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  1. Today was a good reminder of why I love living in Oregon. It's late November, but a Sunday morning craving for fresh fish is still a good reason for a ride. I can always count on a fresh catch in Newport. Slumgullion for lunch. Fresh Dungeness... Sadly, my wife doesn't like crab so I settled for some Steelhead. The Bay Haven Inn is a classic Oregon coast dive bar. Perhaps some other day... Oyster shells line Yaquina Bay. Back home we seasoned up the Steelhead filet and put it on the smoker. Sorry there are no "after" photos; it was too delicious and disappeared quickly.
  2. Sorry for the thread dredge, but I found some fun photos of a few of my previous bikes. My first motorcycle, a Honda CB400 twin; photo ~1989 on CA-33 above Ojai, California: A poor photo of my 1990 Suzuki Katana 600, here in North Dakota on my way to visit family and the World Superbike races in Minnesota: My 1987 FZR750 on Mulholland Hwy in SoCal around 1992: The FZR750 at the Rock Store in 1992: I had a 1985 BMW K100RS for quite a while. I literally rode that thing everywhere: My last bike before my FJ was a 2000 Triumph TT600. It's still the finest handling motorcycle I've ever ridden, and it was comfortable enough for 1000 mile days (when I was in my 30s):
  3. Two years ago when we tried to do this there was snow in Portland, so I was the only one who made it. Last year it was chilly but dry, so there were three of us.
  4. It's hard to believe another year is almost gone. That means it's time to plan our last ride of the year. I suggest a repeat of last year: let's informally meet at the Blue Agate Cafe in Oceanside, Oregon at noon on December 31, 2018. Last year three of us converged in Oceanside and enjoyed beautiful weather. Who's in?
  5. I definitely notice the stumbly 3500-5000rpm fueling during my commute, especially in STD mode. It's not as bad in A and B mores, but those aren't default. I wouldn't say it's terrible, but definitely noticable and unpleasant. Really, I can't believe I've tolerated it all this time. Anyway, you asked why people would do it and I gave you some reasons. Maybe they don't apply to you; I'm also in the camp of "115mph is fast enough" but the other benefits are attractive.
  6. keithu

    Engine break in myth

    Interesting. I was curious why motorcycle manufacturers still recommend break-in periods but not cars. My wife just bouya new Hyundai and it came with zero break-in instructions. They don't even spec the first oil change until 7500 miles. Yet they warrant the power train for 100,000 miles so they must have done testing and found this is okay.
  7. It depends on what year you have. The 2015 definitely has some fueling defects, especially around 3500-5000rpm which can make smooth riding in traffic difficult. Even if that isn't an issue for you, some people like to have standard parameters modified: default to A mode, remove the top speed limiter, etc.
  8. keithu

    Calaveras and Amador

    I lived in Manteca in the '90s for a few years and rode the heck out of that area. Amazing roads! I experience something worse than corner fatigue: I enjoy tight twisties in bursts but if they go on too long I can actually give myself motion sickness. Nothing like getting 20 miles into a 70-mile long twisty road and feeling like I have to puke.
  9. keithu

    Kentucky's Bourbon Trail

    Looks like fun! Have you been down to the George %$@#el distillery? I drove a rental car down there a couple months ago and the GPS routed me down some phenomenal single-lane roads. It would be more fun on a motorcycle. Edit: hilarious that the name of a distillery got censored by the forum.
  10. keithu

    2018 Early Winter - 4 Day Ride S. OR & N. CA

    Interesting ride, especially given the tragedy now unfolding around Paradise. I haven't ridden Bucks Lake Road in almost 15 years, I need to get back down there. Wilsonville is always a mess these days, and I-5 in general from Portland to Eugene. It might almost be faster to just take US-97 south.
  11. keithu

    Greetings from Portland, Oregon

    Welcome from down south in Albany!
  12. Here are the Barkbuster Storms. They completely replace the OEM guards and their associated bracketry. Barkbuster Storms mount to the bar end: The inboard end doesn't connect to anything. It looks weird but it works:
  13. Good ol' bar muffs. Can't go wrong with those! The Storms work great on my FJ. You have to completely remove the bracketry for the stock guards. Once you've done that they fit perfectly, assuming you got the right parts to begin with.
  14. keithu

    FJ09 Reliability

    I suspect if you go to the web forum for any new motorcycle you'll find a lot of discussion about troubles. That's really the purpose of a forum like this.
  15. Weird that the BBZ collapses. I have the Barkbuster Storms and they come with a steel reinforcing bar that prevents this. The Storm also seems to quell handlebar vibration a little better than the stock bar-ends and guards.