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  1. Excellent! Nicely edited. I only shoot still photos on my tours, which inevitably misses what I saw on the road. This is a fantastic way to share your trip.
  2. It's true, California has everything, and nicer weather to boot. I know there are a crapton of people in California, but they strangely all seem to stick to the urban areas. I was constantly amazed how easy it was to find twisty canyon roads completely bereft of traffic, even in LA County.
  3. It looks like you've done some research. I'm sure the MT-09 will meet the needs you described. I still think the Tracer would be a little more suitable, mainly due to the slightly better wind protection and the larger fuel tank. Even if you only ride where there's a gas station every ten miles, extra fuel capacity is always a convenience on tour. Whether that's worth paying another $2k, I don't know.
  4. Wow, you must have been really loaded up. My FJ-09 never rests on the rear wheel, even with my 40L panniers crammed full and my aux tank topped up with 3+ gallons of fuel. This photo was taken while fully loaded up, and the rear wheel is still off the ground.
  5. +1 on the base model Tracer. Many dealers seem to discount them, unlike the GT which tends to command full MSRP.
  6. It looks like a great trip! Many of these roads are right in my backyard. It's funny you mention this. I've ridden and driven that stretch of US-20 so many times that I'm ashamed to say I'm getting a little sick of it. It is a great road though.
  7. I enjoyed some nice fall colors on my ride up into the Cascade Mountains last weekend, but I didn't get any good pictures of it. The forecast calls for snow in the mountains Saturday morning, so that might be my last ride of the year in the higher elevations. Maybe this weekend I'll look for some color in the Willamette Valley and Coast Range.
  8. I'm frankly shocked that it has taken Triumph so long to produce a direct competitor to the Tracer: https://www.motorcycle.com/mini-features/2021-triumph-tiger-850-sport-revealed-in-epa-filings.html The Tracer 900 seemed like a fairly obvious shot across Triumph's bow, but even BMW beat them to it with the F900XR. The EPA filing says it has the same engine and power as the current Tiger 850 models, which IMO puts it at a slight disadvantage to the Tracer. That said, the BMW is at a slight power disadvantage, too. It's about time Triumph went after this lucrative market.
  9. Russell's have a great reputation. That's probably what I would have on my FJ-09 if I didn't have a respected custom seat builder (Mr. Ed's Moto) just a mile from my house.
  10. Yes, yes. You're right of course. I used to teach that myself as a MSF instructor. But be honest: Who actually does that? 😎
  11. Yes I do, I was a Team Oregon instructor at LBCC and Chemeketa in the late '90s. I'll try to swing by Sunday before class starts.