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  1. I'm not enthused about a twin from Honda for a sports tourer. The Africa Twin engine makes sense on the AT, but in a tourer, why would I go away from my CP3? I like more power, and smoothness. The Suzuki Vstrom 1000 and 1050 pretty much owns the twin market. Can't beat that engine for a twin. I would see this Honda as just a meh.
  2. Can we agree the KTM is the worst. I like how FortNine calls it something like design vomit.
  3. And what do you think? Cool and wet is our February. It's not that it's so bad by itself, but after November, December and January you get tired of it. Check and you'll see it is roughly highs of 45, lows of 37 and rain. But again, we have lots of clean, clear water and the rest of the country will be moving here soon enough when they get tired of drought and heat.
  4. FWIW. My wife, who rides, said, she can't see ever buying an HD because they are now so affiliated with white supremacists and rednecks. I take the latter personally since I come from a long line of Arkansas rednecks. Please don't attack her. She is speaking to the niche HD has worked so hard to create, and will have a very hard time shaking. They've sold a million bikes to that ethos, and though they know it is a dwindling market, they can't afford to turn into Honda. I fear they will not go far enough to drop or augment their Sturgis image to attract young and let's say, more urban customers. People buy things, in part, to join groups. Why do people drive Teslas? Not only because they are about the best cars on the road, but to belong. How many new buyers want to belong to the HD crowd? Time will tell.
  5. Well, I hope you get one and can come back and tell us about it! Bikes are certainly an emotional decision. But for some of us, a deeply rational one. I've owned two Kawasaki's and two Yamahas. One Aprilia. The Aprilia was an emotional decision, a gorgeous bike, great on paper. But it was built with poor quality parts and the engine was doomed to fail from it. I've gone back to Japanese and can't imagine not doing that unless I win the lottery. I have never in my life purchased an American made car because I grew up in the 70's and 80's when the only good American cars were the old ones, and all the new ones were trash in design and quality. I went from calling all Japanese cars by slang racist names, to seeing that they were better designed and far more durable. Have only owned them since. I just don't have the sort of extra cash that would let me buy something that is not as durable or reliable, most of the time. Like @keithu, this is the first HD I would ever even look at, but buying one is incredibly unlikely for reasons beyond the price or quality. It's hard to trust them, and I don't want to be a guinea pig with my wallet. But I hope for their sake the bike sells well, and for the future of American motorcycle manufacturing, that HD continues to try and make bikes other than the ones my dad rode back in 68.
  6. My point is that if the HD bike is $20K without side cases or spoked wheels, then by the time you add those things you are getting pretty darn close to that $24K number, which is just an enormous amount to spend on a bike. True, the Ducati special starts there, but hell, it's Italian. And like others here have said, there is no way on this green earth I would drop that kind of cash on a Harley before it has been around 4-5 years. The Ducati has a lot of new stuff, but they aren't new at the Multi. I see this HD being purchased by hard core fans, or folks really loyal to an American brand no matter what, but for the rest of the planet, it's going to be a while before spending that on a Harley feels justified when compared to the competition. That's my two cents...
  7. I'm encouraged to see them putting something out there but $20,000 for the Special and still no side cases or spoked wheels? That puts it in or beyond V4 Multistrada range, and way beyond Kawasaki Versys 1000 LT SE, which has all this has and more. They will need to drop the price and add features to attract away all of us who buy based on value.
  8. It's been a typical winter here in the PNW, with our one snowfall and sub-freezing temps keeping me off my bike as I related in my earlier post. But all that has passed, and this weekend dawned today with some sun and expectations of relatively dry weather and highs of 45. I got my new Shoei Neotec II today, so that was all the excuse I needed to hop on the old stead and head off. I often do this, where I'm on the bike and leaving the garage before I give any real thought to where I'm going. Do you folks do that too? My first thought was to ride an old favorite, but I found in my absent mindedness the wheels had kept going straight instead of turning where they should while leaving the neighborhood, and the door on that option closed. So now I had reassess, and seeing that I was headed to I5, I faced other choices. Hopping on 5 south to 101 north out of Olympia, it hit me that what I wanted to do was to see the sea. The sea. In all her majesty. Not the tame sea of our inland variety, called by those who know the Salish Sea. No, I wanted the wild and wonderful and rugged sea of the outer coast. To get there from here you take Highway 8 off of 101 toward the coast and the birthplace of Kurt Cobain in Aberdeen. The ride to Aberdeen is as pleasant as slab can be here in the rainforest. Nice country. Time flies. Stretches without places for the police to hide, so one can pass reckless cages with less concern with the speedo. But as you enter Aberdeen, it is a portrait of depressed America. The downtown is so far past it's prime that it looks far more at home in the industrial midwest than here in otherwise thriving Western Washington. Though Aberdeen still processes a lot of lumber, it is nothing like the last 100 years. I'm sure those who call it home know it's charms, but when passing through, you are left feeling deeply sad for the place and people. It's no accident Nirvana had angry songs of despair. But once through Aberdeen it gets nicer and nicer. You soon end up along the shores of Grays Harbor, and the amazing tidal flats of that great protected place. There is a National Wildlife Refuge and it's quite magical, if you have an appreciation for estuaries and mudflats. About 20 miles further and you pop out onto Ocean Shores, or can go north and enter Olympic National Park. I just went to the nearest State Park, parked the bike, and walked through a short but nice coastal zone of salal and pine and willow. Not more than 400 yards later and you are at the sea. OH the sea. The waves were roaring, the sound was loud. I took a few bad photos, and a video. But these can't provide the smells of the beach. I need that so much in my life. My year living in Colorado taught me many things, and though I lived adventurously, I soon came back to the great Pacific Ocean. My home. My birthplace. It's 73 miles from Olympia to Ocean Shores. 90 minutes each way. I must again and again go to the sea, and my Tracer 900 and my new Shoei Neotec II made it a comfortable, quick and smooth voyage.
  9. I don't think there is any doubt this bike is about the most amazing machine of it's type to ever exist. The power, the technology, even the switch to non-desmo valves and longer service intervals. The price is prohibitive to many of us, but as a machine, damn. I sure wish I could afford to have and maintain one. But that ain't so!
  10. Yes, just more fuel for my rant. I get that there is a stylistic preference for many for these bikes, but this goes beyond that. As a machine, as technology, as engineering-we fall short. For power, efficiency, reliability, diversity of style-we fall short. There is simply no comparison of the quality of work being put out by foreign companies to our own. It's just such a disconnect. We have absolutely the greatest universities in the world. I've gone to two of them and seen first hand the ridiculous draw and quality of our institutions. We attract many of the best and brightest engineering and science students from around the world. Long have. With all this talent, and expertise, HD and Indian make bikes that are not competitive in anything but a nichy styling on the world stage. Great Mars landing yesterday, an engineering accomplishment of the highest order, and done by a room of native and foreign born folks. We surpass the world in space. Make bikes that are stuck in 1960.
  11. I welcome this news. It's ridiculous we have but one motorcycle company in this giant industrialized nation that makes the worst bikes in the world. I would gladly spend 10% more on an American brand that could build a bike to compete with the Japanese for reliability, the Germans for performance, and the Italians for style. Are you kidding me, the Italians who can hardly hold their nation together make far better bikes than we do here? It's a ridiculous waste of American engineering potential, and yet reflects the oddly cultural and even intellectual backwardness of our highly technical country. Sorry to rant, but this always frosts me. We should be making bikes to compete with the best in the world. Period.
  12. Welcome to the forum. Best bike forum I've ever been a part of for the combination of information and lack of vitriol. I guess folks who own 900's are just not too wired to be fringy anus openings.
  13. I had watched this last night too and got a kick out of it. I carry an electric pump, but like the idea of a small bicycle hand pump for emergencies too. I've only used the sticky rope, and you can ride those things for thousands of miles if you have to. I average one puncture a year, it seems. Wonder what the punctures per mile average is for all of us?
  14. Now that's a special kind of pretty, and a special version of hell. Everything here quickly melting off now as tonight will the first night in while with lows above freezing. Our snow will be all gone by this time tomorrow, and then back to 39 and rain for a few more weeks. Then we get 45 and rain, and then 55 and rain, and then 60 and rain. Never too hot here, and never too cold. Never humid. Just lovely.