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  1. Just got mine today. Very nice quality and good fit. Thanks!
  2. Not sure if there's a way to tighten that part of the mirror itself... maybe there's some hidden screw somewhere.
  3. I have 5500 on my rear PR5 and it might go to 7k.
  4. I was getting 55mpg zipping through the South Dakota area around Custer State Park.. Had 199 when I filled up and it hadn't even hit the low fuel warning yet... on the return trip to Dallas, w/tail wind was getting 50mpg at a brisk pace... then the next morning the wind shifted and was getting 33mpg.. lol What I do is on the GT display, show the trip-1 and Avg mpg... and reset both when filling up. Then, I assume I have a good 4 gallons to play with and the .8 is a safety net... if I'm getting an avg 40mpg then I assume I have a 160 mile range before getting fuel. It's easy math and better than trying to figure out what the gauge is trying to tell you. I know the avg mpg isn't accurate but it's close enough.
  5. Decided to add some clips and mini-bungees to my lids to help utilize that space for lightweight stuff. The clips are pretty lightweight so probably will break if a lot of pressure is used on the bungees but they should be good enough for gloves and small misc items. I'm going to get a divider made for the left bag so things don't fall out when you open the bag.
  6. No mar classic and balancer here along with tire spoons.
  7. Ah.. the first water cooled Harley!!!
  8. This is a nice option for heated gear that I like to use vs powerlet. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00E3D5QPY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. 2014 Hayabusa - GSX1300R - Suzuki Motorcycles ... lol.. obviously a judgement call, and a grey area... a quick bike can be fast up to 100/120... then it's not that quick but is getting faster, just doing it slower than some other bikes lol A fast bike may not be all that quick but has a high top speed. In the end, doesn't really matter much... buy what you can afford that gives y ou passion for this hobby.. and try not to kill yourself or others.
  10. There's a couple really good options. I bounce back and forth between the Dry Spec D38/D28 combo DrySpec D66 Waterproof Motorcycle Dry Bag Modular Packing System in Black, Grey & Orange | 66L Total | TwistedThrottle.com But, in AR I had these much more affordable bags: FG Torrent bags Google Express ...
  11. I prefer the functionality of a top box that I use 100% of the time vs the need to go over 100 or higher which is a very low percentage and not much functionality... The Tracer is not a fast bike, but it's a quick bike and that quickness is more than enough for my adrenaline needs.
  12. They won't explode at 100+ (closed course of course) but a top box may cause a tank slapper.. Depending on wind the top box on mine will cause a wobble that could progress into a tank slapper - typically starts around 110 but depends on wind as to if it will start there or closer to 130 (closed course). 20lbs is no big deal either but most of my heavy stuff is in bags on my pass seat.
  13. The Garmin Zumo series GPS devices have a built in Up-Ahead app. In previous models if you tried to search for nearby gas stations it would do a circular search based on your current location and that might mean you'd have to turn around to get to the closest gas but you didn't really know how far that was until you selected one and added to your route finding out that station 5 miles away has a canyon in between and may take 50 miles to get there. The up-ahead app looks at your route and stations in front of you and close to your route... MUCH better and you can easily see if they are popular stations and many or a mom/pop place you may not trust. This feature is also in some other Garmin devices:
  14. If you just run it in your garage you'll hear it come on once it gets to a certain temp... check that the fan blades move freely, with bike NOT running of course. If not, there may be something blocking it or. If so, it might have blown a fuse so check those, even if they move freely now what was blocking it could have dislodged.
  15. So, don't buy chain lube, instead buy gear lube as your chain lube... so keep buying chain lube... lol For now, sticking with my PJ1Blue.