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  1. none whatsoever. I'm a welder and fabricator by trade but retired now. the brackets is welded all the way long. over done in my opinion but complaining had to trim down the spacers for my kappa side luggage frame. I'd recommend it. I was going to make my own till I bought this.
  2. wife doesn't like the colour but she didn't buy it.lol
  3. the rack is a chinese made. and you can fit any base plate. Rear Carrier Luggage Rack For YAMAHA FJ-09 MT-09 Tracer 2015-2017 2016 YAMAHA FJ-09 Tracer 2015-2017.
  4. thanks for your well wish's. I'm ok now just waiting for this shitty weather we have to clear up. wet and windy. grrrrrrrrr
  5. I repainted mine to satin black.belly pan is power bronze.
  6. this what I have on mine.seem to do the job. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yamaha-MT-09-Tracer-2013-2016-rear-hugger/323793320551?hash=item4b6395fa67:g:ZcsAAOSwJb9WrMwi&frcectupt=true I had one power bronze on my 700 its useless shit every where those mesh inserts let a lot of the shit through.don't wast ya money on it.
  7. a lot better now and soon will be riding my bike again next week. and thank you for get well wish.
  8. well the Scottish trip turned out not so good.ended up in A&E.got to Dunbarton .on the(tuesday) following day we got to inveraray but I took bad.vomiting,shaking real bad.a few stops on the way to f/williams vomiting etc. got as far as onich but could not go any further. I was so ill and ended up in belford hospital for 4 nights.honestly I don't know how I manage to travel that far.my wife said my head was dropping down a few times and slightly drifting from the road.the doctors said I got cellulitis and they said I was lucky not to crash and they can't believe I rode through Glen coe.my right ankle and lower half of my leg swelled up.I was in a right state. home now and recovering but no riding or driving for a few weeks.1st picture not sure where we we but on the A82,2nd Oban,foot/leg as it is now but was a lot worst than that. on the road to recovery.
  9. each to their own.but for me no. I can understand if your not a fully an able man or woman then yes this would be useful. the key to safety is dont take risk and ride sensibly. what is one man's brisk riding is another man's going over and beyond comfortably speeds. been riding 2 wheels since 1968 and still have all my bones intact. only ever come off 3 times on a m/bike and that was in my younger days.
  10. to be honest I dont have a problem with mine. I did at 1st till I got the hang of it. they say practice make perfect.
  11. I got 52 mpg riding 2 up. not gone above 7,000 revs. I find it plenty fast enough for me and my wife. roads here aren't long enough to be worth higher speed unless m/way.
  12. nice bike shame about the colour. they're almost getting as boring as Honda colour wise. newer ones seem to be getting bland.the earlier ones look nice in red,blue and mixer of both. at some point I may change the colour of my bike??
  13. take a look in here.gives an average mpg. Yamaha MT-09 Tracer MPG - Actual MPG from 40 Yamaha MT-09 Tracer owners WWW.FUELLY.COM The most accurate Yamaha MT-09 Tracer MPG estimates based on real world results of 274 thousand miles driven in 40 Yamaha MT-09 Tracers
  14. can't remember if it was on here or not?? the little frame behind the clock/holding the screen up.was there a cure for this and what caused it. I'm a F/B mt09 tracer I mentioned it and no one heard of this problem.
  15. fitted the latest lubeman and what a kaffle all that twisted tubes etc. so I made my own which work fine. fitted to my recently restored T500K