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  1. Dude! That's brilliant! Why didn't I see that? LOL.. just did it and it's amazing what a difference that small change did... thanks. Oh, and it was cheap!!!
  2. Held has some pricey ones that are great for summer AND wet weather.. however, if it's a cold rain, I just use my gerbing heated gloves because wet warm hands are still better than dry cold ones. lol Heck, it seems to rain on every trip I take no matter what time of the year... if you aren't riding in the rain, you aren't riding. lol Held Air N Dry Gloves WWW.REVZILLA.COM Inside this glove you will find two compartments; one lined with Gore-Tex to keep you dry and the other one vented to keep you...
  3. I have a klim gore-tex jacket and tcx air tech gore-tex boots and older olympia ranger pants.. rode 3 hours in 35 degree cold rain last weekend.. all dry.
  4. I went ahead and counted... looks like 120 is what is needed so the sprocket center site is incorrect as far as I can tell, maybe they just assumed it was an identical setup as the FJ-09.
  5. Sprocket Center shows 110 links for both the FJ-09 and Tracer GT is that correct given the GT has a longer swingarm.. yeah I could go count mine but I'm lazy and I couldn't find this in the search.
  6. I've never used a brush to clean it... so it looks more like the edges of the X-ring.
  7. TCX Airtech gore-tex here.
  8. Excellent! Thanks for the quick reply.
  9. So... good fit? No wasted space? Easy to close the GT bags? I've gotten other liners for bikes in the past and they were more of a generic fit that sometimes made the closing of the bags awkward. Thanks!
  10. Maybe it's just happy? Sorry, I really tried to avoid posting that but I can't resist.