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  1. FYI, I highly recommend checking your valve clearances sooner. Most people have tight valves. Yamaha recommends the maintenance at 26K miles I believe, check it sooner, like 20K Miles.
  2. I personally don’t adjust anything when going off-road because it’s so spontaneous. it be really hard pumping up the tires in middle of nowhere. different tires will definitely help. My bike is literally 99.5 percent of the time on pavement . The more you try to make the bike more like a dual sport the worst it will handle on the curves. it all depends on your riding style.
  3. Bike handles good with roads with light gravel like the pictures above. can easily handle 20 mph cruising and top speed 40ish before something sketchy happens. Handles pretty well is hand sand…lol lastly with small rocks you just have to be more careful. I was more afraid of bottoming out. Go slower and there’s less chance of bottoming out the shocks and the oil pan. Which I did both before.
  4. Same here I have been starting to scape my pegs too... usually I wear boots that stick out a little further then the pegs so I have to tuck me my feet in more. I never really thought I would be scraping the pegs on my tracer.
  5. Haha Oswego is now completely different. You won't recognized it anymore all the corn fields are now gone.
  6. Being paranoid on the long trip sucks... happens to me all the time. Sounds like it has nothing to with your coolant. You can check to see if you have any stiff links in the chain. That makes a lot of noise. Chains usually last roughly 20K miles. Obviously some can go out earlier and some can get more miles. To me this sounds like it might be your issue. If you think it’s running on two cylinders pour some water on each header and check the consistency of the steam. Might have an intermediate spark plug failure... but I doubt that. just remember if it doesn’t ride the same as before then somethings wrong. Best of luck and don’t get too paranoid.
  7. So I’m hoping that you picked up this bike with a discount since it had the battery in reverse?
  8. Hello there, That's the first I ever heard of a stock exhaust being too loud. If your bike isn't brand new with zero miles maybe the previous owner swapped out the stock exhaust with a aftermarket one? I personally don't know of a aftermarket exhaust that will reduce the noise. Worst case scenario shove some stainless steel wool into the exhaust... lol just saying
  9. However, it might be cheaper taking the head off and sending it over to the machine shop. Plus I am not sure if you will need to drop the engine to remove the head. Removing the head shouldn't be difficult. Its just splitting the crankcase and doing a proper rebuild is were everything starts to get messy. And sorry to hear about the valve giving out. How many miles on the engine?
  10. Yeah I agree a engine swap would be the easiest to do. However if you have time on your hands rebuilding the motor is pretty fun. https://www.ebay.com/itm/184978737908?fits=Model%3AFZ09|Make%3AYamaha&hash=item2b11978af4:g:we0AAOSwZZxhCKKn
  11. Sound like a fuel mapping so Yamaha can pass emissions. I know that the 2020 BMW S1000RR American version has a flat spot compared to the Euro bikes.... Or at least that's what I heard. Also double check your modes. Sometime when I am in TCS2 and give it full throttle I can feel a cut of power. Be careful when traction control is off
  12. Hi there fellow Russian.... Well actually Ukrainian that speaks Russian. Mine started making noises too around 30,000 miles. I replaced it with another OEM tensioner from Revzilla during my valve clearance adjustment. So far the noise is gone but I should of replaced it with a manual tensioner. During the winters months I'll replaced it with a manual tensioner.
  13. I'm in IL, I ride in WI pretty often. I'm back from my trips... We should try meeting up again. I also know that 2and3cylinders lives close by too.