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  1. I used Rotella T in my TT600 for 30k+ miles with no issues. In my FJ I use Mobil 1 4T 5w-40. It's only $9 per liter at the nearby O'Reilly's.
  2. keithu

    Tracer 1000??

    I think a MT10 Tracer would cannibalize Tracer 900 GT sales, so it doesn't make much sense. Unless the MT10 is shaft drive with real luggage, then it could be a replacement for the FJR1300. This doesn't really look like that though.
  3. Have you had any issues with the Loobman during elevation changes? I had one on my last bike, but found that it would dump too much oil when riding down out of mountains.
  4. Which is exactly why I don't use chain lube. I brush on a little 80w gear oil (or chainsaw bar oil) every 1000 miles or so to prevent rust and it's fine. Nothing sticks to the gear oil, hence I never need to clean the chain.
  5. keithu

    Winter bike projects?

    Two dead trees in my back yard ate all my money this winter. At least I now have a bunch of firewood.
  6. I'm not a fan of commercial chain lubes. I've never tried one that didn't create a sticky mess. Gear oil (which is what's used in auto-lubers like ScottOiler, etc.) provides corrosion protection but nothing sticks to it. And since nothing sticks too it, I never need to "clean" my chain. Well, except for my aformentioned neglect-induced rust incident that is.
  7. The clutchless shifting being discussed here is a technique for shifting a manual transmission, not a technological replacement. I've done clutchless upshifting on almost every motorcycle I've ever owned.
  8. keithu

    Dashboard leak?

    I guess I'm lucky because my FJ spends all day outside in the rain every day while I'm at work, yet I haven't had any issues with water in the instrument panel. This was a huge problem on my old BMW K100RS. God that thing was a heap. If your bike is out of warranty it's probably no big deal to disassemble the instrument panel and clean it. There is probably an o-ring seal around the housing that can be replaced. I had the instrument panel apart on both my BMW and my Triumph TT600.
  9. I'm pretty lazy about chain maintenance. I just brush on some 80w gear oil once in a while. It has served me for years. I was shocked to find my chain covered in surface rust last week. This chain was new last summer, maybe 5k miles ago. I had a few rainy rides and hadn't touched the chain in a couple of weeks, so I'm guessing this did it. Fortunately the rust scrubbed off with some WD-40 and a rag. But it's a good reminder how a little oil can protect a modern chain.
  10. keithu

    Riding suit

    If it's the same price I'm not sure why anyone in North America would buy the Klim. The Aerostich has more sizes, more colors, 30 years of refinement, custom sizing, repair service, made in the USA, options, etc... I don't doubt Klim is high quality stuff. But for the same price the Aerostich seems like a no-brainer to me.
  11. keithu

    Oregon Coast Dec 2018

    Pics from a couple of rides to the Oregon Coast in December 2018.
  12. keithu

    Fresh fish run to the Oregon Coast

    Huck, good point. I far prefer Newport, and there are plenty of great places there for a group meet-up. I chose Oceanside because I thought it was more convenient to Portland. But hey, I'm definitely not opposed to another place.
  13. keithu

    Twisties and tide pools on the Oregon coast

    Yeah. I liked the gas thing when my kids were young. I could just sit in the car with them while the attendant pumped the gas. Now it's just a PITA. About 10 years ago Oregon legalized self serve gas for motorcycles. But at many stations the attendant still wants to hand you the nozzle and press all the buttons. It's weird.