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  1. I have about 7,000 miles on an EK chain with that nut master link setup and it's fine. Working great, no stretch I can determine and it was very easy.. so easy, you worry at first.. lol.. but I'll bet these from now on, I'm sold.
  2. You will get a code.. not sure what the threshold is but I did and I had to get a diagnostic tool to reset. All good now. I will never run the bike to lube the chain, to me, too risky and I know someone that is now missing a finger due to this type of behavior so I try to learn from others. I'll put mine on the centerstand and lube while slowly rotating the tire by hand... I only do a short section at a time and start where the rivets are so I know when I've gotten all the way around... I'll do that once a day whether it's a 300 or 1000 mile day and really it's more to clean the chain than it is to lube it.
  3. From the description, the GTs seem to only have a stiffer side carcass so maybe just better to hold up a heavy bike and no real benefit for wear. I may try the Roadsmart 3s even though I'm not crazy about dunlop.
  4. 1 - I don't even know where that is. 2 - If I did, I'd just screw up and dump the bike. 3 - When that did happen, a bunch of young girls would just say "Hey look, some old guy just had a heart attack" 4 - It would then be on youtube.
  5. yeah, just noticed the other day one of mine popped off... not sure I'll worry about it enough to order replacements... maybe after a year when I know the mirrors are solid and don't need any more adjustments.
  6. I know they are made for the heavier bikes, but just wondering if it would get better wear vs the PR5... mine are at around 6k now and not sure they'll make it to 7k. Not terrible mileage but I expected at least 8k.
  7. Found a better cheaper option, $13 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01L8YZ0GU/ref=twister_B01L8YZ0G0?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 So, you get a DLR that matches the Tracer LED strips and an amber signal light up high.
  8. I think I answered my own questions... the Denali lights can be wired dual intensity... I'm going to mount to the GT hand guards and see how they look.
  9. I have the amber ones and they attach to the sides of the fairing inside towards the radiator. They are pretty bright... has anyone thought about putting them on the handguards or would they be too bright and annoy someone in slow or stop/go traffic? I think the flush mounts at around 4.5 inches would just fit on the handguards. Do the DZELLs for the FJ fit the Tracer GT? Would prefer a running/signal operation vs the Denali Running only.
  10. Anyone know if the FJ and Tracer forks are the same size? Would like to add those upper fork mounts for an aux light bar.
  11. Just got mine today. Very nice quality and good fit. Thanks!