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  1. Just got a new 22 Tracer 9GT yesterday. Stock seat is terrible so I am going to take my favorite seat cover and integrate it into the stock seat to make it more level and way more comfortable. Here is the link to the stock seat cover I am using: https://www.amazon.com/SKYJDM.../dp/B0BHS26RDP/ref=sr_1_8... Take the stock seat off. I used a small screwdriver and sharpened a small chisel point to remove the staples but a knife would work to get them lose and then a needle nose pliers to remove them. Be sure to leave the front staples in so the moisture barrier and fabric stay attached. Using a sharp scissors, cut the seat pad leaving only the 2 padded sections. Set them on the seat and cut the perimeter to fit the seat as you like. The webbing on top of the seat cover does not come off. Lay the 2pcs on the seat and trace the outline using a sharpie. I only cut the back half of this outline in my attempt to level the seat. Using a new box cutter, cut along the outline staying deeper in the back and tapering to the middle (as seen in the pictures). Now make vertical and horizontal cuts creating 1/2" squares inside the outline. Be sure to taper the depth of cuts as you work towards the middle. Once those cuts are to depth, simply peel each square off and if your cuts were the right depth you will have a perfectly tapered cut-out for each seat cover half. At this point, lay the covers into the seat and test it on the bike. Make any changed necessary. Once you have it the way you want, coat the bottom of the seat covers with spray on adhesive as well as the seat cut-outs. Let sit for one minute to get tacky and put them back together. Be sure to push in all the edges as well as pushing down to seat it 100%. Let sit for 10 minutes. You will need 5/16" heavy duty staples and a standard staple gun to re-attach the cover. I started at the back and worked one staple on each side until I got to the front. You can see the hex pattern through the seat so if I was to do this again I would get a thin sheet of memory foam and put it over the Amazon seat covers before re-attaching the top. The project took a little over an hour and is a massive difference. I will post more as I get more seat time but so far its night and day better. Hope this helps someone!