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  1. My FJR group does a weekend Ramble in Marietta the first week of May every year. We usually have around 40 riders show up. All bikes are welcomed. We break up into small riding groups and ride many GPS routes we've created over the years. No fun riding in a parade. We try to keep the riding groups to 6 or less. Great area!
  2. My son Trevor and I left home this morning at 8:15 and headed for the amazing roads of Southeast Ohio. This area has some of the best twisty roads in the country. If you look at a map anywhere Northeast or Northwest of Marietta, OH, you'll see what I mean. We clocked 460 miles and arrived back home at 8:15 PM. A long day of backroads riding on the Tracer GT and the FJR. Both bikes performed flawlessly and got quite a workout. We really tore it up today and I will sleep well tonight. So much fun!
  3. Many people say the GT isn't a great 2-up bike. Please give us your review and thoughts from your pillion about riding on the back. Thanks and congrats!
  4. I think I'm putting my stock screen back on for the Summer for more air flow. I have the Yamaha touring shield now. I really like it.
  5. I mounted a Powerlet outlet on the left side of the bike on the frame to power my heated gear I wired it directly to the battery with a fuse in line.
  6. Really good advice @gv550. Well, that is until you let Garmin show you the way. For some reason, we all end up on dirt roads with Garmin routing. My Garmin 665 has led me to more turnarounds and dirt roads than you can imagine. Great stories for later though. 😀
  7. No, you're not mad, just adventurous. I think I would get some protection under the pipes area in the front of the bike before hitting any dirt and gravel roads in Alaska. It can be done if you take all the necessary precautions.
  8. Just got back from a 300 mile ride on back roads with the stock seat. It was just fine. I wear riding pants, either Joe Rocket or Klim depending on the temperature. If it's hot or a rather long ride, I use LD Comfort shorts and not cotton underwear. Moisture is not your friend on a motorcycle seat and can make you sore quickly. The stock seat puts me near the tank where a like to be for twisties. If I get uncomfortable in that position, I stand on the pegs and reseat myself on the seat. There is also plenty of room to scoot back on the stock seat if your butt needs a little change of scenery. I've said it before.... Many riders I see with seat problems haven't broken in their butts. I don't see many cushy saddles on horses either. The rider has to learn to ride. Keep your butt dry. If you buy LD Comfort shorts, don't put any powder on your body or it blocks the wicking process of the shorts. https://ldcomfort.com/ LD Comfort's products are not cheap at first, but end up being that way over time. I'm still wearing the shorts I bought 7 years ago. They must be hand washed with mild soap and without fabric softener. LD's other base layers are excellent also. You can wet their fabric, wring it out, and it will still be dry on the inside against your skin. Check out their YouTube videos so see how the fabric works. Their long socks are excellent also and keep your feet dry. If you wear jeans when you ride, that would be a good way to build up moisture around your jingle bells. Not smart for that reason as well as pretty dumb not protecting yourself in the event of a get off. Now.....back to my stock seat.
  9. Very true. Some bikes are off slightly, while others are off 10%. Once you know what the actual speeds are compared to your indicated speed, you just go ride and enjoy. Don't sweat the little stuff. Go for a couple of 300 to 400 mile day rides and enjoy the fun ridability of the Tracer GT.
  10. Yeah, I got you. After Ivan's flash, top speed on the tracer is 145 mph in 5th gear and 165 mph in 6th gear. That's only 20 mph slower than the Hayabusa's top speed. I'd say the Tracer is quick and fast. I also have an FJR. Those 1300's are smooth, powerful and fast. I guess one man's fast is another man's almost fast. LOL
  11. 193.5 miles per tank is far from definitive. How fast were you riding? Headwind or tailwind? Easy or hard on the starts from stop? How many starts and stops? What type of fuel? I just rode from Buffalo, NY to Pittsburgh, PA in the rain. Filled up the first time at 200 miles and still had half a gallon left. I've also raced around on the twisties and was ready for a fill up around 175 miles. Pro tip: fill up before you run out of fuel. 😁
  12. I never go by the tires recommended for the bike. To me that's like going with their recommended tire pressure. I just installed a Shinko Raven rear tire on the GT. Just ripped off around 1000 miles on the new shoe. Great tire! Also saves me lots of money and gives great tire life.
  13. A lot of the fuel used accuracy depends on how much you top off the tank. I put as much as I can squeeze in. I don't care about the fuel used or mpg displayed on the dash. Who really cares? When it's time to fill up, I fill up. Those things aren't accurate on cars either. I double checked my speedo against my Garmin Zumo 665 GPS. The speedo on the bike is always about 1 mph faster than I'm actually riding. I don't get why I see other posts of other GT owners saying that there speedo is way off. Mine is a USA GT if that matters at all.
  14. The stock tires seem to be ok enough not to replace them until they're worn. I just replaced mine at 4500 miles. About 1/2 of the miles were fairly aggressive riding. Not a bad tire overall. I've had far worse OEM tires on new bikes.