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Picture of lowered seat? Comfortable?

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For those who have it...
Does anyone have a picture of the lowered seat?  I'm curious to see if it's the same material type as the regular, as it looks a little different in the pictures on Yamaha's website.  Also, do you find it to be comfortable?  I plan on doing some touring, and I'm pretty short (27.5 inseam).
I can ride on the regular one, but the stops just make me a tad nervous.  And any hill where I need to put my toes down may be a problem.
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Your in luck, i just got the lower seat today and took some pic for comparison.
I haven't rode on it yet, but from just sitting on it it won't be comfortable for long distances it pretty hard compared to the regular seat, my definition of long distance is riding between gas stations :), they seem like they didn't add in a lay of soft foam ( you can see the missing hump in the pics) .  But I can flat foot the bike at a stop now on one foot with the bike upright not at slight an angle/lean and this was with tennis shoes on.  I think my inseam is 28".  I might try modding the lower seat with added foam and maybe gel pads, since I commute on the bike ~2hr trip a day, if the lower seat it not bearable or swap the regular seat in for long trips.
Standard seat is left, lower seat is right.
Lower seat is in the front and standard is in the rear.
Lower is at top of the picture and standard is at the bottom.
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