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BadAss Motorcycle Cover

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Because of my impending move, I'm losing the garage I park the bike in - DAMN!! Sooo, I gosta find me a cover pretty quick or I'll be washing the damn bike more often that I want to. I asked the collective here and on the FZ sites and many of them recommended the BadAss Motorcycle cover .
I ordered it about a week ago and it showed up today, cool!! And I gotta say, it really is a badass cover! It's a little bit spendy at $70, but the good stuff usually is.
The material is very heavy duty and there are a lot of thoughtful little touches in their design. It even came in its own little plastic and cloth carrying case. But I'll be damned if I'll *ever* get it to go back in - kinda like Pillsbury biscuits, once you get 'em out, you cannot put 'em back in <g>!!
For sizing purposes, it fit my bike just about perfectly, just a wee bit on the large size but I do not think a medium would work. Besides, much better to be a little large than too small, eh? At least that is what she said...It should be almost a custom fit if you have panniers and/or a top case.
Anyway, if you're in need of a very stout, well made bike cover, the Badass cover is definitely CD-Approved!!
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that looks nice. I went cheap with the decidedly not Badass cover:
It comes in its own case which I have been scared to take it out of as it will never fold that small again. I will test it in a couple weeks while camping. My magic 8 ball guess as to its's future? Used one night then burned in a gasoline fireball when it becomes soaked and unfoldable.
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