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  1. I had a even bigger topbox on that and it held up.
  2. the tracer hold 18 ltrs max not 19 plus.
  3. this what I have on my bike .its a Chinese copy of motec rack at half the price. Rear Carrier Luggage Rack For YAMAHA FJ-09 MT-09 Tracer 2015-2017 2016 YAMAHA FJ-09 Tracer 2015-2017.
  4. mine does the same in 6th. going to put a bigger front sprocket to get the rev;s down and hopefully the whine will be further up the revs range. I usually ride at 60mph. wife on the back.most of the country roads that we ride on a narrow not to mention horses/push bikes etc around the next bend.
  5. refund and get the standard ones redone here with either memory foam or bultex foam.
  6. the vender have accepted my return.just waiting now for the return ticket from them. the metal base plate...nothing is attached and the seat base bracket is hard up against it. what I would say is that the side walls could be made lower to cover the gap. everything that needed to rest on the bike is rested so nothing can be altered. mine is a 2017 model. on their ad it states 2015- 2019. well the 2018/19 are different to the earlier models.
  7. tried again but no joy in fitting.took more pictures etc for the vender inc measurements. the bagster bracket sit flushed with the frame no way can it go further down. the rubber stoppers etc are slightly bigger than standard. 4th picture shows just under 1,1/4" on the bagster which is not shown is just over 1.1/2".
  8. got a reply back they now want a picture of the underneath.box is all sealed up.lol.no problem I'll have another go tomorrow morning and see if I can get it to seat properly.also will compare it to the standard seat. the standard seat I can get it no problem .no fiddling on to get it on.I let you all know on the outcome later tomorrow. most of you guys will probably getting up for work by then.I bought the ready seat. did any of you guys bought one? and how did you find it compared to the standard seat? to me the ready seat looked thinner than the standard one.
  9. they've replied asking what model and year. so we'll see what they have to say. on the facebook forum someone else had the same problem which I thought it was another make.
  10. my seat finally arrived and what a disappointment. took some fitting but the rear will not sit down.there's a gap which I can almost get me fingers in,everything clicked in so theres nothing more that I can do.and what is more I cannot see this being any more comfortable than standard.it is thinner than the one on the bike.if I wanted a patterned cover it would've been cheaper to get one made.304 uk pounds for what? base? I already have that,cover? thinner layer? don't waste your money folks.never again will I buy off the net.
  11. still waiting for mine,should've got them last thursday at the latest. sent them an email its on its way so they say. so another waiting game.
  12. I just bought a bagster ,should get it this week but unfortunately I won't be able to test it due to our sh*ty weather.
  13. gel seat no good in uk unless you like freezing ass in winter.