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  1. So I've done my research and have narrowed down my selection to Metzeler Roadtec 01s, Michelin Road 5s, and Pirelli Angel GT IIs. The Roadtec being an older tire to the other 2, how does it compare? What would you guys recommend? How about a Pirelli Scorpion Trail II? I am currently just waiting to finish the stock Dunlops on my 2019 Tracer 900. Obviously not so impressed with its performance and I agree with most sentiments shared here in the forum. To give context for the tire recommendation I'm looking for, I live in a tropical country (Philippines) where it's usually hot and humid and is raining at least half the year and where roads are not always great (from good asphalt paved roads to uneven, pothole-ridden, debris-filled, cracked, concrete). I love the occasional mountain carving rides but mostly enjoy long distance riding (multi-day trips and whatnot). I barely use my bike to commute so that won't be a big factor for me and am mostly a weekend rider. Anyone care to chime in which tire would be among the 4 models I've mentioned with perfomance in mind for both wet and dry conditions with a decent amount of longevity?
  2. how are the Angel GT IIs in the rain?
  3. I just saw this on Facebook haha! Havenโ€™t tried yet. Iโ€™m guessing the oil sump is sturdy enough ๐Ÿ˜…
  4. awesome! thanks so much! will keep you posted on the progress of this "minor upgrade"
  5. got this! I think I got it. Would anyone be able to verify these dimensions? please forgive my sketch haha actual photo of spacers for reference which I got off the MT09 forum.
  6. Does anyone know the exact specs/dimensions of the spacers? Will just have them made in a machine shop.
  7. Decided to go with the SW Motech as it has a cleaner look than the Givi mount. Quite happy with the quality. Will purchase the Givi adapter next and save up for a 30L Trekker top case. Hopefully it will be sturdy enough in the long run.
  8. Yeah, I saw that and was looking for it too. Sorry if I had to post this topic again ๐Ÿ˜…
  9. Has anyone done this on the GT? If so, how's your experience? I believe, you'd need four 11mm spacers for the calipers and longer bolts. Would anyone know the exact bolt specification needed? Planning to use sintered brake pads with bigger front rotors for better braking power.
  10. Any issues riding at speed and weight capacity? The site says that the limit is 22 lbs and that you canโ€™t ride past 130kph ๐Ÿ˜… Iโ€™m deciding if I should get this or the Givi one.
  11. Anybody here know where I could order 11mm spacers for the caliper? Also, what are the new bolt specs if you go with 320mm rotor upgrade?
  12. Has anyone tried this already? If so, is it worth the purchase? I'm only 5'6" and would like to reach the ground better during stop and go situations hehe Nope, I don't want to use lowering links so a slightly lower seat will do. Low Rider Seat - B5C-F4710-A0-00 - Yamaha Motor Low Rider Seat - For your Yamaha Model Name
  13. Thank you all for your inputs, helped a lot! Much appreciated. ๐Ÿ˜
  14. So I was cleaning my bike the other day and needed to remove the excess water on the chain. I placed the bike on the center stand, folded the side stand, put the bike on 1st gear, and just let it run without opening the throttle in order for the excess water on the chain to get out. This is the first time I did it and I noticed that the chain shook up and down too much while running on its own. Is this normal? does my chain have too much slack? or is it out of alignment? Haven't checked the slack yet cause I recently just had it serviced and the mechanic supposedly adjusted it already. You can view it here for reference: Feel free to check out the whole video too if you see anything out of the ordinary. PS Disregard the debris on the chain, that's just tissue paper that got stuck while I was inspecting the chain. White stuff is the ceramix wax from my Putoline chain lube. 2000+ kms on the ODO.