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  1. The new design of the trail cage for the Yamaha 900's is done and ready for action! akropovic exhaust fits free and clear! Even more ground clearance in the corners! lazer cut and folded cage sides don't shrink like the tubes did, so they fit really nice everytime. There also faster to make, getting my turn around time down. It's also a way I can battle material costs going up with out raising my prices.
  2. Our new skidplate design for the Yamaha 900's will not only look a lot more aggressive! But accommodate pretty much any exhaust system! Including the akropovic titanium system proper photos and marketing soon.
  3. Our color matching has always been pretty on point at higdonion if you want a color matched and we don't offer it just ask, we'll make it happen.
  4. Lazer, seems to come out the nicest with light sanding. And it's fast...
  5. about 15lbs. Shipping to Canada is almost always right around $90 usd