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  1. That would have to be the electric Scott Oilers. They probably use a peristaltic pump or something else that moves a constant volume of oil at a set interval. That would allow it to pump a constant volume regardless of viscosity.
  2. That makes sense and I expect it would be the same with any auto-oiling system since temperature affects the oil's viscosity.
  3. I had a Lubeman on my TT600 and I found it responded poorly to elevation changes. When I rode up into the mountains (I can go from 100 to 4800 feet without leaving my county) pressure changes would cause the Lubeman to quickly pump it's entire reservoir onto the chain and rear tire. After the second or third time it tried to kill me I threw it in the trash.
  4. If it were my money I'd probably get the 2015. $6990 is a great deal on a new bike, but the cruise control, ECU remap, and heated grips are highly valuable mods. Valves should be fine at 10k miles, they aren't due for inspection until 24k. Insurance seems to vary widely by location, individual, and company, but it should be cheaper than a typical sportbike. You can always get a quote before you buy.
  5. Nice list! We definitely need a photo of the DB2.
  6. I know where that is! I found an old photo of you with Becky and Butch in the archives. I believe this was the 2003 Oregon 250. Sorry, it's pretty low res.
  7. keithu


    Officially it has been postponed to September (was July). The event is still at risk, we'll see what happens.
  8. keithu


    Oh, and I upgraded my cupholder arrangement. Hopefully this is a little more solid.
  9. keithu


    I installed a Scott Oiler V-system today. Kind of a pain. I also installed a couple of Z brackets as suggested by @2and3cylinders to further reinforce the windshield support. I didn't really understand the concept at first, but the more I looked at the support assembly the more it made sense to me. After bolting everything together it is obvious from pushing on the windshield that the whole front end is a lot more stout.
  10. I installed a Scott Oiler V-system today. What a pain! I think this actually took longer than the MCCRUISE install, mostly because I spent a lot of time agonizing over where to put the reservoir. I ultimately attached it to the left luggage rail. Out in the open and not pretty, but let's be real: "pretty" went straight out the window when I installed a big ass fuel cell on my FJ.
  11. My BMW K100RS was the same way. It was fuel injected but had a "choke" lever that truly was necessary to get it started in the morning. I think it was actually a manual idle advance rather than a true choke.
  12. Welcome! Lovely bike in your avatar.
  13. He had just been pulled over for a minor speeding violation. What he didn't yet know, when I snapped this photo, was that a clerical error caused a "failure to appear" warrant to be issued for him in Nevada. Once at the jail he was able to prove that the warrant was erroneous, and he was back on his way after only about a two hour delay.
  14. That's almost the History of Sportbikes right there. What didn't you like about the '93? Obviously we've all read that they were overweight, but this sort of thing is always more important in magazine comparos than in the real world. A friend of mine racked up serious miles on a Katana 1100, well over 100k I think. Here is Tom being arrested on his Katana in 1997. The officer kindly allowed Tom to ride his bike to the jail so it wouldn't be impounded.
  15. You're making me jealous. I'm stuck working all week so I can look out my window at this beautiful weather, or even step outside once in a while. Looks like the rain comes back on Saturday, just in time for the weekend. 🤬