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  1. I find it interesting that registration is cheaper based on passenger capacity. What a strange concept. So what happens if you register it as solo and then convert it back and get caught toting a passenger?
  2. Even with the new clutch cable I recommend replacing it as a wear item, probably on the same schedule as valve adjustments. They aren't expensive and when you have the bike apart for valves it's easy to do the clutch cable at the same time.
  3. Further adding to the confusion is that an imperial gallon is bigger than a US gallon. This is why UK riders claim to get 50-60mpg on their Tracers.
  4. Agree with @BBB. The holes are tiny and after installing the extender you'll never notice them. This isn't an NR750, nobody will care that you drilled a couple of tiny holes in the fender.
  5. This is my bike with the 26 Madstad. It's pretty big but the airflow is excellent.
  6. Nice! I had the same issue with my 26" Madstad. I just put some blue Locktite on the adjuster knobs and haven't had that particular problem again.
  7. Looks like poor surface prep before it was painted. You can see it's corroding; the white powdery stuff is aluminum corrosion product. You will want to fully remove the corrosion with aluminum oxide cloth or non-metallic sand paper, clean thoroughly with clean water, prime, and repaint. Or just realize that nobody ever looks at those mirror nubbins and don't worry about it.
  8. I think it's an excellent solo tourer, I've done multiple 1000+ mile days on my '15 FJ-09. The Tracer has about the same riding position as a BMW R1250RT. The only thing the Tracer GT really needs to be a good touring bike is a better seat and windscreen. Both are easily remedied. Vibration: It's not obnoxious but you can tell there's an engine down there. It's not the smoothest bike I've ever owned, but it's far from the buzziest. Try to get a test ride. If the throttle bodies are out of sync that will cause it to buzz a bit, but in a good state of tune it runs smoothly. Regarding the Triumph 800s - I rented one a couple of years ago, and compared to my FJ-09 the engine was extremely disappointing. Dare I say boring? Yes, I dare it. I think if you're looking at a newer Tiger 900 vs the Tracer GT, that's a tough call. But Tracer GT vs Tiger 800XC? Not even close. In summary: If you get the Tracer all your wildest dreams will come true.
  9. I've broken a couple of clutch cables over the years, and I've also had numerous hydraulic clutch failures (mostly in cars, but once on a bike). Having experienced both, I much prefer cables. I understand the appeal of hydraulic actuation, but cables are cheap and simple. It's a $20 part that I can proactively replace every 24k miles while I have the bike apart for valve adjustment. The Magura system seems like too much expense and complexity for marginal gain. The slipper clutch seems like the far better way to go if you want lighter clutch feel.
  10. keithu


    Oops, I think I actually mis-remembered it. Yes, it's a 33 hour rally because why not? Should be interesting. 😊 I had entered it earlier in the year but had to withdraw when Butt Lite was rescheduled on top of it. The NNW organizer kindly held a spot for me in the likely event that Butt Lite was cancelled altogether.
  11. keithu


    It's official: the Butt Lite Rally is cancelled. It's heart breaking, of course, but sadly inevitable I suppose. So, on to Plan B: I'm going to re-enter the North by Northwest 24 hour rally here in Oregon in September. And I may turn a work trip to Minnesota in two weeks into a motorcycle trip.
  12. keithu

    Pillar Point

    Lovely area. I rode most of those roads a couple of years ago. At the time there were massive wildfires all over Oregon and Washington so the sky was brownish grey everywhere. I elected to shoot the trip in B&W. This was Deception Pass; you can see how turbulent the water was.
  13. This is off topic but it's still on my bucket list to visit South Africa someday. Post more pics! I thought I would get a chance because my company just sold a machine there, but with this Covid stuff it appears that our trainer in Belgium will get the assignment. Bummer. I'd like to be able to say that I know more about South Africa than what can be gleaned from watching Die Antwoord videos. 😀
  14. I hope someone bought poor Ted a pint or two.
  15. My first bike was a '78 CB400T, very similar to your CB400N. It had the stock exhaust and some crappy tires, but it handled well enough that it wasn't long before I was scrapping the pegs and pipes in every corner.