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  1. Not with the corbin seat which is one piece and a pretty stiff seat pan.
  2. I plan on replacing the OEM with this: That way I get a viewable voltmeter along w/2 USBs which are more useful. Then, I'll add a constant-powered one like this so when I need it I can just turn it on and it also has a voltmeter which will let me know when it's on so I won't forget to turn it off:
  3. One thing I love about the garmin 595 is the up ahead function that only shows things along your route so when it says there's gas 10 miles away, you know it's on your route. Previous garmins would show 10 miles away but then you select them and find out it takes 30 miles to get there and the one you just passed was your best option.
  4. Lots of variables but look for gas at any point after 150 miles to be safe, that's what I do. Can you get 200 and over?.. sure, but that whole YMMV phrase might come into play.
  5. He stated he got on the brakes and that's what saved him... IMO... that's what was the issue, as you said, the bike stood up.. which usually happens in a curve when you stand on the brakes... best to trust your tires, lean it and throttle out... glad it wasn't worse.
  6. The black is the ground and the brown w/yellow stripe is the hot.
  7. I'm going to get a couple of these: Amazon.com That way I can replace the oem one on the left, keep it 'on' so when it is powered I get a voltage readout via the cover - at least I hope it works that way. Then, I'll add a constant powered one on the right side direct to the battery and only turn it on via the push button when I need it.
  8. more than likely, you have a bad wheel balance or bad tire. I've had bad roadsmarts years ago when they were having issues and got a bounce from the front new tire.
  9. Doesn't matter, flip them and that gives you more room to get to your key.
  10. You just flip the top halves...
  11. Yeah, the tracer engine on the tiger would be cool.. but then, it would be the yamaha tiger . lol
  12. Daft location of ignition barrel flip the top part of your handlebar clamps, makes it easier to get a hand in that area. I test rode the Tiger 800 XRt in between 2 tracer 900 test rides... my impressions of the Tracer was 'wow'.. the Tiger was 'Bleh'... I've been looking at the new Tiger 900 GT reviews and it sounds like they added some more character and grunt to it but gonna be hard to over come the Bleh factor... and since 100% of the time you're on the bike, you're ON the bike... that 'wow' factor is pretty important, to me anyway. Looks like the tiger gets a bit better range... probably by replacing 'wow' with 'bleh'... I love how the Tiger looks and has a nice big dash but have seen reviews where folks can't find a dash theme that is all that great and sounds like the dash 'wow' factor quickly turns into 'Bleh'.. However, if the Tiger does it for you then that's all that matters... it's actually none of anyone's business what YOU want in a bike and what makes you smile...
  13. Yeah, I'm powering my gps and radar detector on one so shouldn't be an issue.
  14. I did get the bags on, forgot to post those pics.. gonna love top-loading bags again... wooohooo!