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Hi all
New in the forum, I've just bought this motorcycle after 1 year searching for a bike. I've researched a lot and here I am.
My relation with Yamaha goes back to the 70's 80's when the RD 400 was the bike everyone wanted, such a simple a good bike. I couldn't get one instead I drove a Suzuki 250 black 1962. It was a different time back in my country Argentina, prices where crazy and for a 15 yo kid get money was almost impossible.
Long story short, I ended in Mexico and in 2007 I decided to buy a BMW GS 650 and I was really disappointed, that bike was everything but fast, agile, ie: good, my conclusion is you pay a lot for a brand but nobody will ensure a good product or what you are looking for. I sold it year later and now living in Texas I found this bike, and I'm really happy.
I am a casual driver, weekends, I want to do a road trip but I will need to join a group.
I am crazy to change the exhaust and go to an Akrapovic, man I heard the sound in different reviews and is a dream. I plan to do it one I put some miles on this beauty.
The only cons I can tell now is the seat, I guess suspension will improve with the use however I like stiff suspension, reacts so fast when it gets speedy not sure if I will adjust it or not, time and use will dictate that.
In summary, happy with the bike, is red and I'm waiting next weekend to drive more.
Comments and suggestions are welcome, also if somebody from Houston wants to ride together, please shout.
All the best!
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