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  1. I logged on to hopefully find out some info on the gas situation also. I have a trip planned for the Smokies for the last week in May. Last night i was reading posts on the Tail of the Dragon Facebook page and it does not look good.
  2. I see you're in Knoxville. There is a Cycle Gear store there that mounts tires fairly reasonable from what i remember. Whenever i am down that way on vacation i usually stop in there for something.
  3. I know i saw that on their website, unfortunately my truck does not have a hitch on it. I used 5/8" drop in anchors that accept 1/2" bolts to mount the changer to my concrete floor. Luckily a buddy of mine is a HVAC guy and let me borrow his hammer drill to drill the holes. I can easily remove the changer and store it away in my shed for the winter. Then put the bolts back in the holes to keep debris out.
  4. I know exactly what you mean as i did not have very much space for this either. No-Mar recommends a 5' radius around the changer and 12" space from the back of the changer. I had exactly 5' radius of floor space but could only manage about 8" from my wall. I'm not sure why the backspacing is important except maybe for the tool caddy. I swung mine to the left side of the machine anyway. Yes the Gladius tire change went fine. I still have to balance the tire with a static balancer i just picked up. That will also be a first for me. That's why i am practicing on the girlfriend's bike before i attempt to change any of my own!
  5. I recently bought the No-Mar Classic HD during the stimulus sale (which is still active) and used it for the first time yesterday. I've been wanting one for a while now. I will say that it's a very stout, sturdy & well built. Many of my tools are from Harbor Freight since their is a store less than 5 miles from my house. I bought my motorcycle lift from HF and while it has been great their tire changer just didn't look to good to me. Being my first time using the No-Mar i was not very fast. For my trial run I mounted a new rear Conti-motion tire on my girlfriend's Gladius as the guinea pig. I had my lap open watching a youtube video for reference. I will agree with others that technique is key. The supplied special lube and keeping the tire in the drop center seem to be key elements to making the final stretch possible. That yellow thing tool is also a MUST have and does a great job of holding the bead. It was a fairly cool cloudy day so keeping the tire in the sun was not an option. It has been in my house for days but on the next tire i mount i will attempt to heat it with a hair dryer or some other method if sunshine is absent. I see that others have commented on RS3's being difficult to mount. That's what i plan on buying some for my Tracer soon since it was such a great tire on my previous FJ-09.
  6. I also have been getting the YES applications in the mail as my 2019 Tracer GT factory warranty expires next month. I know Yamaha's are known for their legendary reliability but i will probably buy the extended coverage as i plan to keep my bike for long term. I'm not concerned with any engine, drivetrain, or chassis related issues. Just mainly with the modern electronics such as the TFT cluster, LED headlamp and control unit, ABS unit and possibly the fuel pump. I've been a parts guy for the past 30 yrs of my life. Many years in car dealers (mostly GM some import) and the past decade in heavy trucks (International, Mack, Volvo, and Kenworth). I know a motorcycle has little to do with a car or heavy truck but the more modern they get they tend to use similar electrical components. Over the years mostly what i've seen fail is to do with electronics which are some of the most expensive. I went online and priced a few items for my Tracer and this is what i found. TFT cluster $973, ABS unit $644, LED headlamp assembly $510, Fuel pump $374. In my opinion any one of those items would be worth the cost of the YES warranty. Paying out of pocket for a TFT cluster sure would sting!
  7. I also had a 2009 Buell 1125R, bought it used after the fire sale. I wish it had extended warranty on it. Probably one of the best looking bikes i ever owned (Arctic white/Blue) but i'm GLAD it's gone!
  8. I do not know if they are different or what the letter designation on the OEM chains mean. I also own a 2019 XSR900 with similar 4K miles that has the same OEM DID chain as my Tracer GT, just a bit shorter. I can tell you that my XSR chain is absolutely fine, no missing or torn o-rings whatsoever. Makes me lean towards the possibility of quality control issues on the Tracer chains. I suppose time will tell.
  9. I used to use that Dupont chain saver back when i had my Triumph Tiger 1050 because that bike had such a short chain guard and threw regular lube everywhere. I never thought it lubed all that well to me so i stopped using it. Seems like you had great luck with it though!
  10. The dealer replaced my chain this past weekend under warranty. Before i took it in i inspected the chain further and discovered a total of 4 o-rings were completely missing. They were obviously at the links that were already bound up. I would be interested to know if the owners with 2020 Tracers experience chain problems as they get more miles on them.
  11. The Tracer and Tracer GT actually has a realistic chain spec of 35-45mm in the owners manual. Not like the 5-15mm guitar string spec of the earlier FJ-09. I keep my Tracer GT adjusted to 45mm. On my previous FJ-09 i kept it adjusted to 35mm. When i traded that bike in on the Tracer it had just under 10K. The chain was just starting to wear as to be expected but no torn or missing o-rings.
  12. That's what i was going to, just order a new aftermarket DID chain and replace it myself. I just hope the replacement warranty chain is better than the OEM one was. I guess i'll find out next year. My chain also has 4 links that are bound up but only 1 visibly torn o-ring.
  13. That's exactly what the local dealer here about 8 miles away told me. I did not buy the bike from them. I just recalled how they botched up the handlebar recall on my old FJ-09 a few years back so maybe it's a good thing they denied me. I then consulted with my dealer that i purchased the bike from about 100 miles away. They didn't think it would be covered but they offered to check into it and Yamaha approved. Sometimes i guess it worth a second attempt. I'm like you though. Unless it's a recall or warranty repair i usually never go back to a dealer after the purchase.
  14. Sorry i'm in on this late. I went through the same stock seat woes and ordered the Bagster Ready luxe seat with bultex foam. I have not done the seat slope mod yet but i have followed the threads on it. I also ordered mine from Chromeburner it was on sale for $359 back in the spring and arrived in like 5 days. Amazing how fast parts arrive from overseas isn't it? Can't seem to get stuff here in the U.S. that fast sometimes. I recognize some of the members on your thread that also responded to my thread and helped me pull the trigger on my Bagster purchase. Anyhow I have ridden over 3,000 miles on mine this summer and i love it. I found it be both a comfortable and great looking addition to the bike. It also seems to reduce the ride height a tad and have not had any issue with water intrusion. I really wanted a Corbin but they always seem too tall for me. Hope you enjoy your Bagster.
  15. I got some good news from the dealer i purchased my Tracer from yesterday. Yamaha approved warranty coverage on my chain so it will get a new one. They ordered it and should be in next week. Roadrash83.... if your 2019 was a leftover late purchase like mine was maybe it's worth a call to check with your dealer.