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Looking for Mid TN FJ09 guy in a red 'Stich

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Hi all! Sorry to say I'm not an FJ09 owner, but...er...my best friend is (really). I'm posting here because when I was out riding my S10 yesterday, I saw a guy with an FJ09 in a red 'Stich parked at a little strip mall thingy about a mile from my house in La Vergne, TN. I thought I'd take a shot and see if he (you?) are local to me...always on the lookout for possible new riding buddies.
If you see this, I was riding away from 24 on Waldron Rd. on a black w/ yellow stripes Super Tenere.
BTW I realize that there is a regional forum, but it's pretty barren. I thought I might have better luck here.
Oh, and one more thing. You FJ guys need to get Yamaha to build the next gen Super Tenere on the FJ09 platform...would be superior in every way I can think of IMO.
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