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  1. I have the classic. I have their balancer as well and the 'yellow thingy' which helps. I also have some other brand tire spoons because some tires have some stiff sidewalls and it's just easier to use spoons for that last 30%. Just be careful, once you get one, you get a lot of friends all of a sudden lol I have it floor-mounted now which I prefer but also have the trailer hitch mount.
  2. Same here, I popped the main fuse when I accidentally touched the battery + to the frame w/wrench. So I orded the above and the pin-out is good but you just have to confirm which colored wires map to the pins. After that, easy peazy to read/clear the codes. so, works for a 2019 Tracer. If anyone in the DFW area needs their codes read or cleared let me know and we can meet up. I also have a no-mar tire changer and have changed over 200 tires for folks from diff forums over the years. Saves a few bucks here and there.
  3. Installed Flash to Open transmitter on the bike. I already had the Flash to Open transmitter/receiver previously purchase and was looking at how to connect to the high beam switch on the Tracer 900 and not something you can do without wiring up a relay so then I thought - and that does not come easily with me - why not just tap into the turn signal so I simply tapped into it from under the seat and I have a garage door opener transmitter that doesn't need batteries replaced, is water proof and will only work with the bike on so a very secure and dependable solution IMO... I connected to the right turn signal so once it flashes the 2nd time it triggers the transmitter... it's actually easier than finding the high beam pass and triggering it manually twice.
  4. Also, got some mini bungie cords for the saddlebags, the oem straps are useless IMO.. they kept coming undone.
  5. I got the Amber version.. installed on the front side panel bolt.. have to remove the 1/4 turn bolt and it's slip-on connector and use the bolt/spacer supplied w/lights. They are pretty bright at night but I don't think too bright and definitely ok during the day. https://i.postimg.cc/gjgsDwmx/IMG-20181123-152706.jpg' alt='IMG-20181123-152706.jpg'>
  6. mellow

    Just joined!

    Welcome, yeah... may have to sell my S10... I'm not sure I'll ever want to get on it again. Congrats!
  7. mellow

    LED rear light on panniers

    My V46 is wired this way, just waiting on hardware to put on the GT. But, I like this option because it puts some extra running - brake - signal lights up high and even more visible.
  8. mellow

    help! engine mount bolt siezed

    I would undo the other 3 to see if that eases up on the pressure.
  9. Yeah, I don't understand why he went down... looks like he was going too slow?
  10. mellow

    Electrical Splice Connector

    posi-taps all the way here.. very easy and have never had one fail.
  11. mellow

    GT niggles?

    I'm not sure about cutting that piece, but I instead did what someone else suggested. I removed the rubber bumpers from the bottom back of the seat and put the front into the upper position. It does seem much flatter, but leaves a bit of a gap between the seat and frame. I still need to go for a ride to test it out, but the weather is still pretty crappy here right now.Yup, much better solution...
  12. mellow

    900GT Top Case mounting

    I've got a V46 ready to go on once I get the back ordered hardware. I'm setting mine up for touring, not showing.. LOL
  13. mellow

    GT niggles?

    Have you done this? How does the back portion stay in position? I haven't, I actually have been getting used to the stock low position and think that will be fine for me. But, I need a good 600-800 mile day to know for sure.
  14. I think I'm gonna give the offset version a try... in amber and attach to the turn signals so they're DRLs and turn signals.
  15. mellow

    Heated grip removal

    Usually, compressed air is the method.