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  1. I bought the (expensive) SW-Motech extenders, which are basically the same as the cheap Chinese copies. The only option left with these extenders is indeed to swivel them a bit. SW-Motech usually sells properly fitting parts, but in this case I think they never checked the compatibility.
  2. I tried to mount mirror extenders on my GT, but they do not fit. The TCS switch gets in the way.....too bad...
  3. Worked like a charm! Didn’t want to take any risks, so asked on this forum just to be sure..but it did the job.
  4. I asked Madstad via their website about this. No response. Maybe they don't want to take responsibility for future claims?
  5. I think the seat looks good. But the fitting.......brrrrr. I really think they did a horrible job there. For 270 euro I had my original seat adjusted. Looks great, sits very good and fits 100% perfect!
  6. Ok, so to keep the challenge a bit challenging indeed, I will refrain from participating. It is a bit too easy for anyone from The Netherlands and it would be unfair to participate😎
  7. I work for a large intl. company. If I look around on the parking lot, I see a lot of BMW bikes, especially GS types. I think 60% of my motor riding colleagues owns a BMW. I never understood why. Sure, the 1200 GS is a nice bike but not very useful for commuting in a very busy urban area. Harley’s are a rare thing among my colleagues though. I think there is a large group of bikers here that is convinced that bigger is better: 1200 GS, 1200 RT, FJR 1300 etc. And many of them have a certain attitude towards colleagues that ride “smaller” bikes. As if the smaller bikes are not to be taken too serious. However, colleagues that have tried my 900 GT all admit it is very much fun to ride, easier to handle and much more suited for urban traffic.
  8. Challenge accepted.....Half of the country I live in is below sea level 🙂
  9. Did a run in around 10 degrees Celsius on Wednesday. Temp is around 68-71 when riding in free air. Last week the outside temp was around 15 degrees but I was stuck in traffic (very narrow roads, so no getting around the traffic jam). The engine slowly heated up to 105 degrees and every time it did the fan kicked in.
  10. I had my 900 GT seat adjusted. A local company put in extra foam to make the seat a bit more flat (now certain parts of my lower body no longer get crushed when doing a lot of stop-and-go type of traffic), They also put in a special gel pad at the middle/back part of the seat. They use soft, medical gel pads. I took it for a short ride and I think it is a big improvement. I'm sitting a bit higher as well, so now my knees are even a bit more relaxed. I tried the Yamaha comfort seat at the dealer but felt it was not very comfortable at all. The gel parts are way too hard and in fact, I found it less comfy than the OEM seat. Also, I installed the SW-Motech crash bars today. I think they are a very nice addition to an already beautiful bike. One question though, has anybody removed the SW-Motech logo plate that are glued to the bars? I really don't like them but I'm afraid if I remove them it will leave a mark.
  11. I bought the matte blue version and really, really love it. The black version was also an option, if not for the blurple rims.....I really find that a no-go.
  12. I got a refund from the eBay seller yesterday. I showed him pictures and he will hopefully change the compatibility overview on his eBay listing. Too bad it doesn't fit without sanding.
  13. Quite a change! Enjoy your Tracer for many safe and fun miles.