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  1. I didn't read where anyone had ridden their Road 5's to the cords or even a measured take off. My Road 5's are at 3/4-1 mm and I now have 9,014 miles. They will come off next week for a 4K ride to AZ and I will be installing Road 5's again. At 5.8 mm when new, and .8 left, I would assume they could go another 1200-1400 miles. That would make them go about 10,400 miles for me. The ones I took off for these were PR-2's and I got 10,440 miles out of them. For summer riding, you really can't beat the PR-2's for the price.
  2. Left the house at 6:25am and returned at home at 4:45pm. Made two gas stops on the ride, need to fill the tank now. Stopped for breakfast and a late lunch, and twice to take pictures. Not my locations of choice, but my friend picked them so I took a few pics. I usually don't stop and take pictures on a 500 mile ride, esp. when it is around where I live. Adds a lot of time to the ride. Here are the shots: First is a moorage at Arlington, OR. Have to ride under the freeway and over main line RR tracks to get to it. Panorama of the Columbia River at this location: Mt. Jefferson on the way home.................................. And from same location, Mt. Hood.................................
  3. My motorcycle club puts on a 250, 500 and Grand Tour every year. We do test rides and record mileage which will be averaged and the rider that comes closest to that number will win the grand prize. We usually get between 125 to 250 riders every year although this year the 250 was cancelled due to heavy rains and nobody showed up. I did a test ride today and recorded 531 miles. The weather was great, not too hot nor too cold. I turned 80,000 miles about 8 miles from home.
  4. Day 17: Horses headed for the barn. Ride west on freeway to Boulder Dam and on to Las Vegas. It was on the warm side so we took a little loop ride up to Mt. Charleston. Made contact with a bug on the long ride north to Beatty. For us, we have done this ride many times and often don't stop to take pictures because we have done that before. Day 18: Beatty to Winnemucca was as usual, windy, cold and dry. Surprise Sunset in Winnemucca. Day 19: Winnemucca to Crescent Oregon. Highway 140 from Denio Junction to Lakeview present a couple really nice riding events. First is the ride down a shear cliff and dropping in elevation over 1000 feet. It is twisty but you need to be aware of the rocks and gravel that comes off the cliff daily, but is still fun going up or down. Then as you get closer to Lakeview, Oregon you go over a pass and wind your way down the mountain on a nice curvy road. Pavement is good. Stopped for lunch in Lakeview and then road NW on OR-31 to La Pine then south on US97 to Crescent. Day 20: The ride home from Crescent was non eventful. Hwy 58 to Eugene and I-5 to Vancouver through noon time traffic, which was okay. Now I'm changing tires, oil and doing some lubing of cables and then making a ride to US 191 again in May. This next trip will be 13 days and 4,200 miles. We have an opening if someone wants to join us. The S2000 just cancelled.
  5. Since I got back, it has been pretty busy around home. Day 15: This was expected to be one of the best rides of the year, only to experience rain, clouds and snow. We headed out of Silver City, NM on 180 towards the junction of 180 and 78. Turned left onto 78 and really enjoyed the ride down to 3-Way. The ride through Gila Nat. Forest is really special and shouldn't be missed if you are in the area. Then of course you are headed for US-191, and are expecting something special anyway. The Freeport-McMoran Mine is something to eperience too. It just goes on for ever and you are riding right through it. 191 ended up being wet, with rain and later very cloudy with snow on the side of the road and cold. We took it easy and made our way over the pass and stopped at Hannagan's for lunch. A little snow shower at Hannagan's and then we were back on the road headed to Show Low. Both 180 out of Alpine and 260 through the Fort Apache Indian Res. were pleasant and beautiful rides. Day 16: Another big surprise came on this days ride to Globe, when we dropped into the Salt River Canyon (?) and came across about 10 miles of BLISS, nicely done twisty roads with switch backs and slow stuff made fast. Minimal traffic and just go, go, go. Stopped at Subway for a salad and went on to Coolidge Dam. I've wanted to check this dam out for many years. It is one of the coolest dams I have ever seen. Love these art deco creations. We turn around and back tracked to Globe and then headed to Roosevelt Dam. Not near as interesting and many more people. Go Figure. After this we headed up to Payson then west to Chino Valley for the night. A very nice day of riding in the mountains, canyons and sight seeing.
  6. Day 13: Austin to Van Horn on 290 and I-10. One big boring day. Hard to stay awake. Day 14: Best riding day so far. We took I-10 to I-25 to Hatch, where we headed West on NM26 and North on NM27. We turned onto NM152 at Hillsboro,NM. Stopped at the Store Cafe and had lunch, which amounted to Bumble Berry Pie and Ice Cream. On ward to the curves on 152. Awesome is all that I can say, and can't imagine how I missed this road the last time I rode to Silver City, NM. We then turned North on NM35 and headed for the Gila Cliff Dwellings. 35 is a good curvy road with many farm/ranches along the way. After the Gila Cliff Deweling, we road down to Silver City and stayed in the Palace hotel. The brought thunder storms and rain. My bedroom ceiling started to drip water from a leak in the roof. Best day of riding.
  7. Day 11: Watched it rain in the morning from our motel 6 rooms. Afternoon some went to the track, I didn't this year. Looked at some nice old cars and street rods in the parking lot. Day 12: MotoGP Races. A. Rins Wins after Marquez crashes. Rossi comes in second, with K. Abraham a distant 3rd. Dovizioso comes from 13th to finish 4th. Good race. Tiger Woods wins the Masters. Great comeback. Really good watch. We leave tomorrow for Van Horn TX, 458m.
  8. Good question. We are riding our motorcycles. Isn't that enough? MotoGP in Austin. National Parks. AZ 152 and 191. Plus US108, NM78, TX 170, 166, 118. The Los Milagros Motel and Borderland Café. Riding with buddies that you have ridden with for over 15 years. A nice cold beer after a hot day of riding. The list is too long, as there is something for every one on a trip like this. But then, i'm kind of simple and it doesn't take much to make me happy. Today, I stayed in the motel and watched the MotoGP on my phone and the Masters on TV. I didn't even go to the track, as I left that up to my friends to do. I also worked on added a number of days to this ride report. I'm just happy to be on the road, meeting people and talking.
  9. Day 10: On to Austin. Passed over the Pecos River. Brushed by Del Rio, and enjoyed US-377 and TX-41. Fueled and ate breadfast in Rocksprings. Finished the day riding on US-290 into Austin. Bridge was tagged . Pecos River. 361m, 7h5m.
  10. Day 8: Riding across New Mexico on NM-9 isn't very interesting but you are usually less than 30 miles from the border and see lots of Border Patrol vehicles and establishments. Hardly any gas stations, so you must plan gas stops. We are headed for Fort Davis, TX today. Ridding through El Paso and SE on US90 then left on TX166. Around 200 miles of desert with a big city in there. We are headed for the hilly country of Texas and the first spot on our radar is to ride around Baldy Peak. A nice road with sweepers and a few twisties. Very enjoyable. Some of our group rode up to McDonald Obseratory, to experience the highest paved road in Texas and then down to Fort Davis. We were staying in the Old Limpia Hotel. The last 100 miles was the best. 305m, 6h30m. Day 9: April 11, 2019. Todays ride will be the best Texas has to offer, as far as we can determine, or the best we can get coming from El Paso. We headed due South to Presidio about 81 miles, with activity occurring just after passing a Border Patrol Check Station. About 10 miles back we passed a Toyota pickup doing about 7 over. After passing the pickup the Ahole in the truck started to tailgate our fella in his red Honda S2000. I was the last bike and had observed this maneuver and the guy kept repeating it over and over. Two of our guys had stopped to put on winter gloves because it was around 42 degrees and they were getting cold. The caught up with us just after the Border Patrol Station and a mile or so decided to pass the truck. Not wanting to be behind the car and in front of the truck the first bike to pass was doing so quickly. As he passed the truck, the truck immediately pulled out behind him and light up. None of us suspected that. No radar was used. The cop pulled over that rider, which right in front of me, as I had slowed down. The two riders in front of me never saw a thing. It was a Sheriff, with an attitude. He just checked if the rider had a motorcycle endorsement and didn't give a ticket. Most likely he didn't know how fast he was going (100+ I imagine). I had pass the lead bikers and pulled them over in a safe place and we discussed the happening. Shortly the Sheriff showed up with his lights a blazing and stopped to chew us out for exceeding the speed limit. No citations. We proceeded and shortly passed two Hightway patrol vehicles in the next 5 miles. I don't know if the Sheriff was saving our asses or was just a jerk. No pics. We proceeded to Presidio for breakfast and then followed with the best ride in Texas, as far as I know, on RM 170, then Big Bend N.P. and Santa Elena Canyon. The Rio Grande above. Our group with their: FJR1300, C14, R1, 929, S2000 and my FJ. Windy today too, but a little less, like 20 mph. Cool road RM-170. Santa Elena Canyon. Mexico on the left and the US on the right. We are approx. halfway across the river based on high water banks, so I'm still in the US and the guys on the left will soon be illegally entering the US. Just on of the mountains of interest. Big Bend is not supper spectacular but a nice addition to the N.P. system. We continued on to Sanderson, TX with two places to eat, Strips Gas station and a restaurant at the other end of town where all the ladies (waitress) were packing. We stayed in the Budget Inn. Other than being run down, not bad. Swimming pool is now a flower bed to grow cactus. Upon getting our rooms, the manager gave us treats to eat with our beers, banana and bottled water. There was a hose outside our door, so I washed by bike. Yes it was windy today too, but kind of a sideways tail wind. 321m, 8h42m.
  11. Day 7: Leaving Sahuarita to Columbus, NM. Ride over to Tombstone, short visit, then on to Bisbee for breakfast. On to Portal for a visit to the Canyon there. A little store/cafe at Portal. Saw some deer in the Canyon. Then on to Columbus, NM. We have stayed in this little motel, Los Milagros motel and ate at the little cafe across the street, Borderland Cafe. We fought a 30 mph wind all day. Slapped us around pretty good and we all were tired. 290m, 8h15m.
  12. Day 6: Shorter ride to meet up with friends in Sahuarita, AZ. I took the hwy to the south out of Gila Bend so I went through Ajo, AZ. Although a ways from the border, it is a border town with a central town center with the churchs, public building and markets, all done in white and stucco. You can do a 360 degree on Google Earth. Felt like I had been there before as I did that. Some nice rock formations just North of town. My pictures didn't get the best ones, but I did get this picture of a couple cacti waving at me. I met up with my friends that I would be riding to Austin with.
  13. I find traveling across the U.S. kind of boring, but we try to find things along the way that are kind of interesting. Day 4: Played golf in LA. Met with cousins and their families. That was fun. Day 5: 4-7-19 Ride across the desert from Upland to Gila Bend, AZ. I took a detour through Joshua Tree N.P. Pretty much just rode through it. Took a few pictures, but it isn't as interesting as so many of the SW N.P.'s. Went South on Old US 80 and took pictures of an old rusty bridge and remains of a dam, both named Gillespie. Old US 80 was a pleasant ride. 384m, 8h45m. Joshua Tree National Park. Joshua Tree National Park. Rusty Gillespie Bridge, 1912. I don't think it has ever been painted more than once. Gillespie Dam. Too bad it failed. My motel sucked in Gila Bend, but it was cheap.
  14. Well here I am sitting in my motel room waiting for the rain to stop on Day 11, and haven't post a single thing. Too much to do while riding, drinking, eating and sleeping. Day 1: Checked weather and it looked like no rain, so I didn't put on the rain gear. Rode through Portland in the rain, Eugene in the rain and one more shower, but never really got wet. Dried quickly and just kept riding. After 110 miles I stopped to put on my rain gear to get warm. Ending in Weed, CA with no events on I-5. Nothing to report and no picture. 366m, 8h8m. Day 2: Checked weather and put on rain gear to stay warm and defend against a few drops that fell from Weed to Redding, CA. After Willows, I took off the rain gear and pretty much had dry to the Motel 6 near Coalinga, CA. There was some smell from the cattle, but the wind helped push another way. No pics today. 416m, 8h44m. Day 3: No rain. Rode down to CA-138 then over to CR-N2. This was a surprise as it wasn't anything I expected, I will give you a picture to entertain you. I got 10-14m into the road before turning around as it would take too long and wasn't worth it, I think, maybe if I had a dual sport. From 138 to CA-14 and just past Palmdale I turned off on Angeles Forst Road. Best road so far and well worth including in any ride. Angeles Crest Hwy was closed at CA-38, but I rode up to a Observatory and then backtracked on ACHwy to LA. Got on the 210 and made it to Upland. 298m, 6h22m. CR-N2: Old road never repaved. Orig. is concrete with garbage asphalt easing the tight corners. You can see the orig. conc. with the asphalt on the right easing the corner. Lots of pot holes etc. Great views. View from where I turned around. Would have been fun if I had time and the right bike.
  15. Well here it is, time to leave for Austin. I will leave tomorrow morning at 10:10 am and ride to Weed, CA, then to Coalinga, CA day 2, and on to Upland, CA by way of Angeles Crest Highway, plus some other outstanding roads on day 3. Will ride to Mt. Baldy and play golf on Saturday then ride to Gila Bend, AZ on Sunday and follow that by arriving in Sahuarita, AZ by way of Ajo to meet up with the rest of my buddies. A 4 day ride to Austin as we will take in some sites along the way, including Porter, AZ, up in the mountains and our first stop will be Columbus, NM. Second stop will be Fort Davis after riding around Baldy Peak and over to McDonald Observatory. Nice twisty roads. We will hit Big Bend National Park and ride to Santa Elena Canyon where you can walk over to Mexico and back without being bothered and finish the day in Sanderson, TX. Nothing there, just the right number of miles for the day. We will end up in Austin for the MotoGP races and we will stay at the Airport Motel 6. Come visit me. Ride home will be the highlight of this southern portion. We will ride I-10 to Van Horn, then wind our way up to Silver City, NM by way of misc. roads and NM-152 between I-25 and Santa Clara. Outstanding. Leaving Silver City on US 180, for a few miles then head West on NM 78 to Three Way, AZ and then head North on US 191, Historic Route 666, to Alpine and then on to Show Low on US 180 and AZ 260. This day presents the Epic ride day. After Show Low, three of us will return to PDX-Vancouver on roads not determined as of today. Total ride should be around 5,500 miles. So what did I do over the last month to prepare for this? New Michelin Road 5s, front and back. Change Oil, bled brakes front and back, installed a Cortech tank bag bracket fixing to gas cap, installed a EK 112 link gold chain. Pictures to follow as I take them.