get the correct info from source. The part no. for the GT is exactly the same as for the original Tracer, there is no difference. CS
  12. Why are you concerned? Why is it preferable for the header and mid-pipe to be one piece? Here is a video of an Akropovic full system. If you look at the exhaust on the bench it too is in multiple pieces with springs tightly pulling everything into place. This is a top draw race exhuast.... CS
  13. Yes I have been looking at a great many sites regarding clutchless changes. My own conclusion is that Iā€™m going to give it a try. As far as I can determine a quickshifter is doing nothing more than what your right wrist does. CS
  14. That is great news. I am also 5'10". Unfortunately my first ride looks to be some way off as it is still snowing here.....šŸ˜­ CS
  15. As per the title. I am currently researching non Yamaha quick shifters and wonder if there's any experience on this board? In the running so far are: HM HealTech Translogic At the moment based on web/YouTube reviews I'm leaning towards the Translogic as that appears to better cope with a wider range of revs when upshifting. So if anybody has an aftermarket, non ECU-flash dependent device I'd love to hear about it. CS