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  1. Well, I very much appreciate everyone's input. And the verdict is...I am keeping the beloved FJ. My local dealer has not had any GT's so I had to travel a bit to find one. When I finally did get a chance to ride the GT I could definitely see and feel the improvements, but while there are things I like a lot on the GT, I started to realize that there is nothing that I really dislike about my FJ. The GT does things better than the FJ, but it is not because the FJ does anything wrong. The GT is just a bit more refined. In the end, I didn't think the improvements were enough to make the switch. But...in a stunning turn of events, while shopping for the new bike I rode something that I could not turn away from, and now, I am awaiting the order on my new 2019 Ducati XDiavel. It was the most unlikely of candidates, but once I rode it I was hooked. It will definitely be the bike that stares back at me in the garage, beckoning me to ride. I'll be hanging on to the FJ and probably not do much else to it, but it will definitely have a secure place in my garage and in my riding routine. Thanks again to all, and I'm sure I'll be around here a bit longer keeping up with FJ/Tracer news.
  2. Can you elaborate on this? What is the "error" in the forks? I have not heard this before.
  3. Motopumps, I definitely understand the dealer's perspective and the value (or lack thereof) of the mods and farkles. I have sold my past 3 bikes on craigslist and cycletrader for this reason. I get that the dealer WANTS pristine, untouched bikes but that isn't the reality of the hobby we enjoy. Or at least it's very rare. From a consumer perspective I wish that was different. I would much rather walk into any of the shops in my town and see quality, well maintained, but modified bikes rather than the more typical clapped out GSXR with blue windshield and spike bar ends and race exhaust. Most of us seasoned riders take impeccable care of our bikes even when we modify them and someone would be fortunate to happen upon a bike that has a lot of the work already done for them. Having said that I mean no disrespect to you in your position. I have several friends that work at dealerships and some that own them as well. I can see your side. I just wish the dealer and consumer could meet in the middle more often.
  4. Thanks for all the great replies. Oddly enough I'm still on the fence but leaning toward just pulling the trigger on the GT. I do like to work on my bikes and make them my own, but that will happen no matter what bike it is. My rationale at this point is, I generally keep bikes for 3 or 4 years anyway and I can add just about everything to my FJ that I like in the GT, but if I spend that money now, I'll never see it again. No dealer will give a flip if it has aftermarket cruise (even with OEM switches) or any of the other mods. At best I could expect a few hundred more on trade. Or I just go get the bike that has that stuff now. Or I just shut up and ride the nice bike I have and quit spending money on it. Ok, who am I kidding... Thanks again.
  5. Just like the title says. I have a 2015 FJ09 and ever since the Tracer 900 GT was announced a year or so ago I was instantly intrigued. I have a "wish list" of things to get for my bike, but I'm not sure if it's worth the time and money and maybe I should just get the new GT. To sum it up my list consists of the following: $800 for Yamaha side cases, $800 or so for MC Cruise and switch gear, $300+ for a new seat for better long distance comfort, $70 plus time to install new (narrower) handlebars, plus a couple hundred for heated grips. All of these things would make the ideal ride for me and the riding that I do. Oddly enough, all of these things come standard on the new GT and it is the main reason I was drawn to it. Plus it has a better traction control system and a slipper clutch, and better suspension. Are there any owners out there that went from an early FJ09 to the new GT? Is it worth buying a new bike. On paper, it seems to beat the FJ hands down, but is it that much better in real daily riding?
  6. ...swapping parts on my bike, that is. My FJ09 barely has 500 miles on it so far, but it always seems when I get a new bike that I can't rest until I make it just right. Most of the mods I've done are for comfort and convenience, but a few were admittedly for appearance. Everyone's insight and experience on here was a great help to find the parts that work best for me, so thank you! Here's a list of what I've done and why I've done them. There's not much left on my "wishlist" but I'm sure I'll find a way to add some more. -FZ6 footpegs (Amazon): maybe my boots are just slick, but the OEM pegs were very slippery to me. Very nice and cheap upgrade -FZ 09 OEM bar ends, hand guards removed: Perfect fit with the hand guards and inserts removed. I've never had hand guards on a bike before and I just couldn't get used to them hanging out there. I don't feel they blocked much wind and I don't really need wind blocked from my hands. -Yamaha OEM saddlebags and bracket: I found a good deal on ebay for a gently used set. Zero defects or scuffs. I like the look and fit of the Yamaha bags and they're indispensable on my daily commute. -Cee Bailey Yamaha FJ-09 Touring Windshield, 22", dark gray : This one just didn't work for me I went with the 22" because that's what they recommended for my height (6'0"). If I duck down behind it it was great, but I'm not going to ride in a tuck. (I have it for sale in the classifieds if anyone is interested) -Parabellum tinted Flyscreen : This was the perfect decision for me, set in the middle height position. Just blocks the wind on my chest and lets clean air hit my helmet, plus in the Florida heat, it lets the right amount of air to my jacket and helmet vents. -CustomLED BLASTER-X INTEGRATED LED TAIL LIGHT and relay: So bright, and I like the integrated turn signal and flashing brake light -rotate bar risers to forward position : This wasn't a drastic move, but I can tell enough of a difference and I like it better. If I could find risers that were about 1" shorter I think it would be perfect. -Mirror Extenders, 40mm (ebay) : Shorter than the 2" extensions that I've seen elsewhere on the forums. These are just enough to get the mirrors wide enough that I'm not staring at my shoulders. -Motodynamic Fender Eliminator : Very well made and easy to install. I chose this because I was adding saddlebags and have the integrated tail light. The turn signal brackets bolt on, so I just left them off. -ASV C5 Sport Clutch and Brake levers : I was immediately annoyed that the clutch lever wasn't adjustable so I had to replace it. Of course I can't have a mismatched pair, so I did the brake lever, too. Infinite adjustment and great feel. (clutch doesn't touch the switch housing) -Hightechspeed Proton 500 flush mount turn signals : I like fact that my signals can be seen from the side and the rear and these are easily 5 times brighter than the stock signals. For those who think the size of these vs the stock signals are a liability or safety hazard, I respectfully disagree. I guarantee I can be seen better now than with the OEM pumpkins. They are BRIGHT! Here are some photos to show them all off. I did so much reading and research on here, so thanks again for having this place for FJ owners to get together.
  7. Hello All, I've been lurking around this site for a couple weeks. Last week I took delivery of my 2015 FJ-09. It was a leftover (new) unit at my local dealer and I got a screaming deal on it. I traded my 2015 Honda NC700X and I'm loving every minute of my new FJ. I also have a 2014 Concours 14 which was my preferred ride. Now I'm not so sure. They are both a blast to ride, but this Yamaha has something special about it. A little tame, a little wild, always a fun time. Not a rocket ship like the Connie, but so very entertaining nonetheless. I've got lots of plans for mods and I've already gained a lot of knowledge by researching posts on here, so thank you for having this site for all of us to share experiences and tips and insight. I'm sure it comes as no surprise, the very first item on my wishlist is a windshield! I've never had a bike where a windshield makes more noise and turbulence than nothing at all. Anyway, that's coming soon. Then levers, some hard bags, and heated grips for those chilly North Florida morning commutes. Beyond that I just can't wait to get past the break in period so I can let this thing rip. Secretly, I did crack it open a few times (with TC off of course) just for kicks. Don't tell Yamaha. I'll try to behave until 1000 miles. Maybe. I don't know if I'll post much here unless I have some questions. I'm not always the most social or outspoken. I did want to introduce myself and if anyone is in the North Florida/South GA area, I'm always up for some good rides. Cheers everyone, and ride safe!