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  1. I bought one off EBay for £23.00 the rear one wouldn't read and the front one caused the tyre to go down in 24 hours. Thinking of getting the Yamaha ONE out fitted, a lot more money but should be Ouija kit!!!
  2. Hi Andy from another new Trader 900 owner in Swindon
  3. I picked up a new 2020 Tracer GT 2 weeks ago with 2 black keys and 1 red key, the red key is very important as it communicates with the ECU for reprogramming and new key coding purposes so it's recommended you don't use that one just keep it safe.
  4. Would anyone recommend a EDU flash company in the UK to discuss the pros and cons? Thanks
  5. Had a TDM850 the gear box whinnied but bike rode great I sold it running well with 30+k miles on it. I now have a 2020 Tracer GT took possession of it with 2 miles on the clock.......it too has a gearbox whine, it's of no concern to me. I think it's just a Yamaha thing
  6. Just taken possession of a 2020 phantom blue GT.

    LED+ indicators Yamaha comfort seat MRA screen.Done the seat height adjust thing.

    Jury is out on the comfort seat and the MRA screen.

  7. Has anyone tried turning the risers ? Apparently it's a feature that they can be turned 180 degrees to give a longer reach of needed?
  8. How much are the need bars compared to the Givi ones they look similar
  9. Hi I have a habit of down tooting the front sprocket on my bikes, does anyone have any experience in doing this on a Tracer? I'm wondering if it will become too flighty in A mode with this done? Is the standard sprocket 17 tooth?
  10. Hi another new member here, just coming off a FZ1N to a phantom blue GT picking up in September ......can't wait. I had two questions one about TPMS and the other about paint care...☺great both answered in the forum👍