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  1. Some data points on tire wear: My original D222 rear lasted just 5500 miles of relatively mellow riding. I replaced it with a PR4, which was flat spotted and toast at 7500 miles. I blame a trip to eastern Oregon and Nevada where I did a lot of high speed riding. My current PR4 rear is at 9000 miles and is still round with some tread. I'll probably replace it in the next 500-1000 miles. 90% of the riding on this tire has been at 65mph or less. I have 3300 miles on a Road 5 front. Obviously I don't replace them in sets, I replace tires individually when they're worn.
  2. I've been using gear oil for 15 years. Specifically, I use an old bottle of BMW 80w-90 transmission oil left over from a K100RS I sold in 2000. The 1L bottle is now finally almost empty and I'm thinking about buying something else. I thought about using chainsaw bar oil. I assume it has about the same properties as gear oil.
  3. Lovely area. Thanks for sharing!
  4. This seems to be a pretty thorough test of various chain lube options: Executive summary: just use gear oil.
  5. I have about 3000 miles on a Road 5 front. I still have a PR4 rear. I'll switch to a Road 5 rear when the current one is done. The Road 5 has performed well through the Pacific Northwest winter. I've had it slip a couple of times, but always while cornering on dirty or wet/cold surfaces. It'll slide a little but then quickly regains grip. Road feel is good and confidence inspiring.
  6. Another option, if you don't mind wearing something on your back, is an Aerostich messenger bag. Most sizes should easily hold a laptop plus other stuff
  7. I have the Sena SMH10 and wear earplugs. At highway speed I can more or less hear music, but it's not real clear and I can't listen to news above about 50mph. I'll have to look at options for upgraded speakers.
  8. If you take 97 to Dawson Creek and then the Alcan to Fairbanks, that's paved the whole way except for the inevitable construction zones. I've driven this in a car and I think any street tires like PR5s would be fine for this leg. Then in Fairbanks you can switch to something more dirt oriented for the ride to Prudhoe Bay. Maybe you can find a shop in Fairbanks that will sell you some TKC80s, and then hold your street tires for you and remount them on the way back? If you take Cassiar highway there are apparently gravel sections north of Hyder. I haven't been this way myself so I can't offer first hand advice. Good luck and please share pics!
  9. keithu

    Let's talk GLOVES!

    To be fair I don't think many motorcycle gloves go through much testing either. I've had a motorcycle-specific glove (can't remember the brand) come off in a fall when the gloves got pinched between the handlebar end and the ground. Fortunately my hand didn't get crushed by the bar and it was a low-speed get off, but I was shocked how quickly the glove slipped off my hand. OTOH, the worst crash I ever had was an 80mph low side while wearing leather work gloves. The gloves held up fine. Red Wing makes top quality work gear. My guess is these gloves are as good as many gloves at the moto shop, maybe even better than some. They're certainly better than the gloves I see 50% of riders around here wearing in summer (i.e. none).
  10. I have Rev-It gloves for summer. Very comfy and they've lasted three summers now. My winter gloves are Helds. The moto shop a mile from my house sells both. I may invest in some new summer gloves this year, I'll see what they have.
  11. I stopped in hoping to honor the occasion with a "Flood Stage Red," but alas they've stopped brewing that one.
  12. This isn't really a day trip, per se, just some pics from my commute home from work yesterday. The Willamette River in Corvallis and Albany, Oregon crested at its highest level since 1996 yesterday. Chubby Checker is scheduled to play on that bandstand in a couple of months. Hopefully it dries out!
  13. I was fortunate to be in Nashville for a few weeks last October and got to drive down for the Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival. Sadly I was just in a rental car, but the festival and museum were outstanding. I'm certain this is the best motorcycle museum in the world.
  14. Yes, but I'm not sure why unless they want to give as few discounts as possible while still claiming to support "veterans." There aren't a lot of veterans left out there, and the vast majority of us didn't serve 20+ years to retirement.
  15. In that case, make this an endorsement of the single-point mount. It was simple to install and does not flex or vibrate at all. I'm not sure what advantage is offered by the two-point mount.