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  1. Hi All, After 10 years of not owning a bike following an accident, I decided to start riding again (actually, after 10 years my wife gave me permission again.....). Since about 2 weeks I'm the proud and happy owner of a Tracer 900 GT in phantom blue. I really love the bike: great looks, lots of features, easy handling and smooth riding but yet powerful and playful when you want it. At first, I saw an 9 months old Kawasaki Versys 650 Grand Tourer with very low mileage at a local dealer and decided to buy that, thinking a Tracer 900 GT would be a bit over the budget. However, my wife knew that deep down I wanted a Tracer 900. And then she said: "If you're going to ride a bike again, buy your dream bike that you will enjoy for many years, rather than buying a less expensive "okay-ish" bike that you will want to trade in again in a few years". (gotta love the missis.....) I hope to learn a lot from the forum and in time contribute to it.