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  1. Welcome! You'll enjoy the T9GT! I still have my C14 (1st gen), an '08 with a lot of farkles and mods. I agree the weight and older tech is starting to wear on me. But I appreciate the shaft and electric windshield over the Tracer. Looks like yours is a newer 2nd gen, what year? I'm assuming you traded it in for the Tracer, or did you sell it separately? There's a few of us from the COG site that now have a Tracer, so its good to see folks on this site too! Cheers!
  2. Interesting and sorry to hear this needs to be done for '21 models. Too bad Partzilla doesn't show what the items look like in detail, but your process to mitigate the issue seems to resolve this. Hope Yamaha is reading and listening...
  3. Can you replace those individual burnt out contacts from a used starter relay, or does it require a whole new starter?
  4. Smart gal on tire choice! You'll love the 6s - confidence inspiring on twisties and comfortable too. I should've done the same and swapped after the break in period but wanted to see what the T32s were like. Good grip too in our Seattle rain wet weather but I try not to push it too far. Overall I'm happy with the 6s in its early age. Only time / mileage will tell what I get - hoping at least 8 to 9k!
  5. Looking great on the new GT+. So am i reading this correctly, the new GT+ includes Michelin Road 6s and not the Bridgestone T32s? That's great - I didn't see any tire specs but I'm for these and I went to the 6s after 8K on my '22 T9GT.
  6. Totally recommend VCycleNut's ECU flash. Got it done after the break-in period on my '22 T9GT. Has remedied and transformed the bike. You can read others' frustrations on 2nd gear, non-consistent drive-ability and other issues when using stock ECU in many threads on this forum. While the getting the recalls completed will help, you're better off getting the ECU flashed and aftermarket exhaust.
  7. Here the 2" extensions I used. That extra works to see the back of my top case or when nothing mounted, the rack and any vehicle traffic. https://www.koubalinks.com/extended-fuel-screws-mirror/2-mirror-extensions Got it from this recommendation after seeing it on this other guy's T9GT. You can see it briefly in the background on his video.
  8. What year/model bike? Have you looked at mirror extensions?
  9. Try mirror extenders. Didn't buy mine on ebay but look the same and work excellent. Solves the issues of elbow/shoulders/jacket blocking the view.
  10. Welcome (back)! Hope you can share a pic of your new bike. As for aftermarket parts, what parts are you looking for specifically? Depending on what it is, for this Tracer generation '21 and up compatibility should work as long as its not specific for the radar stuff which the earlier models '21-23 did not have.
  11. I've never had any issues with Mobil 1 in my Kawi C14, but since I bought my T9GT new, decided to stick with the YamaLube and switched to synthetic after the 600 mile break-in. If the oil + filter was your only change, I suspect it's the oil. Other than brand and maybe the wet clutch compatibility, its possible its too light?! I would also go over the handlebar and front section including the wheel to ensure everything is tightened.
  12. Interesting - my '22 takes about 3.25 to 3.5 qts which shows just at the halfway point on the sight after warming it up a few times. I don't do the tilt or shake method to get every ounce like this fellow did here, but it doesn't use the full 4 qts either.
  13. Can't say for certain, but here's the thread on the recalls. Best to contact the dealer as there's no guarantees if they performed it before selling it to you. I didn't do any of the recalls as I had my ECU flashed, so I don't experience any of the symptoms people reported.
  14. Did you get any of the factory recalls done yet, specifically the ECU? Many have reported once the ECU recall flash was done it took care of the issues you're seeing.
  15. Missed it this year, riding buddies having a turn of luck on their bikes either being serviced or needing tires or parts. We usually either go to Westport, or do a loop up to Elma around Satsop silo looking site. Glad you got out there! We saw a few riders although not as much probably due to the dense fog which didn't seem to lift or clear out.