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  1. Has anyone tried this already? If so, is it worth the purchase? I'm only 5'6" and would like to reach the ground better during stop and go situations hehe Nope, I don't want to use lowering links so a slightly lower seat will do. Low Rider Seat - B5C-F4710-A0-00 - Yamaha Motor Low Rider Seat - For your Yamaha Model Name
  2. Thank you all for your inputs, helped a lot! Much appreciated. 😁
  3. So I was cleaning my bike the other day and needed to remove the excess water on the chain. I placed the bike on the center stand, folded the side stand, put the bike on 1st gear, and just let it run without opening the throttle in order for the excess water on the chain to get out. This is the first time I did it and I noticed that the chain shook up and down too much while running on its own. Is this normal? does my chain have too much slack? or is it out of alignment? Haven't checked the slack yet cause I recently just had it serviced and the mechanic supposedly adjusted it already. You can view it here for reference: Feel free to check out the whole video too if you see anything out of the ordinary. PS Disregard the debris on the chain, that's just tissue paper that got stuck while I was inspecting the chain. White stuff is the ceramix wax from my Putoline chain lube. 2000+ kms on the ODO.
  4. For those who got the street rally pegs, did you have to adjust the rear brake and gear shifter position? I saw some members mention that the foot pegs are slightly taller than the stock one.
  5. Thank you!!! This is next on my to-buy list haha! Got Street Rally foot pegs for now.
  6. Awesome! Thanks. Just to summarize the things I’ll need: A pair of 320mm ‘15 R1 rotors 4pcs 11mm spacers for the calipers 4 longer caliper bolts am I missing anything? Had to read through the posts haha!
  7. Does this conversion work with the 2019 tracers?
  8. So I have the 2019 Tracer and was able to buy those cheap beaks from China. Unfortunately, the one I got is for the earlier models (knock off of the powerbronze one for '15-17 models) and is not a direct fit to the 2019 model. Has anyone here been able to retrofit this to the 2019 model?
  9. Did you end up cutting the baffles after the dish or cut off the dish itself?
  10. I dented one of the tips while trying to pull it out with a vice grip and mallet hahaha but that part is mainly for aesthetics to make the outlet look cleaner for me. Let me know how it goes if and when you cut the inner part. It's such a pain to pull it out and put it back in with that part. Photos also please!
  11. For those who have the Akrapovic Racing Line (Titanium) S-Y9R3-HAFT on their bikes, did any of you ever try to shorten the baffle? I find it too loud without and too quiet with the baffle. I was thinking of cutting these parts off. Have any of you done this? If so, any problems, suggestions? My obejctive to find that sweet spot between too loud and too quiet and eliminate the difficulty of putting the baffle in and out of the can.
  12. any long term issues with the beak? Got one from China as well for about USD 25 haha! I wonder how this will hold up at high speeds..
  13. Awesome, thanks for clarifying things. Hard not to get OC about these things at times hehe!
  14. What caused it to strip the threads? Was it because of over torquing the bolt? recently adjusted my chain slack and the torqued the rear axle bolt to 111 ft/lbs per the manual (for the 2019 tracer) using a beam torque wrench. The other side of the axle is slightly misaligned. Is this normal?
  15. Is the 111 ft/lbs torque really a pain in the ass to tighten? I recently adjusted my chain slack and used a beam torque wrench to get to this torque rating. It was really hard and am quite concerned if I stripped the axle thread 😣