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New guy (sort of) from NOVA


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Howdy all. Just thought I'd do a quick intro post, now that I finally have a Tracer. Bought this one today:

Moved to NOVA from Oklahoma City a bit less than two years ago. 
66 years old, retired in March, been riding since I bought an RD350 in '81. Been 45-50 bikes since then image.gif.d8a91928686a40d8f93f61fa9da7b3d5.gif Raced with the CMRA for 13 years.
The Tracer will be replacing a 2020 Multistrada 1260S, which I haven't been thrilled with, as my main bike. Looking forward to many, many miles on it. :)

Appreciate all the info on the site, already answered a bunch of my questions. image.gif.ba6688fa37f939064828abd26fff6415.gif

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