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  1. Thank you Dave for sharing your story. Sometimes we get lucky and sometimes we suffer when having almost the exact same experience as another person. I seem to have been lucky with the accidents I have experienced while riding my motorcycle. I am very grateful to that wonderful energy of God which is everywhere and with us at all times. I also believe that we should look at all our experiences, good and bad, as positive in the scheme of life. As Betoney noted, I have had three deer hit me. All three tee boned me on the left side. Two on my FJRs, where I didn't go down and both inflected over $4000 damage to the bike. One one my FJ where I went down at 74 mph and came out of it with only the outer layer of leather being worn off my right boot and minor tick marks on the back of my helmet where it touch the gravel after I quit moving. This one could have been worse than yours, but the deer ran into my handlebars, causing the bike to hit the asphalt instantly and I fell on it. We slid down the road 250 feet when the bike flipped me off and then tumbled to a stop on top of me. Other than bruises I was fine. All three of my deer died at the scene. Since I am older and didn't start riding until all the kids were out the door, and I have not stopped riding since. In fact, two months after that fantastic 250 foot slide down the road, the third dear hit me, and since then I have had a similar, can't remember what happened after a crash riding a DL1000 in Tennessee and suffering a broken leg. Since that accident I have been accident free. Now, count the ways to be positive about your accident. Grateful to all that helped you through that experience, Grateful to your wife and children, being closer to your family, learning better ways to deal with the insurance co., and I am sure you can find a lot more. Forget the bad stuff, there is too much good to waste time on bad. But it was nice to read about it. Thanks. Since you didn't get to see the deer you sliced and diced, here are few that I hit to relish the idea.
  2. And one Antelope, that I hit it's rear legs as it tried to beat me. That one only wiggled the bike as it scrapped across the tire.
  3. remember, If you live near a dealer that sells parts 25-35% off Yamaha prices, you may do a pick up and save on shipping. Just another reason to ride or drive to Moto shop to look around.
  4. I know it is bad luck when you are attacked by deer, but I prefer to look at it as Life Experiences. And the worst event, the cancer, was and is looked on as a blessing, a wake up call and even cause for mission work.
  5. 90,095, other than 3 outings to keep it limber, I haven't ridden it since mid October. The FJRs got more miles in that time than the FJ. I must be going through a Life Crisis and I'm feeling it. Sitting at home on a sunny day and 52 degrees. Never happen before and its not because of the COVID 19. Life presents many changes for us to deal with and I have had my share. Here is a little history to show what I mean. 2012 Feb: Very nice winter day with a bit of snow in the lower elevations and ice on the roads, I was out on a 200 mile ride on the FJR. I hit some gravel coming into a 15mph corner and went down, breaking my collar bone. It never bonded and I still have them sliding up making my shoulder shorter. This event caused me to loose much in muscle tone. 2012 Jul: My first dear strike. Actually the dear T boned me on the left front side and rubbed my handlebar as it slammed against my leg and the bike. I almost went off the roadway and down the embankment but managed to stay on the shoulder and then back on the asphalt. Happened in Montana at the west end of Lolo, just past the 70mph sign. I was under a handful of power going to 70 from 45. 2013 Sept: Walked off the golf course and went directly to the ER. 5 days later I had open heart surgery and 5 bypasses. 5 new throttle bodies that provided the capability of providing up to 125% more blood to my heart. The reduction of ability over the years was unnoticed. Mostly because I thought I was getting older and therefore kind of accepted it. Back at it in 9 weeks. Still more muscle tone lost. 2015 July: On an Epic Ride to Colorado I pulled off the road onto a pull out area that wasn't paved i mile west of Creed. It had rained the night before and there was mud under the top surface, which looked dry, and down I went breaking my right fibula. Air plane ride home that day. Even though I was running around on a cast and even playing golf with it, I was loosing muscle. 10-15 mph decel. 2016 July: On another ride to Colo. riding out of Redlodge, MT on our way to Jasper, BC I, again, was struck by a dear on the left side of my FJ09 this time. Immediately the bike went down and I landed on top of it. We were on Cruise Control at 74mph. We slide 250 feet before the bike flipped me off, and I flew through the air for another 50 feet. I was unharmed. 2016 Sept: While taking a 4 day ride through northern Washington I was again struck on the left side of my FJR just south of Ione, WA. I was just cruising at 60 mph at the time. The dear slide into me so it was very low and didn't hit me very hard. Did damage from front to back and tore the saddlebag off the bike but I hardly felt the collision. 2016 Dec: Went to Hospital for check up and was found to have Esophageal Cancer. This brought about a radical change in my life. I lost 15#. I now believe that stress is a killer and should be avoided. Don't get me wrong as some kinds of stress is healthy. BTW, I don't have that cancer anymore. 2017 Sept: Rented a DL1000 in Atlanta and headed for the Appalachian Mountains to a FJR gather in Wytheville, VA . After a couple days riding Deals Gap a couple times and getting used to the DL. Nice bike. Day 3 I suddenly exited the road and made contact with a reflector pole and ended up loosing control and crashing in the middle of the road breaking my left fibula. This one took twice as long to heal as the right one, but it was a little worse break. 2019 May: Upon returning from a ride to Clifton, AZ and hwy 191, riding up through SW Oregon, I hit an antelope. Although I only hit it's back legs, I think this had a bigger effect on me than all the others which all caused much damage to my motorcycles, this one didn't, but I think it caused more mental stress as I am riding with more caution.(that mean much slower) and the chicken strips are getting wider. One reason I put Adv.Tour tires on the FJ. All these events have taken a toll. How much is hard to establish, but that really doesn't matter either. Life provides us with experiences and we respond. The past you may not like the new you, and visa versa. Today is a new day and we make it what it becomes. Hopefully even more full filling than the last day. Change, it is what it is. Make sure you have really good friends and that may take some work on your part. And you asked me how many miles I now have on my FJ. About 18,000 more than last year, but I'm slowing this year. I feel it in my bones. Broken bones.
  6. Bought these last June 2019, as I thought they would look good and had read that they were good in twisties and wet pavement. Just what I need here in Washington. Reported to not give great mileage, but I felt that would work if the planned rides coincided with approx. 4500 miles. We will see. I also have a set of PR2's that I was planning on using for my 5400 mile ride to Austin, but they canceled the MotoGP so we now have a possible 3838 mile ride to take it's place. AZ, NM, CO, UT etc. So I mounted the Avons and thought you might like to see what they look like. You know, we got to have pictures.😁
  7. Yamaha has side bags that fit a helmet. They have been making them since 2002, and haven't changed them at all. They are often referred to as FJR bags, but have been fitted to many different bikes, like the TDM and FZ-1, which aren't sold in the US. Same mounting system as the City Bags, which is what the FJ bags used to be referred to as. Many here have fit the FJR bags to their FJ's in the past. You could have or tried to negotiate with the dealer on this at time of purchase???
  8. If you go to Schuberth helmets, they will fit. They are smaller in diameter.
  9. I also come off a FJR and miss the 280-300 mile range, especially in the higher elevations. I love your idea of using the Rotopax in the pelican case. I have thought of doing this, but have always come to the conclusion that if I had to stop and unpack the fuel cell to add gas to the tank, that I might as well stop at a gas station some where along the way as it would probably take less time. Since I rarely do the 500-700 miles anymore, usually 320-400 as these will get me to my daily destination by 4pm. Time to have a couple beers, shower, go to dinner and in bed by 9pm. If I keep the miles under 320-400, I can plan on 160-200 mile fuel stops. One at half day and one at that days destination. Another thing is that I have been riding with others that have different bikes and may require more stops, and if I'm the one with the small tank, they don't mind stopping at 200 miles anyway. If you run it to the max multiple times, please let us know how far you got on a full tank of gas.
  10. Not much different than last years but to new and exciting places all over. Last year I got 20K miles out of the planned 24K. These are planned rides with my usual riding buddies. So here it is: - March RCMC OR 250 ride: 3/15: Club test ride, maybe two of these. RCMC is Rose City Motorcycle Club. Cancelled COVID19 Fear. - March-April Vancouver-Austin TX Moto GP, 5,400 Arizona 3838 mile ride: 3/31-4/11 MotoGP Canceled, COVID19 Cautiousness. - May RCMC OR 500 ride: 5/9, Club Ride open to public - May California Ride, 1,600 miles, Wed, 5/13/20 - Fri, 5/22 : Round-about ride including Hwy 1 going South, maybe some easterly route through Cedarville, CA coming home: Including the Hangtown Motocross races on Sat, 5/16 near Rancho Cordoba, CA - June Bundok 1000 Ride: 6/6-6/7, Come join us at John Day Oregon Sat. evening. Make it a RTE as that is what it really is. - June Washington Ride, 1,600 miles: Wed, 6/24 - Thurs, 7/2: Including the Moto America motorcycle races in Shelton, WA on Sat, 6/27 Then some mountains to cross. - July California Canyons/Laguna Ride: 1,800 miles. Wed, 7/8 - Mon, 7/20 (?): Including Laguna Seca Moto America races Stay in Marina, CA for two days. I will scoot after Laguna and head home. - August Montana Ride, 3,600-4,000 miles: Wed, 8/5 – Tues, 8/18. Including Red Lodge, Bear Tooth Pass. - August Utah Ride, 2,000 miles: Wed, 8/26 - Thurs, 9/3: Including the Salt Flats AMA Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials in Wendover, UT. - September Oregon Ride, 2,000 miles: Wed, 9/23 - Tues, 9/29, final pick up of Grand Tour checkpoints in Oregon not covered by other rides. - October Baja Mexico/Southwest Ride, 2,800 or 4,800 miles: Wed, 10/7 - Fri, 10/24
  11. I like the idea of rides to Gathers. While on the FJR Forum, I met a lot of folks all over the US going to events. One such fellow in Auburn WA holds a tech session in his 4 car garage once a year, use to be twice a year. 20-35 people would show up. All these events make for much discussion on the forum prior to the event. Most of those have dropped off in the last few 3-6 years. I used to go to the gather in SW US, like CO, UT, AZ, NM but it pretty much stopped after they did a National Event. Took the wind out of them. Any event that takes too much time and work is a killer unless you love to do that. I have an event that anyone in the West can come to and enjoy the ride. We call it the Bundok 1000 and it is going to be in John Day, Oregon. The idea is simple: Ride 500 or so miles to John Day and then ride 500 or so miles home. It is held the first week end in June (6-7). It is open to anyone and if 20-30 FJ/Tracer riders show up they won't be alone. If interested you need to get a room asap. We are going to be centered at the Dreamers Inn. https://www.facebook.com/groups/bundok1000/?ref=bookmarks, or can be found on Google Sites: Google Drive: Sign-in Access Google Drive with a free Google account (for personal...
  12. Welcome Snowdog, I too, and many others, have moved from the FJR to the FJ/MT900GT. Although I'm not a IBA member, but think I'm a CALDR (Candy Ass Long Distance Rider) sleeps 8 hours. I have two 05 FJR's in the garage, one a parts bike with 143, 331 miles on it and a rider with 80-90K that I still ride. Hard to not like that inline 4 spinning up to 10 grand from a stop. The FJ will pretty much match the FJR in acceleration, unless you weight over 230# or two up, then the extra torque makes a difference. At the end of the day, you will feel less tired on the FJ. I have got 90+K on my FJ-09, installed electronic cruise control, shocks front and back, Russell seat, heated grips, VStream, usually run Michelins, change oil at 5K, easy to remember, use FJR saddle bags. I live in Vancouver WA and my first major ride, 5,400 miles, usually starts with a ride to Austin TX for the Moto GP. The first year I had the FJ, I put 26,600 miles on it and only 2,000 on the FJR. Each years since has been similar. Welcome.
  13. The wobble: Old study showns it can be settled down and bike made stable again by leaning forward and lowering the body to the tank. Watch this:
  14. Nice write up. All roads I am familiar with except I-15 😉. For some reason all your pictures look funny, as though the Tracer was photo shopped into the background. Are you playing with the colors? Maybe it is because the Tracer doesn't have any badges and doesn't know where it stands? 😎 Sorry about the drop, maybe a bigger foot would help. Liked the Story.
  15. Ride Vancouver to Tahoe 2019 I was looking at 100 degree days and two days of riding in those temps to get to Smartsville, CA. I had an interesting route planned but rerouted to reduce time in the sun. Vanc. 2 Medford, 2 K Falls 2 Weed 2 Red Bluff, US 99 to 149 to 70 to 20 and ended in Smartsville and an nice cool swimming pool. Two days laying around a horse ranch in 90+ temps, then on to Incline Village, NV, on Lake Tahoe. I rode around to the South side to get a checkpoint in Pioneer. All fun roads. 49 wasn't too busy and I was able to carve some corners out of Auburn, and pretty much got to pass at will all the way to Placerville. Took some back roads out of Placerville; Tiger Lily, Burks Bar, Mt. Aukum, Fairplay, Omo Ranch to 88 and went west to Pioneer. Back on 88 going East to Woodford, where I picked up the Hillside roads to Carson. Up US 50 to 28, and around the NE corner of Lake Tahoe to Incline Village. Developed a stomach flu while there so didn't ride any of the local roads for the next five days. On the day I started home, a day earlier than planned, I took a ride to the coast by way of CA89 and CA 36. Have done this road a number of times before and it has always provided me with FUN ride. The road changes all the time and gives tons of variety. That ride was 378 miles to Arcata. I then did 417mile to get home the next day. Temps going home were great. Although I missed the rides around Tahoe; 108, 4, 88, 50, Bucks Lake, Ice House, etc, etc. I have done them all before. The ride home totally made up for the stomach issue for 5 days. I got home with 87K, almost exactly 2,000 miles. Didn't take many pictures, tummy issue: Me with a month old colt, FJ at Caples Lake Dam, Caples Lake from top of dam, Patrick Creek Lodge on US 199 between Crescent City and Grants Pass.