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  1. mellow

    Sw motech tank ring

    Which ring works for the 2019 Tracer? Any idea?
  2. mellow

    GT Corbin Seat are coming!

    If you zoom into the oem heated seat, you see a switch and I'm assuming you have to drill a hole in plastic somewhere so the corbin option seems like a better one to me.
  3. http://www.originalbeemerbuddies.com/ I have these and they are nice. I remove the adhesive strip so I can take on / off. When on, the grip heaters aren't as effective. There's a strip of velcro sewn in so that keeps them on. I also have an older set I'm putting on the passenger grab rails at the moment to keep any bag strapped on the rear seat from rubbing the paint off.
  4. There are 2 existing screws at the top, just wrapped the net around them and tightened them back down. The lower part I heated a nail to cut a slot for a zip tie, the was an existing ridge where the slot was cut.
  5. Added a net to my top box and hooked up power to charge my phone and a switched led light.
  6. Oddly enough, after I installed these I noticed more vibes lol..prob because I was looking for it but will switch back and forth to see what I like better.
  7. Finally got my givi top box rack to mount the v46 and admore led lights.
  8. The only thing I hate about the 3d thing is it catches microfiber cloth very easily, lot's of points on it... I'd actually prefer a decal - on the 2019, what the heck is a goo GT? lol... goo... maybe we can find a 'd' and remove the rest.. lol
  9. mellow

    Good & Bad

    Used this post to get the plug/cable/scanner and it worked like a charm. You do have to check the continuity on the cable as the colors won't match what you get.
  10. These are the ones I got from amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MF8K6MZ/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B01MF8K6MZ&linkCode=as2&tag=cigarobsecom-20&linkId=eb8365811195b3db2426392388e68ba1 You can even see in the pic the smaller thread for the feelers whereas the ones on the oem are almost the same diameter as the feeler itself... but, as you pointed out before, the pegs are longer so it's a moot point.
  11. Thank you sir... now I'll be good when I think I'm Valentino Rossi... 😈
  12. I got these and should be a nice additional comfort mod... The shorter peg feelers - is that a concern? I'm far from Valentino Rossi... so, I use the peg feelers to let me know I'm either pushing the envelope a bit too much or my technique is sloppy... are these shorter feelers going to mean I just lost that warning?
  13. mellow

    2019 900 GT. Hard start, extended crank?

    The Super Tenere has this problem from time to time... usually when you start/stop without letting the bike warm up.. Takes a long time turning it over before it catches again like it's flooded. Some there say to open the throttle all the way and try starting until it catches.. Haven't had that issue w/tracer yet.
  14. I have the classic. I have their balancer as well and the 'yellow thingy' which helps. I also have some other brand tire spoons because some tires have some stiff sidewalls and it's just easier to use spoons for that last 30%. Just be careful, once you get one, you get a lot of friends all of a sudden lol I have it floor-mounted now which I prefer but also have the trailer hitch mount.