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Water pump housing leak - known problem with dealer

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Hi all,
A quick thread to note that at 9k miles and almost 2 years old my Tracer (FJ) has had a 'catastrophic' failure of the water pump housing. The garage said I was very lucky to arrive upright and it is the worst they have seen from 'a few Tracers that have had the same issue'.
It's a warranty fix but only just, another 2 weeks and I will be out of warranty.
This occurred very quickly after a very short ride - bike was fine the last time I was out, brought it to work yesterday (1.5 miles), parked up and it started pissing coolant all over the exhaust and oil filter.  I moved the hose retaining clip on the hose directly above the pump which reduced the flow to a few drips, which was long enough to go the 1 mile through the city to drop it at the garage.
Parts are on order, will hopefully have the bike back on Tuesday.
Fun times!
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