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  1. Swindon in Wiltshire mate. Having a rethink now re warrantee as the bike is only 3 months old.Let me know if you decide to go ahead.
  2. Thanks for that traveller I too will try and get up there and see what can be done. Sorry clunkie as a reply no I had no other replies. Wherein Kent are you?
  3. I have a number of parts off my last bike (FZ1N). If anyone is interested drop me a line.
  4. Has anyone done an under seat modification to give more storage space for tools? I see there is a plastic partition which I am thinking could be cut away giving more room to fit an emergency tool kit. Has any one done this or come up with any other ideas for storing tools without having to carry luggage? Photos of clever ideas welcome.
  5. So is it worth upgrading my 2020 GT with the Acrapovich system available through main dealer? If so would I have to remap the ECU? If you think yes to the upgrade what are the benefits?? Thanks for your input
  6. Very little free cable, and I don't want to chase the loom back. I also want to keep the loom as stock.
  7. Can you remember what you searched for??
  8. That looks like it just need to find out where to get it now.
  9. Hi does anyone know what the power connector is in the front of the bike behind the plate behind the screen is called ? I want to get a female plug to plug into it but have no clue what type it is.
  10. I have put a clip on spoiler / wind deflector available from a popular auction site for about £17. To my standard screen and it works very well when you get the angle right. A cheap but I find effective resolution to the problem. I am 6ft 1 by the way.
  11. On the back of this......... has anyone had a problem going up through the gears moving up but there isn't a gear there so take the pressure of the gear lever then re apply the up shift and up it goes to the next gear. (I hope I have explained this so that it makes sence).
  12. Yes the FZ1 was over kill for me more power than I will use these days but I loved it just because..... The Tracer is so much more useable in many ways GREAT BIT OF KIT.
  13. So I finally think I have the set up right on my tracer, stiffened the standard front and rear suspension for me (220lbs). The ride is hard but that's how I like it giving a good feedback and sporty feel. I also did the riser spin thing giving an extra little bit of reach and rolled the bars up just a smidge. Seat height set to tall (I'm 6.1). I still have the Yamaha standard issue rubber on the bike but checked pressures before setting out. I'm still running the bike in so keeping mainly to B mode or STD just so I don't get carried away with the revs. I finally feel the bike is responding how I want it, I have confidence going through corners and round roundabouts tightly and not at all vague it feels planted and the tyres are holding up well with no feel of letting go. Power delivery is good and responsive with pick up being very clean and crisp enough to get passed most things without an issue. I am looking forward to getting the first service done and opening the throttle with no worries about rev limits and getting the extra power through the range. Coming from a FZ1N I thought maybe I should have gone for an MT10 but now I know I made the right call. Great bike which will deliver all the fun and smiles I want.