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  1. I ditched the oem cases and went with givi Dolomiti bags, no exhaust cutout on them so the should mount to whatever my next bike might be for the cost of a givi mount. Plus they are top loading which is way more useful than the clamshell cases lol
  2. https://www.plugup.com/best_and_most_comfortable_stereo_earplug_earbuds_p/s 22-3.5-4.5.htm
  3. I had one on my Super Tenere and it was a great seat. He had too long of a wait when I got my bike so I just went w/Corbin as a gamble and it worked out better than I expected.
  4. lol... all the dimensions are in liters, millimeters, kilograms and CCs ... Not my cup of tea which is fine. Would take 2 Tracers over that.
  5. CORBIN [1] Compared to stock seat, it is 5) considerably more comfortable [2] Compared to stock seat, 4) slope is a bit better NOTE: Didn't ride the bike for 1.5 years... then went on a trip Day 1 - 600 miles, following 4 days around 400 mile average.. last day 1145 miles in 16 hrs... the seat never even came to mind. The mirrors though.. ugh!
  6. Riding through Colorado and Wyoming a couple weeks ago.
  7. I prefer grip buddies.. they use velcro so in the winter you can take them off to feel the heated grips but then put them back on. https://www.originalbeemerbuddies.com/
  8. I didn't ride my bike for 1.5 years due to work and covid. Then, did a trip through TX-CO-WY-SD and back to TX. Day 1 was 600 miles and the following days were between 350-500. The last day was 1145 from SD to TX. The Corbin seat was great and never had any pain other than the usual for just getting used to the bike again. The stock seat is a torture device.
  9. I've tried a bunch of things myself... I agree the only solution is aftermarket... they aren't that different than the Tenere but I never had problems on that bike... maybe it's just slower lol...
  10. Really like my Corbin... did 1145 miles in 16 hours this last weekend, no pain at all. You can put the front in the higher position and reduce some of the forward slope, there's still some but it's not bad and you get used to it.
  11. $80 shipped. Had these on the Tracer 900 GT. Was actually too far back for me so going with something that's simply a rise and no backward direction.
  12. Sorry for the late reply. I used these, one hole for rigid lights and one for the denalis Amazon.com