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  1. I'm a total sport bike guy Been doing track days for over 10 years. I got my FJ to do some longer distance rides but still be able to push and ride aggressive. Love my bike. But I've also come to the conclusion it's just not designed for triple digit speeds. I got it up to 120 and almost shit myself because the front end got so lite and started to shake. It can do 100mph comfortably , but no reason to push any more. If yo want to hit th autobaugn ... Go do it on a sport bike. It will be way funner ... The FJ is for sport touring.
  2. Did a nice day trip today . Took PCH out of LA through Malibu and ended up in Ventura county.
  3. I couldn't agree more . The front end always looked to me like something was missing. The beak totally completes it. I paid $160 total off eBay , including shipping to Los Angeles , California. Not bad. To me ... Well worth it.
  4. Installed the power bronze beak on my FJ and love it ! Gives the bike a great look. I know some people don't like it , but I'm very happy with it ! Here's some pics ...
  5. Coming south out of Yosemite you can take the 41 .. That's a nice road until you hit Fresno that get on the 99 . The 99 is a pretty boring ride , It was 100 degrees when I did it , so it wasn't much fun. I was going to do what you are planning and take the extra day and do the coast back into LA but I was limited on time. So I think what you're planning sounds great ! Enjoy !
  6. Finally took that ride fm Los Angeles to Yosemite national park. Took highway 395 through the sierras. Making stops along the way in Lone Pine , Bishop , Mamoth Mountain , Lee Vining and a few more. If you love in Los Angeles I highly recommend doing this trip. It was around 900 miles round trip . I spent one day heading up , stayed the night and the second day exploring Yosemite and then heading back home to LA. What a trip !!
  7. Hey Greg. I'm I'm a new FJ owner. I want to do a Angeles crest run over the weekend. Let me know if you're down Matt
  8. Did this work ? I'm a new Fj owner and am trying different options.