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  1. $300 Shipped. These are amazing mirrors, I hated that I could never get the Tracer mirrors to stop moving no matter what I tried. I gave these a shot after a couple reviews and they are great, very clear, have a bluish tint and will not move no matter how fast you go. They are pretty much brand new and may seem expensive but they are worth it and you get the $40 extensions along with them.
  2. FJ-09, MT-09, Tracer 900, Tracer 900 GT Offset Bar Risers 25mm $60 shipped.
  3. That whole ask for forgiveness vs permission thing comes into play lol. One thing is for sure, the ride over will suck, the ride back will be surprisingly easy.
  4. $180 shipped includes tank ring but is missing one bolt you'll need to source. It's in new condition.
  5. Great seat and in perfect condition. $500 - will not ship as the shipping due to size and weight would be ridiculous.
  6. 15,874 miles - $9500 - there is a loan. Located in DFW - North Dallas - Carrollton, TX Bike has been flawless and I'll miss that engine but probably going back to a Wing. Givi Crash bars Givi bash plate Givi topbox rack - top box not included Radiator Guard Upgraded horn Coax outlet for heated gear Oxford heated grips - better than oem and no need to fiddle with the wheel controller to get them adjusted. Extra keys and a blank key. Tires have about 3500 on them, a set of new Roadsmarts included. Saddlebags wrapped w/matching silver - if you don't like that you can just peel them off. Seat slope mod from Clegg78 added.
  7. Just did @Clegg78's mod and I'm using the Corbin seat and it appears to be a good mod. I can tell the difference just sitting on the bike. I haven't had any saddle time with it yet but will report back when I can.