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  1. That will work, but I ended up with one of these replacing one of the handlebar clamp bolts: https://twistedthrottle.com/shop/electronics/phone-and-gps-mounts/mount-bases/ram-motorcycle-base-w-hole-m8-screw/
  2. Yeah, I had 2 Super Tens and I would have no problem at all going back to one, and may still one day. I previously rode an ST1300 and I've never ridden and FJR but have sat on a few and the weight would be an issue with me. I like something I can easily move around the garage or back up when I'm sitting on it if I accidentally park at a decline. I also had a couple GL1800s and boy, that reverse gear is a dream, you just don't know until you have one... especially for us short guys. The wings also had a lower center of gravity being flat 6s vs inline or twins so getting on one and getting off the side stand was almost like it was a 300 lbs bike... the ST1300 and even Super Tens had more effort and reminded you you didn't want to drop one. Love the new wings and the DCT but boy... that price would be a tough pill to swallow but once you did you'd be ridding high.. lol One thing I didn't like about the wings is they were so smooth and calm when touring that I would get drowsy during interstate runs.. not good.. I found out a bike with less wind protection that wasn't as smooth allowed me to stay alert longer. If I did 20k / year... I'd either pull the trigger on a Wing or go with the Super Ten. If they upgrade the super ten again, I had the 2012 version and then the 2014.... I might still get another one. You will miss the light weight of the Tracer and that engine... wow... nothing compares that I've ridden, or can afford, so far.
  3. 82 between Talihina and Red Oak is a nice road. 2 is also a nice road a little further west. Pretty much everything gets better as go keep going past Talihina and the Byway.
  4. The Tenere is a great bike... if you want something to tour on.. it's not a sport bike but a solid platform IMO.
  5. It's a pretty simple system... just bleed it. Helps if you have a mighty vac or other type of bleeder but air would explain your issues. Brakes are important so don't take shortcuts or even look for them.. just bleed it.
  6. Actually, I think it says 'Auto' as well so should be fine. I have a jetboil and several canisters of fuel that should last me a couple more years at my rate but I may try the MSR after that. The Jetboil is pretty convenient.
  7. Added 2 Dryspec fuel bottle holders to the corners of my Dolomiti bags. Gives me 1/2 a gallon of emergency fuel. I only plan on putting them in the mounts on long trips, typically out west. But still ignoring them while on the trip so I don't try to count on them. The nice part about these vs the tool tubes is I can take the bottles and straps off and you barely notice the brackets. Also, I can still mount additional tool tubes to the givi racks if I needed 2 more bottles for some reason but again, I'll still ride like I don't have them and hopefully, this was a waste of money or the best purchase I ever made. win-win.
  8. It blinks when the detector goes off..not sure what you're asking.
  9. We'll probably never know the exact cause but I don't trust dealers to do anything. Even with a recall I'll get parts myself depending on what it is and do the work. In the past I've found missing or loose bolts and even though I may not be an expert I have a vested interested in doing the work correctly and have the time to double or triple check everything. I wouldn't personally put this on the bike or engine, I'd put it on the dealership that should have done an adjustment but were too lazy. I wouldn't even trust the spec THEY give you because if it's .002 out of spec and they say it didn't need an adjustment, they're going to give you and in-spec number to CYA... A replacement engine seems like the best option. But, if you like the bike then keep it... also, do the valve check yourself on the replacement.. and moving forward.