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  1. I've never had anything even remotely like a tank slapper on my 2015 FJ-09, even with stock suspension. If the bike were susceptible to tank slappers I think I would have had one by now. There's a particular corner when I leave work where I'm frequently at WOT while still leaned over. It's not unusual for the front wheel to loft or skip while doing this, which is exactly the sort of thing that can induce a tank slapper. I've had it happen on a ZX-7R, but I've never felt even a hint of it with the FJ. Irresponsible and silly, I know. But also really fun. I've experienced high speed weave, but it usually seemed to be induced by wind buffeting off large trucks or vehicles on the highway. I rarely ride faster than 80mph for more than a few seconds.
  2. I does work, but I think the concern about adding stress to the bracket is valid. The spacer should helmet prevent stress fractures that might be induced by the tighter grip of the QR skewer.
  3. Spec sheet numbers aren't everything. It's a little down on HP compared to the Tracer, but it also appears to weight a little less despite carrying a little more fuel. My only concern: Is there a "Delete Beak" option? If I were planning to replace my FJ-09 the Tiger would get serious consideration.
  4. Okay, it's been over a week and nobody has objected, so we are officially moved to Mo's in Florence. See you there!
  5. I might. Although I'd have to bring along a Yamaha generator and some gas cans. 😀
  6. This RG400 is currently on Craigslist in Seattle: 1987 Suzuki RG400
  7. Probably rear seat space. And that would be fine with me, I bought a truck to haul stuff, not people. But I know I'm in the minority. Two years ago when I was looking for a half-ton pickup with a 6.5 bed, 4wd, and 9000+ lbs towing I felt like I was searching for a unicorn. The Ford, GM, Nissan, and Ram dealers around here only seem to stock crew cabs or stripped trucks with low towing. But strangely the Toyota dealers had plenty of trucks like I wanted, and so I have a Tundra. The Tesla truck is almost perfect for what I need. The only real issue for me is figuring out how to recharge it after a week at elk camp in the middle of nowhere.
  8. This is a point I often try to make to my friends in the long distance/Iron Butt community. They question how I can handle touring on lighter motorcycles like the FJ-09 or my previous TT600. There is an assumption that a heavier bike (600-750lbs) is obviously more comfortable for long rides because of "stability" or something like that. But if the roads are curvy - you know, the kinds of roads we actually enjoy riding - the weight becomes a detriment and definitely contributes to fatigue after a while. The FJ-09 (or F800GT) can be made comfortable on freeway drones with the simple addition of a windshield, seat, and cruise control. But nothing is going to turn a 700 pound land yacht into a flickable corner carver.
  9. keithu


    I can go from 200 feet to 5000 feet without even leaving my county, so elevation changes are pretty common. Even at 6x cost it's worth it to not worry about clamping a hemostat on the Loobman or riding around with a well lubricated tire.
  10. Yep, the TT600 is still the best handling bike I've ridden in 30 years of motorcycling. The early ones had EFI issues, but they could be corrected with ECU flashes at the dealer. My dealer gave the updates for free, but I know there were some dealers who charged for it. All they had to do was connect their computer to a diagnostic plug and load the update; it took five minutes.
  11. FWIW, I had a great ownership experience with my Triumph. I bought a TT600 in late 2000. It had fueling issues a bit worse than the 2015 FJ-09, but the dealer let me take a test ride and I decided it wasn't as bad as the media had reported. What made the experience better than Yamaha was that over the course of the next year the Triumph dealer gave me two free ECU updates that completely fixed the fueling. Also, Triumph is a lot better at designing fairings. Although the TT600 was a fully faired sportbike, the oil and filter could be changed without removing a single panel. And if the fairings did have to come off, it was simple and only one kind of fastener was used. The FJ-09 fairings are a mind-twisting puzzle with, what, five or six different fasteners? When my TT was about two years old a minor fairing tab broke due to a weak design. It was just out of warranty but they still replaced the fairing with a new, improved design with no hassle at all. Overall the TT600 was rock solid reliable for 34k miles. I'd definitely buy another Triumph.
  12. I rented from Eagle Riders. The location near LAX has some bikes that aren't Harleys.
  13. I rented a Tiger 800xrx a couple of years ago while in SoCal for work. I figured it would be similar to my FJ-09 but I was surprised how different the motors felt. On paper the Yamaha is a little more powerful than the Triumph, but in reality the difference felt huge. I hate to say it because the Tiger was a fine motorcycle, but it felt tame - almost boring - compared to my FJ.
  14. A sad day for us all. I disagree that your continued posts would be of declining worth, however. Take care, and know that we're all glad you were here!
  15. keithu

    BMW F900XR

    That's a V11 Sport, made in the early 2000s. Just look at it! Like a lonely dog at the pound. You should rescue it.