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  1. keithu


    Correct, the lower bracket can be through-bolted, and I think it should be if the Adventuretech bracket is used. The upper bracket is prone to cracking with a large windscreen, but unfortunately the upper can't be easy reinforced.
  2. keithu


    Yep, same deflection on mine. Hence I think the reinforcement of the lower subframe is pretty important. Flex and vibration will find the weakest point and break it.
  3. keithu


    Another minor update: I installed the cheapo FJR-style footpegs from Amazon. I wouldn't call this a radical improvement, but the teensy OEM pegs got a little annoying on long rides. These new pegs are quite a big bigger and my huge feet actually fit on them. Why did Yamaha rivet the OEM peg on the left side, but use a cotter pin on the right? Puzzling.
  4. You don't have to tell me about nice weather, I've been in San Diego for the last three weeks... Without my bike 😢
  5. I'd love to post something smug about being able to ride all winter, but I've been away on work travel, stuck in a rental car since Jan 5. So really what's the difference.
  6. Not that the Mazda plug and washer isn't a good idea, but $4.50 for the Yamaha washer sounds like gouging. I can't remember exactly what I pay, but the Yamaha filter and washer together costs me $16.75 from my dealer IIRC.
  7. In all likelihood the grips use the same "engine running" output signal that is also used for the headlights. It wouldn't make sense to create separate logic just for the grips.
  8. But seriously... I'm tall so I just swing my right leg over, no trouble at all.
  9. Both the sport touring and large touring screens fully clear the stock handguards. Barkbuster Storm handguards also clear.
  10. The V-Stream is pretty wide at the top, but I was also looking at some deflectors with a single center mount. That should work with virtually any width and shape.
  11. Something like that is what I'm considering. I'm curious if anyone else has tried this on the V-Stream specifically.
  12. Given your height I think the sport touring screen would work well.
  13. It works fine, certainly better than stock, but the air pocket is still not as quiet as I would like. I originally mounted the sport touring version, but it was obviously too short for me so I upgraded to the touring version. I am 6'3" with a 33" inseam, so I have a long torso. If I scrunch down a little the air gets nice and quiet, but I'm just too darn tall. Eventually I will probably switch to the Madstad screen because it offers more adjustability and I think they have a taller one. For now I'm looking for a clip on visor to add to my existing V-Stream.
  14. That's what I really enjoy about these events. Every time I've ridden a rally I've gone to new places and ridden new roads that I might never have explored on my own. I've hiked deep into caves, kayaked in Lake Tahoe, watched the sun rise over Tioga Pass, and had countless other unforgettable experiences.