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I am back again- Florida rider, formerly Montana rider

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Howdy all - I am back. I took delivery of my 2024 Tracer 9 GT + in early December. I had a 2019 Tracer 900 GT that I sold back in 2021, as the resale market was too hot to pass up. I still ride my 2009 FJR1300a as well, but I am looking to sell her now. (fully farkled with EVERYTHING anyone would need for a cross country touring bike, hit me up if interested)

I lived in Montana until Aug of 2022, I am now on the Gulf Coast, St. Petersburg Florida.

I love the Tracer 9 GT+. even though after market parts are impossible to find. Looking to see a comfort seat, for instance. I do plan to cover some long distances on this beast. I am an Iron Butt style rider, and have criss-crossed the US quite a few times in my life. 

Looking forward to interacting on this forum.

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Welcome (back)! Hope you can share a pic of your new bike.

As for aftermarket parts, what parts are you looking for specifically? Depending on what it is, for this Tracer generation '21 and up compatibility should work as long as its not specific for the radar stuff which the earlier models '21-23 did not have.

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Welcome back to the forum.  I like the Rush reference in your screen name.  Great band!!!  Was deeply disappointed when I learned of the passing of Neil Peart.


There is nothing like spending a day riding with friends in the grip of a shared obsession.

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