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  1. Hey Petshark, I found these on Amazon in Canada. Looks like they are the same and should fit. Indicates fitment for Yamaha XJR400 XJR1200 XJR1300 FJR1300 XJ6 FZ1 FZ6 FZ6R FZ400 FZ1000. Only 16.00 CAD
  2. Weird, alright so maybe your vehicle was registered but as "unfit". The MTO will not give you a sticker without insurance.
  3. Maybe it is not a Canada thing rather an Ontario thing. I miss BC!! I was all over BC for work in 2019 for work and was planned again in 2020...damn COVID!
  4. I have ordered a TPMS monitor! Another great suggestion, cheers!
  5. Some great points betoney! Thanks, my wife is not a big fan of riding or being a passenger. When she does join me it is normally a short 15 - 20 min trip. I am around 200lbs dry weight 🙂 although I will definitely be setting up the suspension and if it needs beefing up I will do it.
  6. Thank you for the link whisperquiet! I was seeing these for $59 for a piece of aluminum. This is much better! Cheers I was just going to order and this seller won't ship to Canada! The search continues..damn Canadians!
  7. I was going to go with the dual voltmeter / USB charger until I found the below. I really don't like a whole bunch of crap unless I can do it cleanly and to look like stock. With the dual USB you will have cords plugged in and visible. I am going to hardwire a dual female USB to ignition and use short USB cable 6" to connect my phone. This will keep it clean. I am still looking for a small inconspicuous volt meter to install somewhere. I found the below on Amazon, they come in a dual or single. Oh, BTW in Canada the dealer cannot release the bike without insurance and registration. $1100 / year CAD
  8. Thanks HGP61, I have a loose plastic style kickstand support right now but have been looking at the permanent style aluminum support plate. Was the helmet lock something you modified to fit? Funny you mention the package with winning a competition..lol. I have been mixing parts in with stuff for the house..so far it's working!
  9. And the dealer should "not" have sold you the lock that is included with the bike! My understanding is that all Tracers come with a lock cylinder under the seat. When I asked my dealer where mine was they said they didn't know but they did order one and are covering the cost. Spend 15k on a bike and they wanna stiff ya for another $50 for the lock!
  10. These are really cool piotrek! They are like a jumbo RCA plug, looks reliable!
  11. Thanks larolco, allot of great ideas! I have not been a big bike traveler in the past but now I am considering a trip out to the east coast. This would be perfect.