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  1. Sorry I hurt a lot of feelings on this form. It seems “men” are more sensitive now than they used to be, I will try to tread lightly and not hurt feelings in the future
  2. Correct, emissions have caused all kinds of problems. Now cars, trucks and motorcycles make far more horsepower than ever before and they last longer......sorry but I think after that post you maybe should take the express lane. Tolerant? It’s called triggered and it’s fun to watch. Emissions are killing vehicles, next you are going to say ufo technology is why Elon Musk is so successful. Nothing else can explain it so why not?
  3. My vote is metal capacity and I’m super angry because no one agrees with me. Wait, wasn’t that two insults from you? Glass houses????
  4. You are correct and I apologize. We get better with age, weight gain and becoming slower. It’s proven, how many Olympic athletes are in their 40s now? Also it’s unheard of that the rider could be the problem with the bike, again you are correct......it’s always the bike. Insult? If what I said was taken as an insult then maybe someone needs a pamper change, sorry I upset your happy space.
  5. Post it when you find it, and thanks for reading all of my post.....it means you care.
  6. Then I assume you own the perfect bike and are completely 100% satisfied? I applaud you for accomplishing something that so many never find and never will. It could only mean that you will never sale the bike and no matter what change anything else about it, that’s a unicorn.
  7. Your old school style can only be matched by going backwards, if that’s what you desire then so be it, it’s your bike. It’s funny how all the older riders have such a hard time with the newer bikes, it’s not the bike it’s you. You are slower, possibly fatter and closer to the grave than you think. It holds you back but then you want to blame the bike. Bikes have gotten better, you have gotten worse.....these are facts
  8. Bikes have changed over those 30 years, maybe you haven’t. That could be the problem, think about it
  9. That’s the point, there is no perfect bike and no matter how much you toss at it none will ever be. Like I said it’s your money, toss it out the window if you desire but don’t believe the mod hype. Think of it as you would the supplement industry, always something that will make you stronger, faster and more agile as long as you are willing to spend the money to make it happen........it won’t
  10. Maybe you need to flash your riding style, quite possibly it’s more you than the bike. It’s been put out there so much that you need this or that to ride better when in truth it all comes down to you, not the bike you ride. Seat hurts your ass, change it......throttle not perfect, flash ecu.......bike not responsive enough, suspension will do the trick.......always after that golden ticket that doesn’t exist.
  11. It’s really honestly about trying to make something into what it will never be. If it’s only about driveability then you would start with the seat, suspension, handle bars and pegs. As you can read here on the forums all that cost a lot and as I said before spending 3k or even more for most kinda becomes like polishing a turd. It’s your money and your bike but so spend away but after so much why not choose something better? I like my Tracer but it’s not the best highway bike or sport bike, it’s a compromise and it works well for most.
  12. 2019 and above, I don’t think it’s worth it. I couldn’t tell any difference as far as abrupt throttle which from what I seen is the biggest complaint. Nice video on YouTube of a 19 flashed with full exhaust and I think he got 7hp and said in his opinion it wasn’t worth the cost. I’m sure I’m the only one who would say it’s not because most who spend money on farkles won’t admit it. Spend that money on a new helmet, boots or even diet food......gym membership perhaps?
  13. I ride from the N.C. coast to the mountains at least once a month, it’s a great bike for me. I do like to play on Sunday morning hot rides with the sport bike crowd and the Tracer is no slouch. I haven’t changed out anything but for my frame 6’ 182# I think it’s adequate. Just for shits and giggles I took the t off tracer and the 9 off of 900. Proud owner of a racer 00 GT. It’s smooth and fast
  14. Lots of heavy guys on here, guess that’s why everyone changes the suspension out. Probably consider that when purchasing this bike or get into the correct BMI and you would be set.