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  1. Never. Everyone in my family has their own bike.
  2. @open1mind Those are the exact extenders I have on the stock mirrors. They provide a much better view to the rear around your body. I also tried to drill the mirror stems to stop the mirrors from turning at higher speeds. I don't have a good enough bit or a drill press to complete that task. I gave up on it and went back to using the filed down 10mm socket to tighten the top nut under the cap on the mirror stem. I was able to tighten that nut some even after using loctite on those threads weeks earlier. I just came back from a trip to the North Carolina Smoky Mountains and the mirrors stayed in place. I would submit that tightening that nut under the cap on the mirror stem is still the best method for securing the mirrors in place,
  3. True, but just to clarify, you don't need to be full throttle to use the quick shifter. As long as you are accelerating at any speed, the quick shifter works well. Actually smoother for 2nd to 3rd and on to the higher gears.
  4. The FJR inner side case bags work well also.
  5. I do plenty of touring on my GT with the hard side cases and a Givi V56 top case. I only had to add a powerlet outlet for my heated gear, a power mount for my Garmin GPS, and a touring windshield for colder weather.
  6. The quick shifter isn't really necessary, but it works well and is fun to play with.
  7. You can buy any tire that is the right size for your bike. You can also fill your tire with the recommended pressure if you like. You can also learn from others years of experience on what tire pressures improve the life of the tire without affecting performance. It's all entirely your decision.
  8. I wouldn't mind some better brakes. The GT brakes are adequate, but that's about all. The suspension is fantastic for me at less than 180 lbs. Heavier riders might want to improve the suspension. I just got back from a ride to Maggie Valley, NC from Pittsburgh, PA. Spent a couple of days on the Smoky Mountains twisties and back home. About 1400 miles total and when I got home I remembered I had a quickshifter. Forgot to use it. You know you can buy kits to have up and down quickshifts right? Also, the stock seat was terrific for my weight. I always say, break in your butt before you complain about the seat.
  9. For about $100, you could buy EVERYTHING you need to vinyl wrap the bag lids yourself. There are plenty of YouTube videos showing how to wrap pieces and parts. The Tracer side case lids are a pretty simple shape to vinyl wrap for 1/4 the price of having a professional do it for you. There's always the choice of touching up the damaged lid with an auto paint touch up pen. So simple to do and the bag won't look all that bad. Damaged bags show everyone that you're a rider and not a poser. And always remember, Chicks Dig Scars!
  10. I've not tried one of those. I wouldn't lock my helmet on my mirror and a mirror extender is much less money. This product also would not help with the mirror movement discussed in this thread. If this product looks like something you would use. Give it a try and report back to us.
  11. Clip on are so much cleaner and they make it easier to clean the wheels when you get ambitious.
  12. I recently ordered the AdMore LED light kit for the new Givi V37 side cases for our 2017 Yamaha FZ-07. Dave at AdMore asked if I could record some installation notes while completing the project. Since the kit is so new, he needed to come up with some installation instructions. I told him I could do better than that. My son Trevor is fairly well versed in video editing so we would do an installation video for him. Trevor did all the video recording and editing along with narrating the production. I used the tools and drank beer. Someone had to do the important stuff.I wanted to share the video with everyone and get some feedback. If you would be kind enough to subscribe to Trevor's channel, it would be much appreciated. Here's a YouTube link to the video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKn5oXiEK0kThanks in advance for watching Trevor's installation video. I know Dave at AdMore is pleased with the result.
  13. I feel your pain @betoney. I'm going to try the drill method first. That should do it.
  14. There's a very high probability that new tires will solve your problem. Good luck!