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  1. I always loved the Honda XLs but never had one. My first dirt bike and last was a KLR 450, she cracked 4 ribs the second day I had her. I found out real quick that jumping hills was not for the inexperienced, needless to say I got rid of that mean b.... My ex had to lift me out of bed for the next 3 mornings because both sides of my rib cage were damaged, never again.
  2. It was a turd, heavy and didn’t handle well at all. If I was buying an older bike a clean Katana 1100 would be my first choice, then probably the R1. Around here a nice R1 2002-2004 goes for less than 5k some are closer to 3k. Probably have a hard time finding a late 80s early 90s bike In good condition but it’s not impossible. Just remember those older sport bikes are like dinosaurs, they have chokes and carbs that require maintenance. Side note: the aprilia even though fuel injected had a manual choke. If you tried to get going with anything under 160 on the temp gauge it would stall out, took a while to get used to that.
  3. It was the weight and the handling, it IMO was a step back from the 1987 model I had. Now the 929 was a huge step up from the cbr 900 and it handled fantastic. Your friend looks happy for a guy going to jail
  4. In order 1985 Ninja 900, 1987 Gsxr 750, 1990 Katana 1100, 1993 Gsxr 750..worst of them all, 1999 Cbr 900, 2000 929, 2002 R1, 2006 750, 2009 Aprilia 550. I hate to say this but the Katana was probably the best handling bike in the turns. The R1 had many track days and at that time was a beast and I had a great time with it. The Aprilia was awesome but finicky, now I’m on an old man Tracer GT
  5. Possibly it’s time to look into a trike? When it’s hard to get on or off a bike then maybe a lower bike isn’t the answer, safety for yourself and others should be of concern. My father is 88 and still has a mind of a 50 year old but his body shows its age. Reactions are too slow to ride and too slow to drive, it’s a shame but it’s just the way it is. He decided when he got his first ticket ever for running a stop sign at 80 that his driving would be limited, now it’s non existent. I hope no matter what you stay safe but also keep everyone in your path safe as well
  6. Finally, a voice of reason, sell that crap. I don’t know but it’s possible that you have a bad caliper, I mean that never ever happens right? No way they could make a bad one or it just happen to go bad when you changed the tire......nope, completely impossible.
  7. If the pic of both side by side plugs are correct the iridium is much shorter. Would that not be an issue at higher rpm, tip being further away?
  8. All that mess and headache over a set of plugs. Just remember K.I.S.S.
  9. Pretty sure I will be ok, it’s not the only forum on the planet but I would like to know why what I said bothers you? Maybe you could suggest something to him or just keep on saying stuff like you’ve been doing, you seem to be good at it.
  10. Mans got to know his limitations and I believe with the Tracer you have exceeded yours. My father is 88 and I remember he called me back when he was around 80 to ask if I could come to his house and crank the chainsaw.......no way! If you can’t crank it you sure can’t use it. You said you were having a hard time getting on the bike, maybe it’s time for a trike. Bash away
  11. That’s called insanity if you thought it was going to get better each time, which is what he wants. I love my bike but it will never be a sport bike, a true cruiser or a dirt bike. Can you make it shorter to fit you? Yes but it comes with sacrifices and it sounds like he doesn’t want to accept them, so choose another.
  12. Possibly but how much time and money can you spend polishing a 💩 to get it to your satisfaction? If he’s already had one and couldn’t figure out how to make it into what he really wanted then try another bike, that’s all.
  13. Well I was trying to be funny and sarcastic but I guess it didn’t come off as that. Guess my girlfriend is right, I’m not funny at all.