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  1. I took a quick ride to test my new Sena 5s. I had an SMH5 that died just out of warranty, and that left a sour taste for the brand. But the guy at my local shop talked me into it. I took a 10 mile ride around the periphery of town on some farm roads. The 5s HD speakers are a massive improvement. It also helps that my new Shoei Neotec 2 is a lot quieter than my previous Scorpion Exo-GT3000. The SMH5 speakers were virtually useless above 60 mph, but the 5s was clear up to 85 mph, even at half volume. The FM tuner is nice, too. I was just going to fill a growler after a day of yard work, but the Sena test was a good excuse to take the scenic route.
  2. I'll have whatever he's having.
  3. You're probably better off with the utility trailer anyway. I rented a U-Haul motorcycle trailer once and it was awful to tow. I pulled it behind a Nissan Maxima. The trailer was terribly short and basically invisible if it was empty, making it extremely difficult to back up. If you get one of the U-Haul utility trailers with built-in ramp it's very easy to load and tow. I loaded one of these with a K100RS and a bunch of household goods, and pulled it 500 miles behind an 80hp Geo Tracker with no trouble.
  4. I should, but I already had a great NYE ride. I really need to finish excavating for my new patio project. And the dog will need a bath.
  5. I had a perfect little ride up through Oregon's wine and hops country today, and met @huck and @Salish900 at See See for a nice chat and some coffee. It was a great day for a ride.
  6. My son really wanted to get into JET when he graduated, but he ended going into Teach for America instead. So he spent a couple of years as a middle school teacher in Memphis; that's almost as nice as Japan, right? 🤔
  7. Too bad, next time! I might have a work assignment in France this year if the EU ever allows us in. I've never been to France so I really hope it works out.
  8. Bump. We're officially On for this Thursday, December 31, 2020 at 12:00 noon. Location: See See Newberg 101 East 1st St. Newberg, OR 97124 The weather forecast says there's a 50% chance of rain, but temps will be in the mid to upper 40s so there's no chance of ice. Put on your rain gear and meet up with some forum members to send this godforsaken year off in style.
  9. Interesting. What have you heard? A Darien will probably be my next gear purchase.
  10. Aerostich. Expensive up front but 15 years later you'll still be wearing it every day.
  11. keithu


    If I were to move anywhere it would be Boise. My company has a big campus there and it wouldn't be hard to get a transfer. How realistic is year-round riding there?
  12. The first and last photos were on OR-22, but the middle three were along the Detroit Dam pumphouse road.
  13. Bonus round: I had to run to the Yamaha dealer this morning for an oil filter, and took a slight detour up into Santiam Canyon. This is why I love Oregon: coast, valley, and mountains all on the same tank of gas.
  14. Yeah weather was nice, dry and temps around 45-50F. Siletz Highway is fun, but if you haven't ridden Nashville Road between Eddyville and Blodgett definitely add it to your list. It's probably the best kept secret in the coast range.