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Looking to buy FJR side cases


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Already have Yamaha 50L top case - love it.
But for long trips, I would like to add 2 side cases - Yamaha City Side Cases seem to be too narrow, small capacity for my taste (longer trips).
I heard that FJR side cases are 7.5cm wider and fit on FJ09, but can't find them being sold (new) anywhere in Canada.
Not sure if it really fits on FJ09 (2015) mounts - what additional part numbers I should be getting to guarantee smooth installation on FJ09?
Any other suggestions or recommendations, if above solution is not doable . . .
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1. The FJ-09 Yamaha hard cases aren't available in the UK, so I've only seen photos.
2.However I'm pretty certain they have same casing (different lid) as those for the TDM 900.(which are identical to FJR cases)
So you could see if they are available? Just check first.
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I use a givi system for the panniers - PLXR2122 racks and Kappa K33N cases. Kappa cases are made by Givi, and are compatible with their racks.   If you get Ride Magazine (UK), the guy testing the Tracer uses them, and really rates them - he wrote about them in the past couple of issues. 
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