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  1. Oh, the Tracer absolutely checks a lot of boxes for me and the smiles are there. Just feeling a little more spartan these days for some reason. Can't put a finger on it.
  2. Eh, just a girlfriend. Divorce was a few years earlier 🤣. Price isn't really a consideration for me on this bike. I just have a feeling of wanting simplicity and no frills, but a sportish nature. Kind of feel like I've outgrown the interest in "rip your face off power". I thought hard about a monster. But I live in southern AZ and air cooled doesn't sound very appealing to me in this climate.
  3. Long post, but here goes Hi all, I'm facing a little bit of an identity crisis with my motorbike and wanted to know if any others have gone through a similar thought process. I don't think I've properly introduced myself here either. Like many, I started riding the venerable Sv650 around 12 years ago. After a brief hiatus from motorcycling, I picked up a brand new 2015 FZ09 and fell in love with the triple we all know. In 2019, I got the liter itch and "upgraded" to a brand new 2019 Ninja 1000. My affair with the Ninja lasted almost exactly 1 year, and only a few thousand miles. Last year, I took on my current steed - a 2019 Tracer 900 that I bought new as a left over model. So, here's the deal.... In hindsight, maybe I shouldn't have move on from the FZ09(now MT). The Ninja 1k was a great bike... It felt very refined and much more substantial than either model of CP3. I just got bored trying to ride that porker slower than it wanted to go. I told myself, the bike I reeeeaaaallly wanted was the Tracer. It had this amazing engine, was a little more grown up, and fits me better as I'm 6'3". I also had plans on taking a few longer trips, and riding with a pillion more often. Well, life has gotten busy, so no trips. And my pillion... Uh, didn't work out. My riding consists of the same type of riding I've always done, just with the bike I wanted for other reasons. I ride 2 or 3 times a week. Sometimes commute 10 miles one way. Occasionally put in a 150-200 mile weekend day. I don't need the luggage I have... Lately though, I'm really thinking of downsizing. I find myself wanting a smaller, lighter, simpler ride, that I can flog on the street or just putter around if I wanted. I've now got the twin cylinder itch and I'm seriously considering moving on from the Tracer. Some will say, just get another bike and keep the Tracer. To that I say, I don't have enough time to spend with one bike, let alone multiple. So, my current crisis is... I want a beginner bike. I feel like I want a simple, lightweight, water cooled, twin cylinder of the MT07/XSR700/Sv650 variety.
  4. I know you said small, but for practicalities sake, why not normal size for the bike? I have a tailbag as part of my luggage setup - the Dowco Fastrax Back road. Attention Required! | Cloudflare It fits the rear seat perfectly. Straps mount under the seat for a clean look, some added security, and the zippers lock. Integral rain cover. Expandable to something like 25L and also has an additional dry bag to clip on top. Pretty versatile bag IMO. Keeps it's shape while on the bike. Mine is the older model, but I might buy the new one for added aesthetic. For a tank bag - I have the givi tanklock, so no magnets on the tank. 4L stays on all the time for phone, wallet, etc. 16L goes on if I need more capacity. Side bags - shad sh23 do the trick for me.
  5. Noticed your thread on the parts section and on the fz09 forum.. take it you went through with the swap? Nm... just double checked the thread I referenced. Different person altogether. Anyway.. stock spring is good for you on the fj that weighs 50lb more than fz?
  6. Noticed your thread on the parts section and on the fz09 forum.. take it you went through with the swap?
  7. I ride an FZ.. have thought of swapping in an fj rear shock for the upgraded damping. The suspension gurus say a stiffer spring on the fz stock shock will actually make the pogo effect worse. I go about 220 without gear and would likely benefit from stiffer spring. Anyone go to a stiffer spring on the stock fj shock?